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It took even his very sharp scissors a total of 30 plunging snips to finally sever the thick rope of hair and he was panting slightly both with the excitement of his act and from the effort required to cut through the thick hair. Her body had tensed and then given an involuntary jerk as she felt the first bite of the blades at the nape of her neck, but the amazingly she had remained motionless as he forced the scissors deep into her glorious plait of silken hair. He wondered what thoughts were going through her mind as she felt her long hair being removed. Her wonderful long hair which had been a feature of her for many years and which would have been greatly admired and envied was now dangling from his hand as the last strands finally parted and he lifted it away from her head.

He swiftly fastened a small band around the severed ends as she slowly began lifting her head and she gave a little gasp as she saw the great long plait of her hair being held up behind her and she saw her reflection in the mirror with ends of short hair now springing out angrily behind her. Again he could not resist the temptation to watch her reaction and he casually dropped the great plait of hair into her lap. She glanced down at it and then back to her reflection in the mirror and said, almost to herself, “Oh my God! I can’t believe I have let you do this.” He had seen similar stunned looks of disbelief on many faces before when he had removed their long hair, and although having all the long hair cut off in one fell swoop could be traumatic for some, it allowed less time for them to get too distressed during the act, wondering if they had made a mistake. Within a much shorter time the decision was irrevocable and they would have to accept that their appearance would be drastically altered. An additional factor, of course was the intense pleasure he experienced when he was able to remove a lot of long hair so ruthlessly!

He combed back her hair from her face and said cheerfully, “Don’t worry! Everyone feels a bit stunned at first when they have a lot of hair cut off.” He personally felt quite drained now after the intense excitement he had experienced and realised the enormity of his act in removing such wonderful hair and he hoped she would quickly accept and eventually like her vastly changed appearance. He knew that she had been flattered by his attention and allowed herself to be persuaded into doing something she now regretted. She was still staring listlessly at her reflection in the mirror and was fingering her severed plait that lay in her lap, together with the long silken tresses that he had removed earlier from the front and sides. He knew he now needed to encourage her to accept her long hair had been cut so he straightened her head up and said, “As you are going to look quite different perhaps you would let me change your make-up slightly to suit your new look. After I have finished styling your hair I could do your make-up for you.” He could see her looking a little flustered and knew she found his attention exciting. She nodded and said, “Well – er yes, that would be nice.” He squeezed her shoulder encouragingly and said, “Wonderful, now I just need to finish shaping your hair.”

It did not take long for him to style her hair as of course he had already done the front and sides, and he shaped the back hair into a smooth nape length bob. This fell beautifully into shape due partly to the wonderful texture of her hair but also because of his great skill with the scissors. She seemed to be a little more relaxed now and was taking an interest in the shaping of her hair and he smiled at her and said, “I will just go and get the make-up tray.” He left her pensively studying her reflection in the mirror and walked over to the beauty section of the salon. On the way Maureen, the salon owner, stopped him and said excitedly, “My God, John, fancy her letting you cut off her long hair! Her hair has been famous around here for years; everybody admired its length and beauty. People will be shocked when they see her.” She paused and looked at him with a slight smile and said, “She wasn’t even booked to have her hair done was she, just the daughter.” “That’s right,” he replied, “but when I saw her hair I just couldn’t resist the temptation of cutting it. Her hair is probably the most beautiful I have ever had the pleasure of cutting short.”

“Did she ask to have it restyled then?” asked Maureen, and he smiled and said, “Well, she did ask for a trim and then agreed to have a little more off!” Maureen laughed and said, “Oh John, you are incredible! I really don’t know how you manage to persuade so many people to let you cut their hair short.” He stared pointedly at her heavy silken shoulder length softly curling hair and then said, “When are you going to let me persuade you?” She coloured slightly and brought her hand protectively up and touched her silken curls, and said, “You are so scissor happy. I would be terrified to let you loose on my hair and yet one day I am sure I won’t be able to resist you.” He stared at her for a moment, relishing the thought of plunging scissors deep into her rich dark hair and really cropping her and then said, “ I hope I don’t have to wait too long.”

Whilst he had been talking to Maureen he had noticed that Mrs Smith’s daughter had approached her mother and he wondered what her reaction had been to the dramatic change in her mother’s hair. He gathered together the items of make-up that he needed and returned to Mrs Smith and noticed that as he approached she ushered her daughter away to wait in the reception area. He smiled inwardly and realised that she obviously did not want to be bothered by her daughter whilst he was spending time with her. He smiled at her as he put the make-up tray down and could see that she was looking more relaxed. He reached forward and took from her the heavy snaking plait that she was still fingering and said brightly, “This is history now, and you will soon be wondering why you never had your hair cut short years ago.” He tossed it in to the dressing table in front of her and she looked at a little forlornly and then said quietly, “I hope you are right.”

He smiled again and then gave her cape a shake so that the rest of her shorn locks tumbled from the gown on to the floor. “It probably feels very strange at the moment not to have long hair but you will soon get used to it.” “I probably will, she said, “But I am not sure how everyone else will react.” “Well, it is your hair and you should do what you like with it.” He removed her glasses, ready to commence her make-up and their eyes met briefly and then she said, “Well actually, you are the one who has done what you liked with it, even after telling me it was too beautiful to cut.” He didn’t reply immediately but instead moistened some cotton wool and began cleaning off the traces of make-up she had on her face. As he bent close to her he said, “Yes, your long hair was very beautiful but somehow I sensed when you let me brush it that you might be ready for a change. I do find it very exciting to cut off long hair and give someone a dramatic new appearance. I also find, that although a lot of women might be terrified at first at the thought of parting with their long hair, are excited by the feel of scissors in their hair.” He paused and then said, “Did you find it exciting?”

She looked directly at him and said, “You know I did otherwise I would never have
let you cut off all my long hair.” He carried on sponging her face feeling aroused by the influence he had been able to exert over her in allowing him to remove her beautiful long hair. She had her eyes closed as he worked and with her relaxed expression she now looked far more attractive than when he had first seen her. He spent about 10 minutes on her make-up, at which he was very skilful, and just as he had almost finished, one of the assistants came over and said, “Your next 2 appointments for trims have been waiting some time. Will you be much longer?” “I will be there now,” he replied and then said to Mrs Smith, “I will finish your make-up when I come back, I won’t be very long. I will get someone to damp down your hair and blow-dry the back to finish it off whilst I am gone.” He called over one of the girls and told her what to do and then walked over to his waiting customers. He still felt a buzz of excitement from the time he had spent with Mrs smith and looked forward to seeing how she looked when her hair and make-up had been completed.

The waiting customers were two teenage girls and they were seated in adjacent chairs, already caped, and although they both had quite pretty hair he was disappointed to see that neither had hair longer than just about shoulder length. He moved behind the first girl who had thick, quite curly hair just above her shoulders, and asked what she wanted done to her hair. “Well, I have been letting it grow for some time but I am going on holiday soon and think it needs a trim so I can manage it more easily.” He combed briefly through her hair and said, “Your hair will look much better if it was a lot shorter. You should forget about growing it longer, it will look fabulous on you short and be so much easier to look after on holiday.” She looked a little doubtful and looked appealingly towards her friend who merely shrugged unhelpfully. She looked back at her reflection in the mirror and then said,”Oh, alright then, if you are sure it will suit me.”

He felt a little thrill shoot through him. What an exciting afternoon! This girl had perfect texture hair and features to take a really short cut and he certainly was in the mood to do it and it was an opportunity to use his favourite piece of equipment – clippers! He pushed her head right forward so that her chin was resting on her chest and swiftly picked up the nearby clippers. He adjusted the head and then placed his free hand on the girl’s bowed head, pushing it even lower and holding it firmly. Without hesitating he switched them on and began ploughing them straight up the back of her head. He found it totally fascinating to see clippers running up the back of a meekly bowed head and watch great masses of hair dropping away. The girl gave a loud gasp as she suddenly and unexpectedly felt the clippers being run up the back of her head and could obviously feel great clumps of her hair dropping away.

For five minutes she sat submissively but with a shocked look on her face as he gave her a near crew cut, and she looked stunned as he ushered her away to be shampooed, ruefully touching and exploring her short – cropped hair. He smiled and looked down at the great piles of her hair that lay at his feet. Oh he had enjoyed that! He had occasionally glanced across to see how Mrs Smith looked as her hair was blow dried and he noticed that she had been watching him closely. Her hair was looking magnificent as the assistant dried it. The beautiful texture and colour of the lovely hair emphasised the gleaming chin length bob and he felt like rushing over and start cutting her magnificent hair again. Suddenly with a lurch of excitement in his stomach he knew that was exactly what he was going to do once he had dealt with the girl in the adjacent chair. He would use the clippers and cut the nape hair in really short and he was sure she would once again be a willing victim.

He motioned over one of the young assistants and said, “Would you plug the clippers in over there for me please.” He indicated the chair that Mrs Smith occupied and the turned his attention to the other girl who was waiting. Not surprisingly, after seeing the cropping he gad given her friend, the girl insisted she only wanted the merest fraction trimmed from the ends of her hair. Although her hair was very cuttable, he was not sorry just to give her a brief trim as he could hardly wait to get back to the exciting Mrs Smith and once again handle her superb hair. He watched in the mirror as the junior placed the clippers down in front of Mrs Smith and plug them in. She reacted visibly to the clippers and spoke agitatedly to the girl and then sat staring white-faced at the clippers. She was obviously terrified at the thought that they might for use on her hair and he realised that he would either have to be very firm or very persuasive if he wanted to carry out his planned second cut on her very beautiful hair.

It really did look glorious as it shone and gleamed under the strong salon lights and again the thought went through his mind, as it had done earlier before he removed her beautiful long tresses, that perhaps it was cruel to want to destroy such beauty. However he just could not resist the thought of using the clippers on this lovely hair, destroying one image but creating an even more dramatic change. He could already see in his mind’s eye her long slim white neck with the hair cropped skin – tight and found the thought just as exciting as when he imagined cutting off her very long hair.

He quickly finished his trim and gave instructions for the blow – drying of both the girls and then he returned to Mrs Smith. She gave him a smile but he could see that she was still looking apprehensively at the clippers that lay in front of her. He flicked his comb through the gleaming hair and said, “Oh, that is looking superb! I think it might need a little more finish at the back but I will just complete your make-up first.” She sat silently as he worked on her lips, carefully creating a perfect shape and using a much brighter colour that didn’t clash with her lovely hair colour. Finally he stepped back to admire the result and felt delighted with his efforts. What a transformation he had achieved and with a little luck and perhaps a lot of persuasion she would soon look even more dramatically different.

He stood behind with his hand resting gently on her shoulder and said, “What do you think?” She stared at her reflection, swallowed hard, and then said a little breathlessly, “I can hardly believe it is me. I love my new image, it is so different.” He was pleased that she was happy with his efforts and said, “Yes, I am sure that some people will hardly recognise you when you leave here.” He could feel his pulses quicken, as he casually made sure the cape was fastened at the back clear of her hairline. His fingers gently touched the nape of her neck and he felt her body give a slight shiver. “You have a wonderful hairline here. I must just outline it a little more.” He reached forward and picked up the clippers and saw her eyes widen and she said in a panicky voice, Oh please don’t use those on me. I am terrified of clippers, I had a very upsetting experience when I was a child.” He would have liked to have heard more about that but realised that now was not the time. He realised she had not raised an y objection to more cutting of her hair, only the method, but he was determined to use the clippers. He switched them on and the low hum excited him even more and the feeling of power he held over her was like a drug.

I just knew that she would not resist although she was probably even more frightened than when I had removed her long hair. He put his hand gently on top of her head and said soothingly as he applied pressure, pushing it
forward, “Don’t worry, I just need to use them briefly to complete your haircut. Bend your head right forward.” He felt her neck muscles relax and she stopped resisting the downward pressure and slowly she allowed her head to be pushed right down. He moved his hand from the top of her head and gently ran his fingers through the nape hair, lifting and loosening it ready for its removal by the clippers. He looked down at the beautiful head of gleaming silken hair and could hardly breathe for his excitement and felt as aroused as he had when about to plunge the scissors into her great rope of long hair. “I must just remove some of the bulk from here,” he said softly and brought the buzzing blades close to the nape of her neck.

To be continued.

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