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Stacy sat in her car, in the parking lot across the street from and, looking at Terry’s Barber Shop with wondering eyes and thoughts ……

It was a years ago she called, asking if he, Terry, cut women’s hair. Of course, his reply was not what she wanted to hear, that was until she told him what she wanted.

"A Buzz Cut ….. aaaaa", Terry asked, as if he did not hear her. "In that case lady ….. if you want a Buzz Cut ….. I think I can handle that ….. If you can".

With that she told him she would be coming by within the next hour, but she never got any closer than she was now.

Sitting there her thoughts wondered back to when she finished high school.

A week after graduation she started full time at M’s Designs, an outdoor sign company she had been working part-time at since she was fifteen. Five months earlier Mike Taylor, the owner, offered her full time employment when she graduated, if she wanted. "Better safe than not", she told him of the offer.

She was eighteen and the last few years, of working for Mike, she had come to like the work, the people, and of course the money. So, why take a chance on something unknown.

At the time her, natural, reddish brown hair was just passed her shoulders. She had thought about cutting it a little shorter many times but always let others talk her out of it. That was until seven years later.

She had taken an interest in how the shop personnel assembled the designs the artist came up, for their customers. So, she had asked Mike if she, "could, on her own time that is, watch them".

After a few weeks she wanted to get her hands into all this assembling of things. So, she asked Mike if "she could take a try, with the overseeing of the men in the shop, at doing a small sign". Of course, seeing how she was eager to learn more, and maybe help her advance in his growing company, he agreed.

She was working on a small display sign, that required a steady hand and eye to paint within the lines. At first she thought it was child’s play, painting in the lines. "Anyone can do that", she remembers telling Allen.

But, then again this was not child’s play and if you painted out of the lines you had to start all over from the beginning. Which meant a new piece of wood had to be cut, the artist had to redraw the outlines …… money and time was more like it.

"Now, remember one thing", Allen, the shop supervisor, told her more than once, "do not wipe your hands on anything but the rags. The paint we use is quick drying and dries like glue.

"And, make sure you wear something that you can afford to get messed up, specially with paint that will not come off".

After an hour she was doing good until she decided to step back and take a look at how she was progressing. It was then she did the unforgivable …..

A hair pin, she had holding her hair back out of the eyes, fell out and she did not realize it until she stood up. Her hair fell and hung in front of her left eye and without thinking she raised her left hand and brushed her open fingers, which was gloved for protection but had paint on it, into her hair and pushed it back behind her left ear.

An hour later Allen came by to she how she was doing and notice the left side of her head had a big streak of ‘green’ paint in her hair, going from just in front of her left ear to almost behind her head.

"Girl", he called out to her as he turned her head for a better look, "what was the one thing I told you never do"?

She stood there thinking, then her eyes got wide. She took off her gloves and begin searching the sides of her head. When she came across the mess, on the left side, her head dropped.

"Come on", Allen told her as he reached out for her arm. "Let’s go see what we can do".

He took her into the supply room. There he searched for something to wipe her hair with to try and remove, or at least weaken, the paint in her hair. He tried paint thinner, turpentine, even alcohol, but nothing worked.

"Let’s go see what Mike has to say", he told her as he motioned her out of the supply room.

"Hey, Mike", Allen called as he walked out one of the front offices. He stopped and turned toward them.

"Take a look at this", Allen told him as he turned Stacy’s head to show the left side. "What do you think"!

Mike walked towards them, just shaking his head.

"What happened now", he asked as he took a closer look at her head. "My ….. you did a good job of painting the side of your head ….. How did she do on the sign"!

"I tried everything I could", Allen told him. "Still as hard as ever. What do you think ….. A visit to Connie’s"?

"Connie", Stacy thought to herself. "Who is Connie and what is it she does"?

Mike looked her head over again, pulling the painted hair this way and that way. He shook his head.

"Yes, I think Connie is the only one who can help her now", Mike to Allen. "You take her over there and I will call Connie and ask her to see what she can do".

Mike gave her a pat on her left shoulder, "You’re not the first one who did not stop and think before pushing their hair out of the way.

"Allen will take you to Connie’s, let her see what she can do".

Off Allen and Stacy went. It was just a few blocks but Stacy did not say a word until they arrived.

She saw the red and white barber pole and a lump came to her throat. She felt her legs move slowly, almost stopping. Allen noticed this, too.

"Sorry", he told her as he gave her a little push. "Like Mike said you are not the only one. Besides Connie will do her best to get the paint out and do her best to make the cutting look great afterward".

"Hi, Connie" Allen said as he opened the door, "this is Stacy ….. Mike called didn’t he"?

Connie looked up from cutting her customer’s hair, "Hi, Allen …… yes, just got off the phone with him. This must be Stacy".

Stacy tried to smile, but it was hard to do knowing what might be happening. So, she shook her head.

"Have a seat", Connie told them, motioning to the waiting chairs, "I’ll be finished with Warren in a few minutes".

They took a seat, Allen hand her a magazine, "Best read to take you mind off things and time will pass, too".

Stacy thumbed through the magazine hoping things would not be that bad. Then, she heard Connie’s voice.

"OK, sweetheart", she called to Stacy as she shook the cape out, "have a seat and let’s take a look".

She put the magazine down and slowly walked to the chair ….. the BIG barber chair.

She knew of it because as a child she would sometimes go with her dad when he got his chair cut. The barber would sometimes let her sit in the empty chair and watch television or read a book or magazine.

She slowly sat in it, taking a deep breath as she did. Her feet rested on the metal plate between the chair and footrest. Connie started to toss the cape across her and noticed how nervous Stacy was.

"Here, put one foot on the footrest and cross the other one over it", Connie motioned to. "It will help you feel relax and help you sit up straight".

Stacy shook her head, YES, then did as Connie recommened. She felt her body being pushed back into the chair causing her body to rise up. Connie then caped her.

"Should I stick around", Allen inquired.

"No, I do not think so", Connie told him. He looked at Stacy, with the scared look on her face.

"No …..", she replied, too, in a low voice. "I can find my way back to the office".

Allen stood up and walked to the door. Turning he looked at Stacy, "Things will be alright …… Connie knows what she is doing or Mike would not had me bring you to her".

That said he waived and walked out the barber shop, back to his shop.

"OK, let’s see how bad this is", Connie said as she started pulling at the paint covered hair.

Stacy looked forward and noticed the mirrors over the waiting chair. She looked at them and saw herself, and Connie pulling and moving her hair on the left side of her head.

"Well, you did a pretty good job streaking your hair green", she told Stacy as she held out the, now, paint hair. "Did you get any paint on the sign"!

Stacy gave a little chuckle …..

"Was doing great until I stood up to take a look. Then, my hair fell in my face and I pushed it back ….. with my glove covered with the green paint I was using".

"Well", Connie started to tell her as she walked in front of the chair, "it is bad …… But, not as bad as it could have been. Hell, you could have used both hands …..".

Again Stacy chuckled, then asked, "How bad but not that bad is it"!

Connie stepped back, then to one side then the other. She crossed her arms, tilted her head a little to the right. Then, walked to the right side of the chair, placing her right hand on Stacy’s right, caped covered, hand.

"To get the painted part out I will have to cut where it stops", Connie begin telling Stacy, who begin to look more worried than when she came in, "which is about an inch from your scalp.

"Which means the rest of your hair would have to be cut that short, too …… That is unless you want to go around with a five inch section of your hair that short and the rest long as it is now"!

Stacy’s head fell downward as she shook her head, and said, "NO".

She raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror, "I was thinking about cutting my hair short for the summer but not that short. What will it look like"?

"I hear wemon are finding out a Crew Cut is good for the summer", Connie told her as she walked to the shelf behind the chair. "And, a lot are keeping it beyond the summer months".

Stacy saw Connie turn with comb and scissors in hand. A lump came to her throat as she tried to speak, but couldn’t She knew it was the only thing Connie ….. anyone …… could do. She closed her eyes as Connie stepped to the left side of the chair. She felt the tug on the paint covered strains of hair as Connie pulled it outward, then the sound of the scissors cutting her hair.

Her head rocked a little when Connie completed cutting the painted strains. She opened her eyes to see Connie looking at it and shaking her head, then she tossed it into a pile of hair behind the chair.

Connie stepped behind the chair and begin combing small sections of hair and cutting it to the same length. All she could do was sit there trying to see how she would look in her mind.

Connie combed and cut, combed and cut ….. tilting her head this way and that way. Combing over each section she cut, then combed another and cutting it to the same length. Soon, she felt Connie rubbing her hand all over her head.

"There" she commented, "you can open your eyes …… It could have been worst".

Stacy opened her eyes to see a woman with hair sticking out from all over her head. She started to cry, Connie noticed this and hand her a small towel. She took it and wiped her face and eyes, then took a deep breath.

"So, what happens from here", she asked Connie. Connie walked to the front of the chair and looked Stacy in the eyes.

"Well, that would depend on you", she told her. "I could just leave it like it is and just even the ends, or …..

"Or, and that is if you want to, I could give you a Crew Cut …… with the top being about half an inch and tapering it downward …… Or a Flat-Top".

Stacy tried to swallow but her throat was too dry. Connie then reached over and patted her right hand.

"But, if you were an adventurous woman", Connie started telling her, with a little smile and a wink, "I could give you a Buzz Cut …… or just shave your head"!

Stacy’s eyes widened with that comment ….. "shave your head"!

"What woman would want to shave her head", she asked her self.

Connie stood looking at her, her arms folded. A smile came to her face, "Well, what do you to do"?

Stacy looked at herself, in the mirror before her. "I look a mess", she thought to herself. "But, it could be worst ….. she could have cut my hair a lot closer to my head ….. then, I would not have a choice ….. Buzz Cut, or "shave" my head".

"What do you think", she asked Connie. "Which do you think would look the best ….."!

Connie looked her face over, stepped back a little, "Crew cut ….. I would go with the Crew Cut.

"It would look better than the Flat-Top. Besides all I have to do is even it up all over then taper it cut to the hairline".

Stacey felt a funny thing happening in her stomach, then a quick, cold and hot, shiver run up and down her body. It was up to her ….. Crew Cut or Flat-Top!

She had heard of them as a child, even seen her dad get a Flat-Top one summer ….. the summer he went away and never came back. She was seven ….. but something like that stays in your mind for years.

She looked at her self, closed her eyes to try and see herself with a Crew Cut. It was hard but a blurred image appeared. Then, another one of her with a Flat-Top ….. she shivered when it appeared. The Crew Cut was better, it conformed to her head and was not flat on top.

"Crew Cut", she told Connie as she opened her eyes. Just as she the "click" and "pop" sound of the clippers being turned on. Standing on the right side Connie was holding it a little above her right arm.

"Didn’t think you wanted the Flat-Top", Connie said as she slowly raised the clippers to her head. "I saw the shiver ….. bet it was an image of you with the Flat-Top"!

Stacey smiled as Connie placed the clippers in the center of her forehead. She held it there a few seconds ….. just incase Stacy changed her mind about the hold thing and wanted to just walk out the shop with her hair as it was.

Stacy’s eyes were glued on the clippers, and it humming, sitting in the middle of her forehead. She took a deep breath …..

Slowly Connie moved the clippers back into her uneven cut hair. As the clippers disappeared it left behind hair that was half an inch. Slowly Connie repeated the movement over her head until the top was all even at half an inch. Then, she begin clipping upward from the hairline to the top.

She worked her way around from the right side to the left side, tilting her head downward as she moved the clippers up the back of her nape and neck. Making the last upward movement Connie stepped back from the chair and turned the clippers off.

It was then she noticed Stacy had her eyes closed, again, but there was a slight smile on her face. One Connie had seen on the woman who braved their first hair cut with the clippers. They all succumb to it’s humming and vibration, so relaxing they were together.

She removed the attachment and tossed in on the shelf. Grabbing a small comb she tuned and stood behind the chair. She tilted Stacy’s head downward and turned the clippers back on.

Stacy felt the comb rest against her neck then it was tilted outward and moved upward, then she head the sound of the clippers moving over it. She felt another shiver run down her body from there to the tip of her spine. Her right leg raised a little from the footrest then relaxed back to it.

Connie began moving the comb upward and running the clippers over it quicker. Each time she moved the comb outward until she reached the top, of Stacy’s head. She stepped to the right a little, still standing behind the chair, the begin the same combing and buzzing of the clippers over the comb ….. Again until she reached the top, then she stepped move the right.

She glanced to the mirror, over the waiting chairs, to see Stacy’s eyes following her ever move, with the comb and clippers.

Stacy’s eyes caught site of the comb and clippers as Connie bent her right ear and place the comb there and moved the clippers over it. She watched intensely as Connie placed the comb at the bottom of her small sideburn and slowly move the comb upward and quickly the clippers moved over it. She stared at her self ….. her mind noticing how well tapered the right side of her head was, going from the hairline to the top of her head.

She watched, as their eyes met in the mirror, as Connie waked behind the chair. Standing a little to the left she placed the comb at the hairline, moved it upward and quickly moved the clippers over it. Again and again and again she repeated this movement until she was standing on the left side of the chair.

Just as Connie was placing the comb at the bottom of her small left sideburn Stacy turned her head towards her and smiled.

"This is better than I thought", Stacy told her. "I can see why some of the woman are keeping it beyond the summer months".

Connie smiled and gentle pushed her head forward, then placed the comb and begin tapering the last hairs. Stacey moved her right arm from under the cape and brought it to the right side of her head.

She brushed her fingers through and over her short hairs, and commented, "It feels so soft".

Connie smiled and continued until she made the last movement of the clippers over the comb.

She stepped in front of the chair and looked the cut over. She raised her right hand to the top of Stacy’s head and moved her palm over the top of her head.

"Just right", she said, with a smile, and waked behind the chair. She hung the clippers on it’s hook under the shelf and put the comb on the towel on the shelf. She picked up the hair duster, turned and begin flicking it over Stacey’s head, the sides and back, then across her face.

Stepping behind the chair, again, she undid the clip holding the cape in place and moved the cape off her shoulders letting it slide downward until it gathered across the arms of the chair. She smiled at Stacey as their eyes caught each other in the mirror.

Connie turned a little and removed a large white towel from one of the glass cabinets on the shelf. She begin tucking it in Stacey’s collar and spread it over her shoulders, "You’re going to like this"!

Connie turned to the shelf and a small metal object. She put her left hand under it and pressed a button on the top. There was a soft loud winding sound. When it stopped Connie turned to the chair.

In her left hand was a pile of white ….. It was then Stacy realized what it was ….. shaving cream.

Connie begin spread the lather across the bottom the hairline of her neck, then upward on both sides. She stepped to the right side and began dabbing a little shaving cream at the bottom of her sideburn then up and behind her ear. She walked around the back of the chair to the left side and did the same thing.

She, then, reached for a towel on the shelf and wiped her hands. Her right hand picked up a straight razor from the shelf and she flicked it open as she walked to the right side of the chair.

Taking hold of the leather strap, she pulled it outward and begin stropping the open blade over it.

Sharpened to her likeness, she let the strap fall and raised the razor to the bottom of the right sideburn.

She took a short stroke and wiped the lather in the palm of her left hand, then begin taking short quick strokes upward along the hairline. Slowly she would take a quick stroke, wipe the straight razor’s blade clean in her left palm, until she was taking the last stroke at the bottom of the left sideburn.

She walked to the shelf and put the closed straight razor down. She looked up into the mirror to see Stacy left hand tracing her hairline. Connie smiled to her self, she had seen this many times by women when the experienced a trim shave for the first time.

She turned around and begin removing the towel from Stacy’s collar. A quick glance into the mirror she saw a little smile come to Stacy’s face.

"Didn’t I tell you", Connie said as she stepped to the right side of the chair. She reached over and removed the cape.

"Now that was not that bad", she told Stacy, as she shook the cape.

Stacey turned her head to her, "No. Not as bad as I imagined".

Stacey stepped from the chair, her hands raising to her head. She brushed them over her head as she walked to the mirrored walked. She turned her head left then right.

Connie walked up behind her and begin dusting her shoulders with a hair duster, "Just a few strands".

"Well", Connie asked her, "what do you think"?

Stacey looked her hair cut over, brushing her fingers through her short hair.

"Don’t know", she said as she turned to face Connie. "Maybe ….. Maybe not.

"I’ll take me awhile getting use to short hair ….. Specially this short".

Connie patted her on the the left shoulder.

"If you decide you want to keep it for the summer", Connie begin telling her, as she walked back to the chair, "just pop in any time".

Stacy reached for her purse, "How much do I owe you"?

Connie smiled, "Nothing ….. You’re not the first one …. Mike has a regular account with me for something like this".

Stacy thanked Connie and told her she was going to see how she felt over the next week or two.

Connie smiled …..

To Be Continued Copyright (c) August 2005 All rights reserved.

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