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Hi! I am going to tell my first consensual experience of hair cutting, mainly head shaving of a girl. It was a time of my College completion, and it is the last week of our college life.

I have lot of friends, we enjoy a lot and I will share several things to my friends, but I never revealed my feeling for shaving a female head. At this situation, I got my college-mate who was staying at her friend?s room. One named Anita, was a close friend of mine, and she was the only friend who is a girl at my college life. Even then I didn?t let my feelings to her. She had a really long hair up to her waist, thickly grown and gloomy black in color it would be silky soft to touch. I would always like to touch her hair and I had done that a lot. She would be annoyed, but would never complain about it.

It was a Saturday night where it was the last day of our college life since our batch decided to make the Farewell day after finishing the exams. The next day all would be going to their native so the Farewell party was going on. All were enjoying with fun danced and had a great time. Then all went for the dinner. I and Anita, went to some corner place to eat. She kept some gifts with her. I asked ?For whom this is to??

She replied that ?For my room-mates? she said. ?I thought it is for mine? I replied.

?My God I forgot? she said sadly. I asked her, ?Then what for me??

?Please forgive me. Shall I buy some thing for you? I thought I could buy tomorrow something special! ?, She said. It seemed that she really forgot.

?I don?t want it now. Promise me when I ask, you should give me whatever I like.? She nodded. ?When are you starting to your native?? I asked her.

She said ?Next week?. So I planned to vacate both of our rooms and we stayed in my friend?s house. His parents were in abroad. He asked both of us to look after his house where he and his girl friend went for the trip. So we stayed in his house. It was 4 pm on that day. She was in her night ware. We spoke for some time. Then I asked her slowly. ?Anita, on that day I asked for the Farewell day gift do you remember??

?Yeah. So what do you want?? she asked. ?You should not scold me?? I played safe.

?Don?t hesitate you fool. Ask?..! ? I touched her hair and asked, ?Will you give me this completely for me as a farewell day gift ? ?

She never spoke a word. She seemed to be puzzled, but she started to laugh.

?Are you crazy? NO WAY!? ?You promised me? I said. After a long argument, she accepted. ?Now what are going to do going to cut it??

?Shave everything off ? I said mechanically. She was speechless saw me as seeing like something. ?All right you asked for the farewell day so go on!?

So the play started. I took her to the bathroom. Put a chair and made her to sit. I took a mug full of water and gently applied to her hair, slowly and steadily I wetted her hair completely. And I massaged her head till the rot of the hair till the tresses were wet.

She sat for sometime and asked me ?Will they do it as the same in the barber shop??

?Yeah are you interested or are you not willing?? ?I will leave you if you don?t like?

?No, No? hurriedly she said. ?Apparently I started to like it you know? She said excitedly.

First I started to wet the hair, combed it as the front part and the back. I took a pair of scissors and started to cut. Snip, Snip the sound came and I cut her hair to chin length through her temples bangs and nape area. Then took straight-edged razor and bowed her head to a little front and started to shave, She feel excited and her heart started to pounding where I could see from her breast. Inch by inch I started to shave her head revealed and thick locks of her hair fell through her face. I saw her fair scalp. The razor passed smoothly and steadily half of her head was shaved. Then I moved to the behind and finished the back. Then the sides of course! Then I passed my hand on her bare head. It was smooth than her silky hair. I was completely satisfied and I felt that something long waited was achieved.

Then I took shampoo and started to make lather and again I shaved the stray hair. Then we cleaned the room and ourselves. I took her in front of the mirror and showed her bald head ?See how beautiful you are? I said. She stared her head for a long time and to my surprise she kissed at my cheeks and told,

?Really you helped me a lot idiot! After all I was just thinking about. My mom asked me to tonsure my hair since she vowed, she gave me a lot of money to make some offering. But my roommates took that money without my knowledge and spent the whole, so I was helpless. I could not tell anyone that time but you came and made this to me. I could?ve told you before but I was afraid and thought that would?ve laughed at me. So I kept silent.

We both started to laugh at each other and the next day we started to our home town. One day, I heard from her that her mother was very much convinced.

Recently I saw her. Whenever we meet we would surely speak about that incident and she promised to shave her head again by me and we planned for another farewell gift.

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