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“Dude, you gotta go and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. It is exactly like what I told you. Wow! They are really hot in there and you gotta see the owner. She is amazing,” his co-worker told him. “She has her station around the side. Her chair is in front of the side window. Dude, she is a knockout.”

“Did she cut your hair?” he asked his co-worker.

“No, I got the male barber. But dude, I saw her at the front counter. I am telling you the truth,” his co-worker said.

“It is just another barbershop. Nothing different. A barber is a barber. They just cut hair, give you a shave if you need it and away you go,” he said. “I am willing to bet the owner is a guy. He just was not there when you were there.”

“Dude, I am serious. There is only one male barber. All the rest are females,” his co-worker said. ‘Look, dude, if you don’t believe me, that is fine but just go and check it out. I know what I saw. It is on your way home. Here is the address.” His co-worker placed his hand into his shirt pocket and took out a business card. He placed it on his desk and walked out of his office.

He picked up the card and looked at it. It was a plain white card, with block letters and a small illustration in the top left corner. Nothing spectacular. He looked at the address. He knew where it was but why had he never seen this place before? He drove by it everyday on his trek downtown to the office. And on top of that, it was less then ten minutes walk from his home. Yet he did not know of any new business’ going into the strip mall. You would think that it would be advertised. “I will check it out,” he said to himself as he placed the card in his shirt pocket. “What’s the harm?”

At 5:00, the staff checked out. He hung around for another half-hour printing reports and then when he was done, he put the computer on purge and he locked his door. His hand went to his shirt pocket and he took out the card again. “I will go home, park the car, and go for a walk,” he said to himself.

He got home at 5:50, threw his jacket into the back of his car, took off his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. He locked the doors to his car and he started walking down the street to the strip mall, which was 10 minutes walk away. Well, atleast 10 minutes for him.

He got to the mall and he walked into the center of the court. Sure enough in the corner was a revolving barber pole. “Why haven’t I seen this before? It is not like I am blind or anything like that,” he said out loud. He walked down the path toward the door of the shop. He stood about 10 feet away and as his co-worker said, he saw atleast three ladies; 2 blondes and one redheaded lady, in the shop and one male barber. “Oh my god! Wow!” he said.

What caught his eye was the fact that the three ladies all wore smocks and they had dresses on under the smocks. They also wore heeled shoes, high heels at that. His mind moved him closer to the door and he took a look inside but as one of the ladies turned and smiled, he stepped back and walked away quickly. He hurried out front and walked around to the other side of the building.

His eyes almost bugged out as he saw her. The owner? Possibly. A mature woman with short coiffed hair, spiked up a bit and short at the back, short around her face but a flattering style. She sat in her red chair. Her long legs crossed at the knee. She wore a white smock over top of a peach colored dress. She also wore black nylons and short ankle boots with a lining of fur over the top. One of her boots rested on the foot rest of her chair. She really looked fantastic. Her chair was slightly turned toward the mirror and infront of her was a wash basin.

You aren't interestedHe stood looking at her for a good 10 minutes. In his mind, he was asking himself tons of questions. But his heart was racing. He found himself fighting to breath.

Inside the shop, she knew he was there, watching her. Wanting to be handled by her. She liked the feeling it gave her. A feeling of power over people. A feeling of domination. After a period of fifteen minutes, she decided that she was going to get him inside the shop. She got up and walked to the front of the shop.

Outside he had decided it was time to go and he too was heading in the direction of the court. He did not want to make any trouble for anyone. But deep inside he knew he wanted to experience her touch.

She got to the desk where another one of her stylists was standing. “Walk quickly to the side door and wait there until you hear my voice. There was a man standing outside my window looking in. He was watching me for fifteen minutes. I want him. I am going to get him inside with a little scare,” she said. “I am going out the front door.”

She headed to the front door just as he was coming out from the back way. They almost walked right into each other. He bowed his head and tried to ignore her. “My mane is Frau Ressler. I am the owner of the shop. Is there something I can do for you?” she asked.

“No. I am just leaving,” he said.

“You were casing the window in front of my chair for fifteen minutes. You must want something! Maybe I should call the police and have you tell your story to them,” she said. At that moment, the side door opened. “Gretchen, do you have your cell phone with you?” The second stylist reached into her pocket. “Now, you can tell me your story or you can tell it to the police. Which will it be?” she said as she pointed to the open door.

He looked somewhat frightened at being caught. He turned toward the door and willingly entered the shop. Frau Ressler entered after him. “To the back, if you please,” she said. Willingly he walked down the hall to the side window where he saw her station. “Now tell me what you were doing and why you have been standing infront of the window!” But he could not find the words as he looked into her blue eyes. “Cat got your tongue? Well let’s try something easier. Do you have a name?” she asked. But still he could not find the words. He was mesmerized by her presence and her appearance.

She walked to the side door and turned the lock so that the door could not be opened. She placed the key into her smock pocket. “Okay, I see I have no choice. Either you start talking now or I go to the front and call the police and have you cited for public nuisance. Your choice!” Still he could not talk. His tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth.

She turned to walk to the front of the shop when he finally whispered in a low voice. “Please, wait. I did not mean any harm,” he said as he reached into his shirt pocket and took out the white business card his co-worker had given him. “May I have a glass of water, Ms. Ressler?”

She pointed to a cooler and he grabbed a glass and filled it. He drank it quickly. “I am really sorry. I did not mean to make you anxious. My co-worker gave me this this morning. I live ten minutes away from here. I do my shopping here in the grocery store. But I never knew your shop was here,” he said. “My co-worker told me about this awesome barbershop he had found where the women all wore smocks and nylons and stiletto shoes. Then he told me about this beautiful lady who he thought might be the manager. She had short blonde hair and she had the most beautiful eyes. He knows I have been looking for a new stylist. And he told me to check it out.”

“This card is only given out by our male barber and the women are only seen by selective clients. We do some walk-in only if our male and female barbers are very busy. But the other four stylists who are ladies, well, we can only be seen by appointments,” Frau Ressler said.

“Yes, Madame,” he said. He still could not keep his eyes off her beautiful face and her red lips. “He told me that he saw you standing up at the front desk with one of the other ladies.”

“So why were you standing outside my window?” she asked.

He swallowed hard. “I was standing out front. My mind was moving me forward and as I got to about three feet from the door, one of the ladies saw me and smiled at me. I took off because I had been watching for a few minutes and I was nervous. I turned and went around the back and then I found your window. You were sitting there with your legs crossed and my heart just started to pound in my chest,” he said.

You aren't interested“You are interested, aren’t you?” she asked. “You wonder what a woman like me would do for you, don’t you?”

He nodded his head. She walked over to him and fluffed up his hair. She walked around him and held out a few swatches of his brown hair. “Yes, I could do a lot for you. When was the last time you had your hair cut by a real professional?” she asked. “Assume the position.” She pointed to her chair.

He walked over and sat down in her chair. She turned the chair toward the mirror and then she opened her red, white and black patterned cape. She grabbed the two ends and with both hands, she flicked it up and let it settle down on his chest. She walked behind him and took a sheet of tissue paper, which she wrapped around his neck. She pulled the cape up and fastened it to the side.

“You could use a good hair cut but you also need a serious treatment; a professional hot oil treatment and a conditioning shampoo. I am not going to cut your hair today. You are going to use the product I give you for a period of two weeks and then you are going to come back and see me, at which time I will give you a professional cut,” she said. “You sit here for a few minutes. I am going to go up front and book your return appointment, right now,” she said.

“Yes, Frau,” he said as he relaxed into the chair.

“You are going to make a good client. I can see that already,” she said as she touched his shoulder. “And I am going to enjoy being your personal barber. You see, once I take you in and put you on my list, you will never give yourself to anyone else. You will never want anyone else to cut your hair but me.”

She walked up to the front desk and wrote his appointment into the black book. She then opened the desk drawer behind the reception area. She took out her personal business card and wrote the time on the card. She walked back to her station. “This white card, you give back to your friend. This is my personal business card. This is only given out to exclusive clients. When you come in two weeks, you just show it to the receptionist and you will not have to wait,” she said. “Now, let’s give you that treatment.”

With that, she turned the chair around so that his head would be at the sink. She pumped the chair up a bit, grabbed the lever on the side and the back of the chair slid down. “Lay back and enjoy,” she said.

“Yes, Frau,” he said as he laid back and looked up into her eyes.





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