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The event was set to start. The stylists were all standing around; ready to start working on the group of men and women who had come forward, ready to give their support and also give something else to the cause. The announcer stepped forward and walked to the microphone. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen and thank you very much for coming to the event. Let me assure you that you are donating to a very worthy cause and all your donations will go 100% toward helping the library purchase some much needed technical equipment. New computers and audio visual equipment. Plus build a computer lab for the children. We need it here in the town. So people, enjoy yourselves. Talk to the kids, have a hamburger or hot dog. I understand we have a few surprise people coming in this morning to assist us. And I understand we are going to try and get our beloved mayor to finally get rid of his ponytail here today. I know a lot of you have told him that he needs an up-to-date look and I know you all love your mayor. Just get involved and accept my thanks in advance.”

“Wait a second,” the announcer added. “Mr. Mayor? I know you are a man who will not step away from a challenge. So how about this? If in the next two hours the city can raise a specified amount of money? What do you say, Mr. Mayor, $10,000 in two hours, then you agree to the haircut? $10,000, come on people. We can do that and then the mayor gets rid of his ponytail.” He looked at the mayor and he nodded his head. “Okay, you saw the signal. How many of you want to get involved? If so, make a bid. Go and see the nice ladies at the side table and show your support. Thanks everyone. Enjoy the events and the music and please support the town drive.” Who wants to see that done?”

With that having been said, he stepped off the podium and the three stylists stepped up and three chairs were placed in front of them. Tool carts were pushed into position and capes were tossed over the arms of the chairs.

Across town at her salon, the mayor’s girlfriend was cutting and clipping herself. She had given to of her barbers the day off so that they could volunteer as they were also on the library board. So she went in to pull some extra time at her shop. She was doing a customer when the phone rang. She picked up the receiver to talk to one of her barbers. “It looks like your boyfriend is going to get a haircut today. They are bidding on his hair, hoping to raise $10,000 in two hours,” she was told.

“You are joking? No way is he going to allow that to happen. Shit, I wish I could be there. I would love to do it myself,” she said.

“You have to get here, Casey. I know you have been wanting him to cut it off,” the barber told her.

“Can you find out how much they raise and call me back in an hour? I am really busy. Shop is full and of course, I am two men short,” she said.

“I will call you back in an hour,” the barber said.

“As soon as you can, okay? I will be waiting for your call,” Casey said. The barber did not get to call her back until the time for bidding had dwindled down to 15 minutes. Finally the phone rang at her salon. “Sorry Casey, it looks like he escaped the barber’s chair. They are $1500.00 short of the goal,” her barber told her.

“He needs to get it cut. Listen, can you get the event promoter to call me, privately? I need to make this work,” Casey said.

“Give me five minutes. I will see what I can do,” the barber said.

Five minutes later her phone rang. She picked up the phone. She asked the promoter how much money they needed to get the mayor in the chair. “We are as of now, about $1200.00 short of the goal,” the promoter said.

“I don’t want him to walk but I also don’t want him to know that I am the one who put the goal over the top. You need $1200.00. I will give you the money but I don’t want him to know that his girl put you over the top. I also have a special request. You do not tell him until you are down to the last two minutes. Oh and one last favor? I want to cut it for him. I want him to get cleaned up more then any of you,” she said. “How soon would you want to cut him? I am at my salon right now but I could close in an hour and be there at 1:30pm,” Casey said.

“Consider it done,” the promoter said. “You can bring the cheque with you when you get here. Thank you very much for your generosity.”

Back at city hall, the mayor was looking at his watch and he was taunting the promoter. “Looks like I beat the gun, Brad. No haircut, today,” the mayor said.

The promoter walked over to the table and asked for a total. He spoke quietly to one of the ladies at the desk. “In five minutes, I will give you a signal. Three minutes later you will pick up the phone and speak to someone in a quickened voice, trying frantically to get a message to me with one minute to go. I will announce the final total as $9000.00 for the mayor’s hair but we are over the top as of right now. I just got the final bid from a surprise bidder. Any more from this point is bonus money. Understand?” he said. The lady nodded.

Everything went as planned and at the two-minute warning, the lady at the desk waved her hands frantically as the promoter was getting ready to allow the mayor to walk. But he dragged it out, thanking the people for their support. “Brad, wait!” she yelled out. “We got a final bid. We are over the top. I just took a pledge for $1200.00,” the lady called out.

“Mr. Mayor? Did you hear that? I guess you are staying for a hair cut,” Brad said. “Let’s hear it for your mayor. Thank you, sir. $10,2000 for the mayor’s haircut. Congratulations, all of you. Give yourselves a big hand. ”

“If I find out you made the last bid, Brad, I will get you back some way,” the mayor said. “Okay people. You get your wish.”

“Folks, we are going to take a break for a spell. We have some local talent that would like to perform for you and at 1:30 when the barbers come back from some lunch, we will have the mayor in the chair,” Brad said.

At 1:00, Casey locked the front door of her shop. She got in her car and rushed down to City Hall. The mayor was visiting with people, shaking hands with the barbers and people who had already come forward and given their hair to the cause. He did not see Casey arrive in her car. She parked her car and found her two barbers on the field. “Where is the promoter? I have to give him this,” she said as she held an envelop in her hand.

The promoter was pointed out and she walked over to him and gave him the cheque. “He doesn’t know?” she asked. The promoter assured her that everything was quiet and ready for 1:30pm. She nodded her head and she walked back to her car to relax for ten minutes. She was excited. She was going to make him a new man. She reached into the back seat of her car and she grabbed a plastic bag. She got out of the car and headed to the public washroom. She had decided to change her clothes and she came back out after ten minutes, wearing a very short brown dress that just covered her ass.

As she exited the washroom area, she heard the promoter talking to the crowd. “Friends, we had a special contest going on and we put our beloved mayor on the hot seat, asking you to donate $10,000 in bids and if we raised the money our beloved mayor agreed to get rid of his ponytail, here and today. Well, you did it with a last minute bid of $1200.00 coming from a special person. Mr. Mayor, let me introduce your special barber to you,” he called out. “Ladies and gentle men, the mayor’s personal barber.”

She walked through the crowd, carrying her silver barber’s case. He looked out at her and he raised his hands to his face. He giggled. “You! You did this? You put them over the top?” the mayor said.

“I think you have a chair you need to get into and I think I am scheduled to give you a real hair cut. Now, don’t drag this out. I paid good money to do this and I am going to collect,” Casey demanded.

“You heard the young lady. Friends, let me introduce my girlfriend, Casey. When Casey tells me to jump, I don’t ask any more questions,” the mayor said. The mayor looked at Brad. “You knew about this, didn’t you? You knew at what point? Maybe ten minutes before the bidding was over. All the talk, praising the friends at the last minute was a set-up?”

“Ask your barber,” Brad said. “I am not going to incriminate myself. She put us over the top. She agreed that you needed a new look.”

Casey was standing in front of an empty chair. He looked at her and she hit the back of the chair. “I love you,” the mayor said. He walked to the chair and he sat down in the chair. She spread out her tools on the cart. She grabbed her black cape and she threw it around his torso, pulling it up to his neck. She clipped it in place and she straightened it out.

She grabbed a comb and pulled back his stringy hair, catching it tight at the nape. She bound it with an elastic band and she let it drop to his shoulders. She grabbed a pair of scissors. “I am sure you will agree that we need to get our mayor out of the Woodstock era,” Casey said as she opened the blades of her scissors. She raised her hand and grabbed his ponytail and she pulled on it. With that, she cut off his ponytail and severed it from his nape. It was cut off in two minutes. She held it in front of his face. “Say good-bye to it,” she said as she dropped the ponytail to the floor. She grabbed her clippers and she walked in front of his face. “I love you, cutie.”

She placed the blade of the clippers on his hairline and she pushed the clippers down the center of his head. His brown hair dropped to the floor behind him. The crowd went crazy as they watched their beloved mayor smile and wave to the crowd. She even applauded him as she knew that he was okay with what was happening to him. Even thought he made himself out to be a hard nose, he actually was a softie at heart. Her clippers buzzed over his head, steady and fast as she wasted no time in rendering down to stubble.

Take it shortA second pair of clippers came out and she ran them over his head, bringing the stubble down to less then 1/16th of an inch. Easier for the next step. She now put her clippers back in her tool case. She now dusted off his head and he thought that she was honestly finished and he stood up but her hand was fast and she pushed him back into the chair. “I am not done with you, yet,” she said.

He sat down and swallowed hard. “I paid for your hair and I am going to take it all,” she said. “I think a head shave is in order. Do we have any shaving cream?” One of the other barbers gave her a can of menthol cream. She flicked off the lid and squirted a blob of white cream on to her open palm. She quickly spread it all over his soon to be bald head. “I am going to love this.” she said. She walked in front of him and she bent forward and gave him a peck on the cheek.

His hand reached out and he rubbed her thigh. “I love you too and I am glad you are the one doing this,” he said.

She moved to the side and pressed her leg into his shoulder as she supported herself on him, but she was actually turned on, thinking that she was shaving the one she loved the most; more then anyone in the entire world. He remained focused as she pulled the razor over his head, Stroke after stroke, as she came over the top of his head and down to the opposite side. Stroke after stroke leaving behind clean skin. A bald scalp was soon to appear from under the spread of white cream. She actually ran the razor over his head twice. The second time, really adding pressure to the blade as it scrapped away remnants of stubble.

Finally finished, she undid the clip and she pulled the cape down over his body. She flicked it to the floor and she threw it over her arm. He stood beside her as she handed him a small mirror. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and he smiled. He turned to her and gave her a huge hug. The promoter stepped forward. “Ladies and gentlemen, our beloved mayor and his special lady. Thank you for coming and for helping us out today,” he said. He looked at Casey. “Can you stay and help us out some more? I am sure there are a few other gentlemen who might like to give their hair to you. Maybe a few brave ladies too?”

She looked at the mayor and he nodded his head. “Sure, why not? We will stay for a few more hours,” he said. With that Casey flicked out her cape. The mayor called out: “Who wants to be clippered by my beautiful barber?”

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