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Valerie was sitting in her southwest hair salon one Thursday morning. She was getting bored doing trims, perms and colors. She wanted to do some real haircutting. She was in between customers when in came Marsha her Native American UPS delivery girl of about 25 years of age. Marsha had her shiny black hair up in a quick twist. Marsha and Valerie had known each other for a few years. Valerie signed for her shipment and then said ? Marsha, When are you going to come in and let me style that hair of yours?? ? Oh, my, I?ve been so busy with work and my new baby that by the time I come by your closed.? Replied Marsha. ? I just happen to be staying late tonight. Why don?t you stop by after you get off work and I?ll fix you up? Just ring the bell.? Spoke Valerie. Marsha thought for a moment and then said ? that would be great. I?ll tell my husband I?ll be a bit late.? Now Valerie really wasn?t staying late but she knew that Marsha has soft black hair that was near mid back length and wanted to give Marsha more than just a trim.

The doorbell rang at 6:00 pm and Valerie answered it. Marsha arrived in her UPS uniform and her hair still up in a twist. Valerie led her to the styling chair and put a blue cape tightly around her neck and turned her away from the mirror. She then let down Marsha?s hair and it cascaded down to the middle of her back. She grabbed a brush and spoke to Marsha ? I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that your hair is in excellent and the bad news is that your former layered hairstyle is a disaster. Now, I think that with your new baby and busy lifestyle that you should go for a short hairstyle and I have just the style in mind if you trust me. What do you think of that?? Marsha looked at her hair and spoke ? Well; my life has gotten quite hectic with the baby. I?ve never had short hair but if you think I?d look good with it shorter then I?ll trust you.? ? You?ll look great with a new wash-n-go look. Just close your eyes? said Valerie with a devious smile.

Valerie made sure Marsha?s shiny black mass of hair was brushed and combed down nicely. She sectioned off the back from ear to ear as she would cut it separately.. Then she went to the top of Marsha?s head and combed a section straight up and held on to it between her fingers. It was about four inches long under her fingers. She took her scissors and cut the hair above her fingers. Snip, snip, sscnip , went the scissors and a long lock of shiny hair fell into Marsha?s lap. She took another section of soft hair and snip, snip, went the scissors. Long hair fell to the cape and slid down onto the floor. She went and attacked the side sections making them shorter. The comb pulled the thick hair out, the fingers held it and the scissors cut it off. Locks of hair near 18 inches long piled up on the lap of Marsha. They eventually would fall to the floor. Now, with the top and sides done she turned her attention to the back. She started at the top of the back of Marsha?s head. She combed out a thick section and then grabbed the clippers. Buzzz, Buzzz, was the sound as she turned them on. She held the hair tightly straight out from Marsha?s head and pointed the clippers straight down parallel to the head. The clippers ate through the thick shinny mass leaving about three and half inches of hair behind. Valerie continued releasing the long shiny soft locks from their home. Locks of hair about 15 inches fell slowly down to the floor as gravity grabbed them. Marsha?s long hidden ears and neck was being exposed as the hair was removed. Valerie kept Marsha calm by talking about her new baby and her hectic lifestyle. She took the clippers and made a nice hairline and then took out a spray bottle and wetted down Marsha?s head. Marsha did look down to see the floor covered in a black carpet of her hair. ?That sure is a lot of hair on the floor. I hope I have something left up there.? Pointing to her head. Said Marsha. ?Oh, you?re coming out great. Course it will be a change for you.? Replied Valerie. Valerie took the scissor and using her fingers went over Marsha?s head making the final adjustments bits of hair a half to an inch long joined the hair on the floor. Valerie then took the blow dryer out and using a brush styled Marsha?s new wash-n-go look. Finally, she turned Marsha to the mirror and spoke ? Well; your new look is completed. What do you think?? ? It sure feels lighter and I won?t have to spend much time with it in the mornings. I like the way it will show off my earrings. It will be a bit of a shock to my husband when I get home. I like it and I can always grow it back out. I look better than I thought I would. Thanks for staying late.? Said Marsha as she touched and looked over her new wash-n-go hairstyle. Marsha paid Valerie and left. Valerie swept up the mass of black shiny hair on the floor. There was something Valerie found exciting about removing long black locks of hair from her Native American customers. It was like removing their security blankets and letting them discover that they would still look just as pretty without long hair. She looked forward to the next opportunity.

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