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Carol Baker was a seventeen year old with lots of major issues in her life. Her and her father Bill had been coping single handedly for ten years. Carol’s mum had left the family home and ran off with another man, and hadn’t returned, they were now divorced. Her father owned a large company, in which he had been totally absorbed in since his wife had left, that was until six months ago. There was now a new woman in his life, Sandra. Two months ago Sandra, his secretary, had finally got what she wanted, she married the boss.

Carol was a pretty girl, not beautiful, but just pretty. Her long blonde thick hair was her redeeming feature it hung to her knees, and had never been cut since her mother had left, just trimmed occasionally. She never wore makeup, and had never been out with a boy, her attitude towards them saw to that. Carol without her long hair, probably would of looked like a boy, she was a bit flat chested and strode around somewhat mannish. She wore her clothes in an awkward kind of way, you know what I mean.

Sandra had been forwarded in her career since the marriage, and was now in charge of a section of five woman, she liked to be in charge and was revelling in her new job. She kept her thick blonde hair down to her waist no longer never shorter. Her hair was trimmed once every six weeks by her regular stylist Mary. She liked her girls, as she called them, to have their hair kept nice and neat. Sandra liked short hair on other women, it gave her a sort of power over them.

As a young child Sandra and her mother also had to forge a life on their own, as her father had died shortly after Sandra’s birth. She was a spoilt child and had everything she wanted except parental control. Even as a girl of fifteen she had waist length hair, the boys all loved her, mainly for that reason, her hair. Then one day she came home and told her mum that she was expecting a child, her mum was furious, but as usual excepted it. Unfortunately she lost the child two months into the pregnancy. Her mum was quietly pleased but at the same time upset.

A couple of weeks passed and mum decided that she would have to come down a lot harder on Sandra before it happened again, she planned to teach her daughter a lesson that she would not forget. Unbeknown to her an appointment was made for Sandra to get her hair cut, and cut short, if the boys loved her hair maybe a haircut would help alleviate the problem.

Next day Sandra and her mum walked in for their usual trim at the local salon with Anne their usual stylist. Sandra thought she would be getting her normal trim today. Anne, caped Sandra and brushed out her long hair. it was strange that she was told to sit in the chair, because her hair was always cut standing up, as it was so long. Nevertheless Sandra just sat quietly. The first cut was made at jaw level followed by another, then another. Sandra did not move but sat kind of fascinated as well as upset. Her mother smiled at her as the last chunk of hair fell to the floor. Not a word was spoken or tear shed. Next the clippers hummed in her ear, more and more hair fell onto the cape and down onto the floor, quite a carpet formed around her. All her hair was shaved clean to just above the ear to form a step just like a mushroom in fact. She was given a nice short fringe, to an inch above her eyebrows. Now lets see those boys bother you again she told her. Anne laughed her usual laugh when her mother said that, a slightly annoying laugh, one she would never forget.

Since that day, Sandra had been introduced to a fetish, she had always been fascinated, somewhat interested in other girls haircuts, but not her own you understand. Two weeks ago a new girl had started in her office, Cathy, she wore her dark brown hair down to her waist, and from then on Sandra made up her mind to take this young lady under her wing, and to have her long hair somewhat shortened. Sandra spent a lot of time with Cathy, and eventually told her that an appointment had been made for her to get her hair cut a bit. Cathy said that she would maybe consider it in the future, but Sandra told her that the appointment was for an hours time and if she didn’t keep it she would have to let her go from her job. She grudgingly agreed and went straight off to the salon with her.

"Hi Mary here’s young Cathy who I told you about, she wasn’t to sure to start with, but she’s decided to get a nice neat haircut after all."

"Hi Sandra, Hi Cathy come on over and take a seat here my dear." Mary patted the styling chair.

"That’s it up you get my dear, my she does have lovely hair doesn’t she."

"Still I can soon sort that out for you, now you want it cut nice and short don’t you Sandra." She smiled at Sandra as her hands fondled the beautiful hair.

"Sure is going to look different with all this mess cut off, eh!” Mary loved to cut hair short, in fact she had always dreamed that one day she would get the chance to give a woman a complete head shave.

"Right lets get started then, now on the phone you said that she wanted it all nice and even didn’t you so I, ll just use the clippers to do everything shall I Sandra."

"Yes, I think that would be best don’t you Cathy it will save you messing around with your hair for hours in the morning, and besides I think a really short crew-cut will really suit her don’t you Mary ."

Cathy just sat very nervously in the large chair as Mary placed the humming clippers at her forehead, it was only hair, but it was her hair. The clippers slowly chewed her hair off leaving a neat pathway straight through the top. The cut hair stayed where it was for a few seconds, and then as another pass was made, it slipped gently into the girls lap. More and more hair fell onto the floor and her lap, until the top was completely shaved down an even half inch.

"I like hair to be nice and neat don’t you Cathy." Said Mary as she ran the clippers around her ear.

"There that’s looking a lot better already dear, see how the bristles just flick back like that, its really cute isn’t it Sandra." She ran her hand over the top of her head and then started on the other side.

"Nearly done now dear." Mary was holding the hair at the back up as she swept the clippers up through her nape cutting all the hair off.

Soon the cut was nearly finished and Mary brushed her off. Cathy now had a half inch buzz cut.

"Mary I think you should taper up the back and sides for her, and shave it up a bit as well, would that be okay Cathy?"

Cathy just sat and stared into the mirror, she didn’t recognise the girl staring back at her. The weird thing was she loved it, her hand shot up from under the cape to feel the short bristles and loved the sensation of it. Cathy nodded and Mary changed the guard to a number one. Expertly she blended in the hair to the top until a mans fade was achieved, a real short back and sides. The hair line was lathered up and shaved up an inch or so. It was now really neat and tidy. Mary used some talc on her neck and brushed off all the tiny clipping. Cathy reached up and ran her hands all over her new haircut, then she thanked Mary and got out of the big chair. The two women left and Sandra treated Cathy to lunch as a special treat, mainly so she could drool over Cathy,s new cut.

"I’m fed up with it Bill, she doesn’t do anything I ask her to, she’s bone idol, you will have to have a word with her or else. Her hairs a bloody mess she needs to get herself tidied up a bit."

"Yes dear I will have a word, I promise love."

"No, its not good enough Bill if I’m to be her new mother I must have full control, do you hear, full control over her, no child of mine is going to treat me the way she does and that’s final."

"Well, its been so long since her mums been gone Sandra, you have to give and take a bit love."

"Look Sandra why don’t you and Carol take a break together a holiday your due some time off and Carol has the summer holidays, it would do you both good, time to get to know each other better, hmm."

"Oh, Bill I think you may have something there, yes it would be good for just the two of us to get away, we could go off together for a while and really sort out our problems. I could take her to get her hair restyled, and pampered she’d love that."

"Well, I not sure about this haircut thing, you know that she loves to keep her hair long I."

"No Bill if I’m to be her mum then she will do as I say, not as she wants, do you understand Bill I must have full control over her, full control." Sandra rubbed her thigh into his crouch, how could he not agree.

Sandra told Carol about the trip away she was planning, and Carol seemed to think it was a stupid idea, and there was no way she would be going, she stormed out into the garden. Sandra followed and grabbed her by the shoulder turning her around sharply.

"Look young lady you are going with me like it or not, I’m going to sort you out missy you see if I don’t."

With that Sandra pushed Carol back into the house and told her to go pack her bag now, they would leave right away before Bill got back in from work.


"No buts young lady your father has given me complete control, now you do as I say get it."

"And you can start by calling me mum, do you understand me." Sandra shouted after her as she ran upstairs in tears.

Sandra phoned Bill to let him know that they were off a day early and then phoned for a taxi. The plan was to go back to a small town in the countryside near where she was brought up nearly fifteen years ago. It was one of those quiet towns bordering Wales. Bustling in its own way, but quieter than they were used to. The taxi came and Sandra pushed Carol into the back seat, she was still upset. Sandra would soon sort this one out.

The pair arrived outside of the most expensive hotel in the town an hour later, Sandra paid and tipped the driver, and the doorman opened the plush door of the hotel. They were taken to their room, it was the best in the hotel. Sandra meant to enjoy her new found wealth. Carol looked slightly out of place, she was a very slight girl almost boyish in appearance and her clothes hung badly on her.

"This afternoon you can either stay here or go out and buy yourself some new clothes, I shall be going out to find a nice restaurant for us to have dinner tonight, okay."

Carol grunted yes, as Sandra closed the door behind her.

Sandra walked down the high street looking in all the shops getting familiar once again to the town she had visited years ago. As she walked she remembered all those years ago when her mother had brought her to have all her lovely hair ruthlessly cut.

As if by magic she stopped to look in a shop and realised she had found the perfect place for her little girl to have her hair cut off. Sues Cutting Place, She stared in through the window.

Inside a young girl sat in a big red barbers chair, her hair, at least waist length was being brushed lovingly out by a stylist with one of the shortest haircuts she had ever seen on a woman, almost shaved. Sandra was captivated, she walked straight up to the door and walked in.

"Can I help you." "Sorry."

"Can I help you."

"No, I mean no you carry on I just wanted to, ahh, well, um, have a quiet word, no you carry on I’m in no hurry, its okay."

"Okay fine I,ll be a few minutes or so just make yourself comfy, Liz get Mrs."


"Liz get Sandra a coffee love will you."

"Oh, thanks."

"No problem."

Liz brought Sandra a mug of coffee and Sue began to cut the young girls hair. An older lady, the young girls mother chatted to Sandra.

"I brought her in to have her hair cut off I’m fed up with it, in the mornings before school it takes half an hour to braid, I told Sue to chop it off to her ears, it will be so much easier to take care of then."

They watched as Sue rough cut it to the young girls shoulders and then Sue produced clippers with no guard on. The girl just stared into the mirror and nodded, Sue bent her head forward and ran her hand up through the thick hair, then ploughed the clippers up her neck to the very top of her head vast amounts of thick hair slid into her lap and spewed onto the floor. Quickly another pass was made and before long the back was buzzed down to a mere stubble. It was now too late for any chance for mum to intervene. Next the sides were bared, and within just ten minutes the young girls head was completely cropped to a mere half inch.

"There you go Jill, just what you asked for, now don’t forget if you want to keep it like that I,ll see you in a week or two, bye."

The girls mum was in shock as they walked back into the street outside.

"Now Sandra how can I help you?"

"Well, that certainly was some haircut, did she want it that short."

"Oh yes, she actually wanted a head shave but I don’t think her mum would of liked that, so."

"Umm, right, yes, well my little girl and I are going to be staying here for a few weeks, kind of break, you know, girlie thing, well, she wants to get her hair cut, but her father is one of those all or nothing kind of guys. He said if she wants it cut, get her a proper haircut, not just a couple of inches."

"That’s no problem if he wants her to get a proper haircut then you’ve brought her to the right place, we believe in cutting hair here Sandra, not just trimming." Sue motioned to the two stylists, both their heads were all but shaved.

"When Liz and Zena first started here they both had very long hair, now they wouldn’t grow it back if I paid them extra each week, honestly once in my chair she wont look back."

Sue smiled at Sandra and admired her long blonde hair, she reached out a hand and ran her fingers through it.

"Perhaps you might even consider a trim Sandra."

"Oh no I shall never have mine cut I’m afraid, never."

"Look if your passing tonight I shall no doubt be working late, bring her in I,ll give her a warm up in the chair, you’ll see shell love to get her hair cut, and cut short very short, she will thank you for it as well."

Sandra left the shop confident she had the answer to her prayers.

Back at the hotel Sandra asked Carol if she had a good afternoon.

"What do you think I’m stuck here with a tart like you and you ask me, am I enjoying myself, I don’t think so, do you?"

Sandra ignored her outburst knowing that her fate was now sealed.

"I have made an appointment for you to get your hair c… trimmed up a bit, tomorrow morning eleven fifty."

"Your off your head, no way Jose, forget it."

"Now listen to me young lady in my bag I have some rather large shears, if you don’t have your hair done professionally I will do it for you, got it. Now get yourself ready were going to dinner tonight."

Carol realised that she had gone too far this time and was worried about her date in the morning, her date to have her hair trimmed, or was it.

As Carol walked solemnly along the high street with her stepmother, she noticed that there seemed to be lots of young girls, even older woman sporting very short haircuts. Strange, indeed.

Most of the shops were closed as it was seven o’clock after all, but the lights were on in this one. Carol stared into the window, an older woman was talking to the stylist. A girl of perhaps her age was in the chair, caped ready for a haircut perhaps, or maybe she had just had a trim, such lovely hair. Sandra smiled and let her watch, she knew that unbeknown to Carol, she would be in that very chair in the morning.

The mother wanted her daughter to get a trim but the long haired girl wanted it cut shorter. The stylist lifted her hair off her face and the girl nodded her head, her mother bowed her head in silence, and sat back on the settee shaking her head.

"Come in for goodness sake don’t just stand there." Sue was at the door beckoning Carol over.

Carol didn’t hesitate just walked over and walked in, she actually wanted to watch the destruction of this girls hair. Sandra took a seat beside her and they prepared to watch the show. Sue started by rough cutting the girls hair to about five inches all over, it looked a mess. Long strands of her hair littered the floor, the girl actually seemed happy to be sat there having this done to her. Next the stylist picked up men’s hair clippers and slowly began to shave her head down to stubble. Was this real or was she dreaming, Carol didn’t care either way, she was enjoying watching the girl get all that hair cut off? It looked cool, different, she was so brave. Lots of hair built up in the girls lap, she just lifted her hands under the cape and sent them floating to the floor to join the rest of her hair. She looked just like a little boy now, something Carol had always secretly dreamed of. Now Sue was lathering her head ready to shave her properly. Carol was beginning to get very moist between the thighs, so moist. A few minutes later and Sue had shaved the girls head clean, not a trace was left on her head, all gone, at last. A bemused mother paid and left the shop, and Sandra went to chat to Sue at the reception area, leaving Carol sat on the settee. Sandra looked over her shoulder only to see that Carol had walked over to the chair and was gathering the long locks into a neat ponytail in her small hands. They left her to it and started to chat.

"See I think she actually got off on that, if you want me to cut it I could do it now for you if you like."

"No tomorrow will be fine just fine."

"I do have a special request though."

The two woman continued to chat, meanwhile Carol had sat herself up in the barbers chair and was brushing her long hair from end to end. As she stared at herself in the big mirror she was already suspecting this was the shop she would have her haircut indeed this was the chair.

"Well, I cant see a problem with that Sandra, yes that sounds just fine, about ten to twelve then."

Sue walked up behind Carol and placed her hands on her shoulders.

"Your hair is so thick Carol, your a lucky little girl aren’t you dear." Carol just sat musing to herself, her hair was so messy it did need a good cut didn’t it.

"Come on now dear we’ll be late for our dinner." Sandra told her.

"Yes mum."


"Yes mum."

"Oh, you took me by surprise dear, are you okay?"

"Yes, fine thanks mum."

Sandra was astounded by the transformation, the chair was indeed magical. They enjoyed their meal together and returned to the hotel for the night. Carol was up early the next morning, followed quite soon by Sandra. They showered and dried their hair together, and by ten o’clock were ready to go out.

"Lets get there in plenty of time mum and we can watch for a while, can we, please?"

"Sure we can Carol darling, anything you say."

Sandra was totally amazed by what a few minutes in an old barbers chair could do for a young, once unruly girl. Today could only get better and better.

They arrived at the salon ten minutes later, Sue told them to take a seat so they did. The shop was very busy this morning. A lot of customers were having their already short hair cropped. With four teenage girls or so waiting to get their hair cut from long. The clippers were working overtime today. The first of the teenage girls got slowly up into Sues chair while another was taken by Zen. Sue caped her and combed through her shoulder length hair the girl settled quietly back into the chair. Without asking Sue turned on her clippers and ploughed a pathway through the girls messy hair. She just sat and smiled as her hair was brutally clipped off. Her friend just had a trim but watched fascinated as the other girl was being shorn. Within five minutes her hair was cropped to a quarter of an inch all over she looked good. The floor had not been swept all morning and was filled with all colours and kinds of hair, long bits, short bits, blonde bits and black and brown bits. All had been sheared off. Most of the longer lengths were splayed around Sues chair. Sue kicked huge lengths out from under her feet as more gathered there.

The next girl was called to the chair, she looked at her friend strangely, and after some prodding she walked over to the chair. The young girl sat back in to the confines of the chair, she had her hair tied up in a bun. Sue first caped her, then fitted the rubber barbers mat, before undoing her bun. The hair once released hung down the back of the chair nearly touching the floor.

"Now young lady how would you like your hair cut today, would you like a nice trim or perhaps something a little shorter?"

"Well, I only came in to watch my friend have her hair cut but it when you cut it, I could tell she really enjoyed it and it does look so nice doesn’t it, so maybe."

"Maybe what," said Sue

"Well, maybe I should get mine cut, it is a bit long isn’t it?” She ran her fingers down through the long hair.

"Yes, it is dear, so would you like me to trim it a bit for you dear?"

‘Yes, please do, I,ll leave it to you Sue, just cut it off for me."

"Carol can you please come over and help me dear?"

Carol didn’t need to be asked twice she was up on her feet and quickly walked over to the chair beside Sue.

"Carol is a hairdressing student of mine, and my niece, Id like her to assist me with your hair today, is that okay dear?" Sue lied.

"Sure that’s fine Sue."

"Right Carol you hold all this hair for me while I cut it off darling?"

"Yes Aunt Sue.” Carol played along with the game.

Carol pulled the hair out for Sue and held the thick pony tail in her small hands.

"That’s it, now pull it quiet firmly dear."

Carol pulled the hair firmly as she held it all with both hands.

"That’s it now don’t let go will you."

Sue began to cut through the thick hair, and within a couple of minutes it was nearly off.

"Phew this hair is so thick isn’t it Carol just like yours dear."

Then it was off in her hands and Carol returned to her seat still grasping the pony tail.

"Now come on back here Carol, I have not finished with you yet young lady."

Carol gave Sandra the huge waft of hair and returned to Sue’s side.

"Now you haven’t had a lot of practice with the clippers have you dear, so here is your chance young lady."

Carol nearly cum in her pants as Sue held out the big set of clippers, the same clippers that had already cut so much hair off.

"That’s it take them dear, now then start at the front as you have seen me do before and just pull them back very slowly, so as not to miss any hair, okay, we want it to nice and neat don’t we."

Carol took hold of the clippers and positioned herself by the girls side, she looked at the girl, who smiled then nodded at her as if to confirm that it was all right to start. Then with the clippers in her left hand, she began. The clippers were placed on the girls forehead then Carol slowly, as instructed, pulled them back towards the crown. The result was devastating. A wave of beautiful soft hair fell onto the girls shoulder and down to the floor. Another pass quickly sent more hair to its doom. Carol stopped and ran her small hand over the clipped area as if checking her work, but in truth she was mesmerised by the feel of it. Carol then placed the girls head in the forward position and touched the soft hair at the base of her neck. She pushed them up through the bob length hair, leaving a broad path in their wake. Five more passes were made before the neck was completely bared of hair. Then she gently ran around the girls ears exposing them to the cool air for the first time in years. Looking up she could tell the girl was pleased with the resulting haircut.

The girl began to blush as Carol ran her hands all over the her head.

"Can you please make it smooth for me now?"

Sue stepped up and said of coarse she could and showed Carol how to lather the head. Once the lather was applied Sue explained how to use the Bic razor, and soon Carol was shaving her stubble down to nice smooth finish. As soon as the job was completed Sue told Carol to sit back down, though not before she had dusted the girls head and ran her fingers all over her freshly shaved scalp.

The young girl went and sat down to wait for there other friend who was now seating herself in the already warm red leather chair. Sue fitted the cape once more and the next customer was ready to be sheared. Her hair was a nice mid brown colour and hung in a pretty bob style, shaved at the back with a cute short fringe. Sue lifted the fringe as she ploughed the clippers once again into the girls forehead this time she went all the way back to the bottom of her neck in one foul sweep. Hair quickly collected on her shoulders and began to form a neat pile there. Within a few minutes her hair was gone. and replaced by a short crew-cut. All three girls then paid and left. By now the shop was empty and only Sandra and Carol were left.

"Right were all off to dinner now, so you can give your little girl a nice haircut Sandra."

Sandra got up and thanked Sue, while Carol hurriedly went and took her place in the red chair, she was very keen to get started .

"We shall be gone about one and a half hours will that be okay Sandra, I pull the blinds down and lock the door, bye.

With that the two were left alone, Sandra walked over to Carol who was rubbing her hands between her thighs, and looking at her own reflection in the mirror.

"Right Carol would you like mummy to give you nice haircut, are you going to be good for me, eh."

"Yes, mum I do and I will."

"Good girl, well you can start by calling me mummy then can’t you, yes that would be a good start I think, don’t you."

"Yes, mummy, I will be a very good girl from now on I promise you."

"Good girl, now give mummy a big kiss sweetheart."

Sandra bent over and kissed Carol on the lips, Carol responded by giving her a full blown tongue in mouth kiss, which took Sandra back a bit to say the least. The pair embraced and fondled each other.

"Now undo mummies blouse and kiss mummies bosom darling, that’s it go on do it."

"That’s right suck them for me, umm that’s good darling, that’s oh so nice, good girl Carol."

"Guess what dear, mummy thinks she forgot to put her panties on do you want to check for me Carol, would you like to do that for me poppet."

Sandra came round in front of her and Carol lifted her skirt high up, and then penetrated her stepmother with her fingers.

"Oh yes darling that’s divine, do it for me, mummies little girl, yes do it."

When they came up for air Sandra composed herself and began to brush Carols somewhat dishevelled hair, she brushed for ages taking great care not to miss any.

"Now my little girl, mummies going to give you a haircut, not too short though."

"Oh but I want it short mummy."

"Listen you bad girl, I shall tell you how short you may have your hair cut, understand, me, I’m in charge do you get it." She pulled Carols hair firmly back and kissed her on the lips.

"Yes mummy, sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you."

"Good girl."

"You’ve never had a fringe before have you dear, well I think its time you should get one don’t you, and then I shall cut a nice bob for you my darling, okay."

Carol nodded in agreement, very excitedly.

"We wont bother with a cape Carol I prefer to see the hair all over your clothes, would you like that, good, that’s it I,ll just comb down a nice fringe for you. I,ll let you have a nice thick one to just above your eyes so you can watch mummy cut all you lovely hair off, okay. Were comb it from right back here at the top of your crown, that will look so sweet."

Sandra combed all the hair from the top of the crown forwards over Carol face, it was going to be such a thick fringe. When she began to cut the thick fringe Carol rubbed between her thighs to relieve herself, it was indeed ecstasy, something she had never experienced before.

"That’s it mummies little girl, you enjoy yourself my darling."

A huge amount of hair fell straight into her lap and intertwined with her hands as she played. Next Sandra started to cut a rough bob to around her shoulders. Each handful after being cut was placed in Carols lap. It was getting all messy now and Carol was glad to be rid of it. It took on the appearance of a strange birds nest just a mess of hair. After ten minutes or so the bob, rough as it was, was finished. Carol looked up to see herself and although not a professional job, it had the desired effect. Her long hair was no more. A mass of hair lay in her lap. Gone was the old Carol replaced by someone she didn’t know. She dispassionately chucked the hair away onto the floor.

"Hi there you two, oh you look better already Carol, such a nice thick fringe, I do like that dear, would you like me to sort it out a bit for you now, just the ends."

Sue was back and as instructed she would now trim it up to make it look more professional . Sandra told her to take a tiny amount off the fringe, just to neaten it up, and perhaps take the bob up to the bottom of her ears, and shave any neckline below that away with the clippers. Also Sue suggested that she chip in around the bob to make it lie better for her.

With all this decided Sue began to take even more hair off, the clippers were needed, as Carols hairline came right down to nearly to the bottom of her neck.

"The back looks so cute now doesn’t it Sandra, all shaved up like that, my your a big girl now Carol, and do you know, now that you’ve had your hair cut shorter you look a bit like a little boy dear, so cute."

Sandra smiled quietly to herself, good she thought, she touched the finished cut so neat and tidy now, perhaps she would bring her back tomorrow for another haircut, yes that would be nice.

"Your hair looks lovely Carol nice and neat are you pleased." Zena fingered the girls hair.

"Oh yes, but I wanted it shorter."

Sandra’s eyes lit up in anger.

"You naughty girl now you say sorry to Aunt Sue right now young lady, do you hear me, now."

"I’m sorry Aunt Sue I’m so sorry, I am pleased with my haircut."

"Good girl now give Aunt Sue a big kiss, and properly mind."

Carol kissed Sue on the lips and blushed as Sue forced her tongue into Carols mouth, they embraced each other.

"Now that’s better, lets pay Aunt Sue and maybe if your a good girl, just maybe you can come in and see her again tomorrow, would you like that poppet, hmm."

"Yes, mummy."

Sue brushed Carol off and the pair paid and left.

As they made their way back to the hotel Sandra held her little girls hand. Carol kept rubbing her hands around her collar as they walked, she was still covered with tiny clippings.

"When we get back to the hotel I think I shall get all those clothes off you, and give you a good scrub to get all those itchy hairs off of you, would you like that Carol?"

"Yes mummy, I would like that very much, thank you."

"Good girl Carol, your such a good little girl, mummies little girl." She hugged her as they continued to walk.

The doorman was missing tonight as they walked into the foyer of the hotel. Soon they were in their room, Sandra had Carol sit on the bed while she undressed her. Once naked she took her into the shower room and washed her down with warm water and body lotion.

"That’s it, now back into the bedroom and mummies got a big surprise for you." She led Carol back into the bedroom and shut the door behind them. Slowly Sandra took her clothes off to reveal her beautiful ample body.

As Carol lay back on the bed Sandra went over to her bedside drawer, she soon found what she was looking for, something Carol had never seen before. Sandra strapped it onto her waist and around the top of her legs. It was a huge strappon.

"Now mummies going to make love to you my darling, don’t be afraid It won’t hurt, you will enjoy every moment, mummy promises."

"That’s it now lay back and don’t fight it, enjoy it, that’s right my darling, that’s it."………..

The pair spent the rest of the day and night together and woke early the next morning. The sun shone in the window it was a good life, a wonderful life. Carol had found someone she could love, and so too Sandra.

After a long shower they got dressed and walked down the road to the salon. Sandra planned to get Carols hair cut again. They walked straight into the salon and were greeted immediately by Sue. There were no customers so Carol was instructed to go sit in the chair, which she did.

"My your a lucky girl aren’t t you, getting another haircut so soon Carol."

"Yes Aunt Sue, I’m very lucky."

"Right now how would you like it cut Sandra?"

"Well, can you take the length up to just above the top of the ears for her and cut the fringe so it blends in to match the same length."

"Oh you mean a mushroom cut, yes I can do that for her, would you like me to clipper the hair at the back to say a number four, not too short, would that be okay for her, I must admit that style used to be very popular with young boys, still I think it will look very cute on her."

"Yes, that sounds just right, so all the hair will be one length on top and the rest clipped short."

"That’s it, I,ll get her caped and sort it all out for her."

"Your such a good girl Carol If you sit nice and still for Aunt Sue I shall give you a big surprise this afternoon, okay poppet."

"Yes mummy, I love you, I really do love you."

"I know you do poppet, now sit still for Aunt Sue and were go get that surprise."

Sue came up alongside the pair as they chatted and patted Carol hair.

"Now lets give you a proper haircut young lady shall we, hmm."

Sue turned on the clippers and slowly started to remove the length of the bob. She used the clippers by cutting them straight into the hair like a knife. Four inch lengths fell straight down onto the cape. Although not much hair was being cut Carol still enjoyed the experience. Now her fringe was cut to the same length. It did indeed look like a mushroom, just as if a bowl had been placed on her head and her hair cut around it. The hair at the back was clipped down to half an inch, right up to the length of the ultra short mushroom cut. Carol did now look like a little boy, a cute little boy.

"There you go my darling all done, now feel the back, see, oh it looks so cute on you dear, just like a little boy, so cute, don’t you think mum."

Carol rubbed her hands over the back of her neck, it felt cool now no more hair to trouble her. Sandra gave her head a little rub and told Sue that she had done a good job. No matter how many times they flicked it or ruffled it, the hair just fell back into place it was perfect.

Sue was paid a large tip for giving a good haircut, and the two of them left hand in hand, giggling like two school girls as they went.

"Now its time for your surprise young lady, I’m going to get you a whole new outfit." Sandra said as they walked into the nearest store.

Sandra picked her clothes for her. A pair of big pair of trainers, a pair of boys shorts, a loud tea shirt some boxer shorts and some of those sports socks. Sandra paid for them and made Carol wear them. Now she looked just like a little boy, a cute little boy, mummies boy. Sandra tousled her hair as they walked along the street.

"Now you look just like mummies little boy, I shall call you Sam, is that all right with you Sam?"

"Yes mummy."

"Good boy."

"Now lets do some real shopping shall we?"

Sandra took her into the posh store across the road, introduced herself as Sandra, and told the man that her son was to fitted out with the best of everything, money no object.

"Why of coarse Sandra come on through here were sort this young man out, what is your name son."


"Well Sam that’s a good name, my son is called Sam, about the same age as you, just coming up to thirteen."

Carol smiled at the man quietly laughing to herself, she had not only just lost four feet of hair but also four years off her age. The man smiled back.

"You sure have a lot of hair Sam, you know if your going to get all togged out you ought to think about getting a snazzy haircut to go with it." He ruffled her hair with his hand.

"We have a traditional barber shop upstairs Sandra, you can pop him up after we sort him out if you like, a lot of these young kids are getting flattops nowadays." He once again ruffled her hair.

"Yes, there all the fashion no you know, my Sam has just had his cut. He only just came in for it yesterday, he had a mushroom cut just like yours, bit old fashioned now though, so the lady barber buzzed it all down nice and neat for him, all off, and those sides well. She asked if he wanted a proper flattop or a kiddies flattop. He told her I want a proper flattop. Well that was that, she shaved him down, short, looks good though, he looks like a real man now."

Carol ran her hand through her hair, she wanted it cut.

"Now lets get you sorted out Sam I see you really do need some new clothes, these are nice but not very trendy, eh?"

An hour later and lots of bags later, Sandra took Carol upstairs to look in on the store barber. They arrived in time to see a blonde woman aged about fifty getting a short haircut from the lady barber. She must of had longish hair as the floor was covered in blonde hair. Sandra and Carol sat in silence and watched the barber shear the woman. There was no one else in the salon, so Carol knew that she would be next in the chair. She kept fingering her hair wondering if she should go through with the final transformation. The barber was indeed a perfectionist as she clipped and re-clipped the already short hair. The top of the hair was being cut with a special comb, it was big and the resulting cut left her hair flat across the top. This must be the flattop style the man was talking so much about.

"There you go, not too short but I think it suits you, well not as short as you do them anyway, happy?"

"Yes, fine Julie, thanks for that."

The woman got up and took her cape off, while Julie just walked out."

"Hi I wont be a moment, I,ll just clear this up and I,ll be right with you guys."

"But I thought, I mean, wasn’t that the barber."

"Oh, no that was my sister she’s a barber too but its her day off she just came in to cut my hair for me, now what can I do you for." She laughed.

"I was only meant to get a trim but ended up shorn as you can see, now my husband and I will look just like twins." She laughed again.

"Sorry, weird sense of humour, so who’s going to go first?" she held the cape over her arm and patted the chair.

"Well actually, its Sam he’s the one here for a haircut.”

“Were see about that wont we Sam, come on now who’s first up.”

"Come on now don’t be shy, I wont bite you know."

Sandra was feeling very uneasy with this woman, did she recognise her from somewhere perhaps. She couldn’t place her but deep inside knew she had met this person before. Sandra rose to her feet and took Carol by the hand, leading her over to the chair.

"That’s it up we get, my you need to be smartened up a bit young man don’t you, had one of these cuts come in yesterday, I gave him a good trim up." She laughed again. Where was it she had heard that before. Sandra put it to the back of her mind. Carol was now caped and the barber ruffled her hair.

"Always amazes me, goes back the same whatever you do, she kept playing with Carol’s hair."

"Nice style but needs to be updated mum, eh."

Sandra smiled and told Carol that she could have it cut how she liked.

"Sam you tell the barber how you want it cut dear, mummy wont mind whatever you want."

This felt like a big mistake coming up here, both Sandra and Carol felt alienated. In Sues chair it felt so comfy so right, but the feeling deep inside her told Carol she must continue and get a proper mans haircut, she just had to , she wanted it badly.

"Right young man what is it to be, you can just have a trim up if you want or maybe a buzz cut."

The barber ran her hand through her hair imitating the clippers.

"Half inch all over, what do you think mum, take it all off, eh?"

Sandra gulped, and didn’t flinch, this was different to Sue’s Cutting place, at Sue’s shop it was cosy, inviting, this was well cold, clinical even, this woman wanted to get her into her chair, and cut her hair off. She didn’t need a haircut

The barber tucked some tissue into Carols tea shirt and said that would help keep all those itchy hairs out of harms way. Carol ran her hands over her hair and then finally spoke.

"I want to look like a real man please do what you have to."

"Okay now that is what I figured, lets get you sorted then I,ll give your mum over there a nice haircut."

The barber picked up her scissors and comb, and flicked the comb through Carols hair. Sandra hung on the barbers last words and touched her hair as though to check it was still there. Would she really want to cut her hair off. The woman obviously meant to get her into her chair and be ruthless with her. After all it was Carol who had came in for a haircut not her, she didn’t want to have her thick long hair cut, she would never do that, would she? Sandra sat and combed her fingers through her blonde hair.

“Make the most of it honey your next, up you need a good haircut .don’t you.” The barber had been watching Sandra and as she spoke smiled an evil grin.

"I,ll take this length off on top, then use the clippers to neaten it up for you, nice and short a real mans haircut, I think you would look good with a flattop, something like I have now, but of coarse a mans flattop." She winked at little Carol, who was sat impatiently in the chair.

"Stop!" Sandra stood up.


“Please don’t cut his hair, I mean well it does look so nice at the moment perhaps you could leave it a little longer, you know, does it have to be really short.”

“Now come on mum, it is only hair you know, it will grow back, if he wants it cut let him have it cut, it will look nice, won’t it Sam , no I think we’ll take it all down nice and short, eh, Sam.

“Sam here wants it cut nice and neat, it is his hair after all, and it will have plenty of time to grow back in a bit for school time, let him have it cut.”

She was very persuasive, her tone and manner left Sandra no choice.

“Are you really sure Sammy, do you want the lady to cut it for you?”

“Well are you going to get yours cut as well mummy or is it just me, I’m a little scared if you got your trimmed then I,d feel a lot better mummy.”

“He’s a real mummies boy isn’t he, I reckon a good haircut will do him the world of good you know, make him a proper man.”

The barber slipped the tissue out from around Carol’s neck and quickly undid the cape releasing her prematurely from the chair.

“Your right young man, Mummy should get her hair done first shouldn’t she now, down you get and were fix it for her.”

Carol got down from the chair and returned to her seat a few feet away. Sandra couldn’t believe it was happening to her, how on earth would she get out of this. She slowly walked forward to the waiting chair. Her legs had a mind of their own and she couldn’t stop herself, soon she was sat down in the chair, why had she done that. The barber was flicking the cape around her, it landed softly over her body, her whole body was now turning to a jelly like substance. The barber removed her hair from under the large cape and secured the cape tightly, as if it would stop Sandra from running away. Next the rubber barbers mat was placed over her shoulders.

“Why do you need to use that, I’m only having a trim, aren’t I.”

“Now that wasn’t too bad was it Sandra.”

“Sandra how do you know my name?” Sandra felt her face go bright red, at last now remembering Anne from all those years. Yes it was Anne her mothers stylist from nearly fifteen years ago.

“That’s right dear I cut your hair, well must be fifteen years or so now. You know your mother said to me if you ever came in for a haircut again I was to cut it all nice and neat for you, to clean it all away. She told me you were far to vane for your own good, well so here we are.”

“Yes but she’s been gone four years, you don’t really think she’d want you to do that to me now I’m a grown woman.”

“All the more reason to respect a persons will, don’t you think, she always said that you wasted half your life on keeping your hair looking good, think of it as a present from her, I will not charge you a penny for this haircut my dear.”

Anne picked up the large shears form the counter, the strange thing was Sandra just sat bemused with the whole affair.

“That’s it now keep nice and still for me.”

Carol watched her mums predicament, and let out a smile, she wanted her lover to have her haircut. They would then look like twins, again peas in a pod. The thought of it made her cum in her pants as she sat and watched quietly.

“Now lets get you smartened up shall we, it will make young Sam over there proud of his mummy, won’t it Sam.”

Anne gave Carol a quick glance as she placed the shears at the base of Sandra’s neck. Carol smiled back at her and nodded her head in approval.

“There you see nothing to it.”

Anne slowly chunked a piece of hair off up to Sandra’s shoulder blades, and held it up in front of her as if it were a trophy.

“No don’t cut any more off please.” a tear rolled down Sandra’s face.

“Now, now, its only hair dear, it will grow back eventually.” Anne chunked another piece of hair off and placed it her lap with the other piece.

“There that is better isn’t it.” Another piece was dropped in her lap.

The hair was so thick and looked so innocent just laying in her lap, why was she just sitting and allowing this to happen to her. As she watched more chunks were cut.

“How are you going to cut my hair.” She asked in a full flood of tears.

“How do you want it cut dear.”

“Its too late now, I didn’t want it cut.”

“Well you sat in the chair Sandra so I presumed you wanted me to cut it.”

“Yes, but, no I did not want it cut at all.”

Another three pieces joined the rest in her lap, quite a nice pile was beginning to build up. Anne snipped another, then another. By now she had cut nearly half her hair off to her shoulders. Carol came over to stand at her mums side and put a reassuring hand on her.

“Its okay mummy don’t be afraid you will look beautiful once Anne has finished.”

“Yes but I don’t even know how she is going to cut it do I,” Sandra sobbed.

“Don’t cry dear I wont cut it too short, not quite like a mans anyway, were see how it goes shall we.” She lied.

‘You could have it cut like Sam, but that is a bit old fashioned nowadays, no I,ll just get the worst off and then lets ask Sam what he thinks his mummy should have, shall we.”

More three foot lengths of hair were chopped, and then all too soon the length was all gone. Sandra caressed the beautiful hair in her lap, she used to take its beauty for granted, but now as she gazed down on it, she suddenly realised how wonderful it had been, the thickness of it was truly astounding, it would never be the same again.

“Now Sam what do you think we should do, buzz it all off nice and short, you decide.”

“Well I think.” Sandra looked deeply into her eyes.

“I think you should cut it with the clippers, mummy will love the sensation of having it clipped to the scalp nice and short.”

“How short though Sam.”

“You decide Anne, but do make it neat and clean.”

“Your right dear, I am a barber after all, it is what I’m best at, a nice clean look then, I,ll get rid of all this unruly hair.”

“I,ll surprise you, and when I’m finished were cut yours nice and neat too Sam, would you like that.”

“Oh yes please Anne all off nice and neat.”

Anne fiddled around with the clippers and slipped off the comb attachment. Sandra watched in the mirror as Anne put the clippers to her forehead and then gently eased them through the thick blonde hair. Anne had always wanted to shave a woman’s head, and today that dream would come true. Sandra’s lap was overflowing, in more ways than one, she was being shaved clean, something she too had dreamt of as well, In only her wildest dreams though. Her fingers worked overtime in tune with the movement of the clippers, she wanted it to last forever. Hair fell over her face and got caught on her nose, lips and eyelashes as Anne sheared her, she peered through them watching great sheets fall before her eyes, staring into the mirror. Carol was still at her side and put one hand under the cape and caressed her between the thighs. Yes it was indeed, a good day. The best day. Then Carol took her hand and ran it all over the clipped area and smiled at Sandra.

“You look beautiful mummy, I love you so much.”

“Thank you darling, I think your right.”

Anne continued slowly as she wanted to savour the moment, just as her customer so obviously did.

The haircut had lasted for over half an hour, but still wasn’t over yet. Anne then wrapped her head in a warm towel and left it there for a few minutes. Next her head was lathered all over. Carol watched as Anne shaved her mum clean of any hair that dared to show itself. Then an ointment was applied to the head and rubbed in vigorously, and then another cream was applied. This was left to dry completely for twenty minutes. Anne explained that it was a new treatment for gentlemen who didn’t want to keep coming in for a head shave, It attaches itself to the follicles of hair left below the surface of the skin, and helps stop the hair growing back so soon, but when it does, look out it will grow very quickly indeed. She reassured Sandra that the hair will grow back but will take a good few months or so, and when it did so, it would come back thicker and healthier.

Sandra’s hair would now never be the same again, no more hours spent in the salon on expensive hairdos for her. Anne left the cream on for the maximum time, maybe just a little too long so as to help keep it smooth for as long as possible.

Her head was washed and then dried off before a second shaving, this was done to make sure all the stubble was gone. An unscented talc was shaken over her head and smoothed in all over to take away that clammy type feeling a freshly shaved head leaves you with. Once finished Carol got back into the chair it was now time for her final haircut.

“Now then young Sam where were we, Oh yes a nice flattop for you wasn’t it.”

“I,ll cut some of this hair on the top first and then make you into a real man.”

Sandra sat back to watch the climax of the best day in her life, she ran her fingers constantly over and over her scalp, her hair sat beside her in a large carrier bag. Anne started on the top of Carols hair, a strange blade was used, it appeared to large for the clippers. This left her hair very short indeed, probably quarter of an inch in the middle, the hair appeared to get longer towards the edges, and was left perfectly flat on top. She laughed to herself , well it would be flat, it was a flattop after all. Carol smiled back at herself through the mirror. Short lengths of hair gathered all over her body, she didn’t want to move and disturb them.

The next step surprised her the most though, as she saw Anne remove the guard and then place them at ear level. The clippers hummed as they cut through the sides and then travelled right to the top, not blending in as she had hoped for, but straight up and away, leaving the hair on top of her head truly flat looking. This continued all the way round her head. Her hair had been sheared to next to nothing in length, very drastic, but she definitely looked like a boy now.

Anne sprayed the shaving cream all over the sides and back of her head and worked it in thoroughly. What was happening to her now. Carol wanted to run but she knew she wouldn’t. The Bic razor was used to scrape away all the hair below the top area . This really was a mans flattop. Anne smiled as she worked away shaving was her speciality and an enjoyable part of the job. All too soon it was over and Anne brushed and wiped Carol’s head. The back and sides were fully shaved now.

“Right young man your finished, what do you think?” Carol was now allowed to feel her hair, the top stood up like a brush, she smiled and ran over to kiss her mum, and to feel her newly shaved head. Carol loved the feel of her mums bare head, she wanted it badly. Yes she wanted her small head to be shaved like her mums, all gone and clean, she felt dirty with this hair left on the top of her head. It had to be done now.

“Mum do you think I could have all of my hair shaved like yours.” She whispered it in her mothers ear.

“If that’s what you want Sam then that’s fine with me my love, we shall be like twins again, we can tell daddy that we did it for charity.”

‘Anne Sam wants to have his head shaved like mine will you do it for him please.”

Anne patted the seat and Carol almost ran over and jumped into her favourite place, the barbers chair. She was caped and soon Anne ran the clippers over the top of Carol’s head removing the small amount of hair left. Next Carol was shaved and then shaved again. Anne didn’t apply the special cream as she did not want the lad getting into trouble with his school. Within fifteen minutes Carol was rubbing her head, she was now her mothers twin.

“I love it Anne thank you so much.”

“Not a problem, little one, Oh and Sandra, you know your mum would be proud of you darling, you would of made her a very happy woman if she could of seen you today. By the way I have something here for you both,” Anne handed them a parcel each, in one was a tape containing all the action from their haircuts, something she always did apparently for training purposes only, and in the other some of the special preparation, to help keep the hair nice and neat.

“Now don’t forget read the instructions and follow them to the letter, okay, now next time don’t leave it so long.”

They both rubbed their bare heads and laughed thanking Anne for the great experience, they were soon on their way back to the hotel. The night that followed was incredible. Carol now took complete control over her mother, in every way, the whole night was spent bonding in some of the most bizarre ways.

Carol suggested that should buy human hair wigs so as to look more the norm during everyday activities. So in the following days they rang around the area to find what they were looking for. A salon was eventually found in a town not too far away, they kept a huge supply of natural hair pieces in all colours and thickness. The taxi came to pick them up bright and early on the Saturday morning.

On arriving they were shown many wigs and both decided on waist length thick blonde hair exactly the same as their hair had been before. When they walked from the shop it was as though nothing had changed. But deep down they knew nothing would be the same ever again.

One thing they were both sure of was Carol would always remain her mums little boy or maybe girl, and Sandra would be the best stepmum any little girl could have.

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