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Jackie thought hard as she looked at these test papers contemplating hiring someone else to grade them. as she played with her golden brownish hair which had just grown out of a short style. But then she realizes it was her job o grade them.

She decided to walk in the hall here legs were a sleep she stroked her leg to feel it but then realized her stockings were too thick. As she walked out into the hall she bumped into one of her little seductees/boyfriends. Jackie was 33 yrs.old but her age didn?t show that much she was a little big boned then her seductee/boyfriends liked her big ass, thighs and calf’s. Not to mention great breast DD at least.

Jackie got an idea. ?Come with me? she said ?BButt I have to study? She said it will be quick and dragged him to her office.

She hastily told him to take off his pants while she cleared her desk and laid down on it with her stomach pressing over her scattered papers. He came up on her from behind slowly pulling down her skirt which showed the back of her thighs then he smacked her on the ass a couple of times before pulled down her stockings and too his benefit she wasn?t wearing panties a little immature but it didn?t matter.

Instantly he started plunging into her she moaned with pleasure then he abruptly stopped but before she could turn around she felt it go back in again so she didn?t say anything.

He finished up and left her but was confronted by his girl friend and 3 of her other friends she asked him why he looked like he just got some he said I did and she said from who and he said Ms. Rita and took off . She was infuriated she took her clan with her then burst into the room with a orgasmed Jackie laying on the desk playing with her hair.

Before she knew it she was surrounded and before she could get up she was held down and her legs were tied together with a belt as were her hands. the girls got a third belt and gagged Jackie . First they decided to dress her then pulled up her skirt and stockings. Then a fourth belt was used to spank her until she cried from pain. Then the boys girlfriend picked up some scissors and said lets take off those lovely locks.

A few seconds later Jackie was whimpering. As her hair was pulled into a tight pony tail then a crunch of metal and hair was heard. then the clan dangled Ms. Rita?s hair in front of her and laughed . Next to go were her bangs they were sniped to the hairline. The un-repairable damage was done everywhere else over Jackie’s head she would have to get it buzzed with clippers.

the Clan left her tied and tattered. Until she was found later by the school nurse just trying to be polite.

Later that day Jackie had her hair cut again by the school nurse it was roughly cropped as Jackie cried a river of tears.

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