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He rolled out of bed at 7:00am, took a hot shower, made some breakfast, checked his suitcase and his briefcase. She finally woke up due to a kiss on the forehead. She yawned and looked up at him with sleepy eyes. “What time is your flight?” she asked as she sat up.

“I am sorry. I did not mean to wake you. But I have to get to the office before I go. Gary is meeting me there with the drawing. Are you going to be okay while I am gone?” he asked.

“Of course I will be okay. We have been through this before. I have my business downstairs. Did you pack your black suit?” she asked.

“Will you stop trying to dress me? I can look after myself,” he said.

“You are going to Japan to do a presentation and you don’t care about your dress? I don’t just want you to sell Mr. Cheng presses for his plant. You are going to be meeting other powerful Japanese business men there. And you don’t care that your company produces the best printing press in the world,” she said as she got out of bed. She grabbed his suitcase and threw it down on the bed. She opened it and dumped all his clothes on the bed and she went to the closet. She totally repacked his bag and took his power suit and placed it in the carrying bag. “I also hope you are going to find a barber at the airport and get that sloppy haircut taken care of.”

“I just had my haircut two weeks ago,” he said.

“What one strand of hair did you ask the barber to cut?” she said as she turned to him. She had a look of anger in her eyes. “You better find a barber. I am telling you that you look like a bum right now. If I were Mr. Cheng and you came into my office and my plant, I would not extend a handshake to you, let alone buy any product from you. You are supposed to be professional.”

“Look Claire, I don’t have time for this. I have to go,” he said.

She grabbed his suitcase right out of his hand. “If you are not going to listen to me and believe me then you leave me no choice then to order you to go downstairs to the salon. I see I am going to have to take care of you, myself. Downstairs, Paul!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!” she ordered him.

“Claire, this is not funny. I have to get the plans from Gary,” he said.

She grabbed the phone and she placed a call. “Hello, Gary? This is Claire. Don’t talk! Just listen! Would you meet Paul at the airport and bring the plans with you? Paul is being stubborn and I see I have to take care of him before he heads off to Japan. Thanks Gary. Paul will meet you at the check-in desk at 9:30,” she said. She hung up the phone, grabbed her silk robe and put her shoes on. She turned to Paul. “Down the stairs. NOW!” She grabbed his suitcase and garment bag and pointed to the stairwell that led downstairs to the main part of the house.

He walked down the stairs and she followed him. She placed the bags in front of the receptionist’s desk and she turned to him. “My station!” she ordered. She pointed to the side wall where she had her own corner. He walked to the station with his head hung. He started mumbling under his nose. She heard him and grabbed him by the wrist. She spun him around and looked straight into his eyes. “You have something you want to say, smart guy?” He started to but she stopped him in mid-air. “Keep it to yourself. If you would listen when I tell you to clean up your act, I would not be forced to do this. Now, the chair.” He turned and sat down in the chair at her station. She grabbed a black cape and threw it over his torso. She pulled up a second chair and placed it right behind his chair. She then stood up and did something totally unexpected.

She took off her silk robe and threw it over a second salon chair next to her station. She grabbed a pair of scissors and pushed his head down but when he saw his wife totally naked, standing behind him, he did not want to co-operate. She placed her hands at her sides. “Are you going to let me do this or do I have to tie you to the chair and force this haircut on you?” she asked as she slapped him across the side of the head. “You are in my salon and I am in control here. Do what you are told.” He made a quick glance upward and actually saw that she had a smile on her face.

“Yes, madame,” he said as he reached forward in the chair and pulled her to him. “I see I am going to have to change my barber when I get back.” She flicked his ear with the comb and that got his attention. “Ouch! That hurt.”

“When I tell you to lower your head, do it,” she said. He did and she sat down on a chair beside him. She started cutting his neck and nape, pulling the comb up his neck and reducing the mass of brown hair. She was actually enjoying the freedom of cutting his hair and sitting beside him, in total control. On top of that, the idea of being naked made her smile as she continued reducing the mass of brown locks on his head.

“I bet you have never had service like this before, have you?” she said.

“I have never dreamed that I would see you like this, doing anyone’s hair, let alone mine,” he answered.

“Well consider yourself a special case,” she answered. “And no, I would never do this for anyone else.”

“I would hope not,” he said.

“Why do you say that? You have always told me that you think I have a perfect body,” she said.

“Yeah and I am the only one who gets to see it like this,” he said. She smiled again. “And as far as I am concerned I would not want you doing this for anyone else.”

“You know I would never agree to that, even if the price was right,” she said, “even though this is kind of fun. I like the feeling.”

He knew she did. He loved her because she was an exhibitionist whenever they were together. She liked to flirt and tease and he had no problem with that.

She finally stood up and stood over him. She combed up his bangs and cut them short. She pushed her chair aside and stood at the side and combed back his sides, cutting them short to the ears. Finally she announced him finished. She finally uncaped him, threw the black cape over the counter and turned to get her robe. He stood up and ran his fingers over his neck and through his crown. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. “Wow! That feels and looks amazing,” he said as he turned to face her. He pulled her to him and gave her a kiss.

“How much do I own you, Miss?” he said as he took his wallet out of his pocket.

She giggled. “You better get going. You don’t want to keep Gary waiting and besides you would not be able to afford my rates. You go and make your sales pitch, seal the deal and when you come back and you make delivery, we can talk about how much this haircut was worth to you,” she said as she stood back.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek, grabbed his suitcase and walked to the door. “Can I make another appointment for next week?” he said. “I think I might be ready for a hot shave.”

“With me like this again? Or maybe in some other outfit?” she asked. He nodded. “And this early again? And with you being a bit of a stinker and me in control?” He nodded again. She walked to the counter and opened her appointment book. “Let me see what I have available.”

A car honked it’s horn outside. He looked out the door. “My cab is here. Gotta go. I will e-mail you tonight?” he said.

As he walked out the door she quickly wrote something in her appointment book. Next week it would be and she even had a idea of what the outfit would be. And she knew it would turn him on.


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