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Natalia stood quietly in front of the mirror naked, examining her self in it. She ran her fingers through her golden brown mane of hair which flowed down her back, to right below her butt. She had always had long hair, she had never had it shorter than the middle of her back, and in fact this was the longest her hair had ever been. Natalia retrieved a brush from the counter and began passing the brush through her hair gently, ever so slowly. She loved the feeling of the brush through her hair; the sound of its bristles passing between the strands seemed to entrance her. After about five minutes of strait brushing she shook out her hair. It was like a tsunami of golden brown tresses moving about her head. Her natural highlights shimmered in the light with every bit of motion.

She moved to the shower and turned the knob turning it as hot as it would go. The sound of water pounding against almost empty shampoo bottles filled the bathroom. She sat down on the stool in front of the bathroom mirror and examined her self once more as the room began to fill with steam from the shower. Then it seemed out of no where, a voice in her mind seemed to whisper ?Cut it all?Cut? it… all? off.? Natalia shuddered at the thought and smiled as she picked up a comb and walked into the shower stall. She turned up the cold knob to cool down the steaming water a bit. Then thoughts ran through her mind of the time she spent on her hair, arranging it, brushing it, salon visits. Then she thought to her self, ?What if I cut it all off?? It seemed to resound in her head as she poured a bit of shampoo into her hand. She began to work it into her long tresses, she imagined her self with shorter hair, maybe to her shoulders. She said to her self ?Hell if I had shorter hair this wouldn?t take as long.? She chuckled, and said to her self ?But I love taking care of my hair.? It was like she questioned her self. She began to ponder on the thought of short hair again, images of women she knew and saw every day with super short crops. She almost longed to join them.

Thirty minutes later she walked out of the bathroom and down the hallway to her room and began drying and brushing her hair out. She had forgotten the ideas of short hair until she realized how time consuming the process of brushing out and drying her hair was. Natalia towel dried her hair till it was only a bit moist and then she began running the brush through her hair once more. Brushing it back, brushing it to the side, brushing it to the other side. Then she took up all her hair behind her head and examined her self quietly. ?Hmm? Short hair?? She pondered on the idea, imagining a short crop instead of her tightly pulled back hair. She sighed and let her hair go; the golden locks cascaded down her back once more as she walked back into the bathroom to blow dry her hair. As she watched her self in the mirror the voice returned. It was like a subconscious desire that told her she wanted to cut her hair, right then and now but she had convinced her self that she loved her long hair and she would never do it? or so she thought.

The desire plagued her mind unmercifully to the point where she simply switched off the hair dryer and ran downstairs to fetch some? things she would need. Natalia ran into the laundry room and grabbed her roommate?s clippers, why she had them was a mystery to her, but hell she needed them now. She also grabbed a pair of razor sharp sewing scissors from the sewing kit. Once she had gathered her tools she sprinted back to the bathroom. She laid everything out in front of her, the thoughts running through her head ?How short should I go? How much do I cut? How do I cut it?? She had never cut hair before (not to mention her own) and she was clueless where to start.

She sighed a bit and began brushing out her hair. Natalia took up the scissors in her left hand as she took hold of a long strip of her golden brown hair from the right side of her head. She held the strand out and away from her head and she placed the scissors around it and she sliced through it with a shink, this sent chills up and down her spine. She gasped as she saw how long the piece she cut off was. She dropped it and quickly took hold of a large section of hair and cut it all the same length as the piece before. She gasped again and almost wet her self with excitement. She switched the scissors to her other hand and took up a very large section of the hair on the left side and cut through it with a few slices, shink shink shink. She dropped the hair she cut onto the counter. She continued cutting the sides until all her hair on the sides of her head was about shoulder length she gathered all the hair on the back section of her head into a long pony tail that was still butt-length. Natalia put the scissors to the area of hair above her hand, which was right where her neck became her back, and sliced through it. She glared at her fist full of hair, she was in shock. Then it was as if her body was moving completely on its own. She shook her head a bit sending all the left over hairs flying. Then she brushed out her new, choppy, shoulder length hair. Her eyes moved to the cordless clippers on the counter. Her actions weren?t being controlled by her at this point; it was as if she was just along for the ride.

Natalia took hold of the clippers in her left hand, placing the metal blades right below her left temple. She held up the hair on the left side of her head with her right hand as she switched the clippers on and slowly brought them up. The loud shhhhhiiiiinnnk of the clippers through her hair intoxicated her, she passed the clippers all the way up the side of her head, and long chunks of her hair fell to her shoulder and slid to the floor. She placed the clippers right at her left temple again, and with her first pass, went strait back through her hair. She moved the clippers over her ear, clearing away all the hair. Once she had finished with the left side of her head. She released the long strands of hair from the upper section of her head that she had been holding up. The long strands passing over her newly shorn scalp tickled her lightly. She then placed the clippers right along her middle part, on the left side. She pushed them back along the part, careful not to touch the right side. She then shaved through the next strip of hair to the left of the path she just carved. She placed the clippers at the base of her neck and brought them up to the top of her head, lengthy pieces of hair glided down her back, sending chills down her spine. She continued this until the entire left side of her head was totally shorn.

Then she switched them off and examined her self in the mirror. The left side of her head was completely shaved as the right side was still a shoulder length sheet of golden brown hair. She ran her fingers over the bald side of her head and through the thick hair that still remained on the other side of her head. The two contrasting feelings seemed to entrance her. She quickly took up the clippers again with her right hand and held up the top section of her hair with her left. She shaved off everything on the right side of her head, from her temple to the back of her head, but the top was left untouched. She what remained of her hair fall to her face and brush her newly shorn scalp and she giggled a bit as it tickled her. Natalia ran her fingers through the last section of long hair with a slight chuckle. She then took up the clippers and shaved off the last section of hair in rows, sending the last of her long golden locks to the floor. She looked at her self in the mirror, bald and naked, long pieces of hair still resting on her shoulders. She gathered up the long pieces of hair she first cut with the scissors and caressed it with her face, it was so soft that she just gathered up all the longest pieces of her hair into an old shoe box and kept it, she swept the rest up with a small hand broom. After cleaning up she took up a strait razor and some of her leg shaving cream and turned on the shower, on hot. The bathroom began to fill with steam as she sat down on the stool in front of the mirror, spreading shaving cream all over her head. While downstairs her roommate, Alicia was returning home from work. Alicia had a thick mane of long blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back?..

To be continued?

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