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This is an experiment – so many cybers go on and simply disappear. We wrote this and edited it to read as a story for submission here. Sort of a lurkers dream I guess. Hope you like it. Sorry if it is a little disjointed in places.

Our cast
Karen 5’4" curvy rather than skinny but not fat. With long bleached blonde straight hair (bra length) Karen has a french manicure, squared nails but long. Her makeup is quite heavy, she likes blues and greys for eyes and pinkier rather than red lips. Mistress wearing a black leather corset and six inch stilettos her dark hair is in a tight pony tail. Her lips are a rich red and her long nails are red also.

The Setting
Mistress’ dungeon. She has a barbers chair there.

The Story
Karen was pushed into the room by two of Mistresses subs. She fell to the floor, it was hard and unyielding. She had no idea where she was but knew it was not a pleasant place. She was totally naked and her bleached blonde hair hung free. her knees and palms were skinned on the hard stone floor. She looked around her, her eyes adjusting to the light. Mistress stood before her beautiful and commanding. Feeling vulnerable and scared in her nakedness Karen tried to cover her breasts with one arm, her pussy with the other hand. "Get up slut and sit in my chair!!" Mistress’ voice was delicate but commanding. Karen looked at her and knew she could not resist. She stood up and walked towards the big black barber chair. Hesitantly she climbed into it. She knew she had to comply. Mistress strapped her arms with leather straps and told her to keep her legs spread wide. Karen had tried to arrange her legs to conceal her pussy but spread them as ordered. The straps bound her – she could not move her arms. She knew she was helpless.

Mistress looked at her and walked over and pinched her nipple hard. "Oooow", Karen squealed with pain but knowing this would invite only more torment she bit her lip and held her silence. "You will be my slut and i will have you looking like a sub before we are through" Mistress walked over to a table. "Open your mouth wide slut !!" Karen meekly lifted her head and opened her mouth wide. Mistress inserted a red ball gag tightly between her lips. Karen squirmed a little her jaws forced wide by the ball. "You have ugly bleached hair slut it will not do!" Karen couldn’t speak, what did she mean. Karen loved her hair what was happening. "Not to worry slut i will change that." Karen’s eyes grew wide over the gag what was happening? Mistress stepped behind her and pulled her hair back into a pony tail and jerked Karen’s head back hard. "This is mine slut" The hair pulled tight and Karen’s eyes watered with the pain. With that Mistress picked up a pair of scissors and without any hesitation she cut the pony tail off close to the head. The scissors sawed away noisily and Karen felt her head suddenly free as it pulled away. She moaned softly, what was happening to her? To her beautiful hair? Mistress walked to the front and began swatting Karen’s naked tits with the hair, very hard, hurting her. "We are not through slut i have just begun your transformation." Karen’s nipples grew firm with the thrashing, she blushed in embarrassment as she realized. Mistress reached down and touched Karen’s pussy "Umm you’re moist slut, must be liking this"

Karen pulled experimentally at the bands but could not move, the gag hurt her jaw and her breasts hurt. The touch to her pussy made her tremble with pleasure however. How had they known when they had taken her that she wanted to be dominated, wanted to be a sex slave. But she had never had the courage, always hid behind her looks, her blonde hair, her big tits that men couldn’t seem to see beyond. Karen watched as Mistress walked to the counter and when she returned she was holding clippers big hair clippers – no guard was fitted! She stared at the clippers and shook her head NOOO. Not her beautiful hair – everyone admired her hair. Mistress straddled Karen in the chair, pushed her head back and turned on the clippers they roared to life. Karen’s eyes grew wide but her pussy grew wetter in anticipation and the feel of Mistresses latex covered buttocks on her thighs. Mistress smiled and put the clippers at the center of her fore head "hold still slut don’t move!!" Karen stared at the clippers and sat rigidly still. The clippers were hard on her forehead. Large, hard, irresistible. Mistress pushed the clippers straight back across the top of Karen’s head. Blonde hair fell like rain. The vibration of the clippers was strangely sensual but Karen was really concentrating on the hair falling over her face, she knew it was going to all be taken; Long tresses of lovingly conditioned, bleached, dried and teased hair being removed, falling to the floor of the dungeon. Over and over the clippers ate her hair leaving white stubble behind, the clippers never stopping sweeping again and again over every part of her head. Karen closed her eyes savoring the feel, knowing she was surrendering. As her hair fell away so did her inhibitions Strangely she felt liberated -free somehow. Then mistress stopped and stood and turned the chair to face the mirror. "Im done whore!!" Karen stared at the white stubble. "But not with you" Karen didn’t recognize the bound woman before her in the mirror. Her eyes looked huge, her ears small, her neck soared like a swan. The red ball gag reminded her of her status though.

Mistress filled her hand with shaving cream. Karen looked at mistress what did she mean to do. Shaving cream no – not that… Mistress smeared the white foam all over Karen’s head thickly. Karen moaned and squirmed as mistress rubbed it into her scalp covering all of the stubble. She picked up a straight razor from the counter. Karen wanted her to stop. Wit buzz cut stubble she could pass for a radical short cut – bald well that was another story. "I would suggest you stay very still whore" Karen sat very still, terrified, longing to have her hair back but in reality wanting to cry out "shave me mistress, shave me bald" To beg "make me your shaven, bald whore". Mistress scraped away the remaining hair from Karen’s head leaving her bald smooth and clean, the hard sharp blade leaving nothing behind it. Suddenly and unexpectedly Karen came, a wave of sensation and feeling stimulated by submission. Mistress jerked the gag from her mouth and un-strapped her "now get on your hands and knees". Karen’s eyes widened knowing mistress knew what had happened. She knelt by mistresses booted legs and spontaneously kissed her toes. Mistress strapped on a large dildo nine inches in length. Karen stared wide eyed in horror and excitement. Mistress knelt behind Karen , "Welcome my bald whore now I claim you" "Fuck me mistress, please fuck your little bald whore" she said "Fuck me – use me" Mistress slapped Karen’s ass cheeks hard and told her to be still. Karen bowed her head her hand straying to her scalp. Mistress inserted the head into Karen’s wet pussy and grabbed her hips and shoved hard. Karen moaned as she felt the smooth smooth skin of her head. Kneeling amongst her shorn tresses, the blond hair chopped off forever. Over and over mistress shoved the dildo in and out hard. "Now slut when I say ten cummm hard for me" Karen knew that now she would obey her new mistress without question. She screamed with pain and pleasure. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7" "Oh my God, the sensations, the feelings were like a storm going through her…." "8,9…..10…cum you Bald whore you hairless bitch cummm" Karen screamed and pushed down hard, coming again and again, waves of pleasure and pain radiating out from her centre…"Oooooh…she whimpered" Karen stopped as mistress pulled out of her pussy and pushed hard into her asshole. It hurt, it hurt so bad, she cried out. Mistress began to shove it in deep and hard fucking her little butt hole hard. Karen almost slumped to the floor. "Now cummm bitch and let me know you are mine. Cummm bald slut, you dirty lil bald whore." The sensations were too much she squealed as another wave passed over her. "cummm for Mistress" She came, long and loud Mistress stood and said "from now on you are subwhore that is your name now go." Karen stood up on shaky legs amongst her shorn tresses, made damp with her own juices and staggered for the door her hands running over her newly balded scalp. Naked, shaven and submitted….

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