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This story is about my friend Archana. She had her beautiful tresses snipped away into a boy cut. It all happened when she came to my place. She said she was fed up with her hair and wanted it all cut off. I said I would take her to the hair salon. So we went together on my bicycle. While I was riding the bike, her hair was blowing on my face. I was thinking what a pity it would be to leave all this lovely black hair on the ground in a few minutes.

We went into the salon and the stylist asked her to be seated in the chair. She ran her fingers through Archana’s thick shoulder length hair for a few minutes and commented on how beautiful it was. She then removed the hair clip that archana was wearing, and let the hair loose. She then combed it thoroughly. Archana’s was looking a little bit nervous, But after combing it completely, her hair looked stunning. I felt bad that it was all gonna be snipped down to the floor. The stylist covered Archana with a white colored cape and she was all set.

The lady took a spray bottle and started spraying lightly on Archana’s lush curtain of wavy black hair. She then combed it slightly once more, and then started cutting. She took the scissors and slowly started snipping Archana’s hair across at her neck. She slowly and steadily crisscrossed the scissors finally snipping through the whole mane. The major length of Archana’s hair fell down to the ground.

She then started snipping hair the same way around her ears. Archana felt the cold steel at her soft ears and could hear the thick rasping sound of the scissors cutting thru her thick smooth hair. She could see the hair slipping down onto the cape softly. She was nervous because she could see a lot of black hair piling up in contrast to the white cape.

After snipping away most of the hair, the stylist was left with a major portion of hair on the back of her head. She took the spray bottle, sprayed a little more and combed it out. She then took a comb and started quickly snipping large chunks of hair at the back using the scissors over comb method. She lifted huge chunks of hair with the comb and snipped them off. Comb, snip, snip, snip, comb, snip, snip, snip. She did this a number of times until the hair on the back of Archana’s head was very short.

All the scissored hair fell on her shoulders and then down to her lap. Some hair fell directly down to the floor. It was raining chunks of hair. She did the same on the sides, combing up and snipping away. She was finally left with a long length of hair in the front. She combed all the hair onto the front and placed the scissors at her forehead and started snipping. Archana could hear the snipping and see the hair raining down onto the cape. When she was almost done, she made a final few snips over the ears and leveled with few more snips here and there.

The stylist examined her work and finally removed the cape slowly. She then combed Archana’s hair properly. It was now a cool boy cut. When Archana stepped down the chair, she saw huge piles of hair on the floor. She then looked at the mirror and could hardly recognize herself. She wondered what happened to all her long tresses that used to fall around her face. She didn’t say anything on the way back. I guess she was kinda embarrassed.

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