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I have been wanting to get a haircut for a while now but just cannot seem to find the time. Work has been real busy and then always something to do around the house. Well, I am now on vacation for three weeks and I will be going to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle. I was looking really forward to the trip I haven’t seen them a few years now. I got out of work early on Friday so I could finish a few things before I left in the morning. Then I would head to my regular barbershop to get a haircut, as I looked in the rearview mirror of my car I hadn’t realize how bad my hair looked. Its been an easy 9 weeks since I have cut it and with going to Florida in that heat was thinking maybe would cut it short this time. Well, I went and did what needed to be done now to drive to the barbershop. As I walked up I saw a note in the window saying, "Closed for the next two weeks, away on vacation." I thought great now what, I should not have waited so long.

I decided I would drive around and maybe would find another barbershop, well I finally came to one. It looked like an old time barbershop, I walked up to the door but could not really see in, so opened the door and walked in. There were two older men sitting in the waiting area talking with the barber and one older guy in the chair. The barber also looked like an old man and started to think maybe this was a mistake. The barber said, " Just take a seat I will be right with you." So I sat down and picked the paper and started to read. While about ten minutes went by and I heard the barber say, "ok son you are next." I looked at the two older guys waiting and said," you were both here before me," The barber told me they were just visiting. I put the paper down and walked to the chair, it was a really old chair and very comfortable. The barber then but paper around my neck then a cape, it felt a little tight but didn’t say anything. The barber then asked what I wanted, now sure why but I said," I was thinking of something on the short side told him I was going away for three weeks. He started to comb my hair and was pulling my head and he told me I had a frizzy mess. He said to me," how about a good short burr haircut." I asked what that was, I have never heard of that before. He told me," well its almost like a crewcut but no hair to brush up in the front, just cut short all over. I asked if it would be very short, and he answered yes. I said well I am not too sure if I want to go that short. The barber said it would be easy to care for and much cooler and would look a 100% better then that mop I have now. Again not sure why but told him ok.

I saw him turn and big up a big pair of clippers and then remove something from them, he then turned and put his hand on my head and pushed my head down to my chest very firmly. I heard the clippers start to buzz and then felt the cold metal on my neck, I moved my head a little then as if I was a kid he kind of yelled at me and said," son you have to keep your head still. He pushed the clippers up the back of my head and off to side saw a lot of hair fall. I said," not too short now", and just said," don’t worry I will fix you up." He ran the clippers up the back of my head I guess like about six times. I couldn’t see how it looked but saw a lot of hair on the floor. Then he push my head to the left and went up the side then moved to the right and did the same. My head at this point was feeling rather cool. He walked to the front of me and placed the clippers at my forehead and ran them back and continue this about five times. He then just ran the clippers all over my head once again. He turned the clippers off and then I felt something cool on my neck and back of my head. It was shaving cream, I though he was going going to shave the neckline that’s what my regular barber does also. But I felt shaving cream being but almost up to the crown on my head and around my ears. He started started to shave I felt the razor around my ears and then he ran it down the back of my head. He finished up and took towel and wiped the remains of the shaving cream off. He turned the chair to the mirror so I could see. I almost fell out of my chair, my head was shaved bald from the crown down and up the side of my head, I only had very short stubble on the top. I took my hand and rubbed my head almost in tears. The barber said," there ya go son nice and short and cool." I paid him and walked out when I sat in my car rubbed my head again and said to myself, "I think I made a huge mistake by going there." But something inside got very turned on by it…..I think when I get home I just may go back

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