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It had been about six months since Alicia had done her ?Hair Modeling? for Rick. She was sitting at her favorite coffee shop when she overheard Mary her favorite waitress tell coworkers that she desperately needed money to cover her child?s dental bill. Now Mary was about 5?6? tall with long flowing black hair that hung to her waist. She always kept it curled at the ends and had thick bangs. Her hair hung softly around her face and some might say she had too much of it. She was of Latino-American decent and about 25 years old. Alicia knew that Rick would use her as a ?Hair Model?.

When Alicia got up to go she called Mary over and spoke to her ?I think this man can help you out with the extra money you need if you cooperate with him. Tell him I referred you as my name is on the back.? He gave her Rick?s business card. Mary called Rick when she got off work and they arranged a meeting the next afternoon. Mary described herself with her long black hair and said she would be wearing a red blouse.

The next afternoon she arrived at Rick?s House of Hair and after meeting Rick in the reception area they proceeded to one of the rooms that served as Rick?s styling station so they could talk in private. Mary mentioned that Alicia referred her and her desperate situation. Rick looked over Mary with her overpowering thick black hair and new a ?Makeover? was needed. He pulled back Mary?s thick soft mane away from Mary?s face. He then took Mary down to the studio and explained what options and how much money he could pay Mary. Mary said that she couldn?t pose nude but would be willing to wear a bikini. That a head shave was out of the question but a new short look would be ok. Rick looked Mary over from head to toe and then wrote down a dollar amount. Mary agreed to it and they set up the makeover for the next night at 7pm. Mary would have her sister watch her kid.

Mary arrived at shortly before 7pm and Rick greeted her. They went to the studio and Mary took over her cloths revealing a nice blue bikini which left little for the imagination. Mary had an average body and she looked lovely with her pretty Latino brown skin and soft black hair. Rick took some pictures of Mary posing in different positions. He then had Mary sit down on a stool in the middle of the room. He pulled Mary?s long thick soft black hair and put it into one massive ponytail at the base of her neck. He then took out his big shinny shears and with a snip, snip, snipping sound began to chop his way through the thick 21 inch ponytail. It took a few minutes to cut his way through but soon the thick wavy tail was released. Rick then took out a comb and combed out Mary?s thick remaining hair that hung to her shoulders. Then he pulled the hair out from the head and with the hair held tight with his fingers about two inches from the head he activated his oyster clippers. The Buzzing, sound was heard in Mary?s ears as they ate their way through the thick mass of hair. Five to 6 inch pieces of hair fell down onto Mary?s lap. Rick took delight at using clippers over fingers he proceeded to remove the thick bulky hair on Mary?s head. A thick pile of hair started to form around the stool. He made the sides and back shorter to reveal that Mary had a real nice neck and the show off her pretty face. He took thinning shears and thinned out her thick bangs so they had more of a fringe look to them. Finally he shaved Mary?s neckline and using scissors made the last remain snip, snip, as Mary?s long thick hair was now reduced to a nice short crop. He did the final styling and brushed off Mary. He told her to look in the mirror.

Mary saw a new woman looking back at her. Her pretty back and neck was exposed for the first time in years. The earrings that had been hidden from sight now showed themselves. The long thick hair that had overwhelmed her features was now gone revealing a princess. The before and after difference was such that Rick knew he would sell lots of the videos.

Rick paid her the money and gave Mary cards to give out as referrals. He put a $100 bill in an envelope to send off to Alicia. He went and touched the long thick black ponytail and went to sweep up the mass of black hair around the stool.

A few days later Alicia was at the coffee shop and Mary ran up with her new look. Alicia didn?t recognize her at first. Mary thanked Alicia over and over for the referral. The money had been more than enough to pay for her child?s dental work. Her new look was a big hit with coworkers, family, and her husband. Mary had gone from Desperate to euphoric. It seems everyone was happy with the new look.

The End.

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