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Dani Sutherland shuddered as she was marched into the prison barbers.

She was only 19 and had been jailed for running over a man who had previously assaulted her even though it had been a genuine accident.

Her induction had been traumatic enough, being forced to strip naked on arrival and then having her vagina and rectum intimately searched in front of the leering male guards.

Just when she thought her humiliation couldn’t get any worse she was informed that all new inmates had to have their hair cut. Long hair was a privilege and was not recommended as it was likely to attract unwanted attention from some of the inmates.

As she entered the room she saw a large woman in an overall smiling at her. "I’m Doris" she said, "now what will it be dear, how about a nice crew cut ?"

Dani was proud of her shiny shoulder length auburn hair, "you can’t do this to me" she replied, "if you touch a hair on my head I’ll sue you for assault"

"Oh dear" frowned Doris "we’ve got a trouble maker here, you need to be taught a lesson princess". With that one of the guards grabbed Dani by the shoulders and forced her into the barbers chair. "If you move so much as a muscle you’ll be sorry" Doris warned her.

Dani’s heart skipped a beat as she heard a buzzing from behind her. Before she knew what was happening Doris roughly ploughed a furrow from the nape of her neck to her forehead. She began sobbing as Doris moved the clippers back and forth and large clumps of her beautiful hair fell into her lap. After a couple of minutes she had nothing but bristles left.

Still in shock Dani began to get up only to be pushed back into her seat by Doris. "Hang on honey, I haven’t finished with you yet, now sit down." "Please let me go" Dani cried but Doris just laughed, and said "Sorry princess but you need to be taken down a peg or two"

With that Doris reached behind her and grabbed a can of shaving cr?me. Taking a large handful she began rubbing it over Dani’s shorn scalp until she was completely lathered up. "Oh god" whispered Dani to herself and closed her eyes as Doris picked up a straight razor and began shaving her up and down, back and forth and side to side. The scraping of the razor against her scalp sounded deafening as Doris continued until every last hair had been removed.

"There you go princess, take a look at your new hair cut" Dani opened her eyes and glanced at the mirror in horror. She could hardly take in what she was seeing, she was as bald as a cue-ball.

For a moment anger boiled inside her. "you bitch" she mouthed at Doris.

"Oh dear baldy, it looks like you still haven’t learnt your lesson." Whilst holding Dani down with one hand Doris produced a tube from her apron pocket and began squeezing out a thick paste which she massaged into Dani’s bare scalp.

"Stop it, it stings" cried Dani "Oh don’t worry honey it’s only depilatory cr?me, it won’t hurt you, it’ll just keep you as bald as an egg for a few months, by which time you should have learnt your lesson. Now shut up I’m nearly done."

"What more can she do to me" thought Dani to herself. Once again Doris began massaging something into her scalp. "It’s okay princess, I’m just prettying you up with a bit of wax. "There we go dear, all smooth and shiny, now off you go to your nice cell."

Dani slowly climbed to her feet. As she moved towards the door accompanied by a guard she glanced back at the mirror and started cring uncontrollably as she caught sight of her freakish appearance. Her ears stuck out at right angles and the room lights reflected off her slick shiny dome.

Still in shock Dani was led to her cell. Seeing only one bed she whispered "at least I don’t have to share". "Oh there’s a reason for that melon-head" replied the guard, "you’ll find out soon enough".

Sure enough the same night she was awakened by two male guards entering her cell. "Hey baldy, it’s time for some fun and there’s no point screaming, there’s no one in this wing except us three."

Before she new it the first guard grabbed her and slapped her across the face before bending her over the side of her bed. She gasped in pain as the guard began having anal sex with her. "Oh yeah" he cried "the dirty bald bitch loves it up her arse" The other guard laughed and walked round the other side of the bed, forcing Dani to take him in her mouth whilst he rubbed and massaged her smooth and shiny dome.

After a few minutes the guards swapped positions. Dani began retching at the taste of her own fecal matter. The first guard removed himself from her mouth only to ejaculate over her head, rubbing his semen into her bald scalp to complete her humiliation.

Finally they finished with her and left her to her own misery. 24 hours ago she had been a pretty nineteen year old with flowing locks. Now she was a bald and violated jailbird. Dani held her shiny head in her hands and began to sob.

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