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For those of you who have followed my writings on this site (My Girlfriend Got Her Hair Cut Last Week, Debbie’s Hairstylist, The Tipsy Barber and Summer Ritual), I thought it might be interesting to try to write a story in diary form to capture the sense of real time.

February 14

Kathy’s hair cut appointment is tomorrow. It’s the first time in 10 years that she has excluded me from going with her. She won’t share with me how she is going to instruct Heidi to cut her hair. I am in a combination of heightened anticipation and a little dread. It was only 4 months ago that I saw her beautiful 10 inch ringlets severed and dropped unceremoniously to the salon floor. I remember seeing them hanging wet and loose from her head and watching Heidi clip them with the tiniest "snick-snick" of her very sharp shears. Once they dropped to the floor it was weird to watch them begin to dry and curl up into what Kathy had called her "wienie" curls (because of their perfectly formed cylindrical shape). Although I had always loved Kathy’s adventuresome nature with short hair, (the shortest had been clippered with a #2 sides and back and sheared to about an inch on top) I missed her ringlets almost immediately. It had been a weird feeling to have been a short hair fetishist all these years and then be sad that my beautiful girlfriend was heading back to short hair. She had emerged from that cut with a very layered and texturized shag and all the curls gone. In their place were just soft little waves at the nape of her neck. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

February 15

Today is the big day. I barely slept last night wondering what the outcome might be of Kathy’s 5:00 PM appointment with the scissors. I thought again of the loss of her sensual curls and her last haircut 2 months ago when she had gone even shorter with the shag leaving so little left to brush and run my fingers through. I have to say that I have never experienced such a conflict over my haircut fetish. I was excited to see the hair drop to the floor and the transformation of Kathy’s appearance as more and more of her neck and face were exposed for the tender touch of my fingers. But I also felt a longing to run the brush through her hair and feel the gentle resistance all the way to the end of the luxuriant "Rita Hayworth" waves. I also missed the way her hair spread out over my chest when she nestled up against me after lovemaking. I do have to admit, however, that her shorter hair was much more becoming than when it was long. I’m supposed to cook dinner this evening while she’s at her haircut appointment. It’s a fairly complicated recipe and meal plan from Bon Appetit so I’ll have something to keep me busy while I’m waiting for her to get home. Why did I ever agree to not go to this appointment?! Every part of me is buzzing with nerves and anticipation. Why is this so important to me? Where does this fetish come from? 6:45 PM – As I am flying around the kitchen putting the finishing touch on our belated Valentine’s Day meal, I hear the garage door opener doing its thing signaling Kathy’s arrival. I rush to the laundry room door that opens into the garage and watch Kathy’s car pull into its space. I can only see the lower half of her face as her hair and the rest of her head are cloaked in the shadows. The car stops, the engine turns off, the interior lights come on and I can see her clearly through the windshield glass. As she steps from her car I can see that all trace of the long, luxuriant ringlets and waves that were a part of her just 4 short months ago have been eradicated. Her bangs (she didn’t have bangs when her hair was long) just dust her brows, the sides are tucked in back of her ears, but I can tell even at first glance that only a strong gel will hold this dramatically shorter hair back this way (I will find out later that the length has been shortened so much and layered so much that her the hair barely reaches the lower half of her ears). The top is fluffy with texturizing and has been layered to just a bit longer than 3 inches. The back is layered and tailored in close above the nape and then becomes just a bit fuller right at the hairline where it just ends altogether. This time it’s really all gone. She looks beautiful, though, and my mind’s images of her hair being sliced to its present length propel my excitement and I can hardly wait for dinner to be done so I can be close to her and cup her newly scissored head in my hands while we make love.

February 16

I’ve decided to let my hair grow a bit and called Heidi to cancel my appointment on February 20. Kathy has wanted me to let my hair grow out some for a while now, so I’m going to give it a try. With my light Hispanic features, Kathy thinks the Andy Garcia look might be a good target length.

February 20

Well today would be the day I had scheduled to get my hair cut, but no. Instead, I’m trying to force my growing out mess into something presentable and stop thinking about how good it would feel to have the clippers run through my hair and leave a nice precise flattop in their wake. Kathy and I are going away for a few days in March; the 23rd, 24th and 25th. I’m writing the check, but Kathy is planning the time as a surprise. I don’t get to know where we’re going or what we’ll be doing. I wonder if she remembers our agreement back at Christmas that we were going away for a few days in the Spring and that we would both get "Summer haircuts" on the day we left town. I was to be taken to a very clipper happy barber and she would go to the stylist who clippered her hair so short 4 years before. Hmmmm. I wonder how that will fit in with my "growing it out" plan.

March 1

I watched Kathy getting ready for work this morning. After she had carefully washed and conditioned her hair she was blow-drying it into shape. As she completed the drying, a cloud passed over her normally cheerful face. When I asked what was the matter, she said; "My hair looks frumpy! Like old-lady hair! I really don’t like the cut at all and its not even from side to side. I wish I could find someone like Carrie to give me a good haircut!" Carrie was a stylist that Kathy had gone to a number of years ago when she was keeping her hair in close tapers on the sides and back with just a little fullness at the top. Carrie was a real artist at very short women’s haircuts and was absolutely giddy when any woman wanted to lose what she described as messy, annoying and unattractive medium or long tresses. During those years I had watched Carrie relieve Kathy of the "burden" of her "shaggy" hair many times. I had also experienced the pleasure of seeing Carrie lop off several unsuspecting client’s locks in favor of something precise and becoming. Most of the clients were very pleased with the change, some were not. Carrie had kept Kathy’s hair in a very precise taper that absolutely vanished to bare skin at her nape’s hairline and left a nice, neat clear margin around her ears. It was tapered short (about a half inch) to just above the occipital bone in back and just below the curve of her head at the sides. Kathy’s hair was scissored to a precise length of 3 ? inches on top (just the point where her hair began to bend) and was heavily texturized to give the style height on top. Texturizing meant that some of the strands on top (in between the 3 ? inch lengths) were no longer than about ? of an inch. The style suited Kathy to a "T" and made her shapely neck, sexy ears and vibrant blue eyes stand out like a sensual billboard advertising for me to "come and get her." Unfortunately this particular style had seen its day, Carrie retired and Kathy began to go down a disappointing road in haircut history. She finally decided to grow her hair out, which is where "My Girlfriend Got Her Hair Cut Last Week" picks up. What could be coming next, the rest of Kathy’s tresses lying lifeless on some stylist’s floor? I surprised myself with the words I spoke next. "Well maybe you should grow it out again." I felt a little like that kid in the movie "A Christmas Story" who really wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun but instead ended up telling Santa he wanted a football. At that moment, the worst had already been done and Kathy’s ringlets were gone, replaced by what even I admitted was a shapeless, styleless mess. I didn’t want a football, I wanted to see her hair being shorn close and tailored again. I wanted that BB gun. Instead I had asked for a football.

March 5

I was lost in my idylls lying with Kathy in bed this morning when, out of the blue, she says; "There’s a lady who used to work in my office who had a great haircut. I think I’m going to ask a friend of hers to put me in touch so I can find out who does her hair." I asked Kathy how this lady (her name is Gina) had worn her hair. She replied, "Gina wears her hair like Carrie used to cut mine. Short and tailored with a lot of style and class." Uh-oh.

March 12

Kathy worked in the yard today and all I heard about was how hot her hair was. She complained that when her hair was longer she had been able to put it in a pony tail and keep off her neck and face. But now with this "hair hat" she was burning up. I really didn’t say anything at that moment. Later in the evening Kathy complained about how her hair looked again and I asked if she’d gotten the name of the stylist who did Gina’s hair. She said she was going to do that first thing on Monday. I vowed to myself that I would not mention the subject again unless Kathy brought it up.

March 14

Well, Kathy brought it up. She said she’d gotten the name of the stylist and the name of the shop but hadn’t called. The stylist’ name was Kathy and she owned a shop called, "The Mane Event". Pretty imaginative, eh? My Kathy took it as a good sign that she and the stylist had the same name, but I was just thinking that the name of the salon was a bit 1970’s and wondered if some "little old lady" would now have Kathy’s hair fate in her hands. I was already envisioning bad perms, pouffy hair, "frost" etc, etc. I asked what she was interested in doing. She replied that maybe a weave to brighten things up for Spring and Summer and a "little trim-up."

March 15

Kathy called me from work at about 11:00 to let me know that she had an appointment with Kathy on March 26. When I asked if I could go, she said yes. When I offered to pay, she accepted. When I asked what she was going to do, she said; "I guess we’ll see, won’t we?" Later that evening I was brushing Kathy’s hair and she was loving it. (Remember guys, 99% of all women love this treatment. Try it, she’ll like it.) She happened to be looking at the ceiling and remarked; "I sure would love crown molding in this room." I had an inspiration in that moment. I told her; "If you let me choose how your hair is done on the 26th, I will install your crown molding within 30 days of the appointment." I couldn’t believe it when she shook hands and said; "You’ve got a deal, Mister!" So now the pressure is on. I am truly conflicted between telling her to go for a nice short (cool) Summer ‘do and telling her to grow it again.

To be continued. definitely!

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