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The sound of scissors scrunching through rich silken hair caused her to raise her head and then to her amazement, in the nearby chair, she saw a 6-inch long lock of softly curling hair rolling down the cape that covered her mother’s body. She often accompanied her mother whilst shopping and then went with her to the hair salon which her mother visited every week, and in which her own long blonde hair had a slight trim every 2 months or so. This time though it was very different.

She had been sitting reading a magazine as her mother was gowned and seated close by. Recently a new male stylist, Peter, had been looking after her mother’s hair and she had been delighted with his work. Her mother’s hair was gorgeous, a shoulder length fall of rich chestnut hair of which she was very proud and she had worn the same way for as long as Ann could remember. Now great masses of it was being ruthlessly sheared off whilst her mother watched with a slightly nervous expression on her face. Ann felt a strange lurch of excitement as she heard the sharp shearing sound of the scissors and saw the excited looking face of the young man who was obviously greatly enjoying his task. He saw that Ann was watching and he gave her a little smile and she could feel herself flushing. She had been enormously attracted to him from the first time she had seen him a few weeks ago and with typical young teenage shyness she always blushed when he looked at her.

Her mother had closed her eyes now and had a dreamy relaxed expression on her face as her hair tumbled away from her head and Ann wondered how it would feel to have such a lot of hair cut off. For another 5 minutes she watched fascinated as her mother’s hair was cut to an overall length of about 3 inches. She had opened her eyes just before Peter had put down his scissors and had said breathlessly, “Oh, that looks and feels marvellous! I don’t know why I have been so worried about having my hair cut short for so long.” Peter removed the gown with a flourish and said; “I knew it would suit you short. Right, come over to the basin now and I will shampoo your hair and then set it for you.”

Her mother stood up and hair from the cape showered down to join the mass lying around the chair and she then ran her hands exultantly through her short hair and followed him over to the basin. Ann sat looking at the piles of soft curls and admired her mother’s courage in having so much hair cut off in one go and changing her appearance so drastically. She could also appreciate how exciting it must be to wield scissors and remove a lot of hair. Her mother’s hair was shampooed and she now stood up and she walked back to Ann and said, “I have just decided to have some highlights put in my hair as well.” She smiled at her and said, “Why don’t you have your hair done whilst you are waiting? I will treat you to a cut and blow-dry. Peter thinks your hair would look nice cut shorter.” Ann felt her stomach lurch sickeningly from a combination of fear and excitement. She loved her long hair and had never considered having it any other way, and yet the temptation to have the gorgeous Peter shearing away her long hair and creating a new image was very tempting. She hesitated, and said, “Oh Mum, I am not sure if I want it cut.”

Peter was standing nearby and said, “I know the perfect style for you. It is time you changed from ponytails and plaits and had a new image.” Her mother smiled encouragingly at her and said, “Go on Ann.” She hesitated again, and then the exciting thought of Peter working on her hair came to mind and she muttered, “Oh alright then,” and seconds later she was sitting in front of the mirror and an enveloping cape was placed around her. He carefully lifted up the waist length ponytail so that it was free of the cape and then removed the restraining band that held it and the waist length hair spread out across the white cape.

He picked up a brush and began drawing it slowly through her beautiful fall of silken hair. It felt very strange and exciting to Ann to have someone other than herself, her mother or occasionally Jane, the assistant who had previously looked after her mother’s hair and trimmed the ends of hers, to be brushing her hair. She could hardly breathe from her nervous excitement as she waited for him to pick up his scissors and begin. How would it feel to have them shearing off locks of her long hair and how was she going to look when he had finished? He seemed in no hurry to begin cutting and she loved the feel of the brush swishing through her hair as he very carefully brushed it. She studied him through the mirror and saw that he had the an intense excited look on his face as he brushed her hair and it excited her even more to know that he was obviously going to share her excitement as he cut her hair.

Her stomach lurched again as he finally put down the brush and reached out to pick up his scissors. He gave her a little smile and then said, “Stand up Ann, please.” She stood up and he moved her slightly away from the chair and turned her sideways. She could feel her long hair swaying gently behind her as she moved to the position he required. He stepped close to her left hand side and put his hand under her chin and gently pushed her head back so that she was almost looking up at the ceiling. “Keep quite still,” he said softly and then she could feel the comb sliding through her hair, sectioning off a large section over her ear. She felt him pulling down on great lock of hair and then from the corner of her eye she saw the open blades of the scissors.

The scrunching shearing sound as they began cutting her hair was very loud as he was forcing the scissors through her hair at jaw level! She gave a little gasp, partly from the shock that he was cutting off so much hair but also because of the electric thrill that shot through her body at the feel of scissors plunging deep into her hair. Oh! The excitement she was feeling was unbelievable and was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She felt the tension on her head release as the sharp blades finally severed the great lock and he allowed it to fall to the floor and he moved his position so that he was standing behind her. He began gathering together all the hair at the back and she felt his fist that was holding the hair, push against the nape of her neck.

She eagerly bowed her head, wanting to feel the scissors plunging deep into her hair again. She felt him pulling on the hair and the touch of cold steel on her neck and closed her eyes in ecstasy as they began biting into her hair. If anything the pleasure was even more intense as it took longer this time for the scissors to remove the great tress of hair. Her knees were trembling and she could feel the throbbing warmth between her legs as he chopped away at the mass of hair he was holding. Her head gave a little jerk as at last the huge lock of hair was severed and she opened her eyes in time to see him toss it on the dressing table. He moved to the right of her and gave her a little smile and she wondered if he was aware of the thrill she was experiencing as her long hair was removed. He firmly grasped the remaining long locks of her silken blonde hair and rapidly forced his scissors through the hair as Ann once again closed her eyes and thrilled to every plunging snip of the scissors.

She opened her eyes again as she felt the last long tress of her hair come away from her head and he tossed it to the floor in front of her. He indicated now that she should sit at the shampoo basin and with her legs feeling weak and trembling after her emotional experience, she did so. Her hair was quickly shampooed and she was led back to the chair and sat looking at her reflection as he combed through her short wet hair. She could hardly
recognise herself with her short hair clinging closely to her head and only now began to worry about how she was going to look with her hair short.

He smiled at her and said, “You seem to be enjoying this. I have had a lot of girls starting to panic at this stage!” She reflected on the power that he was able to command in completely changing the appearance of someone with his shearing scissors, and then bowed her head as he positioned it for another assault with them. The feel of his comb deftly sectioning off her damp locks was very soothing and then came the slight pull on her scalp as he began snipping away at her damp hair. She could hear the snippets of hair spattering down to the floor behind her as he began at the back of her head, lifting up small sections of hair and then clipping them off with deft snips. He continued to snip away for what seemed an age although the feel of the snipping blades still excited her she was now beginning to worry how short he was cutting her hair and how it would look. Eventually he straightened up her head and it now felt so light and bare and she knew her hair must be very short at the back as she was unable to see any of it at all.

He now repositioned her head and began snipping away at the top and side hair. He cropped the sides over her ears exposing them completely and then cut a lot of hair from the top but left it longer than the rest of her hair. The smoothing of his hands over her short hair and the constant lifting and snipping of her hair was very erotic but she was horrified at how short her hair was being cut. At last he seemed satisfied with the shape and put down his scissors and comb. Ann’s body was still throbbing but she felt emotionally drained and hated the cropped young girl who stared back at her from the mirror.

He spent a few brief minutes drying her hair and Ann felt more and more upset over her appearance. She felt distraught that she had allowed him to cut her hair so short without a word of protest because of the excitement of the act but deep down she knew that once she had felt the wonderful sensation of the scissors shearing her hair she wanted him to go on and on, regardless of the end result.

She cried every night for a week over her appearance and of course received many comments, a few favourable, but most of them shocked that she had allowed her beautiful long hair to be so severely cropped. Eventually she got used to her short hair but never forgot the strong emotions she had experienced whilst her hair was being cut.

5 Years Later

Ann had allowed her hair to grow long again, having regular trims to keep the shape and her hair was once more waist-length. She spent a lot of money on her hair, keeping it in perfect condition and it was much admired. She visited salons frequently and loved having her hair done and always strongly resisted any suggestions about having it cut short, although constantly at the back of her mind, she would recall the wonderful thrills she had experienced when her long locks had been sheared. She wondered if her experience was unique but one day whilst she was having her long hair dressed out she knew it wasn’t.

Next to her a pretty 15-year-old girl with a lovely silken fall of long softly curling chestnut hair sat waiting. A male stylist approached and there followed an animated conversation, of which she only caught snatches, but which led to the stylist producing scissors and comb and the young girl allowing her head to be bent forward ready for cutting. Ann then heard her clearly say in a nervous voice, “Are you sure it will suit me short?” “Of course, don’t worry,” came the reply and within seconds great long locks began rolling down the cape that enveloped the young girl.

She sat staring at her reflection in the mirror with a very shocked look on her face but also her colour was rising and she began to squirm slightly in the chair. As her hair tumbled, her hand moved under the gown and Ann could see that she had begun to stroke herself between her legs. For a further 5 minutes the girl stroked herself as her hair became shorter and shorter and although she was clearly getting a lot of sensuousness from the experience she also looked a little distressed that her hair was being cut so short. Ann also noticed without too much surprise that the stylist wielding the scissors with such pleasure was obviously aware of the girl’s sexual excitement, as she could see from the large bulge in his trousers.

Ann knew now that she could not resist the urge to have her hair cut short again, although she felt certain she would hate the final result. Three days later she was sitting in the same salon having booked an appointment with the young man she had seen cropping the young girl. She began feeling very aroused as soon as he began brushing her beautiful waist length gleaming blonde hair and could hardly wait for him to begin. He looked very excited when she told him she wanted her hair cut short and this of course aroused her even more. He continued to brush her long hair for a few minutes and she enjoyed the sensuous feel of the brush through her long hair for she knew it would be a long time before she could experience it again.

To her surprise he now sectioned her hair into three large bunches and began rapidly plaiting it. Her stomach gave a lurch of excitement as she suddenly realised why he was doing it. He was going to cut all of her long hair off together! Oh how fantastic! She was already wet and throbbing and when he brought the scissors up and began forcing them through the plait at nape level she exploded as she had never done before and even though she bit hard on her lip she could not prevent a little gasping cry escaping. It took his sharp scissors about 12 plunging snips to sever her beautiful long hair and the whole time she experienced the most intense sexual pleasure ever.

He smiled at her as he tossed the heavy plait on to the dressing table in front of her and said, “Well that is the worst bit over for you now. I will get you shampooed and then shape your hair.” As she moved over to the shampoo area, feeling slightly weak after her experience, she wondered if he was being a little sarcastic with his comment about the ‘worst’. It had been the best ever!

She sat and endured her hair being cut quite short all over and knew she would be unhappy with its final appearance as she just didn’t like herself with short hair but the sacrifice had been worth it. Of course most people would also be shocked that she had allowed her beautiful long blonde hair to be cut short but she knew that she would immediately be letting her hair grow long again.

5 Years Later

Her hair was now waist length again and looked even more beautiful as she had grown into a striking looking woman. She was aware of course, that most men seemed obsessed with long hair, and although she was beginning to be tempted with the idea of cutting her hair short once again, she adored the effect her long tresses had on men. She would constantly use her hair to attract them by tossing and stroking her it when she wore it loose and inwardly laughed, if her hair was up, at the effect it created if she casually loosened it and allowed it to suddenly fall down to her waist like a silken blanket. Then she met Jon.

She was immediately attracted to him and within days they had moved in together. She was very happy with him although she was slightly disappointed with their love making and also a little surprised that he rarely commented on her hair although he always watched her closely whenever she was brushing or toying with it. Then early one evening as she sat brushing her hair he came over and took the brush from her and began gently brushing it instead. He paused in his brushing after a few minutes and looking closely at her reflection in the mirror, he said softly, “Do you ever think about having your hair cut short?”
She moistened her lips, suddenly feeling nervous and excited at the same time, “I have had it short a couple of times but don’t really like myself with short hair.” He paused and then said, “When I was about 12 I saw my mother have her long hair cut off. I don’t really know why but I found it very exciting and ever since then I have fantasised about cutting off someone’s long hair myself.”

She felt her stomach lurch with excitement and said quietly, “ Do you want to cut my hair then?” He gave a little nod and with a squeal of delight she jumped up and hugged him, her long hair swinging wildly about her body. “Oh how wonderful!” He looked at her in amazement and said, “I thought you would be horrified and angry with me.” She kissed him hard and then said, “I have had long hair cut off twice, and the last time was about 5 years ago. Each time I had it cut I found it so exciting I had multiple climaxes as it was being done.” He looked at her in astonishment and said, “You mean you find it that exciting?” “Oh yes! I can feel myself getting wet at the thought now.”

She smiled at him said, “Yes, cut it for me tonight! But first lets make love.” She began pulling his clothes off and in a few moments they were both naked and they fell on the bed and had a frenzied session of sex. As they were making love his hands were constantly in her hair, smoothing and stroking it and she knew that he was thinking about the excitement he would be experiencing when he began cutting her hair. At the same time her pleasure was heightened by the thought of having her hair chopped off by her lover and knowing that it was equally arousing for him.

They lay quietly together for a short time and then she stood up and walked back to the dressing table. “Have you got some scissors?” He leapt up and opened a drawer in the dressing table and took out a box that he placed it in front of her. Inside she saw a large pair of scissors, a comb and also a big black object that she recognised as a set of clippers with various attachments. “Shall I do it now?” She knew that this would be the ultimate experience – to have the man she loved cut off her hair and know that it was satisfying his fantasy as well.

“Brush my hair for me first,” she said, and eagerly he picked up the brush and began drawing it slowly through her hair. As he brushed her hair she stretched forward and took out the scissors and comb and placed them on the dressing table ready. Then she lifted out the clippers and said, “Why have you got these?” “Oh I used to have my hair very short a few years ago and either cut it myself or get a girlfriend to do it.” She suddenly felt a lurch of excitement combined with a stab of fear. Clippers! Was she brave enough to have her hair really cropped?

She allowed the feel of the sweeping strokes of the brush through her hair to calm her feelings slightly and then she took a deep breath and said, “Do you want to use them on me, Jon?” He paused in the brushing of her waist length hair and then looking at her through the mirror he said softly, “Will you let me?” She gave a little moan and said, “I will be terrified but I can’t resist the thought of it.” She reached out for the scissors and handed them to him and already her juices were flowing again and her heart was pounding with excitement at the thought of the pleasures to come. The combination of excitement and fear was unlike anything she knew she had ever experienced before and would be unlikely to again.

He took the scissors almost reluctantly and put down the brush. His face was flushed and he was breathing quickly and already had an enormous erection. He grasped a huge sheaf of hair at the back of her head and twisted it around his fist, at the same time pushed her head roughly down so that it was resting on her chest. “Are you sure?” he asked softly and she gasped, “Oh cut it, cut it, cut it!” He increased the tension on the great long locks of silken hair he was holding and then savagely forced the scissors into the hair close to the roots and began hacking away at the great tress of hair.

She gave a gasp of pain as the tension increased on her scalp and then whimpering cries of pleasure as she felt and heard the wonderful sound of scissors severing her hair. The familiar floods of ecstasy washed over her but heightened even more by the knowledge that the man she adored was experiencing great pleasure as well. He was grunting as he cruelly hacked away at her beautiful long hair and gave a little cry of triumph as the last silken strands parted and he let the great locks fall on to her naked body. He paused, looking down at her and she looked pleadingly up at him and said desperately, “Oh please, don’t stop!”

He needed no further encouragement and plunged his hand deep into her mane of hair and then grasped another great sheaf and hacked away at it and she closed her eyes in ecstasy as she felt the sharp blades shearing away at her hair close to the roots. The heavy silken locks were quickly severed and again allowed to drop onto her lap and she fingered the hair with a little smile on her face as once again he grasped more of her long hair and eagerly forced the blades through the locks. Now her head was feeling light and as she felt him lift up the only remaining long hair that she could feel about her naked body, she knew that the moment was soon approaching when he would be using clippers on her.

He removed the last traces of her long hair with several great plunging snips and tossed it on top of the piles of hair that lay across her legs. He now put down the scissors and comb and reached forward and picked up the large black clippers. Her heart began pounding faster as he plugged in the cable and she swallowed hard as she heard the menacing buzz as he switched them on. He moved around in front of her and grasped her firmly under the chin, tilting her head back so that she was looking up at him. He gave her no opportunity to change her mind about the clippers for before she even realised what was happening, she felt them touch her forehead and then plough back through her hair.

She closed her eyes as she felt waves of excitement rushing through her whole body and bent her head eagerly into the shearing clippers. Again and again he ran them over the top of her head and the snippets of hair falling down over her face and onto her naked body only increased her excitement. Now he pushed her head to one side and began running the shearing clippers up from her ear to her temple and the buzzing blades quickly cleared away the hair from the side of her head. Now to the other side and she tilted her head to allow him to again shear the short clumps of hair away.

Her head was now feeling incredibly bare and light and only the back remained to be clippered and she submissively bowed her head as he moved behind her. The cold steel of the clippers touched her bare neck and she shuddered with ecstasy as they ran up the back of her head to the crown. Several more passes, and she could feel that all her hair was now cropped closely to her scalp. He spent several more minutes running the clippers over her head to ensure an even finish and then switched the clippers off and placed them back on the dressing table. He ran his hands several times over her head and murmured, “Oh, that feels fantastic!”

He now lifted her up and took her to the bed where once again they made love. Her bare head felt so strange against the pillow but also excited her and she couldn’t wait to get to a mirror to see how she looked. Half an hour later she sat open mouthed in front of the mirror, gazing i
n awe at her reflection. She looked sensational! The extreme crop emphasised the shape of her head and enhanced her features and as she ran her hands over her head she loved the pelt-like feel of her cropped hair. At last she didn’t hate the result of cutting off her long hair and she knew she would want Jon to use the clippers on her regularly. She would not be waiting five years again to experience such excitement!

The End

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