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It was a Saturday. Ashim was at home and helping his wife Radha with the preparations for the get-together that they had organized that evening. A few of the close friends of the couple and some of Ashim’s office colleagues were invited to the party. Radha had decided to prepare her favourite dish. Alongwith this and other food, there will be plenty to drink.

Radha and Ashim had been married for about 3 years now. Ashim was tall and well built and was working in a Management Consultancy firm after completing his MBA. Radha was his MBA classmate. She had worked for about a year since completing MBA but had given up work since marriage preferring to enjoy the married life instead. She was lithesome and athletic but surprisingly having long hair which came down to touch her waist. Ashim loved her hair and would often ask her to keep them open so that he can play around with them. Radha’s hair were not only long but smooth, thick and straight. She never cut her hair cut in a parlour though Ashim would periodically give her a trim. She usually tied her hair in a plait though occasionally she would tie them up in a high ponytail especially for parties etc. Otherwise, while busy with housework, she would tie them up in a rough knot high above her neck so that she does not feel hot. She looked quite attractive with her hair on the top. It also freed up her long neck which complimented her long and slim body. She had also had a good complexion which was a bonus.

Many of Ashim’s friends were jealous of Ashim as he had Radha as a wife. Given an opportunity, few of his friends would cut of Radha’s hair as a revenge. One of his friend, Jack especially felt that way quite strongly. He was waiting for an opportunity where in he could lay his hands on Radha’s hair. That opportunity was to come very soon.

The day went by and then came evening. The party was organized on the terrace of Ashim’s bungalow. Ashim and Radha were ready and dressed up for the occasion. Radha had worn a black midi with her hair washed and tied up in a high pony tail which swayed as Radha moved her face. The hair were thick so did not move with the wind but did sway when she moved her face and that presented a beautiful sight. Even in her high ponytail, her hair reached down to her waist. Without the pony, it would reach down to her butt.

Slowly, their friends started trickling in. They started coming in groups. Jack was also invited. Drinks started flowing and with it the bizarre talk and the usual bets and dares. Ashim had also joined the drinking party. Jack sensed his opportunity. He started talking to Ashim. They discussed sports, politics, weather etc. They also discussed the Indian cricket history. They were discussing the career of Sunil Gavaskar and his centuries. Ashim mentioned that Gavaskar surpassed Don Bradman with a century at Calcutta. Others including Jack mentioned that it was not at Calcutta but at Ahmedabad that Gavaskar surpassed Bradman. The argument went on and on. Each one presenting his own facts around the issue. The alcohol in the blood was adding to the fun. Finally it came to a bet. Jack and Ashim were the two parties involved. Ashim said if he won, he would ask Jack to sing a song while if he lost, he would agree to whatever Jack said. Ashim was so confident that he did not realize what he was getting into. Ashim had a records book at his home. They both went down and got the record book. One of Ashim’s friend opened the book and as it turned out, Jack had won. The century was actually scored at Ahmedabad. Jack was delighted. He did not want to waste any time. He asked Ashim to call Radha. Ashim was a bit shocked as to why Jack wanted Radha. Soon Radha came along and stood there in the middle of the men. Jack then announced his intention. He addressed the crowd at the party and said “Ladies and Gentlemen: Myself and Ashim had entered into a bet today regarding cricketing history. As it turned out, I won. As promised by Ashim, he would be ready to do whatever I tell him. We all know that his wife Radha has beautiful hair and Ashim loves them. I would now request Ashim to cut off her beautiful hair” There was a stunned silence from everyone. People could not believe their ears. Ashim was shocked. Radha was more shocked.

But this did not deter Jack. He brought up one chair and placed it in the centre of the crowd. Then he went up to Radha and pulled her hand. Radha was still in the shock and she just followed him. She sat on the chair looking down. As she sat, her ponytail was hanging down from the chair with the jet black hair contrasting against the white cloth of the chair. She could not look up and continued to look down. This exited Jack. He pulled off the cloth from one of the chairs and used that as a cape. He went round Radha and draped her in the white cloth, inserting the cloth around her neck as a professional barber would. Radha looked pretty with flowing white cloth around her and her pretty long black hair hanging there. Her hands were all tied up because of the cape. Jack then started ordering Ashim. He ordered Ashim to open her hair. Ashim was in a daze. He could not believe this was happening and just followed the orders of Jack. He stood behind his wife and reached for the scrunchy which held his wife’s beautiful hair on the top. With one stroke, he pulled the scrunchy out of her hair. Radha’s hair came rolling down all over her back and also in the front covering her face partly. She could not stand so many eyes looking at her with her hair all over her body and face. She continued to look down with her hair enveloping her. Jack was quite excited. He went and fetched a sprayer from Ashim’s garden. He wanted to drench Radha’s hair before cutting them. This time he stood behind Radha and with one hand held the sprayer while with the other started moving Radha’s hair. He moved the hair from one side to the other and continued spraying water on her hair. He started on the top and moved down to her waist. Radha looked very inviting after being drenched in the water. Her hair were now dripping and shining because of the water. The water was also seeping through the cloth and into her sleeveless black dress. She was feeling the cold especially since the weather was also cool due to the evening chill. She started shivering a bit which Jack was quick to catch. He put the sprayer down. With his strong hands, caught Radha by her shoulders. Radha, for some strange reason, felt excited due to the touch of strong hands on her body. But as she felt it was Jack, it made her turn red with shyness. Ashim was still in a daze not knowing what to say or do. Even the sight of someone playing with his wife could not jerk him into action. The guests were also getting excited seeing this pretty picture of their hostess being made ready for getting shorn of her beautiful tresses.

Someone in the crowd suggested that the hair be cut in a phased manner so as to have each haircut. The person making the suggestion was Salim. He was a hairdresser though not a professional but was passionate about hair. He stepped out of the crowd. He was also carrying a pair of scissors. Jack handed over the baton to Salim. Salim pulled out a comb as well and started combing Radha’s wet hair. He was carrying the all the accessories of a hair dresser. He announced that first he would demonstrate step cut hair. With that he pulled up Radha’s hair around the top of her head and bundled them into small buns and secured them with the large hairdresser clips. That left the lower part of her hair hanging down. He made precision cuts, then opened the next two buns from each side and made bigger cuts and so on. He took out a hair dryer and blow dried Radha’s hair. With her beautiful quality hair, the step cut looked beautiful. Salim then announced that he would now give Radha a blunt cut. But first he photographed the beautiful Radha and her step cut. Radha wa
s looking stunning in her long layered cut.

Salim again took up the sprayer and completely drenched Radha. He used his hand and lowered her head further. He took the scissor and the comb and went berserk. He was cutting away at Radha’s beautiful tresses. Her white cape was all covered in bits of hair. It was a pity that all her long tresses were being shorn. He kept on cutting for about 10 minutes. Finally took up the dryer and styled her hair into a very intense blunt cut with side parting. The cut was quite short barely covering her neck but was very intense i.e the blunting was very strong. There were bangs on the side which sat very well because of the quality of her hair. Salim used his hands to massage her neck. Salim again photographed Radha in her blunt cut.

Then came the final blow which no one expected. Out came the clippers from Salim’s bag. He plugged it into the only available socket on the terrace not expecting it to work. But as soon as he put it on, it came to life. It startled Radha as well who looked up for the first time during the last 30 minute ordeal. She turned her neck around and saw the clippers in Salim’s hand. The look on her face was one of dejection and acceptance. Salim delayed the inevitable. He took up a comb and used it to filter her hair. He started with the bangs and put the clipper on the comb to snap up only the part of her hair. Bits of hair flew all over and were not scattering on the terrace. Her cape was also full of hair, short and long. Salim played around with her hair for a while and then put down the comb. He slammed the clipper into the back of her neck. She was least expecting this and gasped. Salim put his hand on her shoulder to hold her. He then put his strong hand on her head and bent it so that her chin was into her chest. He mercilessly clippered her from all sides. That done. He pulled out a shaving foam can. Her head was covered with foam. He took out a razor and cleaned off the stuble from her head.

She looked beautiful with a bald pate. Jack took off the cap and there she was sitting in her black midi with a bald pate.

Ashim woke up with a shock. He was sobbing. Radha just came into the room and saw Ashim sobbing. He told her about his nightmare. He was so relieved that it was a dream. He had went off to sleep in the afternoon. The party was in the evening. Radha consoled him. Her long hair covering his face. The first thing that Ashim did was make a phone call. He called up Jack and said “Sorry Jack, today’s party is cancelled”

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