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Next! Amber rose to her feet from the waiting area. Although she had done this many times, she was still a little apprehensive. Being in a barbershop gave her mixed feelings of utter fright, and unimaginable excitement. From the moment she walked into the shop, the older gentleman barber couldn’t figure it out. He stated that this was a barber shop, where men usually come to have their hair cut VERY short. She acknowledged him by replying "yes, I know. I want a man’s haircut."

She slowly walked to the chair, and stepped up onto the footrest, and sank back into the big red barber’s chair. The barber looked at her hair in amazement. It was the color of bright golden thread, and as straight as an arrow, beautiful shiny Pantene hair, which fell to the top of her tight blue jeans. She was simply beautiful. Perfect complexion, ice blue eyes, full lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and a shape that rivaled Britney Spears.

He pulled out a piece of tissue paper and secured it tightly around her neck, and followed with a pinstriped cape. Amber was so intensely scared and excited at the same time, she was so wet between her legs. "What type of haircut do you want young lady?" he asked. "I want what you call a very short high and tight flattop, with the sides and back whitewalled to the skin, and the top very short with a horseshoe landing strip against the top of my head." The barber was taken back by her acute knowledge of what type of cut to ask for. He figured to himself, "well she knows what she wants, so it must be really what she wants."

He got a large comb from the counter and a big pair of scissors. "I am going to comb it a bit and then cut off most of the bulk, ok"? She replied "yes, ok." He started to comb through her beautiful long blond hair. It went through her hair like a hot knife through butter. He was actually very excited to cut her hair off. He combed for a few minutes, enjoying the incredible beauty before him. He placed the comb underneath a large amount of her hair on the right side and brought the scissors up to the golden thread hanging down. As he opened the scissors and placed them into her hair, still open, Amber shot up and said "please stop! I cannot do it. I am sorry, I just can’t do it." With that, the barber was briefly shocked as he ALMOST started to close the scissors, and retracted the shears.

He undid the cape, and took the tissue paper off her neck, and Amber climbed down and stated how sorry she was, and how she was sorry she wasted his time. "It’s alright young lady. I was surprised you even wanted to have your hair all hacked off anyway. It is so beautiful. Why would you want such a drastic haircut?" She did not answer. she simply said "I am sorry", and walked out.

Amber proceeded to get into her car and drove around the corner and parked. She immediately started to touch herself. She could not contain the inner excitement and sexual desire she was feeling. She brought herself to orgasm looking in her mirror at her hair, imaging it really being sliced and clippered. She rested and smiled at her reflection. "What a thrill. I love the thought of actually going through with it, but would NEVER ever cut my gorgeous hair". Just the thought and reality of almost having it actually done, was a thrill unlike any drug to her. Being 19, and drugs so available, she figured this was a harmless thrill she could provide herself. She couldn’t remember how many times she had played this out, in a number of different barber shops. Some twice. It was her secret sexual turn-on. Alas, just a fantasy in her mind.

The barber was puzzled to say the least and called Dave, a friend of his a few blocks over, who also owned a barbershop. He was told that a friend of Dave’s also called him with a very similar story, and wondered if it was the same girl. They came to the conclusion that this girl was making a mockery of their profession as barber’s. Dave said "well, if she ever comes into my shop, I will make sure she does not get off so easy, and gets what she WANTS, and DESERVES. After all, hair play is fair play!"

A week later, as Dave was preparing to close up shop for the day, the bell on his door rang as someone stepped through. Instantly he knew who it was upon sight. She was wearing very tight jeans, with a tight belly revealing hot pink t-shirt. She was about 5’7" and she had black boots on which made such a distinct sound as she walked across the floor. Her almond shaped ice blue eyes were surrounded by very dark eyeliner. Her eyebrows were a perfect uniform slightly thick inner, graduating to a thin arch. Her hair was a gorgeous sheet of golden flowing locks to her belt. Even brighter/golder highlights were strewn throughout. Dave thought, "it is such a shame, this beauty needs to be taught such a lesson."

"Can I help you", he asked. "Hi, I want my hair cut really short." She loved the surprised looks on the barbers when she said this, however, Dave replied simply, "okay, hop on in the chair." Amber was a little surprised and even disappointed that he didn’t show disbelief. "What does he cut girls’ long hair off every day or something", she thought to herself. "He will definitely be surprised when I tell him HOW I want it cut."

"So how short do you want it cut miss?" asked Dave. Amber replied, "I want it VERY short. I think you call it a high and tight flattop. And I think the phrase is whitewall the sides to the skin, and leave the top very short with a horseshoe landing strip." She thought, "that will surely get his attention and astound him." Dave replied, "that sounds great, it will look very fashionable on you, please take a seat in my chair." Amber was shocked. "Who is this guy", she thought.

Well, even though she was surprised at his lack of reaction, she was still getting very nervous and excited as usual. She couldn’t wait until the last second to stop him, and retreat to her car for relief of her desire to orgasm. Amber sat down, and got ready for her "game". Dave got the tissue paper and secured it very tightly around Amber’s neck. She was surprised to have it wrapped so tightly and roughly, but it added to her experience, and found it even more exciting. Next was the cape. It was a pitch black cape. After it was secured, her long blond hair contrasted against the blackness of the cape was intoxicating to her. "Wow, imagine if my hair really WAS cut, and dropped all over this cape. It would look so incredible against the balck, with my very blond hair." Amber was getting wetter by the moment.

While Amber was imagining her cut hair against the black cape, she didn’t notice Dave put his Oster 76’s in his smock pocket. The cord was low to the ground so she couldn’t see it if she wanted to. "I am going to comb out your hair first ok, and are you sure this is what you want?" Amber could hardly control her arousement, and wanted to leave right then in order to fulfill her desire to masturbate. "Yes, I am very sure, and yes you can comb it all out first." She felt fully confident it was ok, because she saw Dave lay his scissors out on the shelf and grab his large comb before he asked her.

She looked into the mirrow and couldnt believe she was here again. In a barbershop, supposedly about to have her beautiful hair severely and brutally cut and clipped off. It was intoxicating to her. She let herself fall into the moment knowing in her mind that Dave only had a comb. Dave stepped to her right side, and started to comb through her hair. What incredible hair, he and she thought to themselves. He thought it was a shame such a cut has to be done, and she thought it was a shame to trick another barber.

He stepped to her left side and continued combing through her mass of hair. It all fell so easily to the cape when the comb left it. When Dave stepped behind her, Amber felt it was even ok to close her eyes while he combs her hair in back, until he went to get his scissors. Dave combed. And combed. And then he began undercombing her hair in back. This felt so relaxing to Amber. He would place the comb under her long hair, and actually comb up her head. He did this two times. The third time, he undercombed her hair to the top of her head, with the comb placed against her head. A humming filled the air. Before Amber even registered this new sound, Dave was in the process of causing a waterfall of golden treasure to the ground.

When she realised what happened, it was too late. Dave had clipped a large portion of her hair in the back to the top of her head at about 1/8th of an inch in length. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" screamed Amber. "Giving you what you want", replied Dave. "But your scissors are on the counter, and I didn’t know you had your clippers!" As Dave started to lift another large section in back, and present it to his hungry clippers he replied, "Oh yes, I put my scissors down because I figured I would just start right in with the clippers like I am doing now."

Amber didn’t know what to do. How to react. Cry or scream. After Dave removed the second large amount of hair from the back, he asked her to look down so her chin touched her chest. She sat still, stunned, unable to move or speak. Dave tilted her head forward for her. Her hair cascaded around her,down the sides and cradling her face, spilling onto the cape due to it’s long length. In her astonished stupor, she gazed at her hair surrounding her face, and time seemed to stand still. "my beautiful hair is actually being cut off before my eyes", she thought. "And it is too late for me to escape…this can’t be happening."

Dave positioned the clippers at the base of her neck, right in the middle, and pushed them up the back of her head all the way to the top, reducing the already shorter hair to 1/8 of an inch. He moved to the right of that path and did the same. The next pass, to the right again, would be into a fresh mass of long hair. He pushed the clippers up, spilling her blond hair all over her shoulder and onto the cape. The long hair slid down the cape to the middle and then out of sight onto the floor. Again he started at her neck, this time right behind her right ear, and moved the clippers up to the top of her head releasing 30 inch locks to the cape. Then he took his large comb and lifted her hair up on the side over her ear. He proceeded to buzz the long hair spilling out through the teeth of the comb, leaving 2-3 inch pieces remaining. Silken blond hair was falling everywhere. It fell past Amber’s eyes. She was watching her crowning glory being butchered. She was in agony…ECSTASY.

As The barber ran his clippers up the right side of Amber’s head, she spoke. "You know, I never really intended for you to give me this haircut. I have had my hair long for my whole life, and I only pretended I wanted it cut because it excited me." Dave just looked at her as if he was surprised. "I was going to stop you before you used the scissors to cut my hair." Dave replied, "well it is too late to stop me now, for sure. Half of your long hair has been buzzed off." This statement made Amber feel aroused. She didn’t think she would feel this way, but she was getting wet, very wet. As Dave went to the back again to start on the left side, Amber spoke again. This time it was Dave who was surprised. "I was thinking, could you just forget about the flattop and buzz all my hair off the length you are doing it now?" "Yes I sure can, but I think it may look better if I took the sides and back even shorter, maybe to the skin." Amber thought a second, "why not" she said, "I might as well go all the way. Today is the day I got caught. I might as well live out my true fantasy."

Dave proceeded to use the clippers to remove all of Ambers hair. He drove them up the back taking it all off. Then he worked the clippers up and around her left ear, and up the side. 30 inch sheets of blond were just sliding of Amber’s head, past her face onto the cape, and into her lap. The amount of hair in her lap was enormous. With the sides and back all buzzed, he put the clippers at the middle of her hairline on her forehead. "Here it goes Amber. Say goodbye to the last of your very pretty long blond hair for a long time." She replied softly, with teary eyes, "goodbye." With her head gow, Dave mowed the clippers straight back. The last of Ambers hair rained down in front of her face. Pass after pass was made on the top of her head. She was so wet. She never imagined she would feel electric clippers on the top of her head, shearing all of her hair off. She touched herself under the cape. With about two more passes to go, she let a slight moan slip out. Dave knew what was going on, so he made the last two passes last. He slowly brought the clippers from front to back, and long hair seemed to fall in slow motion in front of her face. She came. And she let him know it. She moaned loudly as he made the final pass. She climaxed as the last of her hair fell under the power of the clippers. She just looked at him and smiled.

He finished up the back and sides with the 00000 blade clippers. He shaved her all the way to the top of her head, blending it in slightly into the top. He asked her if she would like it shaved with a razor, and she said yes. He got the hot foam, and spread it all over her sides and back. As he was scraping away any traces of her hair, she reached orgasm again. She was in complete sexual ecstacy. She wasn’t yet fulfilled however. "Um, excuse me, Dave?" "yes?", he replied. "Could you please shave my eyebrows?" asked Amber. "Certainly", was his reply. With that he removed her eyebrows with the clippers, and spread foam over her eyes and removed all hints of her eyebrows, as Amber reached climax for the third time.

Dave removed the cape, and helped Amber step down. She was lightheaded from having three orgasms, the reality of her new look, and the utter disbelief of what just happened when she saw all of her hair on the barbershop floor. When she got in her car, she looked in the mirror, and cried. How could she allow herself to let what happened happen? To even suggest having her hair and eyebrows shaved? She fell under the spell of her own suppressed fantasy. How was she going to face her friends and family, and most of all her girlfriend who loved her long hair?

All doubts disappeared when she put her hands to her head. Then to her pants……..

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