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Was a hot sultry night, and warm wind blowing the humidity around. I was wrapping up in the shop sweeping away a heavy day of haircutting, when I heard the door buzzer. Before I looked out around the corner I said, "I am about to close maybe you can come back tomorrow", and then I peaked around the corner.

There were not one but two beautiful women standing by the door. The blonde started to reach for the door and I said, "Hold on, what can I help you with?" I saw her friend nudge her and she spoke. "I am sorry we came in so late but we need a haircut and we came from cross town because in the book it said you were open late." I could tell by her tone that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary trim and see you later; this would be a major cut.

I walked toward them and blonde reached out her hand and said, "I am Samantha, and this is my friend Kay. And we hoping that we could get a major hairstyle change." I said to them "how drastic are you talking about." I was going to be in for the shock of my life.

Let’s go back 20 years. I am a hair enthusiast, and to have this job doing hair is a fantasy come true. I’ve done, many cuts throughout the years, and tons of long to short haircuts, but this one had intensity about it unlike any before or after.

Samantha started walking towards the chair and her friend Kay sat down in the chair behind her. Samantha removed the claw clip that was holding her hair up, and it began cascading down over the back of the chair and almost to the floor. I told her that I needed to lock up, so no one else could come in. She said OK. As I went to the door, I could hear Kay and Samantha whispering. I locked the door and closed curtains.

As I walk back toward them, I noticed Kay was staring at me intently. My heart was thumping hard as I stared into her beautiful eyes. Her hair was also up in a clip. Although I could tell it was not quite as long as Samantha?s, it was a beautiful copper color, and I couldn’t wait to see it down the back of my chair.

Turning back to Samantha I walked up behind her seated in the chair. Picking up the mass of blonde hair and running my fingers though it’s silken length. Looking over her shoulder at her in the mirror I ask, "So, what do you have in mind?" "I was thinking of going short, I’m tired of all the time and effort it takes to keep it looking nice, I want something that I can just wash and go, and besides it’s way to hot here, and we just moved down here from the north" I could see Kay fidgeting and biting her lip in the mirror behind us. "Kay what do you think?" catching her eyes from the mirror in front of me. I knew she was more apprehensive about a major change, just by her somewhat nervous attitude, but also I knew I could take care of that.

"Sam’s right it takes us forever in the morning to fix our hair, and by the end of the day it so flat and lifeless with all this humidity. I am so hot all the time I just wear it up mostly so maybe I’ll go for something a little shorter, I?ve always had long hair, so I’m a little afraid of what I’ll look like with it too short, but I need a professional oppion. I just really don’t know"

"It said in our guide book you’re one of the best in town" she continued, then smiled up at me, "so I’ll trust your decision." There was something in her expression besides the apprehension; I could tell she really wanted me to just take control. I smiled back at her, "don’t worry I have something in mind for you already." And you could see in her face total and complete resign as she nodded her head.

Turning my attention back to Samantha and all of that gorgeous blonde hair, I grabbed a brush and started to brush through the almost 3 foot length. She sat smiling as I untangled her thick hair. Making a ponytail with my fist I pulled her hair to the back and loosely, I could already see she would look great with it cut short.

Holding the ponytail up so it looked like a short bob from the front I ask, "So, what do you think about this?? She looks in the mirror intently, turning her head side to side smiles, a little and says? what do you think, Kay?? Kay looks up from a hair styling magazine that she was looking at, and says? you know, we came in here to get our haircut. And we discussed, how short before we got here, and you know that’s much to long.? Now, my cock was at full attention.

How much did they intend to cut? I wondered, but the answer was coming sooner than I expected. At that moment Kay got up and set the magazine down walked over towards me look toward the mirror pick up my scissors and grab a lock of Samantha’s hair and in one failed swoop chopped off a lock of hair one and a half inches, above her head. Then she handed it to me and said, ? I want no piece longer than that.? Samantha looked up at me and smiled, and said, ? you heard the woman, no longer than that piece chop chop.?

Never in my 20 years of cutting hair had, I experienced anything like this, I was literally shaking with excitement. Kay handed me the scissors twirled her finger around the lock of hair that I was holding then slid down and touched me on the cheek and said, ?hop to it, I am anxious to get in the chair to.? And stood next to me. I pick up a comb, and pick up some hair clips to section, the hair. And Kay told me not to use any clips, she wanted to watch it slide down the cape on to the floor.

She then went to where she was sitting reached into her purse and pulled out a video camera. Then came back and stood beside me. As I started sliding the comb through Samantha’s hair, I could see movement underneath the cape. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but I could tell her hands, were moving. And about that time, I noticed Kay was rubbing her body up against mine softly. Now, it didn’t take a rocket scientist, to figure out were this was heading. I turned to look Kay directly in her eyes, and before I said a word, she moved her hand down and started massaging my cock, and almost like a magician. She had me unzip and pulled out. She was fingering the head and I said, ? I can’t get much cutting done, like this.? She grinned and said ? sure you can, why don’t you give it a try.?

So I pick up the scissors and grab a lock of Samantha’s hair pulled it tight and cut. All the time Kay was massaging my cock. I noticed the video camera was going back and forth between massaging my cock and Samantha’s freshly cut hair. Samantha sitting there quietly pulled the cape up enough to let me see that she was rubbing her crotch.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but I had not seen Heaven yet.

As I grabbed another piece of hair, Samantha told Kay to hand her that camera. Samantha pointed the camera towards the mirror and watched as I cut another 3 ft. of hair off her head. Then I felt Kay moved down on to her knees, and she started giving me head. The warmth of her mouth around my already throbbing cock was intense. I grabbed another piece of hair and chopped, in the same rhythm as Kay was blowing me. I watched Samantha, as she began moving her hand more vigorously over her crotch. I started cutting her hair, faster and faster. As I stop just briefly from the cutting to enjoy the blowjob, Samantha got out of the chair, and knelt beside Kay and told her ? please let me have some.? And Kay pulled her mouth, off and I immediately felt Samantha’s mouth wrapped around my cock. Kay looked up at me and said don’t stop, keep cutting. She stood up and began removing her clothes, but when she removed her hair clip, I had my euphoria. She was gorgeous beyond all belief. She looked and said, ? you like what you see.? I just nodded my head in the rhythm of my current blowjob. She smiled, and Samantha said, ? I think he’s fixing to cum.? And Kay got down on her knees and Samantha and Kay were now both sharing the blowjob. I grabbed some of Samantha’s hair and cut. I grab some more of Samantha’s hair, and cut. As I was cutting a huge hunk of Samantha’s hair, I shot my load some in Samantha’s mouth, and some in Kay?s.

I held what was left of Samantha?s hair in my fist and roughly cut it all off. Now she had a very choppy short cut and all of that long blonde hair was around us on the floor.

Kay grinned up at me licking the last of my cum up and said, ?my turn?

She jumped up and spun the chair around and sat in it. Spreading her legs, she said, ?I have a special request?

With that she hooked her legs over the arms of the chair raise her skirt to show me her hairy pussy, and started to pet her bush. ?I want you to shave my pussy first, then cut my hair?

I could feel my cock rising to the occasion again and I couldn?t believe my luck. Samantha picked up the camera and pointed it towards us again so that she could catch it all on tape.

I quickly went to the counter and grabbed my neck trimmer and walked in-between Kay?s spread thighs. Running my hand over her thick bush I couldn?t wait to see her shaved clean. She moaned as I pet her for a minuet and then I smiled and said ?Ok this has got to go? tugging on her pussy hair I clicked on the clippers. At the sound of the vibrations Kay closed her eyes and moaned. Samantha strategically got behind Kay and pointed the camera down her body from over Kay shoulder. Then Samantha starting playing with Kay’s beautiful breast with her free hand.

Starting from the top of her mound I plowed across the top of it and watched the short curls separate from her. I was getting harder and harder and Samantha noticed too. She started to film my growing cock and then switching back to film Kay?s shorn pussy. Moving quickly I sheared her mound and reached around to grab a handful of shaving cream. Samantha changed to a close-up of Kay?s pussy as I used a razor to remove the stubble left behind by the clippers. Shortly she was bald and smooth. I couldn?t help myself as I slid a finger over her newly shorn pussy lips. And without hesitation I moved my lips down to meet her freshly shaved clit.

At first Kay shook violently but settle down into a full soft humping motion as my tongue did it circular motion in and out of her clit. I massage her clit with my tongue then I felt a hand on my cock it was Samantha she had moved, she was now underneath me licking and stroking me again. Kay came in my mouth several times as I blew another load into Samantha?s mouth. I was thinking all the time I hope this dream doesn?t end if it is a dream. After Kay shook violently with her last orgasm, I massage her pussy with my hand, She moaned loudly and said, ?now please cut my hair? ?With pleasure,? I said

With out asking what she wanted I stepped behind her and grabbed my scissors. Her glorious red hair trailed down the back of the chair and Samantha had moved around to the back of the chair to catch all the action. Without a word Kay look at me in the mirror and just nodded her head.

Gathering the thick mass in my hand I plowed my scissors in close to the neck and closed them with no mercy on the ponytail, Her hair was not going to come off easily, it was putting up a fight but after a couple of minutes it was separated from her head and now in my hand.

I took the hair and let it drop on her gleaming breast and she moaned again. I decided that she would have a very short cut. Grabbing the big clippers from the counter I turned them on knowing that there was a number 3 guard on it. I pushed her head down to her chest and with my free hand and held her head there. Running the clippers straight up the back large clumps of red hair fell away from her head and slipped over her shoulders. ?Oh god Kay your hair is going to be so short? Samantha Wailed. And Kay said, ?So will yours?

With that I smiled and continued sheering the rest of her hair from the back of her head leavening a soft pelt in its wake. Moving her head to the side I started to clip around her ears and by the temple. Soon I had both sides done and I stood in front of her in-between her spread thighs that were still locked around the arm of the chair. Kay was ticking her pussy with the cut pieces of hair. My cock was again now throbbing and I had to do something about it. I told her You?re going to get fucked.? Grabbing and pulling her forward to the very edge of the chair I rammed my cock into her as she screamed. I pumped a few times before I picked up the clippers again and revved them up to finish the job. I was hard to concentrate on fucking and cutting but I managed to plow the clippers down the center of her head as I finished cutting off the rest of her hair. I ran the clippers over the top of her head a few time more and then we both climaxed again. I jerked hard into her feeling her jism shoot on my already steaming cock. I rested my cock inside of Kay for 5 minutes before continuing on.

All the while Samantha was filming all of this and stoking her own pussy. When we were both calm enough to breath normal again. Kay grabbed Samantha and pushed her into the chair and handed me the small clippers. Smiling at me she said ?I?ll do the top if you do the pussy? Smiling back at me all I said ?fine with me? and Samantha said ?Please hurry I am about to cum.?

Samantha moaned as I clipped her pussy hair off. I could now see how wet she was. At the same time Kay ran the large clippers over her friends head. Samantha ended up climaxing at the end of the hair cut as well.

But we weren?t finished yet. You see Samantha wanted her turn in the chair to be fucked. And she told Kay to make me hard again so I could fuck her to.

So as a good friend Kay returned to her knees to suck life back into my cock. I had never had this much sex in my life. Within moment Kay had me hard and solid. She removed my cock form her mouth and guided it to Samantha?s glistening pussy and helped me push it in. Then she played with my balls with one hand and played with Samantha?s breast with the other as I fucked Samantha. So many orgasms so little time.

This was some life altering sex, and both Kay and Samantha couldn?t believe that I had that much in me.

In the end we all got dressed again and I sat in the chair with a great big smile on my face. ?How long does it take for hair to grow a half and inch?? Kay asks. ?About a month? I replied ??well then, let?s make an appointment right now to do this again. I think I?m going to keep my hair this short form now on!?

And all I could do is smile and look at all that beautiful hair on my floor as I heard the buzzer on the door from them leaving.

My late appointment for the first weekend of every month is now blacked out sorry.

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