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The call shattered Julies daydream. She looked around herself and saw she was the only remaining patron in the shop. Her breath caught in her throat as she slowly walked over to the huge barbers chair and took a seat. The paper ribbon was quickly secured snuggly around her neck and the stripped cape settled over her shoulders and covered her mini skirt.

"What happened to you young lady?" the barber asked as the back of his hand brushed up the nape of her neck. The short hairs flicked back into place as his hand passed sending a delightful sensation though her body.

" I asked my sister to cut my pony tail off and then trim it into a pageboy. What she did was snug the rubber band almost to the scalp and the cut the ponytail off between the scalp and rubber band! So ….can you help me? I have a job interview tomorrow and everyone else in town is closed on Monday. "Julie was almost in tears the barber noticed.

"Well it is so short in the back, I don’t know what I can do except do a short buzz cut," he replied.

Julie was biting her lip now. She obviously did not want to hear that she was going to the interview tomorrow with a cut that short.

" Look, why not let me even up the back and see what we can do from there, OK?" The look of almost sheer terror told him it was not OK, but she nodded a "yes" any way. Julie watched in the mirror across the shop as the barber slid a draw open and removed a guard which he quickly clicked on to the biggest pair of clippers she had ever seen. She jumped when the clippers roared to life and a firm hand tilted her head down exposing her nape area to the clippers. Slowly he moved the clippers up the back of her neck and she watched little tufts of hair float to a pile in her lap.

Interesting, the barber mused to himself. Most women move away from the clippers and she is pushing into them!!! He finished evening up the back to a uniform 3/4" and tuned to put the clippers on the shelf behind him. Julie was still biting her lip but a blissful look on her face had replaced the look of terror from a moment ago. Interesting indeed!

"Well that was not too bad, right?" the barber asked. "So now what to do with the rest of your hair?" He watched her face closely as he posed the next question. " You know with your bone structure you could carry off a short cut very well." Her eyes gleamed for moment then she seemed to calm herself slightly.

"How short would you cut it??" she asked. "This heat was why I wanted to get rid of the pony tail but I am not sure how short I want to go now."

"Well you have about 4" side and top, but it will have to go a lot shorter to blend with the back. If you will trust me I will get you out of here in a VERY Cute look. If you don’t like it you don’t pay me a dime, OK?"

Julies lip was quivering as she agreed, " OK"

"Just relax a moment while I get something out of the back room." The barber moved to a door at the back of the shop and passed through returning in a moment with a small box which he placed on the counter behind the chair. Turning with a comb in his hand he quickly sectioned of her hair and using plastic clips pinned it out of the way.

"Now relax, this won’t hurt a bit,". The clippers sprang to life again as he lifted the hair away from her scalp on the left side of her head and reduced it to 3/4" in a heartbeat. As he moved to her left to repeat the process removing the clips as he went he noticed Julie was clenching her thighs together and seemed lost in her own private world. As he turned to place the clippers on the shelf he glanced in the mirror. Julies reflection showed as definite movement under the cape in the area of her crotch. Yes indeed very interesting!!!!!!

He worked quickly removing the clips and measuring the hair against the width of his 4 fingers snipping off any protruding ends expertly. Working from the crown toward the front the pile of hair was growing in her lap, the latest clippings longer then the first wisps. The face he saw in the mirror across the shop was one of bliss, joy, and happiness. Laying the scissors down he opened the box and removed and plugged in a set of electric curlers and a small diameter curling iron. Never thought I would need these again he chuckled to himself

He slowly turned the chair to face the back mirror , giving Julie time to compose herself before she faced him. He removed the last clip and combed the remaining locks down over her eyes. Stretching the hair between his fingers he trimmed off the ends to establish the length for her bangs. Once again he combed the bangs straight out from her forehead and took tiny angled cuts into the ends. He released the bangs and they settled into a soft fringe against her forehead.

The hot rollers were ready and he expertly wound them into place across the top of her head carefully clipping them into place.A quick glance into the mirror showed a VERY contented young lady with closed eyes and a mysterious smile on her face. He slowly turned the chair to face the front of the shop and brushed the nape of her neck with the back of his hand.

"Well this should be a cooler style for this heat. Can you come back in 3 weeks for me to touch up the back or would you rather go shorter now?" he asked.

Julies’ hand appeared from under the cape and brushed the back of her neck. The smile once again filled the room. "How much shorter do you think?" she asked.

"Well 1/2" would really be a sharp contrast to the curls. But it is up to you" he stated again brushing the velvety soft nape. "Besides ….wearing something other then a T-shirt it may brush the collar and bother you."

Julie considered a moment. "Well if you think so. I am not used to it being this short and had not thought about that. OK take it shorter please."

The guard was changed on the clippers and Julie closed her eyes again, waiting for the hungry teeth of the clippers to start their march up the back of her neck. This time each pass let her feel the breeze off the fan in the corner much more clearly. It was the first time in a while a breeze had touched that area of her neck, and it was WONDERFUL. The clippers were suddenly silent and Julies eyes snapped open. She felt the clip holding the cape around her neck be removed and the cape was carefully folded forward. She looked up into the mirror in time to watch him tuck a towel into the top of her T-shirt and smooth across her shoulders and down her back. Another towel was laid across her left shoulder and he turned his back to her for a moment. She heard a swishing sound and he turned to her and with the back of his right hand applied wonderfully warm shaving cream to the edge of her hairline. A new look of terror crossed her face as he wiped his hands on a towel on the counter an picked something up off the shelf. He reached down to something attached to the barber chair and quickly made a few strokes with a straight razor!!!

His thumb wiped away some of the shaving cream before the razor begin a fluid stroke in front of her right ear. Julie was frozen in fear and at the same time tingling inside as she felt the fine hairs smoothly cleaned off. He deftly moved around the ear pausing to wipe the blade off on the towel on her shoulder. The razor made short work of cleaning the stray hair behind the right ear and was wiped clean again before creating a slick path from the hair line to collar of her T-shirt.

" You know you can breathe. I have done this before," the barber chided her.

At her left ear he again wiped some of the shaving cream away before cleaning up her sideburn area. The transition around her ear was wonderfully slow and Julie was savoring all these new sensations. A final pass of the razor and he wiped the blade before removing the towel. The towel tucked into her shirt was removed and used to wipe any remaining lather off her neckline.

The hot rollers were removed and he lightly brushed the curls into place before turning the chair to the mirror behind the shelf so she could see. The curling iron quickly touched up a few curls before he finally spoke. "Well what do you think? Do I get paid tonight?" he asked as he removed the cape trapping the cut hair inside.

" It is cute. You do good work," Julie replied as she stepped from the chair and walked over to her purse. She could not keep her hands off the nape as she turned to admire the curls. Finally she stopped long enough to remove the money plus a generous tip from her wallet.

" So I should come back in 3 or 4 weeks? Suppose the little hairs you shaved off start to bother me can I come in sooner?" she asked, "Maybe just to have the neck line shaved again?"

"Sure no problem. Just don’t let your sister cut your hair again, OK?" he replied. Julie stopped at the door and smiled at him as she ran her fingers through the buzzed nape for the 50th time since leaving the chair. She winked at him as she left the shop. "What sister?" she said.

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