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To readers: This is written about a female out there with a hair fetish who knows who she is. She wanted this written, and I?ve never been one to not try to impress – this is my shot at writing a mildly masochistic fantasy for her as a series. Hope you like it, thanks!

"No, no, it’s getting so long! I love it!," Peggy’s friend Terri walked behind her and opined. Terri had just stumbled over her words, as she tended to do, and made Peggy hide in her locks which reached just beyond halfway down her back. "It’s reeeeeally pretty."

Peggy let her hair toss back, but as usual, most of her long locks swung back in front of her shoulders and shone on the more lighted cafeteria the two were approaching. Her blue eyes begged a sincere confirmation from her generally hurtful friend, "Really?!"

"Of course," Terri replied, running her hand through her recently shorn hair. Her own locks had been even longer than Peggy’s, but she recently had cut off over a foot of light brown hair, leaving her mane hanging just over her shoulders and her friends still mildly shocked. "I miss mine."

Peggy tried to hide her smile upon realizing her topping of her friend, but it slipped through causing her to hide behind her hair yet again. "I’ve sort of been the opposite, I guess." Peggy indeed had switched places with her once-more-beautiful friend, growing her hair from the shortest it had been in her life to that point — around her shoulder blades — to its current spot.

Having arrived late for lunch, Peggy and Terri swung through the lunch line alone and quickly. They went through the motions that the kids usually do by November of the school year instinctively and were ready to walk into the main area and take their usual seats next to the others in their clique. However, behind the door out waited the principal.

"Excuse me…Peggy? Peggy Raines."

Peggy swung to face the sound of the voice, causing her long locks to hook around her torso before falling back with a motion of her hand. "Yes…?"

"Ma’am, your homework record has been insufficient effort for our school. I’ve called your mother and I want you to stay home for a week and think about putting in more hard work. Isabella High is not a school to simply slack off within the walls of, causing our state test grades to decline. You’re suspended."

Peggy’s mouth dropped open. Between her writings, grooming, taking care of her two younger brothers — she simply had lacked the time. She was going to work her way back to a respectable GPA the next month, but now…suspended?!! She turned to Terri.

"I’ll…see you later tonight, Pegs?" her friend said quizzically.

"Sure…" replied Peggy, still shell-shocked.

The principal motioned for Peggy to follow him to the office, and as Peggy took a look at Terri as she walked off, she saw another of her friends running her fingers over Terri’s new shorter hairstyle.

Peggy’s mother ran her eyes unforgivingly over her daughter, whose legs were shaking uncontrollably under her knee-length plaid skirt. She turned to the principal who stood just behind her.

"How much did she miss?" she questioned.

"One teacher claimed to have not received homework from her in a week." The principal was referring to algebra class, a subject Peggy had struggled with for years. "Ms. Raines, we’ll allow you to issue punishment if you feel like it would be best for you to do so instead of the school."

"Oh, believe me, I’m going to spend the next week turning my little girl…" she piercingly returned her stare to her daughter. "Into a grown woman."

After the piercing parting words given from her mother to her school principal, Peggy became a mental zombie, caught up in the severe punishment that was unexpected — and the unanticipated punishments that were to come.

"Mom…" Peggy said, gaining the courage to question her mother about the punishments. "What..are you going to do with me?"

"We’re going to turn you into a lady, a responsible lady." her mother answered, matter-of-factly. "Get ready for some huge changes, Peggy."

The car skid into the driveway as her mother continued to vent her frustration with her daughter in whatever way she could find.

"Peggy, you go to your room until dinner. After we eat, you’re going to get a punishing you won’t EVER forget," Mother quickly shot out as soon as the front door had closed. Softly trudging and still maintaining shocked stoicism, Peggy went down the hall to her room, closed her door, and began brushing through her beautiful long locks as she always had.

"Peggy," the sound of Peggy’s ten-year-old brother, Jon, opening the door and shouting her name simultaneously rose the blue-eyed girl from a nap she had slipped into some time around two o’clock.


"I heard you got in trouble."

"Yeah, Mom’s pissed."

"Has she told you what she’s going to do?"

"No, why?"

"I heard her talking to Dad when he brought me home," Jon said, with the always-present grin of a young boy that was entirely inappropriate for the situation at hand.

"Oh…is she going to ground me?"

"Probably, but she was talking to him about cutting your hair."

"My hair?! Wha…why?!"

"I dunno, Dad was trying to talk her out of it."

"Did he?"

"I dunno."

"Weren’t you there?"

"Nintendo was too loud."

"Damnit. Can’t you stop playing that for a moment…?" Peggy began angrily tearing up. "It’s taken me years to get it this long since …" She angrily growled out loud, and what followed was the sound of the door swinging open again.

"Dinner time." said Mother, the same angry look on her face as had been earlier. Peggy felt her heart sink to her stomach, which wasn’t terribly hungry anymore. She nervously ran her fingers through her locks as she walked into the kitchen and continued as the plate of food was placed before her.

"Honey, stop." Mother commanded, forcefully removing Peggy’s hand from her hair. "Eat."

Peggy angrily slipped a macaroni or two into her mouth, but the worry was too much — she wanted to eat long enough to stall the oncoming punishment, but simply couldn’t contain the food. Peggy chose to do the best she could to stall, slowly but sure stuffing her mouth and cleaning her plate — a rule of the Raines’ house — in a matter of half an hour.

Her mother stepped in and looked down at the plate, nodding with the first sign of approval and satisfaction she had given all day. "Peggy, come outside with me."

A streak of fear shot through Peggy’s spine as she realized Jon’s suspicions were true — Peggy’s mother always cut her offsprings’ hair, as she was licensed to do so for a living if she so desired. To keep from making a mess on the floor for herself to clean up, she simply cut their hair outside. Peggy groaned as she walked after her mother’s fast pace and tried to gather the strength over her beating heart to ask her Mother if her hair would be cut shorter than last time. Peggy had grown too attached to even imagine having it back at her shoulders.

She wandered outside after her mother and continued to feel more dismayed as she beheld the sight of her mother standing over a lawn chair with a large pair of shears in hand.

"Mom, please, no…" Peggy pleaded.

"In the chair now." Mother demanded with an angry intonation.

"Where’s daddy?" Peggy began to cry.

"He had to drive out of town. We both agreed on this. Say goodbye to your hair, Peggy, and get over here."

"How much are you going to cut?!" Peggy began growing more urgent in the annunciation of her words.

Mother chuckled in a borderline sinister manner. "Trust me, there’ll be a big pile of hair on the ground when we’re done. Get DOWN here."

Peggy realized with a trickeling tear that she was defeated. She made her way from the porch to the lone chair in the yard and slouched down, sobbing softly to herself.

"First of all, learn to sit like a lady." Her mother pulled her up by the underarms to a straight position and moved in front of her, crossing her daughter’s skirt-exposed legs as a lady would traditionally do at a formal event.

"Mom, what are you going to do to it? It’s taken so long to grow, it looks so good!" Peggy begged frantically.

"It’s absolutely gorgeous, yep." Her mother grinned and walked in front of her. "Should’ve thought of that, Peggy. If you fight, I’m going in and getting the clippers, and then I’m going to shave every last bit of your hair off."

Peggy looked at her mother grudgingly for a moment, but repelled the gaze and gave her a pleading stare. "Mommy, let me keep it. Please." Her mother gazed unwaveringly. "Please."

Peggy Raines’ mother did not reply, but simply walked behind her daughter ominously. She removed a brush from her pocket and began smoothing out Peggy’s long brown hair, moving gradually around to the front and coming it in front of the young girl’s face — her bangs had reached the same length as the back of her hair, and her mother decided these would be the first to go. Mother began wetting Peggy’s hair slowly.

"Honey, I’m going to cut your hair short and over your ears, like mine." She warned. "OH MY G-…No! You can’t cut it all off! I’ll look like a guy!," Peggy panicked, thinking of her small chest and strong, masculine cheek bones and body structure.

"No, you’ll look like an astute little lady."

Peggy’s heart beat as fast as she could ever remember it beating, from her first date to her freshman dance, as she took a pass through her hair with her fingers. With that, the shears were brought to hair dangling upon her face and quickly run across, reducing her bangs to just above her eyebrows. She felt falling onto her skirt and draping over her leg, nearly reaching the ground from the length. Peggy had hated having her bangs at that length back in fourth grade, and she knew that the rest of her hair following in that length would be all the more painful to deal with.

Peggy wanted to scream, but simply began whimpering as loudly as she could muster, as if she could do that loudly enough for assistance. Mother took her long locks on the right side of her head with a jerk and began cutting off long locks all the way to the cheek bone, until she took an upward slant and cut the hair cleanly above Peggy’s ears. The mounting pile of hair in the grass was simply a large mound of brunette and Mother softly kicked it over as she went by, causing the hair to spread all around the chair, still high enough to mound on Peggy’s boots. The daughter’s skirt was nearly covered with hair and every look down at the long locks curving over her legs made Peggy more upset.

Mother made her way to the other side as Peggy was getting a feel of her doomed hair in that area. Mother swatted Peggy’s hands away and made quick work cutting that side’s hair into an average boy’s haircut. Peggy felt the unusually cool breeze on her ears and looked around at her now blank shoulders, missing her locks already, but feeling curious about how boy short hair was really going to feel.

"Well, honey," Mother finally spoke. "I’ve got to finish off the back and we’ll be done. Your hair was so long wet, it was hard to go quick, but I tried."

Peggy nodded. "Ready, Mom."

Mother placed her shears just upon the nape of Peggy’s neck and began slowly cutting across, sending an amazing load of long hair to the grass. Mother seemed to stop just before the last lock was removed to run her fingers over it.

"I’m sorry, honey."

Peggy didn’t answer, and Mother snipped off the final long lock, which caught on Peggy’s lap and draped to the ground.

(continued ?Pretty Pegs, Part 2: The Feedback?)

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