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It was a typical day at the Mythbuster’s workshop. Kari was being painted silver to see if she could withstand the effects in order to bust the myth about the guy who played the Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz having passed out from being covered in silver paint. Wearing nothing but a skimpy two piece silver bathing suit and her flaming red hair tied up in pigtails, Kari looked hotter than usual. Her fellow Mythbusters had nearly covered her body in the silver latex paint. A good time was being had by all.

That was until Adam came along. The usually good natured funny Adam seemed to have a bug up his butt that day. " How do you expect this experiment to work!" he yelled at his fellow Mythbusters. "When I did this same experiment with the gold paint I had to cover my entire body with the paint. Don’t you morons remember me shaving my head in the bathroom. Dammit this is science and its meant to be seriously!" With that he stormed off.

A few minutes later he returned with the Dr. Zoidburg look-alike Jamie. "There is a problem here, young Mythbusters. Despite Adam being a total shit-head this morning, I do think he has a valid point. And I think I have a solution that will make everyone happy" said Jamie in a snickering tone.

Jamie was of course the leader of the Mythbusters team, and lord only knew what he might have stashed in his shop. He quickly jetted back to one of the black shelves of boxes and retrieved a mysterious item.

" For all of you who don’t know, a few years I used to look like Cousin It from The Addams family TV show. I was hired to make some prototype supersonic hair clippers by the Oster company which I then used to shave my noggin. They must have worked pretty darn good because after all these years my hair not a single hair has grown back on the top of my head. I must say they are pretty impressive. And now in the name of science we get to use them on Kari, and I’m sure they will work just as good as before."

A look of terror came across Kari’s face.

"Hold her down" cried out Adam . Scotty and Tory complied . Kari began to cry. Jamie the placed the supersonic clippers at the front of Kari’s scalp and proceeded to shave a big white strip down Kari’s head. He then made a few more passes on her scalp with the noisy haircutting machine. One of her pigtails shorn from her head laid to rest on her shoulders. Long strands of her once long red hair stuck to the silver body paint.

"Only one thing missing" said Scotty the tattooed lady welder. "Remember those cans of shaving cream that we were going to blow up in the microwave. We should use at least one of them to shave Kari’s head baby smooth."

Without hardly a second passing, Tory was now coating Kari’s newly buzzed dome with a thick layer of foaming cream. He then whipped out a straight razor and began making her nice and smooth. Big dollops of shaving cream with little specs of red fuzz fell some places on her partially painted hot silver body.

The weird thing now is that Kari no longer looked sad. She was smiling and obviously excited by the whole thing.

After a quick cleanup of the hair and shaving cream, The rest of the Mythbusters completed Kari’s silver paint job.

She did not feel any adverse reactions to the paint so the myth was busted. Afterwards Adam, now in a good mood, told her she looked like something out of Star Trek, A bald sexy silver robot chick. Happy, she broke out into a dance popular in the 80’s known as the Robot. Next week , its Scotty’s turn!

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