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Steve was on a trip to see his folks when he and his wife Missy stopped in to shop at a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Now as with most Wal-Mart Supercenters they have a styling salon near the front door. Steve noticed that it wasn’t too busy and told his wife Missy that he would get a badly needed haircut while she did some quick shopping. Steve went and sign in the the sheet for a haircut. A stylist came up and called his name and introduced herself as Bernadette. She was middle aged and had a short above the collar hairstyle. She sat Steve down and put the cape over him and asked what she could do for him. He told her that he just wanted his business man’s haircut shaped up as it was looking ragged. Bernadette went to work with the clippers and comb. They made small talk about where Steve was from and where he was headed.

Bernadette and Steve were just near getting done when Steve noticed his wife Missy standing outside the salon. Now, Missy had mid-back length shinny soft chocolate brown hair that was straight all over. Steve had been wanting to get Missy to cut her hair for over a year now as he was tired of the same old look. He was even beginning to hate seeing it up in ponytails. Bernadette spoke " Your wife sure has pretty long hair." " I know but she has a bit too much of it if you know what I mean" "She’s been thinking of cutting it shorter and getting more fluff to it but hasn’t found the right stylist with the right style yet." responded Steve. Bernadette looked more at Missy and said to Steve " I think I’ve got the perfect style for her if you have the time. It won’t take too long and I think I know what you mean about her having too much hair. Tell her to come in so I can get a good look at her." Steve called Missy in and when she got beside him he spoke to her " Missy, this is Bernadette and she thinks she has the perfect hairstyle for you. What do you think?" Missy responded looking at her straight brown hair. " Well, I have been thinking about making a change. When could she do it?" Bernadette came up to Missy and put her hands into Missy’s soft thick mane and gave her a good looking over. She pulled Missy’s hair back and looked at the ends. "We aren’t busy, I could fix you up as soon as I finish with your husband . Is that OK?" said a smiling Bernadette. " That will be great. I’ll just go put the packages in the car." said Missy. Missy turned around and walked out her soft brown hair dancing on her back. Steve and Bernadette talked about Missy’s new look while she was out and both knew they were on the same page.

Missy came back and Steve got up. Missy sat down and Bernadette took a clip and clipped Missy’s mass of brown locks up and tied the cape tightly around her neck. She then led Missy to the shampoo sink. She released Missy’s mass of hair and it tumbled into the sink filling it up. Bernadette gave Missy and nice relaxing messaging shampoo and made sure the hair was clean and soft. She then lifted Missy up and put a towel around the wet mass of hair and led Missy back to her station. When they got back to the styling chair she let down Missy long, soft, wet brown hair. She started combing it out. Bernadette spoke to Missy " Ok, so your ready for a change to something that has more fluff to it. Right." " Right" said Missy.

Bernadette combed down Missy’s thick brown hair into a wet ponytail. She grabbed a rubber band and placed it up into the hair near Missy’s neckline. " Ok, Missy the first thing I will do is get rid of the bulky hair that is weighing your looks down." and with those words spoken Bernadette grabbed a pair of scissors and started chopping away at the base of the ponytail near the rubberband. Snick,schnick, went the scissors. They cut easily through the wet and conditioned locks. Missy reacted immediately; "What are you doing? I didn’t want my hair short! Steve what did you tell her I wanted? " Steve sheepishly spoke " I told her that you had been thinking about getting your hair cut short and with more fluff the last few months." " I was just thinking about it. You know I’ve never had short hair." an angry Missy spoke.

Bernadette had just finished cutting loose the 15 inch ponytail and handed it to Steve. She spoke to Missy " Now, dear it is too late to put it back on. Your going to look fine with the new style I have in mind. My you have thick hair. I’ll just have to thin it out some." " My hair doesn’t need thinning out!" screamed out Missy. It was in vain as Bernadette had already grabbed the thinning shears and was whacking strategically at Missy mass of hair. Long pieces of hair tumbled down across Missy lap and onto the floor. Tears appeared in her eyes. Steve came over and spoke softly to her." Now, honey, you’ll just have to trust Bernadette. You’ll look fine and we all know how hard change is at first." Bernadette walked around to the front of Missy. " Your husband thinks you’ll look great with bangs and short layers around your face. I agree with him so sit still please." commanded Bernadette. Bernadette then combed down the long hair over Missy’s face that reached to her breast. She then took the scissors and snip, snip, away went the hair above Missy’s eyebrows. Then she cut more long locks off around the edges of Missy’s red face. The long pieces she handed to Steve who put them in the bag with the severed ponytail. She then with her finger went back to Missy’s crown and pulled the hair up between her fingers. When it was at the height she liked she took the scissors and cut what she didn’t want off. The hair being wet and full of conditioning came off easily. More brown pieces of hair four to five inches in length tumbled down into Missy’s lap and onto the floor. Bernadette worked quickly around the sides and top of Missy’s hair getting the look she wanted.

Missy’s hair had begun to dry to Bernadette grabbed the clippers. She pushed Missy’s head down and tapered the back and blocked off the neckline. She then put Missy back up straight and with clippers over comb took even more but shorter lengths of hair off the top of Missy’s head. Missy just sat in the chair in stunned silence. She was afraid to have to look in the mirror when it was all done. She had never had short hair before and was sure she was going to look really ugly. She really freaked out when she saw all of her hair the hair piling up at the base of the chair.

Bernadette then grabbed the blow drier and dried out Missy’s hair. She then took a curling iron to the longer sections on top and the sides. She then brushed the hair out and proclaimed:. " Well, that is it. A new look for a pretty lady!" "What do you think?" Steve spoke first " Honey, you look really pretty and cute with your new short look. Honestly, see for yourself." Bernadette handed Missy a hand mirror and turned her around to the mirror. "Wow, I sure look different but I must admit I do like the way it brings out my facial features. It will take me a few days to adjust to the new me in the mirror. You were right Bernadette. It is the perfect style for me even if it is short. I’m sorry I yelled at you. " "That is ok, dear. Going thru change is always difficult especially when it is a surprise."

Steve left Bernadette a big tip and when they got to Steve’s family they all gave Missy rave reviews on her new hairstyle and her guts to change.

Hope you liked story.. Mr. Snips

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