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It wasn?t supposed to be a major change but it turned out that way in the end. What happened? Read on?

My girlfriend Kathy had her nice sedate chin length bob cut off almost three years ago. He hair was buzzed on the sides with a #3 Wahl comb guide and the top was scissored down to about 1 ? inches. It was very cute on her and served her well during our oppressive summer heat. We live in Cucamonga, California and it gets really warm in the summer. I really loved seeing her in a sexy blue swimsuit with her hair cropped closed; neck and ears exposed, cool earrings glistening in the sun? Those were the days.

As Fall came she started talking about growing her hair out. Thus began the long haircut drought. First her hair grew out into this totally shapeless cap. Hair covered her ears and neck. She had regular trims as she grew her hair so the ends stayed in good condition.

Not too long into this process, I discovered something that I didn?t know about Kathy, she has naturally curly hair. Surprisingly enough, she had always blown her hair straight and coerced it into place with sprays, gels and mousse. We had been together almost 10 years and I had never seen her hair?s actual texture! As it grew she let it go natural most of the time and it was actually looking pretty good. I loved to run my fingers through it and spent endless time brushing it. (Helpful hint guys, the way to most women?s hearts is by brushing their hair. Try it and see what happens.) Yikes! Mr. Short hair loving guy was strangely converting to a guy who loved this longer hair. What was happening to me?

The thing is that as her hair grew, it was plain to see that the longer hair was not that becoming to her. But I liked it. Was I turning into the typical long hair loving man? I loved to get my fingers caught in it. I loved to feel it spread out over my chest when we snuggled in close. I loved to brush it and feel the tension of pulling through her long wavy hair.

Her hair gradually grew to the bottom of her shoulder blades and stayed there with regular trims through this last Summer.

In the meantime I had changed haircutters and was extremely pleased with the young lady who was cutting my hair. Heidi was very petite, wears her hair in a trendy multicolored inverted bob. What I like about her is that I always get exactly what I ask for and she is not the typical hairdressing bimbo. She?s funny, nice and intelligent.

At the same time Kathy was growing disenchanted with the stylist she went to and complained that she never listened or offered any suggestions. I suggested that maybe she should try Heidi. I even told her I would pay for it and if she liked it I would pay for the next 3 cuts. Being a little strapped for dollars this year, Kathy accepted. Not only did she accept but she also asked me if I would print some pictures for her from my vast collection of haircut shots. When I asked her what she wanted to look at, she replied; ?Give me some variety. Some short, medium and long.? I asked her if she was considering cutting off this beautiful hair to which I had become quite attached. She replied; ?Maybe.?

I cannot even tell you how conflicted I was, so I took the safe course and said; ?It would be a shame to cut off all these beautiful curls after all the work it took to get here. And I really like playing with it.? She just said; ?Well, I guess we?ll see, won?t we?? Arrrrggghhh!

The next time I had my hair cut I booked an appointment for Kathy with Heidi. It was for about three weeks later. The die was cast?

The next three weeks were incredibly tense as I speculated on what Kathy would do. Would she just get a nice simple trim or would she go for the big chop? And what did I really want her to do? The thought of all those beautiful curls lying on the salon floor both excited me and scared me. As the day grew nearer, Kathy had picked one photo to take with her but still wouldn?t confirm the plan. The photo was of a trendy shag, neck length, lots of layers and no curls. This cut would mean that she would lose about 10 inches of curls at the shortest layers and about 5 inches right off the bottom. A lot of hair might potentially be on the floor.

As the day came closer, I could think of little else and my conflicted feelings and opinions about this upcoming haircut. I managed to mostly keep my mouth shut and didn?t obsess on the event (at least not to Kathy).

The day finally arrived and not only was it haircut day but the first big rain of the season blew its way into town and things got soggy quickly.

We had planned to meet at the little Mexican place upstairs from the salon for a quick Margarita before Kathy?s appointment. I brought my digital camera for some ?before? pictures and even though she was resistant, Kathy allowed me to take some front, side and back pictures of her hair. When she looked at the pictures of the back she said; ?Oh my God! Does my hair really look that ratty?? It was a rhetorical question and I only offered a quick; ?It looks fine!? before it was time to go into the salon.

We walked downstairs hand in hand and walked into the salon. Heidi was waiting for us as she had finished her previous appointment a little early. Kathy sat down in Heidi?s chair and made herself comfortable as they started to chat. Heidi marveled at the ringlets of curls that came down between Kathy?s shoulder blades. And then came the moment of truth. ?Well? what are we going to do today??; Heidi queried. Kathy reached up and caught her fingers in her hair right in front of her right temple and said; ?I think I?d just like a trim up. Get rid of some of the split ends. About the same really, only neatened at the ends.?

I think my sigh of relief was audible as Heidi proceeded to cape Kathy and escort her away to the shampoo area. I stayed in the ?observer?s gallery? (a tall barstool-like chair just adjacent to Heidi? station) and waited for them to return. They were gone about 10 minutes attending to the shampooing and conditioning of Kathy?s ringlets and I was happy to see them coming back around the corner with Kathy?s hair wet and Heidi following close behind.

I don?t know everything that happened while they were away but as they continued their conversation I was beginning to realize that my sigh of relief would be short-lived. Kathy was in the middle of the question; ?What would you suggest?? Heidi was happy to answer that she might keep the length about the same but put some layers throughout to further ?free? her hair?s curls giving a much more balanced look. Kathy was nodding and then very unexpectedly said; ?You know? I?ve been thinking about cutting this all off,? as she threaded her fingers up through her damp waves. All of a sudden Heidi had a BIG smile on her face and said; ?You?d look great with shorter hair and your boyfriend already told me you weren?t shy about cutting it really short. Did you have anything in mind?? Kathy called to me and said; ?Honey will you get that picture out of my purse so I can show Heidi what I?ve been thinking about?? I was totally caught unaware. Speechless, I reached into Kathy?s purse and pulled out the folded picture of the shag I had printed for her a few weeks earlier. I had both a feeling of excitement (haircut, haircut, haircut, short, short, short, oh boy) and dread (haircut, haircut, haircut, short, short, short, oh no).

The women chatted over the picture, both nodding in agreement about the cuteness of the picture and that, yes, it would look great on Kathy. Then it happened. Kathy said, ?OK, cut it off! I?m ready!? Heidi gave an enthusiastic; ?Alright! Let?s do it!?

With the preliminaries over, Heidi began to section Kathy?s hair in the back and on the sides. She combed down the first layer and clipped the rest of Kathy?s hair up on top of her head. She then sectioned an area at the middle of the back and guided her scissors up, up, up finally stopping at the midpoint of Kathy?s neck. The very sharp blades closed together and five luxuriant inches of curls cascaded to the floor. Heidi worked quickly and moved around Kathy?s head with purpose and precision. It wasn?t long before the first layer was snipped up to the same length all the way around. This bottom layer traveled just below chin length in front and mid neck in back. The curls were gone. At least 1 ? years of growth lay on the floor. As the curls on the floor began to dry, they began to coil like little snakes and I was lamenting that they were no longer attached to my beautiful girlfriend?s head. I was also excited beyond belief because, after all, I am a haircut fetishist. I was lucky to have a magazine on my lap if you know what I mean. What a mix of emotions!

The next section was unclipped and Heidi began another journey around Kathy?s head. Of course this layer was even shorter than the first with seven inches of curls hitting the floor this time. Hair was building up on the floor in larger piles which were moved around by Heidi?s shuffling through them.

Each successive layer was combed down and sliced off shorter than the one before. Kathy was having the time of her life and was obviously pleased at the transformation she was seeing in the mirror. Kathy?s features were custom made for short hair and even though I had loved her longer hair, she was looking more and more beautiful as the scissors did their work. The last layer yielded hanks of hair nearly ten inches long gracefully sliding down Kathy?s curves silhouetted by Heidi?s cape. The last of her long hair slid down and traveled the rest of the way to the floor like silken feathers dropped from some beautiful bird.

Before I knew it, Kathy?s long ringlets and cascading waves were gone. I was sad but happy. Excited but dismayed.

Heidi texturized Kathy?s hair deeply at the crown and the nape creating the head hugging angle of today?s modern shag. She gently dried Kathy?s hair and put the finishing touches on with spray, finger and a light curling iron. It was done. Kathy was gorgeous! Her sky blue eyes absolutely glowed. Her hair hung in gentle auburn curves that framed her face.

While I love her new look, I miss her long hair. What is happening to my haircut fetish? Is something changing? Stay tuned for more hair adventures. Summer is coming after all.

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