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Brenda was having lunch on a Friday and was complaining to a friend. ? I?ve lost my identity. I?m just the ? girl with the long hair.? I hear it all the time at the office. I want to see the ? girl with the long hair.? ? You must be talking about the girl with the long hair.? ? You have me confused with the girl with the long hair.? No one knows my name and I?ve been there three years. You know I really love my long blonde hair but I?m ready to cut to get some respect and my identity back. Do you know anyone who I could go see? ? Well, the girl she was talking to was her friend a Native American girl and she knew just the lady so send Brenda too. Rebecca spoke ? I know just the lady. Her name is Valerie and she runs the Hair Expectation Hair Salon. She will even style it for free if you model for her. Let me call her and see if she can get you in this afternoon.? Rebecca called and sure enough after telling Valerie about her friend she told her to stop by after work which was 5pm. Rebecca told Brenda how to get there and what Valerie looked liked.

Brenda arrived at the salon a little after 5pm and went on in. A lady with shoulder length red hair came up to her and spoke ? You must be Brenda Rebecca?s friend. Sit down, look at style books and I?ll get with you after I finish my last customer.? Valerie finished working her last customer but stole looks at Brenda. Brenda had golden blonde hair that was curled up and down and hung near her waist. She was in her early thirties she guessed and about five foot five inches tall. She had a slender figure. Her thick blonde hair was all one length. Valerie finished up her last customer and said goodbye to her and then closed the door behind her and put the ? Closed? sign in the window as it was now just past 5:30pm. She came over and sat down across from Brenda. ? Rebecca said that you are ready for a new look is that true?? ? Yes, ? replied Brenda and proceeded to tell the story about how at work she was just known for her long hair. ? Rebecca also said that you would style my hair for free if I did some modeling for you.? inquired Brenda. ? Yes, if I can give you a real change and you are willing to let me take sexy pictures of you in your bra and panties .? responded Valerie. Sounds ok to me. When do you want to cut my hair? asked Brenda. ? Right now is as good as any. It won?t take that long.? spoke Valerie.

Down the hall to the back room they went. Brenda went into the changing room and came out just wearing her bra and panties. Valerie had her stand up and take a few ? before? pictures. She brushed and marveled at Brenda?s golden locks. She enjoyed brushing and combing out the thick carpet of hair down Brenda?s back. ? Now, I want you to remove your bra for a few pictures.? commanded Valerie. Valerie took the long hair and draped it across the front of Brenda?s ample breast. Then she had Brenda sit on a swivel stool and took some sideways shots. ? I can see why your known for your pretty hair. However, it is time for a change. I?m going to give you a shorter style and then color your hair a bright platinum blonde. That should knock your coworker socks off come Monday morning. What you say? ? ? That sounds great! I want a dramatic change.? smiled Brenda. Valerie then put all of Brenda?s thick curly soft blonde hair on top of her head. She gave Brenda back her bra and put a bright red cape tightly around her neck.

She then started letting down sections. Brenda heard the sharp snip, snip, SNip, sound of scissors cutting through the thick hair. Valerie carefully laid the 24 inch pieces of hair on a counter. She worked up the back of Brenda?s head leaving a length of about two inches. When she got to the top she took out clippers and Brenda looked in the mirror to see the clippers eating their way through her thick hair. Three or more inches were left on the top. Her ears rang with the buzzing sound. Her long blonde treasured tresses were being removed at a rapid rate. Valerie then took out the hair color and applied it to Brenda?s head which after the cutting was feeling a lot lighter. When the time was up she led Brenda to a sink and leaned her back and rinsed her hair out good. She put Brenda back in the chair and spoke ? Your being a great model and you will look fantastic. I?m going to do the finishing cutting now.? Brenda watched in the mirror as Valerie took the scissors and with her fingers pulled up the hair and cut off what she didn?t want. She worked around and over Brenda?s head. Small pieces of blonde hair tumbled down across the lap of Brenda. Some short and some about two inches long. Then Valerie announced ? Ok, I just need to blow you out and give you some fluff.? Valerie took a blow dryer and a brush and went to work. A short time later she told Brenda ? Ok, I?m going to turn you around to look at the ? New You?. Brenda looked in the mirror at the short haired girl with bright blonde hair looking back. ? Wow, you were right. This look will ? knock their socks off?. She reached her hands up and ran them through her thick short locks. Rebecca was right you would give me a terrific new look. Thank You so much!? She looked at her watch it was 6:30pm. Time for her to go to dinner and go show off her new look.

Valerie had Brenda get dressed and as she got to the door told her that there would be no charge for the haircut. She knew she could make money on selling Brenda?s pretty blonde locks and the haircut video to her friends and customers.

Brenda arrived at work to receive oohhs, and ahhhs and a few ? How Could You cut your long hair ?. People came up to her and wanted to know her name. She could no longer be called ? The girl with the long hair.? She had gotten her identity back. Customers and fellow workers called her by her name ? Brenda? . She loved her short and sassy brassy look. She could wait to see her friend Rebecca at lunch to thank her for sending her to Valerie.

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