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Part 1, 2

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen. – Frank Lloyd Wright

Part One

Sam stared at her husband from underneath her lowered eyelashes. She didn’t want anyone at the table to notice how unglued she was by his act and his appearance. Luckily, all at Florence’s Friday night dinner table, were entranced by Jake’s storytelling and their attention was on him and not Sam. Of course they thought they were listening to a Mr. Tom Ryan and not the famous actor, Jake Patterson. Sam couldn’t believe he was pulling this off yet Jake was if nothing else, an ace of an actor. That and the fact he looked completely different than he normally did. It was a strange and weird look for him and she knew it was freaking her out a bit. What was this game he was playing? Was he simply, diving into character? He was doing a damn good job of it but the mystery to Sam was why he drew her into it.

While she napped that afternoon Jake had gone out to “shop for a few things”. The results had him dressed in a rather conservative white short sleeved shirt and some everyman pants that Sam knew he ordinarily wouldn’t be caught dead in. A pair of huge black glasses with massive thick lenses distorted his eyes, giving him a completely unrecognizable look.

“Geek” was the word that popped into her head when Jake had returned to their room, just in time for this dinner. She had no time at all to discuss this as he genteelly maneuvered her downstairs for dinner in Florence’s boarding house. Gladys and Floyd were there tonight as well as Florence’s husband Pete the barber and her brother Ernie, the namesake of the barber shop. Now, Jake was busy expounding on this make believe persona they had established and the group at Florence’s table were mesmerized. Samantha and “Tom” were the new guys in town and everyone wanted to know their story.

“You know, that husband of yours….” Gladys poked Sam in the arm and leaned forward whispering. “Well, after that haircut and maybe without those glasses…..gosh he is very good looking, but….well he looks a little bit like that actor fellow….what’s his name?”

“Gomer Pyle?” Sam said straight-faced and took a sip of her tea. “Jim Nabors?”

The hoot, Gladys let fly drew attention to their side of the table. Sam looked at Jake’s eyes swimming behind the horrid glasses and almost spit out her tea. She couldn’t help it. He looked so silly. “Well, Tom, your bride here is as funny as she is pretty.” Gladys smiled as she got control of her laughter. Tom/Jake had just informed the group that he and Sam were looking for a place to settle down in Kansas and since his return from his tour of duty, they were having a honeymoon and looking over small towns in the country.

“Yes, she is.” Jake grinned. “I’m a lucky man.”

“You don’t have any family?” Ernie asked as if he felt sorry for these two young kids.

“No. Samantha has been on her own, in California waiting for me to come home.” Jake dipped his head as if embarrassed.

Gladys’s heart swelled and she studied Samantha closer. “Hon, you know what would do you good?” Gladys thought the poor little gal needed someone to fuss over her.

Sam looked at her blankly, wondering what was to come. She still looked her same Hollywood sloppy, her strawberry blonde curls stuck up casually in a long ponytail.

“You need to come down to Florence’s Shop tomorrow and we can do a make-over! Free of charge. Or on me. A welcome to our town thing, OK? Then we have the church bizarre tomorrow night. Both of you will love that. Sort-of a kick-off to the summer.”

“Sure!” Florence herself piped up at this point.

Samantha frowned.

“I have a beauty shop downstairs, sweetie.” Florence explained and patted Samantha’s hand. She was sitting on the other side of Samantha at the table and couldn’t help but get caught up in this young couple’s romantic story. She felt sorry for the little pregnant bride, as her sister did, and was ready to pitch in on this project.

Sam’s eyes darted over to Jake’s as if to say, ‘What the hell do I do now?’ The gorgeous geek beamed back at her. “Oh, now isn’t that nice?” he said, condescendingly. “She would love that, wouldn’t you Sam, sweetheart? With the baby coming and all, a little sprucing up would be nice.”

“Yes. Thank you.” Sam was forced to say. She gritted her teeth and gave Jake a rough grin that actually said, ‘Sprucing-up? I am going to kill you.’

Jake leaned back and crossed his arms. “Ernie and some of his friends are taking me out to see the countryside tomorrow, Sam. You can stay here and be pampered.”

“Yeah. There’s a little farm for sale out towards the river bend.” Pete spoke up. “I’ll be working, but Ernie is off.”

“But we need to take that snazzy SUV the Marine Corps has rented for us.” Jake said, dispelling any thoughts about why they had such an expensive car. “We only have it for two more weeks so let’s make use of it.”

“Sure, Tom.” Ernie smiled. He had been wondering about the car. Florence said they had expensive luggage but he decided there must be an explanation for that as well. He forgot about his doubts, suddenly. “So, Tom, what have you done before? Work, I mean? Before the Corps?”

“OK, so what is going on, what is going on…are you crazy?” Sam closed the door to their room later. They had escaped as soon as possible, it seemed to Sam. But not before Gladys promised to find her some of her very own old maternity wear.

Jake lunged for her, picking her up completely from the floor. He wrapped her up solidly against his chest and forcing her head back with a deeply satisfying wet and sloppy kiss. His tongue dug deep and hard. Digging in and pulling back as if to tease. Sam hung on to his big shoulders She yanked the horrid glasses off him and zeroed in on his mouth and the kiss. Her hands playing with his neck. Her body already hot and wet for him. Jake leaned down and grabbed her legs up carrying her to the outside balcony off their small room.

“We have to talk” He announced roughly.

“NOW?” Sam kissed the side of his face.

He started to sit down with her in his lap and decided that was a bad idea. He set her down in one white wicker chair and sat in the other one across from her. Scooting his chair forward he leaned in and took hold of both of her hands. Sam blinked, wondering what this was all about. “I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do for the next two weeks.” Jake blurted out.

He shook his head. “Let me start over. That didn’t come out right.”

“You’re loosing it Jake.” Sam frowned.

“No, just listen. This afternoon while you were asleep I went on line….yes ole Florence has internet connections…..and I surfed around about this hair fetish thing…&am

“You didn’t.” Sam blushed.

“Yes, I did and I came to a conclusion with a few ideas of my own…”


“Listen! Here’s what I think. Actually it’s a hair-cutting fetish. Right? You can’t argue with that?” He paused and lifted his eyebrows.

Samantha sighed and knew he had her on that. Even now she had trouble keeping her eyes and hands off his hot as hell hair cut. It did make her horny. Very much so.

“OK. Well…and this comes from things I have seen and heard as well….”

Sam frowned. She hated hearing and thinking of his past. His past reputation as a wild lady’s man was not just a bunch of rumors “OK, well I have been around and seen some highly wild stuff. I think this all involves submission. The idea of surrendering a part of yourself. Proving your love so to speak. It’s tied into a lot of other things but basically that’s it. I want to play this out. This may be the only time we have to be by ourselves completely, you see. Before this baby and the other babies to follow…..”

“Wait.” Sam dropped his hands. “Wait a minute. I’m pregnant, Jake. Whatever you are talking about……well can’t it wait til later. After the baby.”

“We won’t ever have a chance like this again. You know that. I come from a large family and so do you. I know how it is. It will be years before we get a chance like this again. Tell me this?” He pointed a finger at her. “The barber shop and this haircut. Will you always remember what happened? How you felt?”

Sam couldn’t stop herself from flashing back on that the minute he mentioned it. She felt a sudden throb between her legs. She closed her eyes. “Yes, Jake.” She whimpered, beside herself.

“Well, I’ll NEVER have my hair cut like that again. You know that don’t you? Not if I can help it.”

His wife opened her eyes and stared at the closely cropped hair on the top of his head.

“Yes, Jake.” She whispered again and brushed her fingers across the sharp little hairs on his head.

“Well, sweetie,” he closed his hand around her wrist and kissed her palm. “I want my fantasy as well. I want these memories to be there for us for the rest of our lives.

Holy shit, Sam do you realize how happy that makes me? To find a way to make you hotter than hell any time I want? We’ve hit the jackpot here.”

Sam thought about that. She pondered.

“You want to please me the same way don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, Jake.” she whispered. “But how? What do you want?”

He grinned from ear to ear and standing pulled her up. “Any damned thing I say I want.” He brought his lips down to her ear and she shivered. He nibbled. “Say you’ll do anything. I don’t know exactly at this point. But the idea of you………submitting to me….well it is my fantasy.”

Sam had to agree. She felt how hard he was. Her hand slid down and she grabbed him through his pants, leaned back and stared at him. “You want to do this Sam, you do. Trust me.” Jake moaned and pulled her hand away.

“OK, but boundaries? There have to be boundaries?” she was trying to understand.

“Well.” Jake thought about that and ran his hands through her hair. “I won’t hurt you, obviously. I’m not talking about S and M, or tattoos or body damage…”

Sam pushed him back firmly. What was she getting herself into? Who was this man she had married?


“I’m being honest. Laying it out. The boundaries.” He pulled her back firmly and held on. “Sam, don’t worry. I’m not gonna’ hurt you. I’m not gonna’ freak you out. This is just a game. An adult game, but a game. Just trust me, OK?”

Part Two

Sam lowered herself into the warm bubble bath and stretched out. Relaxing in this heaven, she realized how tight she had been wound. Jake had asked her to think his proposition over. He wanted her to be positive about this little game of his. “No turning back.” He’d stated. “No whining and crying or arguments. I want complete control here. If you decide you can’t do it, then that’s OK. So be it. I will not love you any less. It’s totally your decision. “

Sam thought about everything. She loved this man so much it hurt. And the extra attraction of their hot sex was outstanding. It was earth shattering. She was a very lucky woman and felt like doing whatever Jake asked. After-all, what could it hurt? If it pleased him? If it pleased him and made him as happy as he seemed to be right now. Oh he was so cute when happy. She could hardly bring herself to say no to him.

There was a knock on the door and she answered.

“Come in, babe.”

Jake padded in with his feet bare, his chest bare and a pair of black sweat pants on. He brushed his teeth and then sat down on the toilet seat to watch her. She was such a girl.

Her curls up in a ponytail only curlier in the hot tub. The pink bubbles around her shoulders. She swirled around the tub, bringing her arms up onto the edge of the tub and staring back at him. She blew at the bubbles on her arm and asked him. “You aren’t talking about me cutting my hair are you? I don’t want to cut my hair, Jake.”

He smiled, glad she was considering his idea.

“I don’t know. I haven’t decided. Just like our barber shop adventure. This is an exploration of my own inner desires, baby. I just can’t tell you. You have to go into this expecting anything. That’s it.”

Jake stood up and moved to the sink. He turned on the water and soaked his face. Preparing to shave, Sam noticed. He always shaved before they had sex. Jake had the worse five o’clock shadow of any man she knew. His black beard, always there, even after he shaved. It could scratch her badly. He knew that and was always so sweet about it. She loved that. She loved him. She melted. He lathered his face and she watched as she always did and now she noticed how hot that made her. Not understanding any of this, she stood up on her knees in the tub and Jake looked at her as he drew the razor over one side of his face. He finished as quickly as he could, knowing Sam was ready to talk about this. Her mind was made up, he could tell.

He wiped his face off and stared at her in the mirror. His eyes so dark they were black.

“OK, Jake.” Samantha sighed. She smiled.

“Whatever?” he asked.

“Yes. I trust you Jake.”

He turned from the sink and came towards the tub. “Stand up.”

Sam did as she was told.

Jake grabbed her roughly. One big hand came down and captured her pussy. His mouth covered hers and he simply devoured her lips and her entire mouth. Drawing back suddenly he whispered into her ear. “You won’t regret this Sam.”

“Oh yes I will.” she smiled.

“Well, maybe at first…..” Jake lifted her out of the tub and grabbed a huge white towel. He went to work on her body, drying it and being extremely gentle. He explained to he
r about having a safe word and made sure she understood they needed to be careful and not get too rough with this baby on the way. Pulling her over to the mirror he turned her around and wrapped himself around her from behind. “Look, Sam.” He leaned down enough so his hands were on her little bulge of a tummy and stared into the mirror. Sam caught his smiling dark eyes and then he bent his head to kiss her neck. Those jet black eyelashes on his cheeks. ‘No man deserved to have such long lashes.’ Sam thought. She watched and had to admit they were quite an attractive couple. He pulled her hands upward and set them to rest on the back of his neck. Her eyes closed as she rubbed his neck and enjoyed such a sweet moment. Jake’s finger slipped downward and played with the soft damp golden curls between her legs. He growled deep down in his chest.

Jake was in his prime. At 39, he thought this time with his delicious new wife, carrying his first baby and ready to tease and play together was almost too great to be true. He knew it was time to settle down. Yet at the same time he had worried about becoming bored in the future. Now they had a super thrilling future in front of them. Sam was only 25. Time for the large family he had always wanted. And now she was ready to dive into sexual fantasies with him.

‘Just perfect.’ he thought as he twined the maximum amount of her tiny curls up in his one big fist. With the other hand he reached for the scissors resting on the bathroom vanity. He clipped away as much as he could, and lay the scissors down quickly, knowing he needed both hands to hold onto Sam. He did not believe she would go about this willingly. No way. No matter what she had just promised him. It tickled him, but he knew Sam maybe better than she knew herself. And that’s what it was all about, now wasn’t it?

Her eyes flew open and she gasped. “What?….What are….”

Jake wasted no time at all. He swooped her up and had her out of the bathroom, onto the antique bed and flat on her back as soon as possible. Poising over her, he held onto her hands and pulled them over her head firmly.

“Jake, you are NOT going to….” Sam sputtered.

“HEY!” Jake was whispering but attempting stern. “You just promised…..”

“Yes, but not that, Jake. Sweetie, I have to do the doctor appointments and well, I just……I’ll be embarrassed.”

Jake cracked up.

Laughing, he took one of her hands and sat up on the side of the bed.

“I can’t see this working, baby. YOU are NOT the submissive type. NOT at all!” He succeeded in tying one of her hands to the bedpost and crossed over her to the other side fiddling with her left hand now. Samantha continued onward as if she didn’t notice he was tying her down. Just kept right on talking until he had tied both hands and one foot and reached for her last appendage. Sam jerked her tiny foot up and away from his big hand, still talking away about why this was not going to happen.

He grabbed her flying foot and tied it down with the soft stocking he had bought that day, spreading her very wide indeed. He stood back and looked at her. Turning he went into the bathroom and returned with towels, his shaving cream and his razor.

Sam’s eyes grew big and she shut up. But only for a second. She watched her husband as he sat down on the bed and eased a big white towel under her squirming pink bottom.

“No, Jake…..let’s….”

“Sam?” he said calmly.

“Huh?, her eyes huge and zeroed in on his busy hands. He stroked her tummy again and allowed his finger to trail downwards.

“Shut up.” Jake said. The cream he smoothed on between her legs made Sam moan. It felt heavenly. She shut her eyes. He was really going to do this. ‘How far would he go?’ she thought. Knowing Jake, he would go as far as he damn well pleased.


It felt very nice and very sexy Sam couldn’t deny that. His rough hands being so gentle. The way he touched her. The way he talked to her. Jake had the sexiest voice on earth. Steamed onward with his arousal, his voice could make her orgasm. Just his voice. Not even adding to what he was doing, just that man’s voice could be qualified as dangerous.

“Oh, baby,” he said, deep and low. “This will be so good. Relax.”

He stroked and coated her with the shaving cream for so long, she began to wonder if that was all he intended. She sneaked a look downward and caught a glimpse of his head bent over her spread legs. Jake was propped up on one arm, casually like he did this everyday. Grabbing a towel he wiped his hands and reached for his razor.

She shivered, squirmed and closed her eyes, still embarrassed. They had only been married a short time and no man had ever had her in this position before. Sam was still shy around her husband at times. This whole situation was humiliating to her and there was no one she’d have allowed to do anything like this except Jake. They had been very open and wild in their sexual adventures thus far, but Jake was pushing the line further here.

“Be still, baby. I don’t want to hurt you.” He said firmly and the cool steel of the razor came down at the top of her small triangle. The soft scraping sound and the pressure of his hand began and Sam was shocked again as she became aroused. He seemed to take a long time and do this slowly, pushing her soft skin this way and that for the best action. Drawing downward towards her delicate lips he dipped one finger in and lifted, pressing against her hard little nub at the same time.

“Oh, Sam. You seem to be enjoying your little haircut. Feel that?” he paused and took her clit between his long fingers, rotating gently. “And you’re so wet. You like this. You do.”

“Urgh..h……” she moaned and bit her lip.

“Relax. Not yet.” Jake smiled and resumed his work. Finally he wiped her off and ran his hands over the soft pink skin searching to make sure he had shaved everything. He reached for the cream again. “Once more.” He said. “I want you perfect.”

“Jake!” her eyes flew open and then she froze, watching him. Mesmerized.

“Watch, baby. Look how pretty you are.”

“Holy sam-hill and shit on a stick.” Sam whispered. This was driving her crazy. She was angry, embarrassed and hot all at the same time.

Jake stood up still staring at her outstretched legs. He turned and took his supplies back to the bathroom returning with a hot damp cloth. Cleaning her up and rubbing her newly shaven skin just about put Sam over the edge. The warmth of the cloth and this man’s sweet touch.

“Oh, Jake. Please stop. Pleaseeee…eee…”

“No whining, I said.” He announced. Coming between her legs on his knees he bent forward and pulled her upward to meet his tongue. He opened his mouth and dove in, lapping away like a dog. Hard and fast with just the right amount of pressure, he latched on to her center and suckled, pausing only to breath deeply and demand, “Cum now for me. Now.”

Sam obeyed.

And as her hips began swinging, Jake pulled his sweats down and plunged himself into her tight muscles and deep contractions. He pumped hard and paused only to reach up and yank her hands loose. He growled and groaned as he was brought towards his own orgasm.

“Fuck me, Sam. Harder. With that sweet pink pus
sy, baby. Harder.” He dug his hands behind her and cupped her bottom, bringing them as close as possible with each thrust. She loved to hear him build to orgasm. It drew her down again and she met her husband exploding with him again. *** It was raining outside and the breeze blew softly into the small room as Jake gently untied her legs and turned off the lights. He joined her on the bed and took her into his arms as she shivered and moaned. He rubbed her leg muscles and then her back as she folded herself into his chest. He reached down and held her stomach waiting for those tiny little butterfly movements they both had been feeling.

“I suppose I am either teaching my son some hot tips or embarrassing my little girl.”

“You’re embarrassing this one.” Sam whispered.

“You love it.” Jake hugged her.

Sam threw her head back and stared up at him. They were silent for a few moments and just looked at each other. Jake pushed some wild curls out of her eyes. She reached for his neck and pulled herself closer. She cuddled up to his jaw. He captured her lips and kissed her deeply as her fingers fluttered lightly over his neck. Just like his heavy beard she could feel the new growth of tiny black hairs on his neck, his hair already growing a bit. He had been right about the growth working for the movie schedule. Sam grinned to herself. She should be the expert here. Could she talk him into a tiny trim at the end of this week so it didn’t grow too much? Of course she could. Aroused again she pulled away from the wet kiss. Jake felt her take his ear between her teeth and she bit down sharply.

“Shit!” he jerked back and Sam giggled.

“That’s for tying me down.”

Jake frowned. “You’re asking for me to get tougher on you. Punishment can be given, you know. You can’t just ‘say’ you will be submissive. You also have to do it.”

Sam rolled over still encircled in his arms.

“Oh, yeah?” She teased.

Jake reached down further and stroked her newly shaven skin. Sam caught her breath. She had no idea this would feel so sensual. Never in a million years would she have asked for this but she had to admit, it was hot.

“First of all, this will remain. Or rather won’t remain. I want you like this always. From now on. Clean shaven and ready for me at all times. Understand?”

Sam started to protest and was stopped by his sudden move to slip into her from the back.

Jake gripped her hips and pulling backwards impaling her slowly. They both heard the juicy dampness of this move and Jake reached around in front of her and flicked her hot little clit back and forth. She sputtered, taken by surprise once again.

“That’s right, baby. Hot, wet and shaved ready for me. All the time. Any time.”

“Urghh…hhh…” she repeated her earlier remark.

“Feel that?” He placed his big hand on her stomach. “You are full of me, Samantha. Full of me Here.” He held her stomach gently. “With my baby…and full of my cock as well…”

Later Jake held her as she dozed off.

Pregnancy made her sleepy. Making her normally wide awake perkiness relax and give in to sleep quicker than usual. He played with her beautiful hair and thought about things. He loved her hair. It was blondish red with a million different shades. He knew many women would die to have the same coloring.

He did not want to cut it. He really didn’t. Leaving him with a conundrum about their present games. What was he going to do? He knew haircutting was something that would probably drive her over the edge delightfully. But still he didn’t want to actually do it. The same way Sam loved his hair, he knew unless there was a reason such as he had had, he never wanted her hair short.

What could he do to tease her? Maybe just frighten her into thinking he was seriously thinking of cutting her hair?

He was a smart man. Surely he could figure this out?

Jake yawned and lay back staring at the ceiling. He knew he needed to make a decision about this and get on with it. His script lay next to the bed ready for all the work he had to do. Getting into character had been accomplished and he only had to work on accents and soak up the local atmosphere. The stage was set for that. The idea of attending a local town church festival had endless possibilities. Why, by the end of the night tomorrow he planned to have soaked up a hell of a lot of small town atmosphere and have a strong bead on the basics of his character.

He’d read up on all the hair fetish ideas.

Surely he could handle a short little cut on his wife. Hair grows after all. And he knew he would probably find it adorable. Everything about her drove him crazy. And after all, the nape of her neck was not to be taken lightly. He envisioned his mouth kissing her neck, clipped into a short cut. His dick jumped in rhythm with that thought.

‘Well, this might be something to ponder.’ Jake smiled in the dark.

Was he using his wife to develop his character for this move? Probably, but why not? Especially if it was entwined with a game of Sam’s sexual fantasies. Two birds, one stone.

‘Ha!’ Jake laughed to himself. ‘It’s true. I do have a wonderful life. Most men would kill to have what I have.’

He drew the covers over Samantha and cuddled up to her back. Wrapping his arms around her, he sighed happily.

Deep in sleep, his tiny wife mumbled something. It sounded something like, ‘Urrghhhh…hhh.’ to Jake.

“That’s right, gorgeous……uuurrgghhhh!”

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