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Kay’s enjoyable haircut,Sherry’s forced haircut by Gothbarber rated: PG Forced Haircuts

Hi I’m Kay. I’m a normal 17 year old girl. I have waist length blonde hair, lovely blue eyes and I sometimes wear un-cool clothes but not always.

My story begins about two weeks before schools was to be out. I woke up sat up in my bed and yawned. I got out of bed took off my pink night gown and put on a white long sleeve shirt and black jeans. I walked into the bathroom like all mornings at look at my self in the mirror. My hair was everywhere. I wet it down and brushed it.

When I went down for breakfast my mother was sitting at the table with a letter from my school in front of her. I walk over pour myself a glass of milk and sat down in the chair in front of her. My 15 year old little sister Sherry, had our dad drive her to school. My mother nor I said anything until I got up to put my glass in the sink. My mom look at me and pointed to the chair in front of her.

"Kay why did you skip school for the past week?" I sat and looked at her.

"I didn’t skip school" I said lying. "What’s that in front of you mom?"

"This is a note that says you never come to school for the past week" she said her voice rising, "now tell me the truth Kay why did you skip school?"

"I told you I didn’t I said lying again"

"Then we can go and have a talk with your principal today if he tells me you have been skipping your have a choice a month in boot camp or loses the thing you most love" she smiled when she said this.

"Fine lets go" I said madly.

We got into my moms car and drive to the school when we got there my mom went into the office and told me to wait on the black bench outside his office. The principal shut the door he and her mom talk for about an hour. When her mom came out she told me to get in the car and she would be out in a bit. I walked out to the car got in and waited.

My mom came out and drove to Wal-Mart where she went in and came out with clippers and a black barber’s cape. She got in and drove home.

When we got home my mother walked into the house and told me to go to the bathroom and wait for her. I walked upstairs and waited for her. Soon she came up with a stool, the clippers and the barber cape. I sat down on the stool and looked at myself in the mirror.

My mom caped me and turned on the clippers. Mom put the clippers on my forehead and pulled back over the top of my head, she continued to do this until the top of my head was buzzed to a stubble. She then pushed my head forwards and buzzed the back then both sides. When my mother finished the haircut she un-caped me and blew off any loose hair.

I rubbed my head and smiled. "I like it mom."

My mom nodded and smiled back "I will cut your hair like this until school starts. When school starts I’ll let your hair grow out until the summer then its going to be this haircut every summer until your go to collage." I nodded.

Sherry walked up to the bathroom and laughed at me. "Kay you look like a boy maybe you should change your name to Ken" Sherry laughed and walk to her room.

I got up and walked to the same room as Sherry. When I got to the door I heard my sister talking about skipping tomorrow and going to the old camp site and skinny dip. I smiled and pick up the cordless phone and listened to her sister tell her 18 year old boy friend where to pick her up and everything. I walked over to my mom and handed her the phone and held her hand over the mouth piece.

"Just listen no talking" I said. My mother nodded as she heard Sherry go over her plans for tomorrow. When Sherry hung up she walk out of the room and I grabbed her.

"I would rethink about skipping tomorrow Sherry or would you like to get your haircut like mine."

Sherry look at her wide-eyed. "You didn’t go to mom about this did you?"

Right then our mom came out. "So you going to skip tomorrow are you? Well that to bad seeing how your going to school tomorrow."

Mom and I dragged Sherry into the bathroom her legs were tied to the stool. Sherry’s hands were tied behind her back and she was looking a the mirror in shock as my mom pushed the clippers up the back of her head, over the top and to her forehead. After Sherry’s hair was shorn off, her pants were pulled down and all her pubic hair down there was shorn off too.

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