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The day was finally here! 18 year old Katie had waited for this day for a week. Her cousin was coming over today. Katie’s cousin, Jennifer, was the coolest person Katie knew. She was 20 years old, had a car, a job, and boys all over her. She was in the eye of the social hurricane and could get just about anything she wanted. All she had to do was use that perfect body of hers.

Jennifer had the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. Her huge breasts and perfectly curved body, mixed with a beautiful face and gorgeous blonde hair, made her every man’s dream. Katie had a great body, too, but she still envied Jennifer’s curves, and her flowing hair.

Katie was lying on her bed, ready to take in all that Jennifer had to teach her about boys, sex, and life in general. She was imagining herself in Jennifer’s place as the social butterfly, when a loud knock at her bedroom door snapped her back into consciousness.

"Open up in there!" Jennifer’s playful voice, soft with seduction and elegance rang out in the hall. Katie jumped up and straightening herself, wrenched open the door. "Jennifer, Hi! Come on in, I was just." but she stopped short. She gasped as she looked at her cousin. Jennifer was bald. There was nothing but a tiny stubble left on her beautiful head.

Jennifer smiled, "I know, it’s shocking, but you’ll get used to it."

"Yeah, it looks.nice" Katie said. But the more she stared at it, she realized that it did look nice. Wow, it seemed Jen could pull off any look.

Jennifer seated herself on the bed. Katie walked over and sat opposite her in her desk chair. She couldn’t stop staring. "Could I.?" Katie tentatively stretched out her hand toward Jennifer’s head. Jennifer smiled. "Of course".

Katie’s fingers slowly made their way over the light stubble that stood where that feathered blonde hair had stood. Actually, it felt really cool. She kept rubbing and the more she did, the more it enticed her. This was something completely new, and Katie became slightly aroused. "Why?" was all Katie could say.

Jennifer smiled again. "I just wanted a change. Plus, it was a challenge. I shaved my head, and the boys still love me! Now, I love the way it feels."

I could never do that," said Katie. "I’d be too scared."

Jennifer ran her fingers through Katie’s brown hair and as she did, Katie was ashamed that she felt a little aroused. Jen’s fingers massaged Katie’s scalp and slowly crept down her neck. "You should at least cut it a bit."

Without thinking, Katie consented. After all, if her cousin could be this beautiful with a shorn head, then a little cut would suit Katie fine.

Jennifer sat Katie down in a chair. "Slip off your shirt," she said. "It’ll be easier to clean up."

Katie did as instructed, while Jennifer took a pair of scissors out of her purse. Moving over to Katie in that sexy walk, Jennifer picked up a clump of hair. Placing it between the scissors, she cut. Katie heard the snip, and looking into the mirror, received a shock. Jennifer had cut it short. Very short. She had left it an inch long. She knew her whole head would have to be cut that short to match it up. Her heart beat faster, and she saw Jennifer look down at her breasts. Her nipples had stiffened, and she was aroused.

"Kind of a rush, huh?" Jennifer said. "Kind of makes you excited doesn’t it?"

Katie nodded as Jennifer started to even out her hair. She had loved her long hair, but now, two feet of it were coming off, leaving it very short. As she saw it cascading down her shoulders, she realized that she didn’t care. A short, spiky cut might be very fitting. Jennifer finished up and gazed at her finished project. "Wow," she said. "Don’t you clean up nice." She began to brush the hair off of her cousin’s shoulders when Katie felt her hands slip into her bra.

"Hard little nipples" Jennifer said. "Let’s get this bra off. Some hair fell down between your tits."

Katie was getting wet. She stayed silent as Jennifer’s hands caressed her breasts, taking in the nipples.

"Never kissed a girl, have you?" Jennifer asked.

Katie shook her head. Jennifer put her gorgeous face close to Katie’s and licked her lips. "It’s high time you did." And with that, Jennifer thrust her tongue into her cousins mouth and Katie couldn’t help but kiss back.

Katie felt Jennifer’s tongue as it slowly made its way around, tickling the roof of her mouth. Katie felt herself going wetter and wetter. As Jennifer’s hand made its way down into Katie’s panties, she felt it too.

"This is wonderful, but your haircut’s not done." Jennifer said.

Katie, still panting from the rush of her cousin making lesbian advances towards her, looked up. "It’s already extremely short. Boys aren’t even wearing their hair this short anymore."

"Good," said Jennifer as she walked over to her purse. "Than you’ll be an individual. "Ever used these?" She pulled out a shiny pair of electric clippers.

Eyes wide, Katie furiously shook her head.

Jennifer rubbed her own head. "You’re about too."

Pushing Katie back in the chair, Jennifer turned on the clippers. The loud buzz Katie knew from taking her little brother to the barber shop filled the air. Her mind was racing and her heart was pounding. She was about to have her head shaved. She couldn’t imagine what her mother had thought when her bald cousin had walked into the house. Even harder to imagine was herself, walking down the stairs to dinner with no hair. It was too late now, and she felt the blade of the clippers on her scalp. They slowly ate away her inch long hair into nothing. The scritch, scritch sound filled her brain as the clippers backtracked on the stubble. Stubble! She was going to have stubble! She couldn’t believe this. The clippers were ravaging her once beautiful hair into nothing. The little clippings fell to the floor as did her tears. "Almost done," Jennifer said as she shaved off the last little strip of hair. Then she clicked of the clippers. "There now, baby, you look gorgeous!" Jennifer ran her hands on her cousins newly shaved scalp. Katie was crying. She had been decimated. Her hand made it’s way to her head and felt what her brother felt after a haircut. Nothing.

But she stopped crying. It felt good. Damn good! And she was feeling the breeze on her head. She smiled and Jennifer kissed her. Suddenly Katie’s arousal returned in full force.

"Why don’t you jump in the shower while I clean up out here," said Jennifer. Ever obedient, Katie went into the bathroom. She was taken aback at the mirror. Her elegant neck and scalp were beautiful and she rubbed her head again. She stripped and got into the shower. The warm water on her head was wonderful and she couldn’t help but finger herself. Positioning her head so that the water ran directly on it, she began to moan in pleasure. Then the shower door slid open and Jennifer came in. As Katie watched the water hit her naked cousin’s breasts, she was overcome with arousal. "Having fun?" Jennifer asked, and Katie nodded. "Here, let me."

Jennifer went down on her knees and gently licked her cousin’s pussy before thrusting in her tongue. Katie moaned in orgasmic pleasure and hurtled towards orgasm. She climaxed and Jennifer removed her tongue, licking her lips.

"Ever gone down on a girl before?" asked Jennifer. "No" said Katie as a smile played on her lips."

Jennifer spread her legs a bit and positioned her head so that the water sprayed her scalp. "You’re about too."

The End


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