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Heather and a couple of hair salon co-workers were having lunch at one of their favorite small restaurants. One of the regular waitress’s named Sonja came up and took their order. Now Sonja was a young not too tall oriental girl in her mid 20’s. Her hair hung down in a simple black braid past her waist to near her thighs. She always wore it that way or twisted in a bun in a braid up on her head. She was of average beauty. Her hair was thick and shinny black. One of the ladies said as she walked away ; " You know I’ve been coming here for two years and that girl never changes her hair. I sure would like to get my hands on it." Heather spoke " I would too but how? I never see her around and she seems so shy." Sonja brought the ladies orders and turned around as they watched her braid swing back and forth. She was unaware that they had been talking about her. Heather got hit with an idea.

When the ladies left she hung back and inside a $20 bill she put one of her business cards with her name on it. Written in red were the words " Free Haircut Sunday 9am". Heather was going to gamble that Sonja didn’t have any money extra for a haircut. She told Sonja as she gave it to her." I put something special in with the tip for you." Now the salon did offer " Free Haircuts" but you had to donate at least 12 inches to Locks of Love. The salon also didn’t open till 11am on Sundays but Heather had the opening duties this Sunday. So, she figured why not chance it. She hoped that she had just made Sonja an offer she wouldn’t refuse.

Sunday morning came and Heather got to work at 8:45 and started getting things ready and catching up on some style magazines. She turned to look and just then there walked up Sonja with her black hair in her usual thick braid. Heather ran down and opened the door. Sonja came in and spoke " I brought card for Free Haircut." Heather replied by pointing to the sign that said " Free Haircuts with Donation to Locks of Love". Sonja spoke " How much Hair to donate for Free Haircut". Heather looked at Sonja’s long black shiny braid and said." It must be 24 inches or this long as she showed on a tape." "Ok, I’ll let you cut my hair that much."

" There is one more thing Sonja. I spoke to your boss Mrs. Meyers and she told me she wished that you would cut your hair short so that it won’t be in your way at work and the male customers won’t stare at it as you walk around." ; said Heather with a straight face. Sonja thought for a moment and then said " Mrs. Meyers is good boss. She wants Sonja to cut hair then Sonja cuts hair short for her and for Free. Right." " Yes, said a smiling Heather " For Free".

Now, Heather had Sonja turn around and it took a few minutes for her to unbraid the thick mass of shiny locks. It was indeed beautiful thick hair. Heather finger combed it out and then took after putting a cape on Sonja took her over to the wash basin. She laid the thick mass of hair in the sink and spent the next few minutes giving Sonja a nice messaging shampoo and conditioner. She then sat Sonja up and wrapping the massive hair in a towel took her back to her cutting station. She sat Sonja down and pumped up the chair so she could work easier. She let the hair down, down, down, it fell till it almost reached the floor. Heather paused a moment and took a few pictures with her digital camera. She wet combed it out and then put it into four sections with two being above ear level and two below it. She combed down the first section and asked Sonja if she was ready and she nodded yes. Heather took her nice sharp shears and snip, snip, schnick , they went easily cutting through the black mass. She took the massive lock of hair and laid it on the counter on some towels. She then went to the next section and the only sound heard was the snip, snip, sniping sound of the scissors doing their work. Heather was cutting the hair just below ear level giving Sonja a nice short bob. She let down the next two top sections and followed the same line. She again laid the hair pieces down on the towels. She took out her measuring tape and stretched it from one end of the locks to the other. It read an astonishing 40 inches. It was the most hair that Heather could ever remember cutting off. Sonja’s hair was getting dry to Heather took out the clippers and shaped up the bottom of Sonja’s hairdo. She took the guard off and shaved Sonja’s neck nice and smooth. She paused to take a few more pictures. She then took a blow dryer and brush and showed Sonja how to shape her own new bob. She then took her scissors and fine tuned the haircut.

When she was done she took the cape off and had Sonja look in the mirror. Sonja looked in the mirror and said " Short and Pretty haircut. Yes?" " Yes, Sonja you have a short and pretty new hairstyle." said a smiling Heather. Sonja opened the door and said " Thank for Free Pretty new Haircut."

Heather quickly cleaned up any sign that someone had been there earlier than 11am. She put the long black tresses of Sonja into a box and put them in her car. She didn’t know whether to save them as a souvenir or to sell them. The long black shiny tresses sure looked pretty sitting in the box.

A week or so later Heather and the hair salon ladies went back to the restaurant where Sonja worked. Their mouth’s dropped when they saw the new look Sonja. It didn’t take long for one to comment. Do you see Sonja’s new haircut? I wonder who cut it? It looks great!" Heather could keep quiet no longer. " I did and here are a few pictures and I’ve got one of her ponytails in my purse I will show you after lunch." How and the details would follow later at the salon.

The ladies each went up and complimented Sonja on her new hairstyle. Mrs. Meyers who was running the cash register even chimed in." I don’t know who cut her hair and she won’t tell me but I’d like to thank them. She sure looks a lot better with it cut short." The ladies agreed with that statement and gave a look with a smile towards a smiling Heather.

They wanted to get back in the car and hear the details of Sonja’s Haircut.

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