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Becky’s Short Hair, and How It Got To Be That Way

At this point in the narrative, you should have some more idea what drove Becky to get her hair cut so short and now have it shaved, like her lover Miriam just did.

Unlike Miriam, Becky grew up in a more open household. Well, open in some ways and not others. Becky’s dad seemed to be pretty open about most things. Her mother could be self-centered and basically a downright snob when she wanted to. But, they were her parents and she loved them.

When Becky was growing up, her mother had her keep her hair pretty long. She liked to braid it and put ribbons in it. She liked Becky to put on dresses and girly things. Becky at first accepted it, but eventually she began to wonder if there was something weird going on.

For instance, she could remember her first pair of jeans. Her dad had bought them for her to wear when she’d help in the yard. Her mother was furious, demanding that Becky `come in this instant and put on something more ladylike!.’ Then a few days later she found the jeans in the trash. Something rallied inside her and she fished them out and kept them hidden in her room. It was the first time she’d ever defied her mother’s wishes.

As she grew up, however, her mother seemed to chill out. There had been a few battles between her parents, she knew she was the subject of them. One day she heard them arguing and she got up the gall to sneak to the door and listen.

“You’ve pampered the girl to death, she’s going to grow up and rebel against us!”

“Yeah, you’d like it if she started shaving her head, getting tattoos and dressing like a man wouldn’t you?”

Her father sighed audibly. “Of course not! Veronica, why can’t you see sense? The way you make her wear a dress to help me mow the lawn!”

She heard movement and scuttled off, too afraid to go back and try her luck a second time. For a while she sat in bed, wondering why they were talking about her. Why were they fighting about her? She decided she needed to run away. If she was such a problem, she’d leave so they wouldn’t argue. She knew, deep down, that it wasn’t the first fight they had over her.

She packed up some of her favorite things and pulled the pair of jeans out and put them on. Maybe if she pretended to be a boy, she could get away.

She had only a small amount of money from her allowance. She took what little she had, put it in her little pink purse and she left the house without her parents realizing it.

In the middle of the night, unused to being up so late, she shivered. The town was different at night, she realized. It was scary. There was no one around, though once in a while she saw a car go by. She ducked out of sight of anyone, afraid her parents had sent them. She made it to the park, and sat down to plan her next move.

Next thing she knew, it was daylight out. She had fallen asleep leaning against a tree. Now she’d be in trouble. She got up and quickly got her bearings. She tried to figure out where she was going to go.

She stopped at a small store where they sold food and some other basic necessities. She didn’t have enough to buy even a pastry. The shop owner was kindly, but he asked her for the money. She didn’t have enough.

“If I cut off my hair, would you take that?”

The man looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“My hair’s pretty long. What if I cut it off and give it to you. A nice long tress of my hair, mister? Would you take that in exchange for the pastry? Please?”

The man was suspicious. He shook his head. “Young lady, I can’t.” but she made a grab for his pair of scissors and started to crunch through her long hair. The man looked appalled. “Stop,” he almost squeaked. “No, don’t cut your.”

With a final snap, the scissors cut through the rest of her long tresses. She handed the scissors and the hair to the shop owner. He looked bewildered over the heavy lock of two plus foot long dark hair he held. “Go ahead,” he said quietly. “Take the muffin.”

She thanked him and ran out, munching on the muffin. As she worked her way out to the edge of the town a police car pulled alongside her, and the man inside looked at her. He seemed to check something then pulled ahead and onto a side street. Becky felt a surge of fear and started to run. She wanted to get away from the policeman, since she knew he was going to take her back to her parents, who would start fighting about her again.

However, the police officer had doubled back. The description of the girl said she had very long dark hair, but this girl’s was short, a chin length bob that looked as if it had been very badly cut.

He managed to intercept her and held her. Becky started to cry and pleaded with him to let her go. “Why, honey?” He seemed bewildered. “My parents hate me,” screamed Becky. “They fight and fight about me. I am running away so they won’t fight anymore.”

The policeman scooped her up. “No, sweetheart, they don’t. They asked me to try and find you to bring you home.” He put her in the back of the cruiser. Then he got in the drivers seat and radioed the dispatcher that he had found the missing little girl and she was safe.

Becky’s dad was nearby, so he came down to the station and picked her up. He was very angry, but he was also very upset. He looked relieved to see her. “What did you do to your hair?”

“I cut if off and sold it for some food.”

Her dad winced. “Your mother and I were worried sick! Don’t ever do that again.” For the first, the only time, in her life, he spanked her. But not too hard. Then he hugged her and told her he loved her. “Why, Becky? Why did you run?”

“I heard you and Mom fighting about me, again. I assumed you’d not fight if I ran away.”

Her dad hugged her long and hard. “Never do that again!! Your mom and I both love you very much. You are not the reason we fight. You are our little girl.” Becky started to cry and her dad continued to just hold her.

After a while, he let go and called her mother. “She’s OK. She’s alright. A police officer found her. She’s fine now.”

After the call, her father took her to a hair stylist. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” he murmured. He told the pleasant looking lady that Becky needed a nice haircut. Something to hide the vicious hack job Becky had done cutting her hair that morning. “Something like a more modern young girl might have.”

“I could do something like this,” the woman said, pointing to a picture. It was of a woman who had a short bob, but the bob was longer in the front and angled up as it went back. “It’s pretty popular in the city,” the woman continued. “You cut the angle, then clipper the back of the head. This young lady looks like she might look good in it.”

Her dad nodded his assent. “Please go ahead,” he said and sat down. He couldn’t take his eyes off his daughter getting her hair done. He was glad she was back.

Her haircut made her shine and Becky was very happy with it. Her mother was furious about it, of course, but when it seemed like all was lost her dad came to bat for her. “Veronica, let’s not fight. That started this whole business. I’ve wanted Becky to get her hair cut for some time. There’s no sense in her always having long, shaggy locks.” He looked at Becky. “Did you enjoy getting your haircut by that nice lady?”

Becky nodded her head. “I like it shorter.” She shook her head back and forth, feeling the longer parts of her hair bouncing and jostling against her face.

Her mother sighed, but said nothing more about it. She just hugged Becky for a long time. “I just wanted my daughter to love and appreciate the feminine things,” she muttered.

But her mother always seemed bothered with her short hair. Becky would go with her dad. He allowed her to get it cut pretty much as short as she wanted. Then, after school got out one summer she had the back clipped very short. So short, she could see the skin underneath! It felt amazing! It was the shortest she’d ever
had it. She kept the longer bangs in front, but had it clipped around the sides so the longer hair draped over it. It was, she would later recall, her first `punk’ haircut. She was growing up.

Her mom was furious about it, but what could she do? She kept it in and tried not to show Becky how it hurt her when she did this. Becky knew her mom didn’t like it, but she was growing up and starting to grow closer to her father. Her dad let her do things like get short bobs. If her mother was in control, Becky would have hair down to her ass and wearing ribbons and bows all the time!

It was not long after that they decided to seek family counseling. And then Becky found Nathan. Nate (as he liked to be called) was in a band and was just a year older than her. He was 15, she 14. His band performed loud music that he sometimes called `punk’. She wanted to be his roadie. She thought he was going to hit it big. She got another piercing in her ear and started to wear more `punk’ style of clothes. She even dyed her hair purple.

But Nate’s band didn’t last as well as she would have liked. So, she was left with long bangs of purple hair that, despite the counseling, still drove her mom wild. She didn’t know what to do. Should she dye it again? She remembered sitting in her room, trying to think up what she could do. Her dreams were falling apart and she was only just about to start high school.

That summer she met her first real girlfriend. Her name was Bethany and she was year older than Becky. She too had been influenced by the punk movement. Bethany even had her nose pierced!

Unsure what to do and where her feelings lay, she started to hang out with Bethany more and more. The two became good friends and started to spend more free time together.

Then the unexpected happened. Bethany made a pass at Becky. She pulled Becky close to her, their breasts pressed together. She kissed Becky on the lips. They embraced. Suddenly, Becky felt a new world beginning to open up in front of her. She’d had a few times with Nate when he’d kissed her and told her she was beautiful. But there wasn’t anything like the passion she felt exuding from Bethany.

“The purple though,” Bethany breathed in her ear. “I like purple and all, but it’s got to go. We need to get you a new stylist.”

Becky agreed and asked her if she knew of one. “Yeah,” Becky said. “Me! I have a pair of clippers, I can cut your hair for you. It’s gonna be short, but you’ll look good in it, I think.”

So, they went to Bethany’s place and she sat Becky down in a chair in the kitchen. She went down into the cellar and got a pair of electric trimmers. They only had bare metal blades on them. No attachments came up with them. Becky was about to get her first buzz cut. The first of many, as it turned out.

“How do you feel about getting your hair cut?” Bethany asked as she plugged in the trimmers and tested them, to make sure they worked. They seemed to function alright and she turned them off with a snap.

“I’ve loved getting my hair cut for, oh, as long as I can remember now.”

Bethany nodded. “I hoped you would. Ready for your boys cut?”

Becky started to squirm. Boys cut? What did that mean? “Uh.” she started to say but the clippers snapped on again and she began to hear them chattering and buzzing through her hair in the back.

“No attachments, I’m afraid. Oh wow.that’s pretty short. I think I should have used a comb.”

Becky reached up and felt about a two-inch wide strip of coarse, rough hair. “Holy shit Bethany! What did you do to me?”

Bethany shrugged. “Sorry, honey. I thought it was longer than that. Still, I’d better clean it up, hadn’t I? Looks pretty bad that one little short strip.”

Becky was furious, but she put her hand down. “I guess so. Alright do your best to neaten it up.”

Bethany was an awful hair cutter, it turned out. She was clumsy, nicked Becky’s ears and made uneven passes. Finally Becky got up and looked in the kitchen mirror. Her hair was a horror show. The right side was all uneven stripes and half of the long, purple hair was hacked off. She looked like she’d had a haircut from a blind man!

“Here,” she said grabbing the aged clippers out of Bethany’s hand. “I’ll cut my own hair, thank you!”

She proceeded to do the only thing that made sense. She ran the clippers all over her head, methodically reducing her entire head down to very fine, coarse stubble. The purple was gone, but so were her long locks. She had taken her first step into the world of buzzed hair. She found herself feeling aroused and horny over it.

“Oh my gosh, you do look a sight,” Bethany said. “Before my mom gets home let’s clean this up.” Becky stooped and grabbed a long strand of her own purple hair. She ran it through her fingers briefly, before she put it in her back pocket and helped Bethany. Despite the awful job she did on her hair, Becky stayed at Bethany’s house making out with her until Becky’s mom came home. She looked furious.

“Did you cut Becky’s hair??” Her mother was irate. “Oh, it’s awful!”

“Actually, Mrs. Johnson, I cut it myself,” Becky said before Bethany could utter a word. “I was sick and tired of all that dried out hair, split ends and awful purple color.”

Mrs. Johnson looked aghast, but breathed a sigh of relief. “She cut my younger son’s hair one time right before he had a recital. Oh, did she ever make a botch up of that! I was irate!”

Becky squirmed, remembering how badly Bethany had cut her hair. “A botch up, huh?” Bethany looked uneasy and gave her a sheepish grin. “Sorry,” she said. “I really thought I would be better by now.”

Mrs. Johnson brought Becky home and she prepared for the worst. Her mother had recently started to take medication for her obsessive personality disorder. Her dad, well, he was the same but she couldn’t gauge what he would say when he saw her brutally short buzz cut.

Her mother saw her first and just sighed despondently. She didn’t say a word. Becky apologized, saying she’d been at a friends house and had agreed to let her trim the nasty purple hair. But her mother just shook her head and walked off, not responding at all.

Her dad seemed truly shocked. It was the first time he’d ever seemed to have a negative reaction to her haircuts. She told him what she’d told her mom. He still looked bewildered, but he hugged her. He said he loved her very much.

“I don’t pretend to know why you do these zany things. Ever since you cut your hair off to pay for that food, you’ve had this thing about getting it cut, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, dad,” Becky replied. “The therapist I had gone too said it was called a `fetish’ and it was normal as long as I didn’t hurt anyone else when I did it. I asked her if she had any `fetishes’ and she said, in fact she did. She had a thing about feet. At first she thought it was totally weird, and she decided to go into therapy so she could figure out why she did it. But as she learned more and more, she also learned that fetishes were part of the human psyche. Having a fetish over cutting your hair was just one of many.”

“I’m sure your mother was hurt,” he said. “But I still love you very much. You’re my daughter and I love you and support you. I don’t know what I’ll tell your mother, but I’ll think of something.”

“I lost a bet,” Becky said. “That’s it. I bet a classmate I would get a higher grade on the big test and if I lost, I had to shave my head.”

Her dad shook his head. “Sweetheart, that’s not going to do it. You must be up front with me. How did it happen?”

She hesitated, then told him about Bethany cutting her hair and what an awful job she did. “Even her mother was upset with her. I guess I can’t blame Mom for that.” She even told him how she and Bethany had made out. He was the first grown-up she had confessed her liking of other girls to.

Her dad nodded. “Better. Look for the truth in people, it’s always the best policy. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. Are you and this girl a couple?”

She ex
pected him to be irate when she confirmed it. “Yeah, dad. We kind of started seeing one another. Honest, I never thought we were going to become this attracted to one another!”

“Honey, you’re being honest with me. I can’t ask any more. And I can’t be angry with you for that. No matter how I’d like to see my grandkids, if you love another woman, that’s your business. You know how to run your own life now. You’re too old for us to forbid you anymore. I just want you to help me break the news to your mother. She deserves to know too.”

Becky gulped. But they both sat down and confronted her mother the way the therapist had suggested. Her mother looked crestfallen.

“What do you mean, you’re seeing a `girl’?” she asked.

“Sorry, Mom. I like girls,” Becky said. “In that way. I’m sorry.”

Her mother took a deep breath. “You’re a lesbian?”

Becky hesitated. “I think so,” she finally admitted. “I know it hurts to hear me say that, but I want you to know how I feel.”

“My baby!” cried her mother who leapt up to both Becky and her dad’s surprise. She ran forward and embraced Becky. “I know I hurt, but I want you to be happy. Ever since that day you tried to run away, I knew that I had to change. Please forgive me. I was wrong to treat you the way I did. All those girly things I did alienated you. You are gay because I was too narrow minded to accept you should go your own way!” She broke down and started to sob. Becky held her mother tightly for a long time, trying to console her.

“I still love you and Dad,” Becky finally sobbed. “I will always love you both to the bottom of my heart. I guess I wanted to rebel since I can remember. No matter how short my hair is, no matter what, I will always love you both.”

Ever since that day her mother totally changed in her attitude. She let Becky do what she needed to. When Becky went out in fishnets and a Dead Milkmen T-shirt, she didn’t say anything. That day changed everything. She got along with her dad OK, but now her bond with her mother was growing stronger too. It was the closest they had ever been.

Her relationship with Bethany was tenuous at best. After the haircut, she had been a bit leery of letting Bethany be alone with her. She did have her moments, though. For example, Bethany taught her to shave her own pussy (and she was much better at that than she’d been at cutting Becky’s hair!). One night of passion had taught her to appreciate the smooth skin around her vagina. Despite that they went out for more than a year, Bethany and Becky never totally say eye to eye.

Becky had forgiven her for the moment when her hair had been butchered off. She liked it. Once she’d gone so far as to shave it herself. Bethany wanted her to `stop cutting her hair’ and said so. Becky told her she was aroused when her hair was cut, or when she watched others getting theirs cut. Becky even went so far as to order a video where three girls got their heads shaved. Although she watched it in private, she got so horny watching those girls get their heads shaved on TV.

Once in high school though, something seemed to change in her. She grew away from Bethany and they broke up amicably. In fact, until shortly before she met Miriam, she was still occasionally having sex with Bethany. Miriam diverted Becky’s attention away from the relationship with Bethany.

On the Monday Miriam had arrived sporting a flattop as punishment, Becky was drawn towards her. Sure, Miriam had been a bitch to her in school. She called her a `freak’, a `loser’ and a `chop-haired freakzilla’ amongst others. For some reason, Becky felt the thrill of revenge. Sitting there all pretty in her pink dress and flattop. Becky wanted to taunt her back. “Oh we are upset we got a little haircut, are we? Know how it feels to be the `chop-haired freakzilla’ now? Know what it’s like to be an outsider now, you stupid bitch?” But, as soon as she caught the way the others were treating her, she changed her mind. The girl might have been a bitch to her in the past, but now she needed a friend. She needed Becky and who knows what might come of that?

So, she asked her if she could sit with her. For the first time, Miriam didn’t taunt her. She was on the same plane as Becky now, despite her haircut had been forced on her. Becky cut her hair of her own volition. Miriam had been to the barber’s. Oh, cruel fate! Becky thought. You have done the best thing for me. You have shown the uptight girl that she is mortal. She will be mine!

For the first time since she had broken up with Bethany, she felt drawn towards another person. She now knew that she was indeed a lesbian. And what was wrong with that? She loved other girls. It was the way she felt. It wasn’t just the flattop Miriam was sporting. It was the whole idea that Miriam was now vulnerable to Becky’s advances. Becky decided to test her fate. If she was truly hurting, she would probably the sexual advances of Becky. If she didn’t give a fuck she would not do anything but continue to hurt Becky. She took a gamble.

It paid off. She felt the crush of prior hurts go away. She lapped up the energy she drew from the encounter. She decided to try and walk her home to continue to get to know her. To her continued relief, Miriam accepted. It was clear that Miriam was really hurt by the whole thing. Becky had heard about the party, of course, who hadn’t? Still, Miriam had a rough punishment of it. A flattop? That’s so fifties! Becky thought.

Still it must have been humiliating for the girl to go from shoulder plus length blond hair to a brutally short flattop. She gauged Miriam’s reactions right on. When she made her move to kiss her, it came as an extension of her ability to tell when her fellow girl was most vulnerable. Having your previously proud mane of hair brutally shorn off was a good indication. Becky felt like it was the right time to make her move and it paid off. She won the gamble.

What she didn’t expect is the desire for Miriam to experience going shorter. She had wanted Miriam to shave it off, to start with a clean slate. She wanted Miriam to fall in love with the shaved scalp, but she didn’t expect it would happen. She was wrong.

She remembered being at home the night she kissed Miriam. Her mom came in and said good night. For the first time, she asked her mom’s advice. “I met this girl in my class who really could use a friend. I kissed her. Do you think I was wrong?”

Her mom was more accepting than she’d ever been before. “Honey, you know how you like this girl. You are way more grown up than I would ever have imagined. Gosh, you grow up so fast! I want you to be happy. Even if you have to shave your head to be happy, I want you to be happy!”

So, it didn’t come as a big shock when Miriam decided to shave hers. Becky felt like she could safely shave her own scalp and her parents would accept it. She knew they wouldn’t understand, but they would accept it. As she grew, so did the fact that she was now a young woman about to start out on her journey through life.

And to have Miriam there as her journey began, with a shaved head made the decision to shave hers all the more sweet. And her relationship with Miriam was so totally sweet!

Be sure to watch for Chapter 5: New Surprises in Store!

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