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The moment Sarah heard the doorbell ring; she instantly became a bag of nerves. With her heart now racing furiously and her heart firmly in her throat, she instinctively ran upstairs, leaving Sheila to let Steve in.

Sarah wasn’t the only person who was nervous, as Steve was standing at the front door feeling as nervous as a kitten. This was a perfectly natural feeling for him to have, as he was a man who had an unimaginable number of emotions and concerns whizzing through his heart and mind.

Sheila showed Steve into the lounge and then diplomatically disappeared. Steve now found himself sat alone in the lounge and whilst waiting for Sarah came down, found himself being afforded the time to focus more greatly on his thoughts of the day. He found his mind going into overload as he considered and concluded that; He was very much in love with Sarah, he was almost ready to commit his soul to hers and it was, therefore, vitally important to him that his parents accepted Sarah as the girl of his dreams.

He loved Sarah’s image, her fun loving style and sassy appearance, however, he knew that his parents would not view this in the same way. He, therefore, was desperately hoping that Sarah had heeded his warning and had toned down her “sassy” side, if only for one night.

His thoughts also turned to that afternoons telephone conversation where his beautiful sexy girlfriend had called him to let him know that she’d had all her hair cut off. The fact that she’d said it was nothing fancy and was, in fact, rather conservative filled him with further concerns and emotions; Was it really conservative, the kind of conservative that a prim and proper middle aged lady would approve of, or was it just a shorter cut of a sassy style? If it was properly conservative, would he still find her attractive? And if it had completely toned down Sarah’s appearance, how would she be feeling about it and if she didn’t like it, would she hold it against him?

Sarah, meanwhile, was upstairs, staring at the picture of her and Steve that she kept by her bedside cabinet. It was a very happy picture of Steve and herself looking very much in love and very, very happy. Sarah couldn’t help but focus on the way she looked in the photo and she did have to admit that with her long hair, short skirt and little cropped top, she did look really good, but, she couldn’t help but think how she would look in any future photographs. Having found this little distraction enough to focus her mind, she sprayed on just a little perfume, took a deep breath and proceeded downstairs to face the music.

Having calmed herself before leaving her bedroom, Sarah soon found her heart racing again with total nervous tension. Her mind was playing all sorts of nasty tricks on her, but she wasn’t on her own, as Steve had been busy getting himself all worked up at the same time.

At this point, Steve and Sarah’s indulgence in nervous torture came to an abrupt end as Sarah, having taken a deep breath, gently pushed the door open and entered the lounge. She found Steve sat in the armchair at the far end of the room, looking just as nervous as she felt. Sarah proceeded to take 3 pensive steps into the room, at which point she stopped, popped her arms behind her back and with a sweet smile and a gentle tone, simply said “Hello”. Steve looked up and was greeted by the figure of the most wonderfully gentle and sedate, unassuming looking young lady. He was initially so overcome by how different his “trophy” girl now looked, that all he could do was reply a simple “Hello” and to stare lovingly at her sweet smiling face.

Steve loved Sarah’s smile and had always found it to be wonderfully alluring and sexy, but looking at her now, although her expression was exactly the same as it always had been, it now made her look so sweet, so innocent and so vulnerable. Her pose reflected that of a beautiful, sweet and innocent young girl; the type of girl who would never get noticed in a crowd, but was liked by everyone.

For a small moment, there was a complete silence, a silence of anticipation, fear and wonderment. Steve had a million thoughts racing through his mind as the numerous questions and doubts he’d had during the day were all answered. It was plain to see that Sarah had been true to her descriptions during the telephone call that afternoon; She hadn’t held back at the hairdressers and she was most definitely wearing her hair in a plain and conservative style that, without doubt, would appeal to a prim and proper middle aged lady. And, furthermore, it wasn’t just a toned-down style for that evening; this smart, plain and simple short haircut was obviously a permanent feature! The sassy hairstyle hadn’t just been taken a little shorter as a compromise for just one evening; it had been taken away completely!

Steve also thought to himself how nice it was to see that Sarah had kept her promise with regard to her makeup. Although it was strange to see her looking completely fresh-faced and the lack of makeup resulted in a rather plain and demure appearance, it somehow made her look more real. She was certainly less sassy than before, but in return for this sacrifice, Steve now had a nice girl who now looked far less intimidating and self-centered.

Steve also realized the his suggestion of abandoning the short skirts and cropped-tops, just for one evening, had been well received by Sarah, as she stood there with her modesty completely protected by her pretty floral dress, that was conservatively fitted into the body and was reservedly buttoned up to the neck, with a really sweet little lattice collar. Although Sarah had always looked as though she was quite petite, the fact her dress began to flare from the hips into a wonderfully elegant pleated skirt section that fell conservatively to below the knee, gave the appearance of her having “child baring hips”. This was further enhanced by the fact that rather than wearing the 4 inch heels she normally lived in, Sarah’s flared dress was complimented by a smart pair of low-heeled court shoes, which made her look somewhat shorter. The exaggeration of her hips and her reduction in height showed the world, without a doubt, that Sarah actually had a fuller figure. Although Steve had always been attracted to tall girls with trim figures, he was rather surprised to find that he actually found himself rather liking the fact that Sarah was now showing-off her more rounded appearance. The fact of the matter was that Sarah never had had a figure to “die for” and, for years she had been cleverly disguising this fact, but this would no longer be the case!

Steve’s final thought was to think of his parents. He had been extremely nervous about how his parents, and especially his Mum, would react to Sarah. His Mum had this favorite phrase to describe flighty and, therefore, inappropriate girls; the phrase was “Trophy Girl” and she would reinforce her feelings by continuing with the statement that; “Nice young men will always be better off taking a nice and gentle “Plain Jane” type for a wife, so, my son, don’t you go bringing a “Trophy Girl” into my house!”

This statement had always laid heavy on Steve’s mind and even more so recently, as all of his friends, both male and female, had ALL described Sarah as being very much a “Trophy Girl.” However, this was no longer a concern to Steve as, looking at Sarah, she was most definitely no longer the “Trophy Girl” everyone knew her to be. With the warm feeling of relief in the knowledge that his Mum would be meeting a girl who was, without doubt a nice and gentle, prim and proper looking, Plain Jane! Steve arose from his chair and embraced Sarah in the warmest and most loving hug he had ever experienced.

The flow of emotions between the two young soul mates was remarkable; to Steve and Sarah, the embrace was the most powerful thing in the world and way more powerful than a jet rocket taking you to space! They too, were going into space, and had arrived at a whole new plane of love, commitment and togetherness.

The hug wa
s the last piece of the jigsaw for Sarah because the warmth of his embrace proved to her, without doubt, that Steve had accepted her as she now was. She didn’t need the sexy hair, the sassy clothes, the self-indulgent makeup or any of the adoration that went with it, what she needed was security. She took a wonderfully deep breath as she reassured herself in the total realization that although she had most definitely sacrificed her looks, in return, she had been given the gift of true love, devotion and togetherness. She had found her true self and, at last, she was in an environment where she could look and feel like the person she really was.

Steve, meanwhile, was realizing that although he had lost his “Trophy Girl” and, as a result, would no longer be the envy of his friends, he now had something much better, as he had now found the real Sarah! Although he had initially been attracted to her sassy looks, he had soon found that what was inside Sarah did not reflect the image she portrayed on the outside, as, on the inside, Sarah had proved to be a shy, gentle, caring and unassuming girl, but on the outside she was sassy, self-centered and a little brash. Steve had fallen completely in love with the hidden part of Sarah, her heart and soul. He had not for the outside appearance and, as he gently ran his fingers through Sarah’s neatly cropped hair, the most wonderful feeling of deep love and commitment came over him as, he realized that Sarah was now a shy, gentle, caring and unassuming girl both on the inside and the outside and, without having previously realized it, that was exactly how he wanted her to be.

Steve, who was now gently stroking Sarah’s neck, a neck that was now completely exposed of hair, whispered to her; “I absolutely adore you like this”.

Sarah reacted by nuzzling ever closer to Steve and whispering back; “You do? I hope you do? I did it all for you. I know I don’t look so pretty, but I do so want to look nice for you and for your family”.

Adopting a protective and reassuring attitude, Steve replied; “Sarah! You look wonderful and this is exactly the way I want you to look, not just for now, but forever. I don’t want the old Sarah back, I want the new Sarah, the natural Sarah, the beautiful Sarah, just as she is. Plain and simple, OK?”

Sarah, feeling any remnants of tension and insecurity melting away, cooed; “Well that is exactly what you’ve got and that is what you will continue to have. If you want me to look like this then I promise that you will have little Miss Neat & Tidy always standing by your side.”

Before Steve had chance to answer, Sheila re-entered the room, anxious to make sure that everything was all right. “So then Steve, what do you think, Sarah’s gone to a great deal of trouble to look nice for your parents, you know?”

Steve smiled nervously as he replied; “Yes Mrs Brown, she definitely has and I think she looks fabulous”

Sheila, being anxious that Steve had accepted Sarah’s new appearance, continued; “I’m glad you like it Steve. And what do you think to her new short haircut?”

Steve, being unable to hide his delight, enthused; “I thinks it’s really nice.

Sheila, not wanting to let her point slip away, further probed; “I much prefer her with short hair, I think she looks very smart with her hair cut up so nice and short and I hope she keeps it like this.”

Steve simply nodded in agreement.

Then, in a very protective manner Sheila continued; “And I do hope you are going to support Sarah in what she’s done, I hope you are not one of those boys who only like their girls to have long hair, are you?”

Although a young man might normally feel a little uncomfortable being challenged by his girlfriend’s mother in such a way, Steve actually found himself welcoming the opportunity to express just how much he preferred the way Sarah now looked. However, he was somewhat concerned that Sheila didn’t completely trust him and not only wanting to reassure Sheila, but also wanting Sarah to feel really special, he gushed; “No! I absolutely adore Sarah looking as she does now, and I’d be proud to take her anywhere looking just like this!” Steve, finding himself getting carried away with the whole emotion of the situation continued; “I much prefer her hair short and not only do I hope she keeps it short, but, well, you never know, maybe we might even get to see her nice and curly one day!”

Steve didn’t have a clue why the idea of curly hair had come into his head, but it certainly did the trick of proving to both ladies that he most definitely liked Sarah’s new look and was, without doubt, a very nice young man who was deeply committed to Sarah.

Hearing Steve’s wonderful words, Sarah’s heart came over all of a flutter. It was at this point she realized just how deeply in love with him she really was and although the mere suggestion that she should have curly hair would normally have placed her in a blind fury, on this occasion, the words “nice” and “curly” did not register as unusual or inappropriate at all.

The words certainly registered with Sheila who was extremely surprised to hear a young man make such a suggestion. It was a very pleasant surprise however, because the idea certainly appealed to Sheila, as she had often thought how nice it would be to see Sarah with a neat little head of short curly hair.

Sheila, looking physically relieved, looked directly at Steve and affirmed; “I agree with you totally Steve.” And, wanting to gain confirmation and commitment from Sarah, turned to her and questioned; “So Sarah, what do you say, are you going to keep your hair nice and short, or is this just a flash in the pan?”

Sarah, again, breaking into her sweet and innocent little smile simply replied “No, it’s not a flash in the pan, if the two most important people in the world like me like this, then this is how I’m going to stay. And, besides, I really like it myself as, for me, being able to have a plain and simple short haircut that makes me look and feel wonderfully neat and tidy, whilst being accepted for the conservative appearance it gives me is a very nice thing to have.”

Sheila, sensing that this was probably the best ever chance she would ever get to see her daughter with a neat little head of hair, broke into a warm loving smile as she gently asked; “And do you think we might get to see you nice and curly, just as Steve suggested?”

This time, the words “nice” and “curly” registered more deeply with Sarah but, again, rather than react with anger, a warm feeling flowed through her stomach as she ran her fingers through her hair and, with a smile, simply replied: “Maybe”.

To be continued..

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