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Rebecca the young Native American girl was getting her mail one Friday afternoon when up came Rick the apartment manager. Rick had arranged Rebecca to visit his friend Valerie and be a hair model a few months back when she was short of cash. Rick mentioned that he had run into Valerie a few days ago and she wanted to know if Rebecca was interested in being a ? Hair Model?? again. She wanted Rebecca to call her ASAP. Rebecca went back to her apartment and called Valerie. Her hair and grown from ear level down to just below her shoulders. Valerie told her to stop by on Monday afternoon as her shop was closed except for special appointments. Monday afternoon came and Rebecca arrived with her soft thick black hair curled at the ends. Valerie met her at the door.

? Hi Rebecca, I see your hair is growing out nice. I have a proposition for you but first I want you to sample this new strawberry wine I just bought. I think it is delicious.? Spoke Valerie. Rebecca had a glass and agreed it was good and asked for some more. Valerie spoke ? Rebecca I want to cut your hair real short and will reward you accordingly. I want to give you a buzz cut I know it will look good on you but will be a big change. I have a wig for you to wear if you don?t like the style. It is a perfect time for you as you don?t have a boyfriend or anyone special. This would be a perfect time for you to ? Go for it!? What do you say?? Rebecca poured herself another glass of the strawberry wine and looked at herself in the mirror. She pulled her hair back tight. ? If, you really think I?d look ok with that short of hair I?ll go for it. Besides I can use the money.? Said Rebecca. ? When do you want to do it?? Asked Rebecca. ? Right now? said Valerie. Rebecca grabbed another gulp of wine and took the bottle as the two were off down the hallway behind the curtain. Rebecca took off her cloths except for her bra and panties which Valerie said was ok in lieu of a bikini. Rebecca came out of the changing room and Valerie spoke;? I have a special treat for you today.? She pointed to a medical examining table and motioned for Rebecca to lay on it on her back. She pulled Rebecca?s panties off and placed her feet spread apart in the stirrups. She gave Rebecca another glass of wine. ? Before I do your head I want to tidy up your pubic area. I?ve going to cut down your thick bush and leave you with a nice small diamond area of soft pubic hair. It will give you a sensuous feeling like you have never felt before. OK? ? Rebecca nodded her approval and laid back on the table with her hair on the pillow. Valerie went to work. First Rebecca felt the buzz and vibration of clippers on her pubic area as Valerie removed the bulk of her thick hair down there. Then she felt the shaving cream being applied and felt the razor removing the stubble except for a small area. Valerie was doing what Rebecca had been thinking about doing for a while. Besides with a wine taking effect Rebecca was ? Feeling Good?. Valerie dried her off and told her to feel her pubic area. It was like Valerie had said . It was very sensuous to her touch.

Then Valerie led her to the barber?s chair and put a blue cape around Rebecca?s neck. She gave her back her panties and with more wine Rebecca felt very comfortable. ? Ok, here we go. Your hair has grown out about 12 inches to I?m going to cut off about eleven inches before I do the actual buzz cut.? Valerie said softly. Then she took the scissors and starting at Rebecca?s crown combed up into the air and then took the scissors one inch above the scalp and snip, snip, snip, when the scissors through the thick locks. Rebecca watched as locks of hair ten inches of long came cascading down the cape and onto the floor. Valerie picked them up and put them onto Rebecca?s lap. The pile grew bigger and bigger. Thick soft locks of black hair being laid to rest in her lap. Rebecca could feel her head get lighter and lighter. Valerie worked quickly all over Rebecca?s Native American head. ? Ok, stage one is done. Now, I?m going to take the clippers and give you the buzz haircut. You may want to close your eyes.? Spoke Valerie. Rebecca closed her eyes but first drank more wine. Next she heard the buzzing sound of the clippers eating through her thick hair and bring it down to just over a quarter of an inch. Short pieces of hair tumbled down to the cape and then onto the floor. Valaried didn?t pick them up this time. Soon she was done and Valerie told her to feel her head. She reached up and it felt like short hair on a cat. A soft velvet cover.

Then Valerie spoke softly into Rebecca?s ear ? Now would be the perfect time to let me shave your head. It is not that much further to go and if your pubic area feels sensuous without hair just think what your head will feel like. I will give you more money for doing it.? Rebecca was by now really ? feeling good? and her bottom felt like it had never felt before with the hair gone. ? Ok, I?ll go for it! But do it quickly. ? Said a very relaxed Rebecca. Valerie grabbed the clippers with no attachments and set for zero. She started dead center on top of Rebecca?s forehead and pushed them backward down over to her neck. The last quarter inch of hair was removed. Valerie let the clippers do the work of shaving Rebecca?s head. Rebecca heard the buzzing sound in her ears and saw the last bits of hair tumble off. Then Valerie took shaving cream and with a razor proceeded to shave Rebecca bald as bald can be. This young girl who six months before had had hair past her butt now had zero hair. She was shaven silky smooth. Valerie wiped off Rebecca?s head and then turned her to the mirror. ? Ok, open your eyes and see the new you? spoke Valerie. Rebecca looked in the mirror and spoke ? Oh, my God. I sure look different. I think I will take you up on the short wig offer. It sure feels different and it does feel sensuous. I think it will take a while to get use to.? ?Your hair grows fast so in a short time you will be back to the Buzz cut look that we agreed looked great on you.? Said Valerie as she removed the cape and told Rebecca to go get dressed.

When they got to the door Valerie gave Rebecca an envelope thicker than the last one. She said goodbye to Rebecca and jumped for joy. When she had cut Rebecca?s long hair from her butt to her ear she had gotten many letters and emails saying that they would pay double and triple to see that young Native American girl shave her head. Now, that was done and also on tape was the young girl getting her pubic hair removed. A lot of customers were going to be glad that Rebecca had ? Gone for it.?

The End Mr.Snips

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