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Karen and Sheri, two department heads and close friends, were doing some copying at the copier when up came Linda. Now, Linda a relatively new employee who worked for Karen. She was 20 years old and had the prettiest light auburn hair that reached near mid-back in length. She wore it down with big curls or up in a tight twist. It always looked nice as did she by wearing nice conservative cloths. Today it was down and the big curls bounced along as she walked. She came up to the copier and Sheri stopped what she was doing and told Linda to go ahead and do her business. She came up to Linda and as she asked her if she needed any help she let her hand slip over and touch Linda?s soft red mane. While Linda stood there she didn?t? notice Sheri giving her a good looking over. When she left the copier area Sheri turned to her friend Karen ? I sure would like to get my hands on that red mane if you know what I mean.? ? I know what you mean and to tell you the truth she looks better when she wears it up.? ? Yeah, too bad we just couldn?t just ask her to cut it off but we would be in deep trouble with personnel.? replied Sheri. A couple of days later Linda wore her hair up and with it up and pulled away from her face and showing her neck area she looked great. Sheri came by and Karen motioned for her to look in Linda?s way. ? Your right she does look better with it up and off her neck.? During dinner that night the two friends came up with a plan.

A week later it was posted that there would be a divisional training session at the nearby Hilton Hotel on a Friday afternoon. The session was hosted in part by Karen and Sheri. Linda had managed to be seated near the front of the stage. Her soft shiny auburn hair hung down her back. It was nearing the end when Karen went to the microphone on stage. ? I have a surprise for all the ladies here. Damien from the Star Maker Salon is going to give a lucky lady a surprise makeover right here, right now, up here on stage.!? The crowd came alive with all the ladies whispering as they saw a styling chair rolled out on stage. A moment later Damien came out to cheers. He looked into the audience ? Which one of you is going to be my lucky model today?? He looked back and saw Sheri at the microphone? The lucky makeover winner is Linda X.!? ? Linda got this surprised look on her face as Karen who just happened to be near her took her by the hand. ? Congratulations Linda! Your such a lucky girl!? Linda was taken over to the chair where she was seated and caped. ? I?m going to give you a brand new look young lady which your going to love!? The crowd was going crazy. He didn?t need to ask how Linda wanted her hair cut. Karen had told him a week before that it was to be cut short and off the face. Damien took soft auburn hair and combed it out. He made a tight ponytail at the back of her head and pulled tight. ? Can I have a volunteer to help me cut off this horsy tail?? spoke Damien. Sheri stepped right up and took the silver shining shears. She placed them at the base of the ponytail and started snip, snip, snipping away. She dug deep and it took no time to remove the thick 15 inch ponytail from it?s long home. She held it up in the air and the crowd cheered wildly. When she left the area Sheri tucked the ponytail into her pocket. Linda could only sit there in a stunned surprise silence. Damien?s assistant came up and wetted down the shaggy mess of hair that remained. Then Damien came up and pulled from his pocket a shiny sharp razor and the crowd cheered. Damien was known for his razor cut hairstyles. He took the razor and attacked the thick head of hair in front of him. Locks of auburn hair fell to the floor. Damien worked with the passion and quickness he was known to do. Linda sat helplessly as her long hair that moments before was down mid-waist was reduced to no more than three inches on top and shorter on the sides. Damien pushed her head forward and shaved her neck area clean of any auburn fuzz. He made sure that the ears were left uncovered and the hair was off the face. Fringe bangs were cut in and the top cut so it would add fluff to Linda?s head. A reddish carpet of hair surrounded the bottom of the chair. Damien took a break and a makeup artist went to work on Linda?s face to complete the new look. Damien grabbed the blow dryer and a brush and finished Linda up. He pulled away the cape and Linda stood up to a cheering crowd. When she was handed a hand mirror and looked into it she didn?t recognize the girl looking back at her. She walked off with her new look . Sheri and Karen were the first to tell her how fantastic she looked. Sheri played with the thick red ponytail of Linda?s hair she held in her pocket. Ladies came up to Linda as the training session was ended and told her how great she looked. How lucky she was to have a stylist like Damien give her a hair cut. Still, a surprised Linda could only reach up and feel her short wash-n-go style. The feel was totally new for her. No more long curls for her and no more twisty up hairdos.

She had no idea that she had been setup and the haircut was not a surprise to two people in the area. Karen and Sheri asked Linda to have a picture taken with them and Damien. Sheri reached up and touched Linda?s new soft hairdo. The devilish duo had accomplished their goal. Who would be there next victim, would they dare try it again? The End

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