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As the group walked home from the barbers, Rebecca could not believe what her Mom, Janet, had just done to her. Only a short time ago she had had long gorgeous blond hair. Now she was practically bald and her Mom said she needed to get another haircut next week.

“How long do I have to keep it cut like this?” asked a whimpering Rebecca.

“Until I’m satisfied you can take responsibility”

“But Mom it’s going to be real short by the time school starts even if I start growing it out now. I’ve learned my lesson, really I have” answered Rebecca.

“I’ll decide when you’ve learned your lesson” replied Janet as the group kept walking toward the house. As they approached the house Stephanie excused herself saying her mother was expecting her. Then Joey’s mom picked him up. After dinner Rebecca and Billy went to their rooms. Rebecca was looking at herself in the mirror when Billy popped in.

“It looks cool” explained Billy. “I like it.”

“A lot you know. I look horrible. I don’t even look like a girl anymore. How could she do this to me?” Then turning to Billy, “If you hadn’t pitched such a fit at the barber’s none of this would have happened.” Rebecca started sobbing uncontrollably. Billy didn’t know what to do, so he ran to get his Mom.

“Rebecca, you don’t look horrible. In fact you look rather good” comforted her Mom, Janet. After a while Rebecca got control and her Mom left.

The next morning Rebecca woke early desperately looking for her dirty old yellow hat. It was stupid looking with its wide brim and faded, dirty yellow color. But it was better than going around bald. At last she found it.

When Joey arrived, Janet had left for work and Rebecca was preparing breakfast for him and Billy. “I like the hat” commented Joey “But I like the haircut better.”

“Maybe for you or Billy, but remember I’m a girl. I look like a Marine with this haircut. And I don’t care what you say, it looks horrible” At that moment Rebecca looked out the window and saw Stephanie approaching the house. “I can’t believe she’s coming after all that’s happened” thought Rebecca. Stephanie came into the house without knocking and into the kitchen.

“Here let me help” said Stephanie as she started setting the table.

“Thanks” said Rebecca, but she was thinking what are we going to do, comb Stephanie’s hair and let her feel my bald head?

When they had finished eating, the boys went out to play and Rebecca and Stephanie cleaned up the dishes. “What do you want to do?” asked Rebecca. “I could comb your hair, but that would not be fair, because I don’t really have any hair for you to comb.”

“That’s alright” replied Stephanie. “You can comb my hair and I’ll give you a head massage.”

Rebecca hesitated before agreeing. Stephanie offered to do the massage first, but Rebecca insisted on combing Stephanie’s hair first. As she did she almost cried as she reached up to her own head to feel a total lack of hair. But something surprising happened as she felt her head. A jolt of electric pleasure shot through her body. Nevertheless, she really missed her gorgeous hair as she combed Stephanie’s. She did not want to stop because she got the vicarious sense that she was combing her own hair. But finally it was Stephanie’s turn to massage her head. As her fingers traveled over Rebecca’s head, both Rebecca and Stephanie experienced a jolt of pleasure. “Wow” this feels good enough that I could almost get my hair cut like yours” said Stephanie.

“Why don’t you then?” shoot back Rebecca.

“Silly, because I can enjoy yours. I don’t have to.”

“And you don’t have to endure the humiliation either” quipped Rebecca.

At that Stephanie suddenly stopped the massage and both girls started cleaning house. When it was lunchtime, they called the boys to eat and the 2 came bouncing in. Both loved their new hassle free haircuts. As they were eating Joey asked Rebecca why she was wearing that ugly hat. She didn’t answer and the boys knew that more than enough had been said.

As the week passed, Rebecca hoped that her Mom had forgotten about her keeping her awful haircut. But no such luck as Janet reminded Rebecca to take the boys along for a trim when she went to the barbershop. And if they wanted to get a haircut like hers, it was ok.

The next day, barbershop day, Rebecca had hoped that Stephanie would not come over, but as usual, before Joey arrived, Stephanie was there. Rebecca had put off going the barbershop hoping Stephanie would not tag along. Not only did Stephanie tag along but she thoroughly enjoyed Rebecca’s shearing. The boys decided to keep the flattops they had and not go as short as Rebecca’s. Now Rebecca definitely had the shortest hair in the group. As soon as they exited the barbershop, Rebecca put on her yellow hat, but everyone wanted to feel her head. So almost reluctantly she let them. The haircut and their feeling her head strangely turned Rebecca on. What a strange experience. Nevertheless she wore her hat every waking hour.

Sunday came and Rebecca was getting ready for church. None of her dresses looked right so she decided to wear a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. “Now for some shoes” she thought to herself. All of her shoes were too dressy for what she was wearing. Besides none of her shoes went with her yellow hat. Finally she decided to wear a pair of flip-flops.

As Rebecca came downstairs Janet was still dressing Billy. He was standing there in nothing but his briefs while Janet was trying to select something suitable for him. But when Rebecca came into the room her attention suddenly turned from Billy to Rebecca. “Young lady! You can’t go to church looking like that!”

“Mom, what am I supposed to wear with a Marine haircut? And besides what difference does it make? blurted Rebecca.

“It does make a difference what you wear. But I can see where you are coming from in not wanting to wear a frilly dress. But the hat has to go.”

“NO MOM!” shouted Rebecca. “Please Mom don’t make me got to church without my hat”

“Sorry the hat’s got to go. You’ll look much better without that dirty old hat” replied Janet. Then she turned her attention to Billy who was still standing there in only his underpants. “OK buster, if your sister can go to church in a shorts, T-shirt and thongs, so can you.” At that she finished dressing Billy.

As they were leaving Stephanie was approaching their house. “What’s she doing here?” whispered Rebecca to her Mom. “She’s going to church with us as she usually does. Remember you are the one who wanted Stephanie to start going with us”

Stephanie was adorable with her flawless blond hair cascading over her shoulders. Her dress with its ruffles was stunning. Rebecca loved it. In fact she had one almost exactly like it. They had bought them at the same time.

When they arrived at church everyone was shocked at Rebecca’s appearance. One of the boys teased her and asked if she had joined the Marines. All the kids laughed at the remark, even those that felt genuinely sorry for her. None of the girls had the courage to ask Rebecca what had happened to her, but a few asked Stephanie. As Stephanie relayed the story, one of the girls smugly remarked “I guess she won’t be a cheerleader next year then.”

One of the older boys, Justin who had a slight crush on Rebecca, tried to comfort her. “Rebecca” spoke Justin timidly, “I think your haircut looks really cool.” Rebecca felt either he was subtly mocking her or felt sorry for her. But Justin was not a person to mock.

“Thanks Justin’ replied Rebecca dryly. "But I don’t need your sympathy. I know you’re only trying to help, but it only makes it worse.”

“No, I’m not saying this out of sympathy” replied Justin. “I really do think you look cool and I admire your courage. Listen, I can prove what I’m saying if you’ll go with me to meet someone.”


“Now if it’s OK with your Mom. I drove to church and the person I want you to meet lives near here” replied Justin.

Rebecca thought why not? Justin is a good person. He wouldn’t do anything intentionally to hurt anyone. So Rebecca asked her Mom and her Mom gave her permission with the provision that Justin get her home before 5 pm. The only problem was that Stephanie wanted to go also. Rebecca really didn’t want Stephanie tagging along on this, but when Stephanie showed an interest, Justin insisted that she come along. She called her Mom on the cell phone, got permission and off they went.

In a few minutes they arrived at a small house in a secluded wooded area. “Connie” cried out Justin as he approached the front door. In a few seconds a gorgeous bald lady appeared at the front door. “Hi I’m Connie and you must be Rebecca. Justin told me about you.” And turning to Stephanie she said, “What’s your name young lady?”


Connie invited them in and there in her living room was another gorgeous bald lady. Connie introduced her as Jen. Rebecca and Stephanie were charmed by the two gorgeous baldies. The ladies showed their guests pictures of glamorous bald ladies and girls and talked about how sexy being bald is. They then showed before and after pictures of baldies and girls getting haircuts and head shaves. They also informed the girls what a turn-on a shaved head is to a lot of guys, like Justin. Justin blushed.

“But I look like a Marine” lamented Rebecca.

“A very sexy Marine” replied Connie. “Yea, you would be surprised what a little make up and earrings can do for you. But I agree that earrings wouldn’t be right with the GI haircut.”

“What about giving her a make over? Maybe some makeup and stuff?” suggested Justin.

“Well” entered Jen. “I think she looks great with the plain GI look being as young as she is.”

“Tell you what. If you really want a glamour makeover, get your Mom’s permission and next time you go to the barbershop, get a complete head shave rather than the GI, and we’ll make you more beautiful than you ever dreamed of being with hair.”

This sounded so exciting to Rebecca and even to Stephanie. But Rebecca didn’t think she would ever be able to get her Mom’s permission.

“Sure honey” said Rebecca Mom. “I think that’s a great idea, but remember you have to pay for everything including the ear piercing. And if you do this, be sure a licensed practitioner does the piercing.”

That was too easy. Now all Rebecca had to do was muster the courage to tell the barber to shave her head.

Barbershop day came and Rebecca, Stephanie and the boys scurried off. Rebecca was almost excited. But when she got in the chair, her excitement slipped away and her courage abandoned her. As the barber was about to turn on the clippers Stephanie interjected, “Don’t you have something you want to tell him?”

Rebecca quickly shook her head no and the barber gave her the usual flat top. The next week the same thing happened. It looked as though Rebecca would be stuck with her flat top.

Or would she? Read the next episode Rebecca, Part 3 Rebecca Goes All the Way.

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