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Anne sat in bed fiddling with her hair, wrapping the tight curls round and round her small fingers. Her hair had always been so very curly, not just wavy, but almost afro curly, especially when it had been shorter years before. Her most recent girlfriend Liz had been on to her for a couple of months to have it cut short. Liz was a hairdresser, well barber really, in a local salon. Her own hair was usually kept to a mere quarter of an inch long, just stubble. Anne did love the feel of it when she ran her hands over her lovers freshly cropped hair, but was too scared to have her own cut so brutally short.

Anne knew she looked good with her hair long, when the curls were pulled straight down her back the ends reached way past her waist, but when the hair just hung naturally, it merely reached six or so inches above her waist. It was a beautiful dark blonde colour, she had never had a fringe cut, so the hair was parted straight down the middle.

Liz hated the way other girls loved to touch Anne’s hair, it made her terribly jealous. They would comment on her hair tell her how lovely she looked, and want to touch it, running their dirty little hands through her hair. Liz had to get Anne to the salon for a haircut, she needed it to be cut into a more adult style.

Anne was only 22 years old, and it showed, Liz thought maybe it was time that all that hair was neatened up a bit. Anne wore contact lens, which for modern girls was acceptable, but Liz reasoned that if she wanted to settle down with her, she should really change her look, and maybe pick out a nice pair of old fashioned glasses instead. This and a nice new haircut could be just enough to stop unwanted attentions from other women. They only wanted her for one thing anyway, her hair.

Liz climbed into bed beside Anne and snuggled up to her.

"I’m having my hair cut tomorrow Annie, do you want to come and watch?"

"I don’t know I’m never too keen coming in there with your boss around, she always seems to want to get her hands on my hair."

"Well, it is beautiful hair." Liz laughed and tugged gently on Anne’s hair.

"No really, come in and watch you can have a coffee and hang out for the morning, you can even get your hair trimmed up a bit."

"You know what I think of the place you work in, its not a salon, its, well its more like a barbershop, all that haircutting, salons don’t cut hair they trim and style."

"Come on don’t be such a snob, Sue could trim your hair for you, she will do it for free, exactly as you ask her to, if you only want a quarter inch off then that’s what you will get, promise, scouts honour."

"I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, okay." Anne kissed Liz on the cheek and they settled down for the night embraced in each others arms.

The two girls were up bright and early, Anne had the day off form work today so was very tempted to take up Liz s offer and join her at work.

"Okay then I’ll come in and watch, I’m not promising that I’ll get mine trimmed though, and I certainly will not let that Sue touch it anyway."

Liz smiled and gave Anne a cuddle then the two of them set off for the salon.

"Hi Liz, hi Anne, how’s it going, would you like to make the coffee Anne and I’ll get on and trim your hair Liz, come on over and sit down."

Liz went over to Sues station and made herself comfy in the big red barbers chair. Liz quickly explained everything to Sue about Anne’s hair, and what she intended to do with her. Sue agreed that it was a good idea and would be for the best. After all as Liz liked Anne so much Sue thought it only right that Anne should tone down her style a bit. Sue told Liz not to worry and that she would have Anne in her chair before you could say haircut. The pair laughed quietly as Anne made the coffee for them.

Sue told Liz to sit in her own chair by the side of Sues chair, so Liz quickly changed places and sat at her own station, before Anne returned.

"Here’s your coffee you two." Anne took the two cups over to Liz’s station and put them both down on the shelf just below the mirror.

"Go get yours Annie and take a pew." Sue patted the red barbers chair, would Anne go for it.

Anne returned with her cup and Sue held it while she climbed up into the chair.

"That’s it Anne you make yourself comfy and I’ll give Liz here a nice trim up for you, you’ve got a ring side seat now haven’t you eh?" Sue patted Anne’s leg as the girl eased herself back into the comfy chair.

Anne had never sat in this chair before it felt strange in a nice way of coarse. Sue caped Liz, and then combed through her hair, which was getting quite long now, nearly an inch all over.

"How short would you like me to take it for you Liz?"

"I’ll leave it up to Anne Sue, what do you think Anne?"

The pair of them looked over to Anne who sat watching herself in the large mirror, she had a hank of her hair in her hand, twisting it up around her fingers.



"Anne how would you like me to cut Liz’s hair?"

"Oh right sorry, oh just cut it all off really short Sue, as short as you can get it please."

The two looked at each other and smiled Anne it seemed was almost ready to be rid of her hair for good. Sue attached the smallest blades to the clippers and started to cut Liz’s hair. The clippers purred as they reduced her hair to a mere stubble, a lot shorter than Liz normally had it cut. Within five minutes Sue was brushing her off. It looked good and felt good, Liz slowly ran her hand over her bare head.

She got down from the chair and went over to Anne’s side and asked her what she thought of it. Anne just smiled and said that she liked it nice and short.

"Well, then young lady do you want me to trim yours for you?"

Sue stood behind Anne and flicked a fresh cape open and spread it in one stroke over Anne’s petit body. Anne just smiled and seemed not to be in the same room as Sue and Liz.

"Oh yes please Sue, I shall leave it up to you if you like, whatever you think would be best for me."

"Well Anne, I’ve had a word with Liz and we think that you should act and dress a little bit more conservative, now that you and her are getting serious so to speak. So I think that a nice short haircut would suit you beautifully. If I cut it to about, oh lets say, an inch or two all over, how would that be?"

"Okay Sue I don’t mind whatever you say, I.ll leave it all up to you and Liz." Anne just sat quietly and stared into the mirror admiring her hair for the last time.

"That’s a good girl, right now lets get you all caped up so we can get your hair neatened up for you shall we, right that’s it Liz put the rubber mat over Anne’s shoulders."

Sue immediately started to cut huge lengths of hair off, they were placed one piece at a time on the shelf below the mirror, Sue was rough cutting her hair into a bob shape just to get rid of all the length first. Anne’s hair now sprang into tight little coils to just below her earlobes. Liz stood by her side running her hands through Anne’s curly hair, she loved the feel of it. It was such a shame that it had to come off, but still it was for the best after all.

"Were going to make you really pretty Anne, your going to look like one of those pensioners who have their hair in a nice neat bubble cut, nice and neat all off." Liz smiled as the words left Sues mouth.

"Your hair is so curly it will really look lovely on you, and those pesky girls wont ever bother you again, will they Anne?"

"No, they wont Liz, all they were interested in was my hair and now its nearly gone that will not be a problem anymore will it."

"No, Anne, it will not, and once Sue cuts it all off nice and even for you, I shall take you to get fitted for a lovely pair of glasses, just like your mum wears, your going to look so grown up."

"Thank you Liz I would like that."

Sue now started to layer up the hair, ten inch ringlets fell down onto the cape like little golden springs. Liz picked up a few of the coils they were so soft to the touch, she squeezed them gently between her fingers, the feeling was nice. Sue carried on reducing the hair all over her head, sectioning bit by bit. The hair was a little difficult to comb through but by using a wide toothed comb it was slightly easier. The length was left to about two inches long all over. Sue thought that this would be a good starting point and Liz could always bring her back in for a trim up at a later date if they thought she needed it.

"There you are Annie nearly finished dear."

"Thank Sue, Anne darling."

"Thank you Sue it really does look nice."

"Now that’s a lot better isn’t it Anne you wont have to bother washing and drying all that nasty hair will you dear." Sue stood behind Anne and ran her hands over and over her head. The soft curls felt so good she was almost jealous of Liz.

"Liz come and have a feel its so yummy." She came over and rubbed her fingers through the short curls, they were so soft.

"Go on Anne you try, that’s it, now that does feel good doesn’t it eh?"

Anne ran her fingers over her new cut it felt nice, she scrunched it with her fingers, and pulled gently on it. They were right she now looked more grown up, the haircut had put years on her. The floor was covered in beautiful ringlets, it seemed almost a waste to throw them into the bin but still. It was only hair after all. 

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