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Tiffany was a wild young woman. She would stay out late at bars with her friends and drink all night. She would dress in the most revealing outfits and sleep with any guy that asked her to. She was out of control. Her mother was divorced and did not know what to do with her. When Tiffany was 18 her mom had enough and told Tiffany she had to support herself and find a place of her own.

Tiffany packed her bags and went to live with her best friend Martha. Martha’s mother was not pleased. Martha got in a big fight with her mother over this. Martha’s mother told her that she could join Tiffany looking for a place to stay. So Martha and Tiffany started to thumb through the local newspaper to look for an apartment. I don’t think we can afford any of these. I cannot either said Tiffany. Wait here’s one that I think we can afford. It’s for a live in Nanny. No experience necessary. We won’t even need to look for a job. That sounds great. Let’s give them a call.

The old woman on the phone sounded sweet. She said she would like both girls to come over for a cup of tea. She said she would not be able to pay them very much but free room and board for her and her friend in exchange for a few minor household chores seemed like a great bargain. They both would move in immediately with Mrs. Eva Jones and her sister Greta.

They were surprised when they got to the old Victorian house. It was huge and secluded. They met Eva and Greta at the door and they insisted on them removing their shoes before entering the house. They were also immediately given maid uniforms and told to change into them. All their personal items would be stored in a closet in the basement. Their uniforms consisted of a long gray dress with white apron and gray wool cable knit knee socks and no shoes and also a cap to cover their long hair. The girls were then escorted upstairs to their room.

This is really creepy Tiffany. I don’t think I can stay here. Don’t be silly Martha, we have the run of this place. Those sweet old ladies are a push over. I don’t trust them. What do you think they are axe murderers? No but. Just play along for a while. It will be fun. Let’s go find the liquor cabinet. Tiffany and Martha searched around the upstairs rooms looking for the liquor cabinet and going in all the unlocked doors they could. They finally came upon a room that had a light on inside and a young woman was inside crying. They went in to the room to see the girl. They were shocked at her appearance. She looked like an old woman. Her face was pale and she had a black floral dress on and her hair was short and she had a poodle perm. She was knitting a wool sweater. Hello we are the new maids. Oh hi I’m Sarah. I am Eva’s granddaughter. How old are you? I am 21. I moved in with my grandma when I was sixteen. Why are you up here by yourself? It’s my punishment. I stole gram’s car and smashed it up. I’m not a great driver. I did not even see the truck rear end me. Well that’s not your fault. Gram was very upset with me. Oh there you are girls I’ve been looking for you. Please follow me. Eva and Greta led them to a room and locked the door behind them. Inside the room was what looked like a 1950’s beauty salon. Both girls were led to beauty chairs and tied down. What are you going to do to us? Asked Martha. Don’t worry girls we just want you both to look beautiful. We won’t even charge you for the haircut. But I don’t want my hair cut cried Martha. She had long waist length blond hair since she was young. Well we can’t have you getting that long hair on the furniture. Tiffany was not as upset as Martha was. She had long wavy brown hair that she had worn shorter when she was younger. I want to leave cried Martha. This is for your own good said Eva. Eva pulled out a long plastic cape and secured it to Martha. Greta put her cape on Tiffany. They both put on their black beauticians smocks and began to cut both girls hair to a more manageable length of about 2 inches all around. Then they opened up a drawer full of perm rods and chemicals and Martha really started bawling. I think your hair could use a little color Martha what do you think? Noooo. Stop. Eva applied some brown hair dye to Martha’s now short blond hair. We will let that sit for a while so we can help Tiffany. Eva and Greta started applying the perm rods all over Tiffany’s head. They then applied some nasty smelling perm chemicals and a plastic cap. They then washed the dye out of Martha’s hair and gave her the same treatment as Tiffany. Ok we are going out shopping for a while. We will be back in about 3 hours. You don’t mind if we borrow your car. Ours is in the shop.

Tiffany, what have you got us into? Stop whining baby. This is fun. Fun. I don’t want to look like Sarah. She looks like a freak. Look if we let them have their way with us its less work we have to do. We can just sit around this mansion all day and do nothing. But this stuff really burns my scalp and my legs are really itchy. Stop complaining things can only get better. The girls waited and waited and finally Greta and Eva returned. We had a lot of fun shopping for you too. We picked out some really nice outfits you girls are going to love. Eva and Greta washed out the girls perms and put them under the hair drier. They then waxed the girls eyebrows completely off. They then took out the clippers and cut the sides of their new perms above their ears. They then liberally applied powder and make up and high arched eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. They were then dowsed in old lady perfume. When they were through Tiffany and Martha looked to be about 70 years old. Martha was all cried out by now and was in a state of shock. Tiffany just stared into the mirror with a strange smile on her face. Both girls were released from their chairs. Tiffany went over and gave Eva and Greta a big hug. Thank you. I’ve been wanting to do that for years but have not had the courage. She then gave Eva a big kiss on the lips. Tiffany and Martha were then escorted to Eva and Greta’s bedroom to try on their new outfits. How about a cocktail asked Tiffany? Later said Eva right now we have to assign you your work schedule. Please hop up on the bed Tiffany. Tiffany’s arms and legs were then bound to the bedposts. A wool blanket was then placed over her body and she was told to get some rest. Martha was handed an armful of delicate stockings and led into the bathroom and told to carefully hand wash all of the stockings. If you do a good job I will let you polish our shoes later.

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