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Alicia was sitting at home in a desperate mood. She had just gotten home from work and learned that due to a computer foul up she wouldn?t be getting paid for two weeks. All the apologies from the payroll department didn?t help to get the bills paid that were stacked up in front of her.

Looking in the newspaper classified section she came across an ad ?Needed hair models, Good money paid, must be over 21 Call this phone number if interested.? Alicia called the phone number and a man named Rick told her to stop by at Rick?s House of Hair and gave her the address and the hours to stop by to be seen. Alicia was over 21 by four years and she did have hair, lots of it. She had thick shiny golden blonde locks that hung just below her butt. It was well kept and in great shape. The thought of cutting it had not occurred to her till now.

The next day at 5pm she found herself with her hair pinned up in front of Rick?s House of Hair which really was a house turned into a salon. She entered the lobby area and a man in his mid 40?s came in and introduced himself as Rick and sat down beside her. He spoke ?You must be Alicia the girl I talked to on the phone. I need to see ID to prove your age. Tell me what you need and why you are here.? Alicia told Rick her desperate situation. Rick told her to stand up and let down her mane which she did. A thick shiny mass of blonde hair tumbled earthward down her back. Rick could also tell by Alicia?s tight fitting jeans and pants that she had a better than average body. Rick ran his finger through the thick soft shiny mass of hair. He spoke again ?I produce haircutting videos for a select group of clients. The more you let me cut and the more skin you show the more I can pay you. The most I could pay you would be if you let me shave your head and you did it in the nude. The least would be if I just cut your hair to your shoulders.? ?How much money are we talking about for the most?? Asked Alicia. Rick wrote down a number on a piece of paper and said it would be a cash deal. He wrote down a real nice number as he really wanted to cut off the blonde hair of Alicia plus see the body underneath her cloths. He then took her downstairs to show her the studio and where the cutting would take place. He explained that it would be just him and her. He told her to go home and think about it and to let him know in two days if she wanted to go for it.

Alicia went home and to work. The money Rick offered to pay her would pay the bills and keep the phone from ringing. The next two days she explored other ways to make the money without sacrificing her crowning glory and pride. A wig would cover her head till the hair grew back and no one would that she knew would see her in the nude. The third day she called up Rick and told him she had decided to be a model for the agreed amount. Rick told her to show up at the salon at 6pm. Rick led her down to the studio. Rick spoke to her ?Now, I know you are nervous about such a big change so I want you to take this light tranquilizer pill. It will help you relax and ease your anxieties.? He showed her the pill bottle to put her at ease.

They proceeded to the studio and Rick took a brush to Alicia?s golden silken locks. He told her to remove her cloths except her bra and panties. He had her pose in different poses with her hair up and down. Alicia?s long blonde hair was made to dance around her body. When Rick sensed that the pill was taking effect he told her to remove her bra and panties. Rick had her bend over and touches her toes and took front and back shots which showed off Alicia?s nice butt and soft breasts.

Then Rick directed her over to an old doctor?s table and told her to lie down. He put her legs in the stirrups like a gynecologist would do. Her long hair tumbled off the table. Rick put a pillow under her head. Rick spoke softly but with a commanding voice. ?I?m going to shave your thick pubic hair as a bonus so that it will match your head. I?ll pay you a little extra for the action.? Then Alicia felt the warm shaving foam being applied to her pussy. She had never felt anything like it before and the sensations only increased as Rick took a straight razor and started removing her golden mound. Rick took his time and made sure the camera got all the action. When he was done he told Alicia to reach down and feel it. It was smooth and soft. Then Rick had her get up and come over to a stool. Rick came over and brushed the long shiny hair that reached to the floor. Rick spoke again. ?Now, it is time to say goodbye to your long golden hair. It is best you close your eyes and think of something happy.? Rick sectioned the hair into five thick 24 inch ponytails that hung from the shoulder down. Then he grabbed a big pair of shears and Alicia heard a snip, scnnip, schnip, sound as they cut through the thick soft hair. He told her to open her eyes and held up the long severed ponytails in front of her and the camera. She made a gasping sound. Then he put a two inch guard on a pair of oyster clippers and told her to close her eyes and put her head down. The oysters roared to life and starting at the base of Alicia?s neck he pushed them upward and over the top. Long thick pieces of hair six to eight inches long tumbled across and down Alicia?s body. Golden locks covered the floor around the stool. Alicia now had a nice long buzz cut look. Alicia sneaked a peak and a tear came to her eye. Rick now removed the guard and had Alicia tilt her head back. The oysters came to life with a mean buzzing sound and starting at the top of Alicia?s head he pushed the clippers back over towards her neck. Clumps of blonde hair descended to the floor. Alicia?s pale head was revealing itself. Rick ran the clippers over and over the top of Alicia?s head to remove the last of her golden mane. The she again felt the soft warm shaving lather being applied to her head. Rick let it soak in for a few minutes and then she felt the straight razor against her head. She heard the scratching noise as it removed the last little bit of hair. Rick cleaned her off and she reached up and felt her now chrome dome. It felt sexy in a way but the real shocker was when she saw herself in the mirror. The transformation was major and amazing. Rick took some pictures of Alicia nude and with her new look.

Rick told her to get dressed and gave her tips on taking care of her shaven head. Rick gave her an envelope with the agreed amount of money in it and told her how brave she was for having such a change done. It was 8:30 pm and it had taken less time than Alicia had thought. Alicia promised that she would put money aside for a rainy day from now on as to never be in such a desperate situation again. Rick told Alicia that if she ever ran into anyone with her natural attributes and who needed money to send her his way. He gave her a few of his cards and said he paid $100 referral fee or finders? fee.

Alicia put on a stocking cap and left. It would take her a few days to adjust to her bald head and bottom. Rick went back and swept up the blonde hair from the floor. He took Alicia?s ponytails and set them aside after once again feeling the soft blonde hair. He would edit the footage tomorrow and he was sure he would sell a lot of the videos of ?Desperate Alicia.?

The End.

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