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The Master Gardener: ?Some general statements first: Safety and secrecy of the Nursery is always paramount. You will hear this every time we meet because of its importance. Do not even think about saying a word, even remotely, to anyone or anything outside these confines. I can?t afford losing any more gardeners right now. Also, remember only to use approved gardening and botany terms when talking. If I hear anyone using any other terminology, except in my presence, then there will be severe punishment.?

?Good news, today we have just received 3 new flowers to be conditioned and screened this week The Gardeners that cultivated them should be commended and will be rewarded. I wanted to review the procedures with everyone again because I have noticed some of the harvest is not as good as it was a year ago. In short, we are not making as much money even though we have kept up with the market trends. If we do not keep the profits up then I have only two choices. Reduce the staff or reduce your salaries. I don’t think either is a good choice.?

?Secondly, we have 2 perennial flowers to harvest and recycle. I wanted to be certain and clear that only the gardeners that I pick are allowed to participate in this activity. However, today I will let you all watch so you know what to expect if you ever get to that level."

"Gardener-6 Bring your first new flower before me."

Gardener6 leaves and returns quickly with a new flower. The flower has dark red blossom and pale outer skin. The blossom flows in long waves, covering the entire back and just touching the base. Her hands are tied in front of her with a long rope also wrapped around her ankles. Gardener-6 pushes the flower down to her knees, facing away from the master and he removes her blind fold. She clearly is breathless from sobbing with multiple trails of dried tears on her cheeks. Her red blossom has golden sparkles reflecting from the sun as she trembles and screams muffled sounds into her gag.

Gardener6: "your will, Sire"

The Master lifts the thick mass of red shining hair blossom to his nose, breaths a long deep breath, then lets it fall back across her bare shin: "Excellent color and all natural?

Gardener6: "Tested Pure Irish red, Sire. It is very healthy and the blossom comes from a good mix of English and Irish. She has youthful blossom type and can be conditioned easily as a perennial, Sire. The length is 1.2 inches past spec. Ready for harvest immediately if it is your will."

The Master: "At last! We are short on genuine red blossoms and the market is leaning heavily that way lately. Although I would like to grow it more, I think we need to harvest it while the market is in such high demand. We can probably get a great deal of money for this one! You are a great asset to this nursery Gardener6. Take this red flower to the harvesting room? and get me a Hoe, I need taken care of"

Gardener6 leaves with the red headed flower.

He returns in a moment with Hoe with long dark hair straight hair in a pony tail. She kneels in front of the Master. She pulls out his thick long stem and without hesitation begins to pollinate. The Master pulls her pony tail with one hand and pushes her head back down with other, forcing her to travel the entire length of his stem over and over gain.

The master continues: "MMm.. good…Hoe.. ok Gardener-2 bring me your two new flowers and congratulations for being the first to bring two in one week. MMMMM.. harder Hoe.. uuhh. Gardener2, I hope you are safe. Don’t ever let your guard down trying to get the quantities up. Remember safety is always first as you know. That is why there will never be punishment for not bringing in flowers… only rewards. MMmmm.. uhhh? Whore I’m going to give you your reward now!! uuuuuuuuuhhhhh.. uhhhhhh… ahhhhhh.. ahhhhhh.. Here it comes..its all yours!" The Hoe gulps the gush of seed and milks it until he pushes her away.

Gardener-2 leads two remaining new flowers in and makes them kneel in front of The Master. One Caucasian, with a thick blonde blossom, mid back length, and the other Asian with a very long blossom past her butt.

The Master: "Nice first impression for sure. Tell me of their value"

Gardener-2: "The blonde flower is American bread with bit of Indian blood. Her hair is naturally very light blonde but has some very minor reparable chlorine damage. It measures 0.2 inches past spec. The hair is typed youthful and extra strong with excellent oil and PH ratings. I am proud to bring her here and hope for many years of harvest from this one. Sire."

The Master: "and the other?", as he lifts the blonde mass up into a pony tail and lets it go.

Gardener-2: "Japanese decent, a full yard of silky black blossom, Sire. Her hair blossom type is medium age, possibly an annual, but as you know the oriental dark hair grows fast. She measures near perfect silk consistency and only slight damage on the tips. PH is nominal. I suspect several good harvests from this one. She is ripe for harvest as well."

The Master: "My, we have a lot of harvesting work to do today. Even the new flowers are ready to harvest! Take all the flowers to the harvest area. What a great day!"

Gardener-2: "your will"

The Master: "This calls for some celebration and immediate rewards to all Gardeners! Bring all the Hoes and Gardeners here and have a 1 hour morning cross-pollination? To be continued?..

Note from the author: There are many more chapters to this story! I?d like to hear from anyone about what they liked and didn?t like about the story and maybe I can accommodate your ideas into the follow on chapters.

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