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I am sitting in my chair in my barber shop in the late afternoon waiting for closing time. I have been very busy today since the temperature was over 100 degrees again today for the 10th day straight. I will be closing in about 10 minutes, when a very tall beautiful blonde lady walks into my shop. Her hair is up in a twist on the back of her head. she is wearing a business suite skirt and blouse. I ask how I can help her? she replies, yes you may. I need to get my hair cut if you have the time tonight. I said I was going to close in 10 minutes, but I can make you my last client for the day I guess.

I am a tall red headed barber with an inverted bob that is grown out some. mid neck below chin in front. the nape is hairy with hair about 1 inch long. I am wearing a denim mini skirt for comfort with the heat we are having and a t shirt.

I ask her to what kind of a cut does she want to get from me since I am a female barber?

The young lady asks if she can get a special haircut and treatment during the cut tonight?

I ask her to have a seat and explain to me what she wants done. The young lady says her name is Gail, and she has been in a long term relationship for the past 7 years. Gail says you see I am lesbian, and my lover wanted me to grow out my natural blonde hair to its current length. We broke up yesterday when I caught her with her co worker at lunch together being intimate. Since you are a female barber I was wondering if,( I hope I don’t offend you at all by asking this. ) if you could cut my hair in a sexual manor that I could remember for the rest of my life. I tell her my name is Brianna, and I would love to help her out with both. I go over to the door and lock it and close the blinds. the front window blinds are close do to the sun in the afternoon. I tell Gail to let her hair down. Gail reaches up and lets her hair drop down. It reaches to the bottom of my butt Gail replies. I look it over and ask what she wants for a special haircut. Gail says Brianna, I have not had a haircut for over 6 years to get it this long. only a couple trims. I want you to shave it all off!! I ask Gail are you sure you want me to shave you bald? Gail says Brianna, I would love for you to shave me bald and also make love to me afterwards.

I can do both I say. well, if we are going to do this right, I say!! we need to start by placing a cape over you.

Brianna, can I go without a cape? I want to feel my hair falling onto my bare skin. I say ok, Let me help you remove your blouse and skirt ok? thanks Brianna for being so understanding.

Gail stands up and allows me to pull her skirt off and help her out of her blouse. Only, her bra and panties remain. Today I was wearing a denim skirt for coolness with no panties on.

I tell Gail that I will get undressed also. I slide out of my skirt and remove my t shirt. Only my Bra remains. I grab my clippers and move to be in front of her, I ask one more time if this is what she really wants ?

Gail nods her head and says do it! I sit down on her lap and flip the clippers on. I lean forwards to kiss Gail as I place the clippers under her hair in the back. I slowly run the clippers up the back to the crown as I feel Gail tighten up and stop breathing for a moment. I can feel her long blonde tresses fall onto my lap I continue to move the clippers over the back of her head. hair pilling up on her shoulders and breasts.

I gentle wipe away the hair of her breasts, and then place the clippers on her forehead. I run the clippers back to the crown. couple more passes and all her long blonde hair is on my lap and her shoulders.

Gail still not breathing normal yet asks if I am done. I say yes with the clippers. I am not done with you yet though. I grab a hot towel and place it on her head. as it sits on her head I caress her breasts and rub my wet pussy on hers I say, I am going to give you a day you will never forget I grab my small trimmers and remover her pussy hair slowly. after the hair is gone, I move closer to make sure all hair is gone. I slowly lick her wet pussy now all bare. I grab my razor and cream and rub it all over her pussy. with a couple quick passes it is as smooth a school girls. I kiss her tender lips. Gail runs her fingers through my red hair. as I continue to stay between her legs.

Gail is very content with what I am doing for her. I stand up and remove the towel from her scalp and spread the shaving cream all over her scalp. I turn her to watch in the mirror, I start to pass the razor over her scalp leaving behind silky smooth skin. a few minutes later I am done. Gail looks in the mirror and says she loves it.

Gail asks if she can come back and have this done every couple days. I ask her if she would like to go out for a drink to discuss future head shaves and personalized attention. Gail says yes, we both rub hair off each other and get dressed.

Brianna asks Gail if she has ever done any haircutting before?? Gail says no, wondering why Brianna asked that. Brianna was thinking of a new hairstyle for her self!!

Catch Brianna’s cut next story!!!

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