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Feeling good she had finally gotten her hair cut like she wanted, Cathy slowly got use to shaving her head herself each morning. It took time learning how to slowly shave her head, the first month she would stand in front of the bathroom mirror and watch. Then, she begin shaving her head in the shower.

As for her friends, slowly they took to the fact this was still the Cathy they always knew, except she now shaved head. She found her self being more open, being more adventurous when it came to doing thing, aggressive some would say. She found she could wear clothing she never could before, because of her hair color. She found her self being more confrontive when others gave her a sour look or said something to her.

She was changing ….. she had changed …..

Each Saturday she would rise, have breakfast, then be off to the King Street Barber Shop. There, her barber, Glenn, would shave her head as he would cut the hair of other customers. He never asked her ‘why’ she wanted her head shaved, nor why she still did it. He just went to work shaving her head when she sat in his chair. Just another customer with a different hair cut.

Her co-works, and the customers she dealt with, grew accustom to her new hair cut. Some of the ladies even commented to her on now much she had "changed, how much feisty she was".

Then, one Thursday Donna Makin was going around the office reminding everyone of the party at her house that Saturday afternoon. She wanted to make sure everyone was coming, if not "why".

Saturday morning came and Cathy did as she had been doing for the last two months.

A nice warm shower, breakfast, then off to the King Street Barber Shop and a nice relaxing head shave by Glenn.

After her hair cut she went to the local bookstore for a cup of coffee while she read the newspaper and a magazine. Then, it was off the to store for some groceries and home to rest before going to Donna’s party.

It was around five PM when she arrived at Donna’s, she was welcomed by her husband Ted — who was surprised when he saw Cathy with her head shaved. "WOOW", he commented, "Donna didn’t tell me about this …..".

Cathy smiled at him, "I am sure she does not tell you a lot of other things, too".

She walked in as Donna was coming from the kitchen.

"Sorry hon", Donna called to him, "didn’t think it was important to tell you Cathy started shaving her head".

Cathy walked to her and they kissed each other on the cheek. "Grab a drink ….. food will be ready in half an hour", Donna told her as she turned and went back into the kitchen.

Everyone, who was there, said "HI" to Cathy as she walked into the living room, and she returned it. Slowly she begin to mingle in the gathering and small talk begin to grow into laughter ….. jokes ….. stories.

Cathy was sitting on the back porch when she heard her name being called.

"Hi, Cathy", the female voice called, "remember me"?

Cathy looked up ….. it was Sharon Russell, her boss’s, Edward Russell, wife ….. and her oldest brother’s girlfriend from high school.

"Sure I do", Cathy replied as she stood and they kissed each other on the cheek. "Been ….. what, ten years"!

"At least", Sharon replied. "So, how is your brother ….."?

"Fine", Cathy replied. "He and his wife and two children are living in Houston, where he works as a contractor for the City of Houston. And, you ….."?

"Same o’ ….. same o’, just now I am with Edward", she replied.

"So, I see you have made a big change in your life", Sharon said as she raised her hand. "May I"!

"Sure", Cathy answered as she tilted her head to Sharon’s fingers

"Don’t think I have the guts to shave my head", Sharon replied as her fingers stroked over the top of Cathy’s head. "Was it hard ….. you know ….. deciding to shave your head"!

"Actually, it was not that hard", commented Cathy. "The hardest part was telling my barber I wanted my head shaved. It took about five months before I just told him ….. and as you can see he did not ask any questions".

Cathy went on to tell Sharon about her adventure from the first day she walked into the King Street Barber Shop. The more she told Sharon the more she could see her getting interested, with Sharon asking if she ever shaved her head her self or went to the barber shop regularly.

"I go to Glenn every Saturday to get my head shaved", Cathy told her, "and shave my head myself during the week".

"So, was it hard getting everyone to except your ….. head shaving", Sharon wondered.

"YES, somewhat", Cathy replied with a smile as she took hold of Sharon’s shaking hands. "But, this is the ‘hair cut’ I have wanted for years. So, I decided once I got my hair cut like I wanted everyone else would have to get use to me. Some have a problem, some don’t. I am still the same old Cathy as I was before, just I now shave my head".

They stared into each others eyes, Cathy sensing Sharon was a little more than interested in her shaved head than other women. She wanted to know a lot of things ….. It was as if she was looking for answers to questions she was asking herself. Was she one of those women who, like her, wanted to shave her head, but was caught up in the "world of women with long hair", and wanting out!

"Well, how has your family", Sharon asked, "you parents ….. have they taken to you shaving your head. I bet their reaction was ….. you know "what did you do" ….. or something like that"?

Cathy took a quick breath. It was then she realized she had not told her parents, nor her brother and sister. She had been on such a world wind that she forgot them completely ….. until Sharon mentioned.

"Well, Sharon", Cathy begin as she took a deep breath, "I have not seen them since last June. I have been out of town for a few weeks, then taking the slow steps to shaving my head, then work and other things. But, I will be seeing them next week-end. I am sure they will not have a hard time with my new hair cut. After all I have been cutting my hair extremely short for the last two or three years. And, I am sure they noticed that ….. so I don’t think there will be a problem when they see me again".

The party ended ….. Cathy left with her heart in her throat. "Of all the people I forget to tell ….. my family", Cathy says to her self as she drove home.

Over the next week she thought how she would tell them. She was sure they would be understanding, after all she did a lot of crazy things when she was a teenager and they understood. And, she had been cutting her hair extremely short over the last two to three years and they understood — at least did not say anything about it.

So, why not understand why she was shaving her head ….. no difference ….. just shorter.

The next Saturday came quickly, but still she found it hard finding a way to tell her parents, she got up took a bath, instead of a shower, to soak awhile ….. it would help her carm down some ….. relax her nerves and thoughts. A light breakfast, then off to the King Street Barber Shop for a nice relaxing head shaving by Glenn.

When she arrived there were two male customers waiting and a elderly man in the chair. All looked at her as she walked into the barber shop, "Mornin’ Glenn".

Glenn looked at her in the mirror, "Morning Cathy. You’re a little early today. Somewhat important to go"?

Taking her seat, in a waiting chair, Cathy smiled, "Yes. My parents for dinner, but first I want to do a little early shopping at the new Major Outlet".

Cathy had picked a magazine, "Haven’t seen this one"?

Glenn looked towards her, "TIMBER Wildness ….. Yes, it’s new. Got a subscription from Donny Vitter last month. He was selling subscription for the high school band’s trip to California for some event they were invited too. Thought I would help out so I took a subscription to that one and two others".

Glenn went back to cutting hair, a little nervous about what she had to do that day, read the magazine passing the time. To her is was only five minutes but really was almost two hours when Glenn called her to the chair.

She placed the magazine down and looked around as she stood. To her surprise five or six customers had come into the shop and were waiting their turn for a hair cut. She smiled as each looked at her as she walked to the barber chair and sat in it. She could tell from the looks on their faces they were wondering why she was there. After all she had, to their view, no hair on her head.

She stepped into the chair, slowly lowering herself into the seat. As Glenn tossed the cape across her she crossed her legs, showing her four inch high heels. Her eyes caught a glimpse of the two men sitting in front of the barber chair. Their eyes were staring right at her knees.

She looked at some of the other customers as Glenn wrapped her head with a warm towel, to soak what hair was sprouting from her head. She closed her eyes and smiled, giving the men a little show.

Glenn lathered her head, stropped his straight razor, then started shaving her head as he had on each of her passed visited. This time her noticed he shaved her head a little slower, "Give the men a real show", she thought to herself. So, she just sat back and relaxed. It was about twenty minutes later as she felt Glenn’s fingers gently brushing over her head.

Slowly he turned the chair so she was facing the mirror about the shelf, a much closed view for her than into the mirror behind the waiting chairs. As Glenn stopped the chair he smiled at her, in the mirror, "Going to have to shave you again ….. the blade on the straight razor was a little dull".

With that said he walked to the lather dispenser and filled his left hand with lather and re-lathered her head as she watched. Completely lathered he wiped the excess lather and took a new straight razor from the little glass cabinet. Walking to the right side of the barber chair, he took hold of the leather strap and begin stropping the open blade over it. When the blade was sharp he raised it to the center of her forehead and begin shaving.

The chair was still raised so she was able to see the looks on some of the men, waiting their turn and wondering "what the hell is going on here"!

Again Glenn shaved her head slowly, taking almost forty-five minutes. He wiped the excess lather from her head, applied a lotion, then dusted her head and face with that sweet powder she had come to like, since coming to him for her hair cuts.

He slowly turned the chair as she brushed her finger tips over her head. As the chair came to a rest facing the waiting customers she smiled as she stepped from the chair. Walking to the chair where her purse was she felt eyes slowly, secretly, following her there, then back to the barber chair.

She handed Glenn the usual but he refused. He smiled and shook his head "NO". But, she insisted but he refused this time winking at her then motioning his head to the customers in the waiting chair. She looked in the mirror and took notice how their eyes were still glued to her, even with her back to them.

Putting the money back in her purse, she turned and walked to the door, smiling and laughing to herself.

As she opened the door she turned to Glenn, "See you next Saturday ….. Same time"!

She did not look back but she knew one of them would be asking Glenn questions. She continued walking to the coffee shop where she had her usual cup of coffee and read the newspaper. She looked at her watch, it was almost ten AM. It would take her an hour of driving to get to her parents house so she left.

She enjoyed the drive, because she went through some lovely tree lined roadways. There were few cars today, so the ride was a little faster. It was about ten minutes to the hour when she pulled up to their house.

She notice the garage door up and their cars in it. The passenger door on one of the cars was open, this could only mean her parents just got back from shopping for groceries. Just as she opened her car door her mom walked into the garage and got something out the cars, then went back inside.

Slowly she walked up the walkway to the front door.

Her right hand was nervous as she reached to the door knob. Just as she grabbed it the door open …..

There stood her dad …..

He was about to say something when he noticed her, his daughter. Then, his eyes just widen up in disbelief.

"My God Cathy", was all she heard then he back into the house. "What is the hell is wrong"!

"Nothing", Cathy answered as she walked passed him. "Just a new hair cut I have been getting for the last few months. What do you think"?

Her dad turned as she walked passed him, then he followed her into the kitchen.

"John", her mother said aloud before turning around, "what was that about"!

"Hi, mom", Cathy called out as she walked into the kitchen. "Dropped by to show you my new hair cut.

"What do you think"?

Her mom turned around, as she started to say something but she just stood there looking at Cathy. Not a word came from her mouth, her eyes told Cathy everything. She too was in disbelief of her daughter’s new hair cut.

She took a few minutes, then a deep breath, "Very interesting, Cathy".

Cathy sat at the table looking at both her parents. Her dad was still stun ….. her mom ….. well Cathy had learned over the years her mom was a person of few words.

"Would you like a cup of coffee, dear", her mom inquired. "John, will you be joining us"?

Her mom poured three cups of coffee as her dad took a seat. Her mom handed each a cup, then sat down.

They just sat there, taking a sip of coffee then looking at each other.

"Cathy, why would you want to shave your head", her dad broke the silence, in an upset voice. Her mom reached over and begin patting his left hand.

"I am sure she has her reasons", her mom commented as she took a sip of coffee. "So, why don’t we just take a deep breath and let her explain …..".

"Please Cathy, do enlighten us why the hell you would so such a thing", her mom commented angrily.

Cathy knew it was going to harder than she thought. But, this is what she wanted and she had to tell them "why" in a way they would understand.

But, all she could say was, "I just wanted to shave my head, that’s all.

"Besides, I am older enough to do what I want ….. right. SO, you will have to except that as my reason. There is no other than that ….. I just wanted to shave my head".

They sat there looking at her, still in disbelief. Still trying to understand her reason. A reason they could except without and thoughts. But, none could come to mind for them.

After a few minutes of just staring at each other Cathy stood up.

"Well, I take it you do not want to except my reason", she told them. " Then, let it be so …..

"But, I old enough to know what I want ….. And, this is something I have been wanting to do since I was fifteen, believe it or not. Now that I have made the decision you, and everyone else, will have to decide if who I am is more important then how I choose to cut my hair".

She turned and begin to walk out the kitchen.

"Cathy", her mom called, "Please sit down. It’s just you surprised us ….. you have never mentioned any of this to us. Please, dear, talk to us"!

"It is just something I have been wanted to do for years", Cathy begin telling them as she stood at the doorway. "I can not explain it other than it has been on my mind for years. Then, two months ago I just made up my mind to do it.

"It was not a hard thing to do.

"I just found a barber who did not ask any questions. When I told him I wanted my head shaved, he just went about and did it. This is me ….. I am still the Cathy I was, only now my choice of hair cut is to shave my head".

Cathy knew she should not stay around. It would have to be something they, her parents, would have to come to their own conclusion about. Whether to believe her or not. She walked out the kitchen, then the house. She got in her car and drove home to her apartment.

There she sat wondering if she had gone too far. Had she let what ever it was take control of her mind.

Would her parents, would her brothers, her friends, would everyone understand her!

Over the next week she found out who her friend were and were not. Those who excepted her became closer to her. Those who didn’t just wondered.

Saturday came ….. as she had done in the months before, she got up, did her things, then off she went to the King’s Street Barber Shop. There no one would ask her, no one would voice an opinion. Glenn would go about her hair cut as he had been for the last months.

To Cathy doing what she wanted was more important than what others thought of her.

The End Copy right (c) November 2004

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