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My friend has been cutting my hair for almost five years. I have always had long hair to the middle of my back. She would just give me a trim and highlights. She is studying to become a hairdresser so she loves the practice. I went to her house one day for a trim with two of my friends and they both got their hair done then it was my turn. While she was cutting we started talking about short hair and they al agreed I would look great with short hair but I did not care. Well anyway we were talking and all of sudden I looked down and saw a lot of hair on the ground including my ponytail. I flipped out and left. the next day I went to a salon and asked if they could fix this disaster and give me highlights. I thought everything was going to be ok. The lady started looking at my hair and said there was not much that she could do to save the length. So I dealt with that and I figured it would be a cute haircut that my hair would sit in the middle of my ear. The lady said she would have to give me bangs. Bangs I said. I hate bangs and I think I look horrible with them. But whatever she cut them and I watched as more of my hair was falling on the ground. So I left went home and was so upset because my haircut made me look like an old lady which I am certainly not. I could not live with this. I went to a cheap salon thinking I had already spent a lot of money on my hair and what else could go wrong. I walked in and everyone just looked at me. I sat down with a nice young girl and she said this was not the hairstyle for me. She said there was not much for her to work with. I said I just want to look like I’m in college. She asked if I wanted to watch her cut my hair and I said NO. I had seen enough. She turned the chair around and started to cut then the clipper went on and I heard that and felt it. About a half hour later she turned me around and to my belief I had about a inch and half of hair left on my head. It was a very short pixie cut. She said this was really all she could do. I understood. I went from hair down to the middle of my back to a pixie cut. At least those bangs are gone. I have gotten so many compliments on this short hairstyle. I still am not a huge fan of it but what can I do???

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