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23 year old Tom a sales representative for a communications equipment company is having a "rough" morning. His computer decides to act up and there fore is unable to meet a 10am due period for a sales print. he is so aggravated at the computer and starts trying to work on the issue himself. After 20 minutes he is very aggravated and decides to contact technical support. Fortunately the issue didn’t need a technician to visit. The technician walked Tom through the process of solving the incident.

Tom goes to the break room for a late break and sits down to relieve his tension. When tom finishes break it is only an hour to go before he is to go for lunch. Tom goes to work on his sales print and finishes that and hands it in to his Boss Mr. Kern. Tom goes to lunch at 12:30, he arrives back at work at 1:30 and works to 5:30.

Tom arrives at his apartment and log on to the internet to a chat room. He finds this chat room called "the meeting place" a chat room for 20 to 30 year olds. This message pops up from a screen name of "sweetie444" he starts chatting to her and finds her name is Kathleen. Tom isn’t confident if this person is a man or woman. He finds out it is a woman. Her name is Kathleen. He tells her his name is "Tom", they chat for 20 minutes and find they have a few things in common.

Another evening Tom logs in to that chat room to see who’s there and the screen name he chatted to is logged on. The girl who chatted with him 24 hours ago sends him a message. They continue to chat to one another and they start talking about hairstyles and to find out this lady has a fetish for cutting hair. She tells him she shaved her head a year ago and is growing it out. He asked her if the headshave was a negative or postive experience and she says "a good experience" and that she wasn’t confident if she’d find a salon who’d do it.

Tom says "you need quite a bit of courage to shave your head".

"I agree"says Kathleen.

Tom and Kathleen continue to chat for a few weeks and stop and thought "this girl may stop chatting to me".

The1 month of the anniversary of them meeting one another Kathleen asks "do you have Camera?"

Tom says "yes"

"Wanna see me?" Kathleen asks.

"Sure" Tom replies.

She sends tom a "video conference request" and Tom accepts it. He sees the video arrive "wow what a cutie!" Tom thought.

"You’re a cutie"Tom said.

"Thank you" Kathleen said.

"You’re welcome" Tom says.

"Would you like to chat via phone?" Kathleen asks.

"Which state are you in?" Tom asks.

"Texas" Kathleen says.

"So am I" Tom says.

"Wow" Kathleen says.

"This is so neat" Tom says.

"If you’d like to talk to me this is my # ??????????"

"Hang on for a few minutes" Tom said.

Tom turns on his mobile phone and dials the number. It rings. She answers after the 2nd ring.

"Hello" she says.

"Kathleen?" Tom says.

"That’s me" She says.

"Hi, This is Tom"

"Hi, so good to hear you" Kathleen said.

"I thought I may dial the incorrect number and it be someone else, pardon me" Tom says.

Kathleen laughs "that’s okay"

"So you have a hair fetish?" Tom says.

"Yep, had it since I was in my teens" Kathleen says.

"Hmm..have you cut anyone’s hair?" Tom inquires.

"My brothers" Kathleen says.

"What did you do?, shave his head?" Tom inquired.

"No, trimmed it" Kathleen replied.

They talk for a few additional minutes and wrap it up to save on costs.

After Tom is finished at work and arrives at his apartment and log on to the internet. He logs on to the chat room and she is there. She sends him a message and they chat for a bit. They continue chatting on a regular basis for the remainder of the month. The 2nd month anniversary of them meeting one another, Tom logs on but She isn’t on yet. He goes to view a program on the TV And his computer starts buzzing.

Kathleen is buzzing him. "Hi, would you like to meet in a month" Kathleen asks.

"Sure" Tom says. "where are you located?" Kathleen inquired.

"I’m Northwest of San Antonio" Tom said.

"You’re close to me" Kathleen said.

"Wow" Tom said.

"Tell ya what, we could meet on a Saturday afternoon and spend a few hours together" Kathleen said.

"That would be good" Tom said.

"How about we have our conversations via phone and we could see one another via our cameras?" Kathleen said.

"Good idea" Tom said.

Tom and Kathleen start communicating via phone a few evenings per week and set a date in three weeks to meet.

Their meeting date arrives and Tom’s brother Jack requests to tag along with him and they drive to San Antonio to a mall. They park the car and enter the mall. It is a little before 1 and Tom goes and sits on a bench across from the bookstore.Jack goes in to another store. a girl walks in starts walking toward him.

"This has to be her" Jack thought.

Her hair is to the middle of her ears. She is very pretty.

"Tom?" The girl says.

"That’s me, you must be Kathleen?" Tom asked.

"Pardon me but my actual name is Kate" Kate says.

"That’s fine. Glad you mentioned it" Tom said.

They shake hands.

"Wanna walk around?" Kate asks.

"Sure" Tom replies.

While they’re walking Kate says. "so nice to be able to meet you, had no idea we were going to be so close to meet one another"

"Me neither" Tom said.

"By the way, I’m 23" Kate says.

"So am I" Tom says.

"So funny we’re both 23" Kate says.

Tom laughs.. "yeah"

"Would you like to have lunch together?" Kate says.

"I’d like to" Tom said.

"By the way I read your description that’s why I sent you a message" Kate said.

Kate and Tom walked around for an hour stopping at various shops. then they went and had lunch.

Kate and Tom decided to meet on a weekly basis and they also chatted via phone 3 to 4 evenings per week. After 6 months of dating Tom buys a ring for Kate and Tom brought her back to his apartment for dinner and proposed to her and she almost fell on the floor and she says "yes".

Tom drove to her apartment in San Antonio on the following Saturday and they went shopping at the mall. While at the mall they stopped in front of a salon observing people having their haircut. The other Saturday Kate drives from San Antonio to Tom’s apartment and they go talk to the area ministers about marrying them and they find one. They set a Saturday wedding date which is 3 months away.

The other 2 months are hectic, Tom works 50 hours per week and places a portion of his wages in the bank for his honeymoon. 1 month prior to the wedding date Kate slowly packs her stuff away to move to Tom’s apartment.

24 hours prior to Tom’s wedding his friends host a bachelor party for him and has 1 bottle of beer and a bag of pretzels.

*The wedding date

Tom wakes up at 9 that morning and bathes and shaves himself and eats breakfast and sets out his rented tuxedo and his shoes. Jack his brother arrives at 12:30 and they ride to the wedding place a local courthouse. Only 6 people are attending the wedding. Tom goes to the window facing the street and sees Kate pull up with one of her friends and step out of her car. Tom goes to the room where the wedding is set to be and waits for her. 3 people arrive and are seated. Jack arrives in his tuxedo and arrives tan. The minister arrives and briefly talks To Tom before the ceremony starts. The remainder of the people arrive and are seated. the music starts.
Kate enters the room with her Father and he walks her to the altar, he wedding dress is long but stops at the ankles. The minister reads a few things and then asks the persons in the room to bow their heads for prayer. The minister then says "Repeat after me"

Both Kaitlyn and Thomas say their "I’do’s" and they are pronounced man and wife. They kiss and walk down the aisle and exit the room and out to the car. They drive 5 miles to a club house for a reception. 15 people are there for the reception and they open their wedding gifts. Most of them are useful items and some are money. They eat cake and ice cream and then dance. After cleaning the club house Kate and Tom leave for their hotel room. On the way to the hotel Tom asks "How do you feel about being married?"


"Good" Tom says.

"Tom, would you do something for me?" Kate asks.

"What’s that?" Tom inquired.

"I would like your hair all shaved off" Kate says.

"Certainly, I’ll stop at the barbers" Tom said.

"Thank you for doing this" Kate said.

Tom stops at the barber shop and Kate follows him inside and Jeff the barber is sitting in his chair.

"What can I do for you" Jeff asks.

"The wife would like all my hair shaved off" Tom said.

"Okay, have a seat" Tom said.

"Jeff, I would like the, Jeff, I would like the honor of doing his hair" Kate says.

"Okay, that’s fine he is all yours" Jeff said.

Kate turns the clippers on and starts at the forehead and slowly goes backward and she is finished in 5 minutes.

"What do I owe you Jeff?" Tom asked.

"Well, you don’t owe me anything" Jeff said.

"Thank you" Tom said.

"Good Luck you two" Jeff said.

They exit the shop and out to the car. Kate and Tom go to their hotel for an evening of romance before the go on their honey moon. Kate shaves Tom’s head each other morning for a month. Kate grows her hair from the bottom of her ear’s to her shoulders.

***the end**

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