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“But the bravest man amongst us is afraid of himself. The mutilation of the savage has its tragic survival in the self-denial that mars our lives. We are punished for our refusals. Every impulse that we strive to strangle broods in the mind and poisons us. The body sins once, and has done with its sin, for action is a mode of purification. Nothing remains then but the recollection of a pleasure, or the luxury of a regret. The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful. It has been said that the great events of the world take place in the brain. It is in the brain, and the brain only, that the great sins of the world take place also.”

-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891

Part 1

“Now what in the ‘sam-hill’ does that mean?” Samantha dropped the book downward and looked up at her new husband. She had a problem thinking of him as her husband, having been married only two months. Even from the side, his grin was adorable. He glanced at her quickly and then drew his eyes to the interstate again.

“Well if you don’t know sweet-pea, I’ll be more than happy to show you. After we eat, that is. I’m starving.”

“No, I know what it means…..I just don’t….I mean what’s all the fuss? People must have desires and impulses that are much more complicated than mine.” She stood up on her knees in the front seat and leaned over to sink her nose in the black curl behind his ear. She wrapped her arms around his wide shoulders. “I say go for it. But then I usually have you close enough to nibble on.”

“Whoa! There it is.” Jake applied pressure to the brakes and eased the car towards the exit ramp. He held one long arm up catching and supporting his little wife steady as he did this. “Sit down, Sam. Put your seat belt on. NOW!” He demanded. Jake could be bossy at times. And he always got his way. Well, most of the time.

“It’s too tight.” She landed in the soft leather seat of the SUV.

“That’s because you’re so fat.” Jake pulled the big black car to a stop at the bottom of the ramp and smiled. He let his huge hand rest on her rounded belly. She gave a sharp little intake of a gasp. Sam did this every time he touched the baby unexpectedly.

“Cut that out.” Her husband said and looked at the sign to their right. He rubbed the little tummy poking from underneath her pink t-shirt, his hand warm and protective. “I might get the idea, you desire me.” He leaned down and kissed her stomach, the black hair falling in his eyes and tickling her bare skin.

“Oh.” Sam sighed. “You want me!” His lips brushed her belly button. “You looovveee me!,……” “Shut up.” Sam pulled his head up and pushed him back. Jake ran one hand through his thick hair and blinked at the sign outside the window. “Aggie’s Acres? Aggie’s Acres, Kansas? What the fuck? Sounds like just the place to get a good home cooked meal.” “Oh, I have to write that one down.” Samantha Patterson, said as she forced Jake back into his own seat. She scrambled around searching for her pen and pad. “That’s a killer name.” Jake reached for his sun glasses and turning the expensive car to the right. “Let’s hope no one recognizes me in Aggie’s Acres, or at Aggie’s Diner or Aggie’s gas station.

“Don’t make fun of your unborn child’s name.” Sam held the pad back and frowned. “Aggie Patterson?”

“Oh NO, no, no, no…” Jake said loudly. “That’s almost as bad as Apple or Coco.” “Aggie Acres Patterson?” she giggled. “Shut up.” He laughed and studied the small town on the road in front of them. “Oh, I know!” Sam almost shouted. “Aggie Acres Federline.” “Oh, much better. We must email Brit immediately!”

“I don’t think they are online anywhere near here.” Samantha paused and looked around as Jake parked the car on what appeared to be the main and only street in town. She looked out the window and up at the street sign next to her window. ‘Main Street’, it read. She turned to Jake and chortled. She burst into laughter. Trying to point to the sign and get the joke over to her husband, she couldn’t get any words out at all. Holding onto her tummy she laughed uncontrollably.

“What?” Jake smiled and enjoyed the sight of his beautiful gal. Her cheeks pinked and she threw her head back, the long blond curls curling around her baby face. She was California tanned and California girl gorgeous. Her breasts bounced right along with her little pregnant tummy. She caught her breath and opened her aqua eyes and blinked. “Main Street?” She laughed and pointed to the sign.

Jake leaned over her lap looked up at the sign with a grin on his face.

Sam ran her hand into the dark hair behind his ears and stared at her movie star husband. One of the top five biggest, A-listers in the business. And she had only known him for a year.

“Oh, Jake.” She sighed. “How did we wind up here?”

“I led us here.” He sat back and stared at himself in the mirror. He brushed his hair back and slammed a baseball hat on his head backwards. He pushed it down securely and turned the keys off. He stared at her from behind the movie star shades and with cocky self assurance; he deepened his voice and said with a straight face.

“I am Spartacus.”

They were a shabby looking twosome, standing inside the entrance to Floyd’s Down Home Dinner. In Malibu, both would be considered dressed to perfection. In Aggie’s Acres, Kansas, Jake and Samantha appeared to be two dog-eared, homeless waifs. Jake had on his favorite green army cargo pants and a long sleeved old Arrowsmith tee-shirt. Samantha wore a long Marc Jacobs’ flowing paisley skirt and a short pink tee. It did not cover-up her obviously pregnant belly. But that was the look these days. Most of Hollywood’s expectant mothers were running around with baby bellies stuck out. It might be offensive but it was all the rage in California. Sam felt the gang at Floyd’s Diner probably found it inappropriate.

She pulled her sunglasses down and looked over said gang. Eyeballing the room full of middle America types, she grinned nervously at the stares. “We’re out of place here Jake.”

“Ya think?” he placed a firm hand on the small of her back and pushed her towards a red leather booth by the front window. Keeping his head down, he left his shades on while Sam removed hers. She wasn’t the world famous face.

Jake studied the street from the window trusting Sam to order for him. She knew he needed to remain low key. No-one seemed to recognize him and they both wanted it to remain that way. Driving cross-country to the
location of his latest film, they wanted to remain anonymous and so far had succeeded. There were two weeks left before they were due in Wichita. Jake wanted this trip to remain their own, with no interference from the outside world. In fact, Jake always wanted privacy. Whenever or however he could get it.

He lowered his glasses, studying a shop directly across the street from their window. A sly smile unfolded on his handsome face. A plan developed. He turned back towards his wife as the waitress took their orders.

“OK, hon!” Gladys, the overly bleached blonde slapped her pencil to pad finishing the order. She propped her hand on one hip and smiled at the two, popping her gum loudly. “Just water…?” “Bottled, please.” Sam smiled back. This middle-aged woman tickled Sam. She reminded her of many waitresses from her home town in Alabama. The hair was piled up in a huge yellow bun and a red scarf stuck out being tied up in there somewhere. Another matching red scarf stuck out, with what Gladys must consider great panache, from the pocket of her pink blouse. She had on a shirtwaist that was easily from an early 50’s pattern. Sam pondered on where to get such a fabulous dress. Did they still make those? It looked new. Too crisp and clean to be truly vintage.

“Just water and a salad? Hon, you’re so bitty you need to eat more. And this one,…..” She pointed the pencil eraser end in Jake’s direction, “He seems like he could really make a meal of one of our steaks. They’re Floyd’s home cooked best you know. Steak and taters to go with that salad, don’t ya think? And then some hot apple pie? Sadie just baked a mess of pies this morning.”

Jake felt his mouth start to water with the description of such a big lunch, teamed with the wonderful smells floating off the grill. He put a hand on his forehead and sighed, slumping down further in the big booth. He pushed his sunglasses up on his nose tightly.

Sam watched immensely amused. “No thanks Gladys.” She looked back to the local woman. “We are both on diets. Just watching what we eat.”

“Well, sugah, you can watch it all you want. Just eat it. You are both skinny as rails!”

Jake laughed. “No, Gladys. Thanks though. I tend to blow up like a balloon on just a few rich meals.” He help out his hand and she blinked. “I’m Tom Ryan and this is my …..well, ……my bride, Samantha.” Gladys shook his hand then, still not understanding why this tall drink of water would ever need to improve his build. He looked great to her. She was used to beer bellies and double chins within eyesight. This Tom was no-where close to a beer belly of any kind.

“Well, that’s so nice! Newly weds?” Her eyes took in the roundness of Samantha’s belly. “How sweet! On a honeymoon? And I’m Gladys Wilson and Floyd is my man. That’s him over there.” She pointed over her shoulder. “Hey, Floyd!” She hollered not turning around. “This here’s a cute little honeymoon couple.” Hummmm.” Floyd answered, not interested in much more than the ball game on the TV over the lunch counter.

Jake slumped back down and grimaced at his new wife. Samantha took over then. They had decided to give Jake this alias and whenever they traveled, use credit cards and such in Sam’s maiden name of Ryan. Therefore she left all her cards in her maiden name and Jake would use the name Tom Ryan. It worked in hotels and no one was ever shocked with a gold card from the famous Jake Patterson. Sam stood up, making sure Gladys had a front row view of her condition. Drawing attention away from Jake she leaned into Floyd’s woman. “Gladys. Please I really need to go to the restroom. Could you help me? Point the way?”

Gladys’ attention shifted from Jake and immediately zoomed in on the trials of being a pregnant woman. “Of course, baby. Come with me. When is this sweet baby due?”

Sam winked back over her shoulder at Jake as the two women walked away.

‘I love you.’ Jake thought silently and his eyes followed her. She always knew what he wanted and/or needed at any moment of the day or night. It took a special woman to handle Jake and his life. He thanked the Lord, the Gods above or who ever else might be in charge. Sam was his gift from the heavens. She was an answer to everything. He had never once in his jaded life thought he might find a fairy tale love. Gift from the gods. That’s what his Samantha was. Just a gift.

Part 2

"OK, so look across the street, baby.” Jake said after Sam’s return and their salads were served. He leaned his head on one hand and motioned backwards over his shoulder with his other big paw.

“What?” Samantha drew her attention to her husband. She studied the small town shops and normal “main street” businesses. They were so all-American, she felt she was visiting one of her sets. Samantha worked in movie production as an art director. In charge of the look of a film and she was very good at it. That’s how she and Jake had become intertwined. There was more to their romance than that. Much more. Still it was a major point in their relationship. Talking shop and all that. She understood sets. She understood filming. And even though she might never zero in on what it was like to be an actor, she came damn close.

“What, Jake?” she repeated, frowning.

“Isn’t that the sort of barber shop you were ranting about?” Jake raised his dark eyebrows. He reached forward and captured one of her stray golden curls, wrapping it around his finger absent mindedly.

“Oh yes!” Sam recognized the red and white striped pole outside of ‘Ernie’s Barber Shoppe’. “Of course I’d have to see inside, but I’ll bet it’s right on the money!”

Jake chose to study his wife at that moment. Still, mesmerized by her. He had no idea where she had come from. Their romance, still a great mystery to him. He only knew he couldn’t live without her. He’d known that from the first glance into those gorgeous eyes. Love at first sight. How silly. He never thought he’d run into this. But he had. Head on and full of everything he had been missing.

“So what?” she reached up to encircle his wrist. Somehow she never wanted to stop touching him. “Should I check it out? They already have a location for us to use in Wichita. What?”

Joe continued to watch her with a soft smile resting on his face. He loved playing games with his little Sam. He had a feeling it would be a major part of their relationship for years to come.

“No, not for the filming. Well, why don’t I just go ahead and get a haircut?” he watched her face. “I mean, I have to any way,…. by next week or so? Why not get into character now…here in Podunk, USA?”

Sam loved the fact that Jake was so unpredictable at times. Of course he was also extremely predictable when it came to the regular guy stuff. Then suddenly he would surprise her when it came to his work. Writing or acting, Jake was one of the most interesting minds she had ever known. So many of her friends had been thrilled when she had hooked up with Jake Patterson, the sexiest man on earth. It was stupendous: it was spectacular. They never understood when she announced her thoughts about Jake’s b
est feature. It wasn’t the smile, the charm nor the outlandish “cuteness” of this man that got to her. It was his brain.

‘Sure!’ her buddies would announce. ‘Right,…. right, right!’ Samantha could care less, about what they thought. Jake could look any way, by Sam’s standards. The truth was she would not have looked in his direction twice if it wasn’t for his brain.

Bending down Sam rested her chin in her hands, clasped and sturdy on the table at Floyd’s. Jake was obviously referring to her outburst at last week’s production meeting. She had suggested that all the talent get a real middle American haircut. It drove Sam crazy when hair and dress requirements were not met. What was the use of making a movie that was only half-way there? It didn’t make any sense to Samantha. “Let’s send them to a “real-life” barber shop and/or salon. There are many of those in the mid-west. Not only will it help with the budget, but it will look real.” Jake grinned from ear-to-ear as he remembered the meeting. It got to him, the way she became so embroiled in design and the art of making movies.

Samantha did not understand what they were doing here. It was surprising to her that, in fact, she had never been in real-life barber shop. An old-man’s type shop. How strange this was and how interesting. The scents of a real barber shop got to her. Did this have anything to do with her unique arousal upon smelling the scent of a good cigar? All things manly, etc….. It really didn’t matter to her and it was too late to get into any kind of analysis. It was time to roll with the flow. Something she had been doing ever since she had met Jake. It was always something. He rarely slowed down, always onward and forward to his next film, a new book, a new script or a new experience.

“Yes, sir?” The barber addressed them after finishing his last haircut. The young boy jumped down from the big chair with a sharp looking crew cut and waved good bye to the barber.

Jake looked down into Samantha’s eyes and grinned. “So what baby?” his eyes had a way of digging into her heart. He spoke quietly so the barber couldn’t hear him. “We do this and then we stay at the Bed and Breakfast you talked about? I can study the script and get into the role? What? Does that work for you?”

Gladys, the waitress, had given the name and locale of her sister’s boarding house at the end of Aggie’s “main street”. Sam had told her they were on a sort-of honeymoon and they were looking for a small town to relax in. Just enjoy and be together. Suddenly Jake had the idea this was what he needed. What they needed. It would be the chance he needed to dive into his character. That and some private time with his wife.

“NO.” Samantha looked up at Jake. He was six feet and three inches tall and Sam was only five three. She always had to look up. “Wait. Wait a minute, talk to me.” She tugged on his shirt and retreated to the shop’s church pew seat by the window. Jake leaned down into her face with a frown and waited.

Sam reached up and dug her finger into the curl behind Jake’s ear she valued so highly. “I love your hair, Jake. I mean I really love it. I don’t want it gone…..”

“Sam, you have known about this part for four months. You knew what it was all about. The ex-marine coming home and dealing with the drama. You’ve even spouted about the real hair-cuts and styles during that time. I don’t…”

“Yes, but I was thinking of the rest of the cast. Somehow I hadn’t thought about you that much. Maybe I blanked it out? I don’t know but I know I thought you were doing this in two weeks?

Jake sighed. She could tell he was fired up about this idea. Jake usually got hyped his newest ideas. It wasn’t unusual. “Yes but, number one, this surely will help no one recognize me, so we can have some peace and privacy. Two, don’t you think….in two weeks this haircut will look perfect. Then I won’t have to keep maintaining an extreme cut…you know, for the next three months or four.”

Sam thought about that. “Yes you’re right. It would be about the right length for this character to be returning from Viet…….”

”See?” Jake’s brows went up…

“And you don’t want to be a red neck…”

”What does that mean.”

“That’s what the poor white trash in the South…” Sam glanced at the barber and lowered her voice more. “Well after a short hair cut for the summer, the farmer’s white necks always got sunburned…so if you get it cut now and it grows.. well it WOULD be about right…..”


Jake was making sense. Still his wife wasn’t that happy about it. Two weeks of Jake to herself with his curl and a full head of hair had been on her agenda. Before the filming started. They’d had no time to themselves, no honeymoon. Jake had rushed her on all accounts. First, conceiving their baby, the first time they were in bed and secondly rushing her into this marriage. Not that she didn’t love the man. It was just fast that’s all. She had been looking forward to a romantic two weeks, before her belly grew any bigger. It was as if Jake had forgotten about that plan and was moving forward to the film before they needed to.

“Just a sec.” Jake turned to the barber who had been busy sweeping his floor. “We won’t be much longer. OK?”

The barber was leaving this strange couple alone for a quiet newly wed chat. Florence had already called Pete, the barber about this young couple. This was looking like new bride nerves to Pete and he understood.

“Take your time.” He winked at Jake, propped the broom up and retreated to the back room. It was nearly time to close anyway. For some reason he didn’t think he’d be cutting any more hair today. The new wife was a beauty. Dressed much like her shabby husband, but still a sweetheart. He wondered if they were hard up on cash and that was the reason they looked so shabby. ‘Oh, well,’ he thought. ‘The tall man seemed to be able to handle her. Gosh, cleaned up, he might even be a nice looking guy.’ Pete would wait them out and left the front room so they could have their little talk.

“Honey?” Jake pulled her forward and kissed her forehead. “It’s just hair.”

Sam leaned back and stared at him. She jerked off his baseball hat and continued staring. Obviously, Jake had never looked that closely at his own hair. Either that or he just didn’t study any other guy’s hair. Which was fine by Sam. If he did notice things like that she’d worry about his sexuality. As it was, he had no clue. Which meant he was an all-time total guy and straight as hell. Jake had gorgeous hair. Jet black with just a few salt and pepper’s beginning to show. It was straight with just the right amount of body to be perfect. Messed up and bed headed at all times. He had the point at the nape of his neck and Sam loved that too. The two loose curls behind either ear had always been the kicker for her. The point where her ear nosed in perfectly. He had Prince Charming hair. If he were going to a premiere or big event he slicked it straight
back, Pat Riley style. Then he looked like Gary Grant. Suffice it to say he had perfect hair. The wonderful thing about Jake was he didn’t seem to know this.

Samantha’s face puckered up and she looked as if she were going to cry. “Oh, Jake. You’re right. And I do want you to throw yourself into this role. I get that…..”

“OK!” Jake was happy. He had never been nominated for an Oscar. For some reason he was always over-looked. He felt this was one of the best scripts he had ever read. Anything he could do to get into his role, he’d do. He thought Sam would have understood this. It wasn’t as if he wanted his hair cut like a US Marine, but surely she knew how actors sacrificed for roles. He was not understanding her reaction. But then just like all actors, he sometimes didn’t think past his own nose. Or in this case, his own hair.

“Oh, no.” Sam wrung her hands and then shook them. “I don’t like this. I don’t think I can watch this! No let’s not, OK?”

“Oh, come on, now.” Jake stood and pulled her up. “This will be fun. We’ve been having fun. Besides, you need to hold my hand. Not too thrilled about this either, you know. But I would rather get it done and over with. Get it out of the way.”

“What if you hate it? What if I hate it?” Sam was panicking.

Jake laughed. “Oh course I’ll hate it! So what? And I doubt you would hate anything about me. Ever.”

He glanced up as Pete walked back into the front room. “It’s almost time to close? Are you two…?”

“Yes, we’ve decided.” Jake’s dark eyes held hers.

“I signed to do this. I can’t back out, Sam.” He whispered. He held tight to Samantha’s hand drawing her up beside him as he sat down in the old barber chair.

“My wife will tell you what to do. Right, Sam? She’s an expert on styles and such.” Jake grinned at her and Pete covered him with the cape.

Samantha did not tell Pete to cut Jake’s hair into a basic training marine cut. She opened her mouth and nothing came out. She just couldn’t do it. Jake asked if Pete had any photos like the marines cut their hair and they stuck the photos under Sam’s nose. She really only pointed to one she though looked appropriate.

“That’s what it would look like.” She announced. “But surely you don’t want…that….” Pete agreed with her choice and Jake said, “Sure, what ever.” With only a quick glance at the picture.

That’s when Sam’s world changed. Jake’s world as well. As if they weren’t hot enough for each other to begin with. They were both shot forward into a different world. Sam tried to pull her little hand out of her husband’s grasp. She couldn’t do it. He had a hold on her that was iron-man tight. She covered her eyes with her remaining loose hand and tried hard not to panic completely. As if in some far away dream, she heard the sounds of barber-shop clippers and her knees almost buckled. Trying to snap out of her feelings and be professional, she peeked out between her fingers and watched.

She let her hand fall away from her face and she lost herself. For although she had been telling herself all along that she couldn’t take her husband’s great hair being cut, she sunk into a hypnotic state beyond anything she had ever experienced.

She was shocked. So shocked she couldn’t speak. Pete, the barber, was scalping Jake. The clippers came up and his gorgeous black hair began falling as if in slow motion. Of course that’s what the plan was. This was the way Jake’s hair needed to be cut. But it got to Samantha. None of her boyfriends, nor her first husband, nor any man she had ever been with had ever had hair sheared this short.

Sam had no idea she would respond like this. She was not prepared for this. She was so aroused, she almost fainted. Her breath coming in sharp gulps and her palms sweaty.

Jake felt the process of this haircut and knew immediately he would wind up with almost no hair at all. He’d never had his hair cut this short. It was a new experience and it shocked him in a way. At first he closed his eyes tightly and simply gritted his teeth. Then as he felt the hair above his right ear coming off and the clipper’s driving away at his nape he almost panicked. He opened his eyes and tried to see the mirror. He felt as if he had no control suddenly. Maybe this was way too short. Maybe he shouldn’t have pressed this matter.

He searched for a glimpse of Sam’s face to judge what was happening. Then when he focused in on her face he forgot about himself. Jake realized without a doubt, Sam was responding to this haircut in a very unique and interesting way. Her eyes were glazed over. She was almost in a trance and panting like woman in heat. It hit Jake immediately and he began to smile. He forgot about his stupid hair and watched his wife. They could cut him bald at that point and he could care less. The look on her face was worth anything.

‘Oh, little Sam.’ He thought, ‘I do believe those little underling passions and desires are coming to the surface.’

Now, for another problem. How the hell was he supposed to get out of here and get them to their room for the night. His hard-on by that point was so obvious everyone would notice. To walk out of this barber shop non-chalantly would be a Circus Olay feat in itself.

Part 3

Sam had never experienced anything like this and she might never again. Pete had clipped nearly all of Jake’s hair off, leaving the top of his head covered in a very short cut. The sides and the back were trimmed to the shortest length she could possibly have imagined. He paused and began the last step of lathering the sides and Jake’s nape with a rich foam. Sam watched and still unable to protest or speak, realized what was happening to her. She was so wet between her legs it was embarrassing. The only thing she could do was hang on and try to get out of this Kansas barber shop without loosing whatever dignity she had left.

The phone rang and Pete took the call, responding to his own wife and as he wandered into the back room, he muttered an ‘excuse me’.

Neither Jake nor Sam acknowledged him and he disappeared leaving them alone for a few minutes.

Jake did not take his eyes off Samantha’s face. A small sexy grin was pasted on his face. Sam couldn’t move. Didn’t feel she might ever breathe again. She couldn’t understand what was delighting Jake.

“I love you, Sam.” He whispered and winked his movie star wink.

“Oh, Jake.” She moaned.

“Ah, sweetheart. Come here.” He leaned forward and grasped her waist, pulling her towards him. Seated in the barber chair and half shorn, his wife wanted to simply climb into his lap and on top of him. Yet she knew Pete would never understand. Shit, she didn’t understand. Only Jake seemed to get the whole matter.

She lifted one tiny finger and felt the lather behind one ear, at the spot her curl used to be. She ran her finger tip in a circle in the warm lather and felt the smooth skin behind his ear. She felt herself grow wetter still. Jake lifted one hand and softly brushed against one of her nipples. They were rock-hard. His grin grew bigger. “Jake?” she moaned and her eyelids fluttered downward.

dquo;What baby?” he whispered.

“I just…..I just…”

“I know, sweet-pea.” Jake pushed her back as Pete returned.

“Sorry guys.” And with that he continued his work on Jake’s neck and both sides of his head.

By the time they were ready and out of there, Samantha thought she might be slipping into a coma. Jake paid and grabbed her hand leading her as quickly as he could back to the car. The entire way out the door and up to the boarding house she hung on. Barely. Jake checked them in quickly and said he would bring their bags up shortly. Sam could not remember any names or anything about the check in. She could only focus on Jake and this new haircut. His neck, the way he looked and the ungodly appeal of this.

Entering their room he slammed the door, threw the lock and ripped his shirt off. He picked her up and backed her onto the huge antique bed. Pushing her down, her panties were ripped off and Jake paused only briefly to unzip his pants.

Sinking into her sopping wet V, Jake groaned. He’d never felt anything so wonderful in his entire life.

Sam reached up and grabbed his neck. She felt the freshly shaved and totally irresistible neck. Her back buckled and she exploded into waves more violent than anything she had ever felt before.

“That’s my baby. Good girl. ” Jake whispered and shot his load into her.

“My God, Jake!” Samantha could only whisper.

“Right.” Jake moaned and rolled onto his back on the huge old oak bed.

“I don’t know…..what happened. I don’t understand….”

Jake gazed up at the ceiling and rubbed his face. “What …..what sweetheart?”

All red-faced and blushing, Samantha was trying to come to terms with this new experience. She looked at him and was shocked by his appearance. Jake looked totally different. Still the best looking man on the planet to Sam, but in no way looking as he had earlier. She reached up to trail her finger over the skinned top of his ear.

Jake laughed and pulled her close wrapping one big arm around her. “You, my wife and my heart…….. have a rip-roaring hair fetish. That’s all.”

“I DO NOT!” Sam was appalled.

“Yes, you DO and surprisingly I think I do as well. Or at least I’m more than willing to enjoy yours.”

“BULLSHIT! Why do you say that? I don’t get it.”

“Well, I don’t really understand these things myself. I just know they are real and are there for our enjoyment.” Jake stretched his neck and yawned. He sat up in the bed and ran his hand back over his new hair cut. “Holy shit! Sam. I have no hair left.”

His wife could do nothing but stare. She agreed with him and still knew this was by far the sexiest thing she had ever experienced. “I know, baby, I know.” She tried to baby him a bit, and rubbed his back Truth being she thought it was hot. That was the bottom line.

Jake turned and looked down at her. He wrapped his arms around her and came down his head buried in her shoulder.

“The baby’s OK, right? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“We are fine.” She responded. She wrapped her arms around his neck. This was familiar territory and didn’t have anything to do with this hair-cutting stuff. Just she and Jake cuddling together alone.

“I don’t get this, baby?” she whispered in a small rather embarrassed way.

Jake pulled up and balanced himself on his arms over her. He was all smiles.

“You aren’t that naive? Come on.”

Sam’s eyes grew wide and she looked shocked and angry.

“Well, YES I am! I’m from the South, remember? And a lady….and…well, I just don’t…well I don’t…”

“Stop, stop babe. OK, ok.” He fell over again beside her and onto his back. He put his hands up behind his head, shocked at the feeling of no hair, but thrilled to be in this situation.

“So, I will have to educate you on this, won’t I?”

For some reason, that sounded even hotter than his haircut to little Sam.

(to be continued)

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