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The next day Sally was in the reception area when in came Mrs Barbara Smith and her 12-year-old daughter who asked if it would be possible for her daughter to have her hair cut. Now Barbara was well known around the village because of her remarkable hair, although she was not very well liked because of her rather distant and sometimes sharp attitude she displayed to everyone she met. She had been coming regularly to the salon for several years at intervals of about 3 months when she would have a fraction trimmed from the ends of her hair. Her hair was simply magnificent and probably the most outstanding hair that Susan had ever seen. It was waist length, a shimmering fall of absolutely straight silken light red hair of wonderful texture that was kept in superb condition. She always wore her hair in exactly the same style; a severe centre parting and then her hair fell down in its straight fall either side of her face. She wore glasses and without her beautiful hair she probably would be a plain looking woman but Sally did feel that although the hair was very beautiful perhaps a shorter, less severe style could be more flattering and would still show off the beauty of her hair. The daughter’s hair was also long, reaching almost to her waist in a bouncy ponytail and was a gleaming chestnut colour and Sally knew that John would enjoy cutting her hair especially if she was having it restyled. She smiled at Barbara and said, “Yes, John our new stylist will be back from lunch in a few minutes. He can fit her in then. Is it just for a trim or is it a restyle cut?” “I want her hair restyled,” came the terse reply and a little groan came from the child, “Oh mummy please…”Barbara gave her a stern look and Sally smiled to herself, John would really enjoy the opportunity of being able to cut a lot of hair off and it was always more enjoyable when long hair was reluctantly surrendered. She led the couple to the top of the salon and Molly reluctantly sat in a chair in front of the mirror and her mother sat alongside her. She placed the large cape around the young girl, flicking free the lovely thick heavy ponytail, and waited in anticipation for John to return. Barbara turned to her daughter and said firmly, “Now, I don’t want a word out of you when you are having your hair done. I warned you I would get it cut shorter if you didn’t look after it properly.” The young girl looked close to tears and stared miserably at her reflection in the mirror and then Barbara realised that someone had approached and half turned towards them. She saw that a young man was staring at her with some intensity and he said reverently, “Oh, what magnificent hair.” She was of course used to receiving compliments about her hair but felt flattered that John was making those comments. She had heard a lot of talk in the village about the brilliant new stylist and his outstanding work and was pleased that he had made the comment. He smiled at her and said, “I will be looking after your daughter’s hair today.” He gently stroked the gleaming ponytail and said,” She has beautiful hair as well, what would you like done with it?”

The sight of the exceptionally beautiful long hair of the mother had already aroused John and he waited hopefully for the answer. “I would like it cut a lot shorter.” Wonderful! And to make it even more exciting he could see that the young girl was already close to tears. It was a fantastic feeling to strip off long hair from an unwilling victim, especially when it was as long and heavy as this splendid ponytail. He quickly released the band that held the ponytail and allowed the long hair to spread out over the cape. He took a brush and began slowly drawing it through the long gleaming hair and then he turned back to Barbara and said, “I would like to shampoo and blow-dry her hair once it has been cut, is that alright?”

She nodded and he gazed in admiration once again at her lovely hair as it swung and bounced with the movement of her head. She averted her eyes as she saw the intensity of his gaze and he turned back to the girl awaiting his scissors. He brushed her hair for a few more moments, his fingers thrilling to the silken touch and the girl moved nervously in the chair as she waited for him to begin cutting off her hair which she clearly treasured. He began gathering her hair together until he was able to hold all of it together at the nape of her neck and the great tress of hair dangled from his clenched hand. He reached forward now and picked up his scissors feeling his excitement building.

Barbara watched closely, aware that her heart was pounding a little faster, as he held his scissors poised near the hair. He glanced over to her enquiringly and made a slight movement with the scissors. She hesitated fractionally, knowing how much her daughter loved her long hair, and then mentally shrugged, it would be far easier for them both to manage if it were shorter. She nodded at John, conscious of her own very long hair swaying about her face, and indicated he should carry on.

John was aware that no length of the new style for Molly had been discussed and so of course he intended to cut off a very great deal of her long hair. He smiled at Barbara and then slowly and deliberately he began forcing his scissors into the bunched up hair as close to the nape of her neck as he could. A convulsive jerk came from Molly as she felt the bite of the scissors in her hair and then her body shook with sobbing as she felt her hair coming away from her head. He also heard a little gasp from Barbara as she realised how much hair he was cutting off.

Barbara watched with morbid fascination as the very sharp scissors scrunched through the hair and she was stunned that he was cutting the long hair off practically at the roots but realised of course that it was now too late to do anything about it. It took about ten plunging snips of his very sharp scissors before the ponytail was completely severed and he was able to lift it away from her bowed head. John took a quick glance at the girl’s mother and was not surprised to see the shocked and yet fascinated expression on her face as she saw the great mass of hair being lifted away from her daughter’s head. Molly raised her head to show a shocked and tear stained face but he quickly ushered her over to a waiting shampooist before she could fully realise how much hair she had lost.

He now turned back to the waiting woman, anxious to look closely at her wondrous hair. She saw him staring at her and coloured slightly and he smiled and said, “Her hair will suit her short, but it is a bit of shock at first.” He paused and then said, “Forgive for being personal but I think your hair is the most magnificent I have ever seen.” She looked slightly embarrassed but gave a little nod of acknowledgement and said softly, “Thank you.” He quickly now said, “Would you allow me to have a closer look at it?” She stared at him, looking a little flustered, and then said hesitantly, “Well, yes if you like.” He felt elated and gave her a pleased smile and said, “Please sit over here, I would like to be able to brush your hair.” She stood up and moved to the chair he had indicated and once again he was entranced by the sway of beautiful mane of silken hair. As she sat down she swung round and faced him and said firmly, “If you are about to try to persuade me to have my hair cut, then you are wasting your time.” He gave her a reassuring smile and said, “Of course not. I would never even consider cutting off such magnificent hair.” As he said this every fibre in his body was screaming to pick up scissors and strip off almost every inch of her superb long hair. Although
he did find her hair quite stunning as it was, perversely the pleasure to be got from removing such hair would be almost too good to imagine.

He picked up a cape and draped it over her body, touching her silken hair for the first time as he lifted it clear and then allowed it to spread out over the cape. His fingers thrilled to the touch of the lovely hair and it was even more pleasurable to touch than he had imagined. He stood looking down, almost in awe, at the silken blanket of hair for a few moments and then picked up a brush and began drawing it slowly and reverently through her long hair. He followed the brush with his free hand, smoothing and stroking the hair as he passed over it and he was pleased to see that she had her eyes half closed and was clearly enjoying the experience. He had only given her hair a dozen or so strokes when the shampooist returned with the still stunned looking daughter. He groaned inwardly and murmured, “Oh, so soon,” and reluctantly put the brush down. “Please stay there for a few minutes,” he said. “I will just finish styling Molly’s hair, and then I would like to finish brushing your hair.” She looked at him through the mirror, her slightly stern features relaxed, and looking far more attractive for it. “That’s fine,” she replied and John felt delighted as he moved over to Molly who was staring tearfully at her reflection in the mirror.

He now wanted to complete this cut as quickly as possible so that he could return and continue the pleasurable task of brushing her mother’s magnificent long hair. He positioned the girl’s head and then began shaping the already quite short hair. She looked even more upset as she felt me cutting a lot more of her hair off but as a lot of girls who parted with hair reluctantly, she had a resigned look on her face as her hair spattered down to the floor. He took an occasional quick glance at Mrs Smith and saw that she was watching proceedings closely and was obviously fascinated in watching how dramatically her daughter’s appearance was being changed. Within a few short minutes he had completed the cut and then he called over an assistant and told her how he wanted her to blow dry and finish off the style. He then said casually to her, “Take plenty of time doing it.”

He knew that he had a fairly busy afternoon of appointments booked but he wanted as much time as possible free to spend handling Mrs Smith irresistible fantastic mane of hair. He walked over to her chair and he was pleased to see her give him a little smile, obviously looking forward to his return. He picked up the brush again and once again his fingers thrilled to the silken feel of her exceptional hair as he slowly drew it through the long tresses. She half closed her eyes and her features relaxed as he worked silently apart from the gentle swishing sound as the brush was drawn through her hair. As he brushed her hair the already gleaming locks seem to shine even more and he stroked her hair with reverence. Just as he was beginning to wonder how much longer she would allow him to brush her hair, she opened her eyes fully and said, “That feels wonderful, thank you. Do you have time to trim the ends of my hair? It is some time since it was trimmed but I only want a fraction cut off.”

He gave a delighted smile for this gave him even more time to handle the superb hair. “Yes, of course.” He put down the brush and said, “Would you stand up for me please. I will be able to keep a nicer shape of the ends.” She stood up as requested and he moved her slightly away from the chair and with a little thrill he picked up his scissors and comb. He knew that it was likely that he would only be removing a fraction of this lovely hair but on many occasions he had clients in similar situations seemingly determined to keep their long tresses and he had been able to persuade them to part with a great deal of hair. The pleasures to be experienced in cutting off masses of long hair were irresistible and hair as beautiful as this could only increase the thrill, although it would seem a sacrilege to many.

He began sectioning off the hair underneath, pinning some of it up out of the way and then began to trim a fraction off the ends of the glorious red hair. She was standing sideways on to the mirror and was watching very carefully as he began cutting her hair. She looked visibly relieved as she was able to see that he was only removing a very small amount of her hair. Her hair was in splendid condition and it appeared to Peter that it had only been recently trimmed. Interesting! As he moved around slightly and began on the side hair she said, “It is quite a relief to have someone trim my hair and see that they are only just removing the ends. It is amazing how many hairdressers I have been to have chopped off a couple of inches although I have made it perfectly clear I only wanted a fraction removed.” He smiled at her and then said in a sincere tone, “Yes, it is amazing how many hairdressers are scissor happy,” knowing that he was a prime example!” It was at this stage that she became a real challenge to him and he decided that he would use all his persuasive skills in an effort to cut off her long hair. He wanted to crop her long hair not just for his own pleasure but to create a totally new image. He felt that without her long hair she would look more approachable and not as severe. It would stun her friends and horrify her if she knew what was in his mind but deep down he didn’t care at all about that, he just was obsessed with the thought of wanting to plunge scissors deep into this unique head of hair and cut as much off as possible.

He trimmed the other side and then asked her to sit down again and combed back all the long hair from her face. He held this loosely in one hand and then made his first effort to remove some of her long hair. He carefully draped some of this hair across the top of her head and arranged the ends over her forehead and then studied her reflection in the mirror for a few moments and then said casually, “What I would really like to do with your hair here is cut in a small fringe. The centre parting is very severe and it would suit you better. If you didn’t like it then it would quite easily brush back.” He watched her face carefully now and felt very disappointed as she looked very doubtful and then she replied hesitantly, “Oh, I am not sure.” (His spirits soared. Not an outright refusal!) and then she continued, “I haven’t had a fringe since I was a child. Are you sure it would suit me?”

Wonderful! She was starting to weaken and clearly open to suggestions about her hair. He smiled at her, partly in an attempt to reassure her partly in triumph. “Trust me,” he said softly, “a fringe will look great.” He quickly released the hair and allowed it to fall back either side of her parting and then combed large sections forward so that they fell across her face and then put his hand under her chin gently tilting her head upwards. He could see how nervous she was, as she was breathing rapidly and swallowed hard several times and knew he had to act swiftly before she panicked. Quickly now with his own heart pounding and mouth slightly dry he brought his scissors up, rested one blade on her forehead and began cutting straight across her forehead. She gave a loud gasp as she felt the blades snipping her hair and then could feel the locks of long hair dropping into her lap. He exulted in the experience of cutting off over 24 inches of the most beautiful hair he had ever seen and very rapidly snipped on.

Her shocked face was partially revealed as her hair dropped away and she gave another gasp as she saw the short ends of her hair that a moment ago had been so splendidly long. More
long locks dropped into her lap as he continued his shearing and she said anxiously, “Oh please, that’s enough!” He snipped through one final lock and then moved behind her and began smoothing down and arranging the short fringe which had been cut. She was staring anxiously at her reflection in the mirror and nervously twisting the long silken strands of her hair that lay in her lap. “There,” he said cheerfully, “I said it would look good.” He continued to stroke down the fringe and nibble tiny bits of hair away so that it had a perfectly smooth finish. The superb texture of her silken hair, and his cutting skills, enabled him to achieve the perfect full fringe. She swallowed nervously and said, “Are you sure it suits me? It feels so strange and you have cut far more hair off than I expected.”

He smoothed down the fringe again and examined his work through the mirror and could see that she was relaxing slightly as she realised that the fringe did look good. “He smiled at her and said, “Be honest. I know it feels a little strange at the moment, but do you like it.” She paused and then smiled at him for the first time and said, “Yes I do like now I am over the shock of having all this hair cut off.” She lifted up some of the silken strands and ran them through her fingers. “This is the first real haircut I have had since I was 12”. He continued to smooth and stroke her gleaming fringe and he could see that she was enjoying the experience and then he made his next attempt to remove more of her fabulous hair. “I am pleased you like your hair and you trusted me that it would look good but I would like to soften the style a little more around your face. I just need to cut some shorter pieces at the sides, it will be perfect then”

She hesitated and he felt sure she was not going to let him cut any more of her so beautiful hair, and he felt so disappointed but then she stared at almost pleadingly and said, “Are you sure?” He nodded; hardly daring to speak and then she said softly, “Alright, I suppose if you really think it will look better then I may as well have a complete change.” He felt a great lurch of excitement knowing the pleasure that now awaited and he could hardly believe that she was so easily surrendering more of her glorious long hair to be scissored. He beamed at her and put down his scissors and swiftly began brushing all her hair back from her face with the exception of the fringe. He allowed it to spread out over the cape in a glorious sea of silken beauty and then said, “I am just going to secure the back hair out of the way so that I can shape the sides for you.

He felt almost breathless with excitement and could feel his hands trembling slightly as he sectioned off all the side hair from just behind her ear and he saw her eyes widen in surprise as she saw how much hair he was leaving out ready to cut but made no comment. He sectioned the other side and then with skilful, rapid fingers he began fashioning the back hair into a plait and because of the quality and texture of the lovely hair, even though a lot of the hair had been sectioned off, a thick silken rope of hair soon appeared and he fastened the ends with a little band. He released the plait and it snaked heavily down over the cape behind her and marvelled at its shape and beauty, her hair was an absolute joy to handle and it seemed to obey every requirement made on it and it completely fascinated him. Yet he was still going to remove a substantial amount of it from her head!

He smiled comfortingly at her because she was still looking very nervous as he moved to the side of her and touched her warm neck and chin as he carefully positioned her head. She swallowed nervously as he picked up his scissors and looked pleadingly at him through the mirror and said imploringly, “Please don’t cut too much off and make sure it will blend in if I don’t like it.” He nodded briefly, feeling very excited as he realised that she appeared to be unable to resist him although very anxious about the outcome. This was further emphasised by the remark she made almost to herself as she watched me bring the scissors up to the long silken lock he had trapped between his fingers. “I don’t know why I am letting you do this to me. My husband will go berserk!” He gave a little half smile to himself and then exultantly began forcing the scissors through the lock of hair just below her ear.

Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the scissors plunging deeply into her hair and she whispered, “Oh please, that’s too much.” He severed the lock with a loud scrunch and casually dropped it into her lap and she swallowed hard but kept her head perfectly still as he trapped another lock of her long silken hair. Her mouth opened in silent protest as once again the scissors plunged deeply into her hair. His heart was pounding with excitement as he severed the lock; it was an incredible erotic experience to be able to cut off so much of this magnificent long hair. He again dropped the heavy tress into her lap and then combed through the short pieces that shaped her face at the side of her head. He smoothed through the hair and studied her reflection in the mirror and could see that she was looking rather flustered and worried and she nervously fingered her long locks of hair that lay in her lap. He smiled at her as he combed and coaxed the short hair into a smooth sweep at the side of her head. “Your hair is going to suit you beautifully with these shorter pieces. It is a lovely texture and it is flattering and softer with these shorter sections.”

He could see her relaxing slightly as she stared at her reflection in the mirror and could see that the shorter pieces did in fact soften her features. He gave her an encouraging smile and then moved to the other side of her. As he combed and then sectioned off the long gleaming lock of hair he realised that she was behaving remarkably calmly considering that she was losing a great deal of her lovely hair which would have been greatly admired for most of her life. Probably, subconsciously she had wanted a change but had been too nervous to contemplate it before and he had been able to use his charm and persuasive powers to allow him to cut her hair. He revelled in his power as he plunged his shearing scissors deep into the thick long lock he had sectioned off in front of her ear.

As he watched the silken strands part and he once again dropped it casually into her lap, he realised he was probably being very selfish to remove such beauty, but perversely it was the sheer magnificence of the hair which heightened his desire to cut it. She looked a little less anxious as she watched her hair coming away from her head but was clearly still unsure about her decision to allow him to do it. After cutting the hair the same as the other side he dampened both areas and carefully checked the lengths, nibbling away just a little more here and there until he was satisfied with the shape and then very carefully began using the blow dryer to create the final effect. The superb texture and quality of the hair allowed him to achieve a splendid shape and after again smoothing through the fringe he was satisfied with the result. The heavy soft full fringe curved beautifully across her forehead and this blended in with the sleek gleaming sweeps of hair that curved on to her cheeks, and the lovely colour and texture of her hair combined to compliment the shape.

She had sat silently with her eyes half closed as he worked but opened them as he put down the dryer. He gave one final stroke to the gleaming hair and thought he sensed her give a slight shiver. He gave her a little smile and then said, “Well, do you like your new image?” He felt very pleased as she smiled, the first time
he had seen her do that, and replied, “Yes, I must admit I do. I was terrified when I saw how much you were cutting off.” She indicated the long silken locks which still lay in her lap, and then added, “It is nice to have a change after all these years and I am glad that I trusted you and allowed you to do it.”

Suddenly with a great lurch of excitement he knew what he really wanted to do and also realised that it was conceivable that she might be persuaded. He was behind her and he began toying idly with the base of her magnificent plait, touching it gently and also deliberately letting his fingers smooth against the nape of her neck. He swallowed hard and could feel his heart pounding as he grasped the plait a little firmer and began winding it around my hand. He stared at her reflection in the mirror and locked his eyes on her face and gave a tiny little tug on the plait, hardly able to breathe with his excitement he said softly, “I would like you to let me complete your haircut now.” He saw instantly from the look that flashed across her face, that she understood exactly what he meant and he was elated that there was no outright resistance. She swallowed nervously but did not avert her gaze from him and said, “How much more do you want to cut.”

His excitement was increasing almost unbearably. She was going to let him do it! He tugged gently on the plaited rope of hair that was coiled around his hand and said firmly, “This must come off.” She gasped and her body twitched slightly as though she was going to leap from the chair but then she said pleadingly, “Oh please no, not short, let me keep some length.” It was incredible but she clearly was prepared to let him carry on cutting her hair and instead of telling him the amount she was prepared to have cut, it was apparent that she was going to, albeit reluctantly, allow him the final decision! Although he knew it was almost an act of sacrilege to remove such length and beauty he just could not resist the pleasure he would experience when he cut it.

He slightly tightened his grip on the plait and said firmly, “It must be short.” He saw her eyes widening with apprehension and she again swallowed nervously and she gazed imploringly at him through the mirror. He could see her body visibly shaking and knew she was about to panic and refuse to have her hair cut if he didn’t act swiftly. He reached in front of her and picked up his scissors and she stared at them like a hypnotised rabbit and then he pushed her head down steadily with the hand in which he held her coiled up plait. She resisted slightly at first and then submissively bowed her head. He pushed her head lower so that her chin was almost resting on her chest and pulled down even harder on the plait. He crouched down slightly to the side so that he was almost level with her and then raised the knotted plait away from her bowed head slightly.

He could hardly breathe for his excitement, tension and anticipation and the thought flashed through his mind that he was probably being very cruel in persuading her to allow him to cut off her fabulous hair. Many would see removing the sensational long red tresses as a near sacrilegious act but he simply could not resist the temptation of cutting her glorious hair and giving her a dramatic new image. He wondered how she would react to the loss of so much of her beautiful hair as he had given her little time to consider the enormity of her decision and in a few brief seconds it would be too late. He took a deep breath and lifted the coiled hair a little higher and then placed one of the blades of his scissors against the nape of her neck and then began rapidly forcing them deeply into her rope of hair.

To be continued.

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