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Click, click, click, the sound of Fran?s heels as she walked into the salon her hair hidden under a sky blue scarf.

She walked up to the receptionist and said she had a special appointment in the private room. The receptionist had her walk through a back door to a room with no windows. The room had a small shampoo bowl and a salon chair.

Fran walked in and sat down those beautiful legs covered up by a pair of black stockings. She crossed her legs in the salon chair. She immediately took off her scarf and allowed her thick big hair to cascade over her shoulders curly and thick. Then I walked in she said Hi I suppose you know what I?m here for. I simply ignored her and continued preparing my clippers. She said your not going to use those are you she said with a glimmer of fear in her eye. I ignored her once more then I pinned her hair up and placed the cape around her. Then I pushed her chin down turned the clippers on and at the same time pushed a button on their chair jerking her back into the shampoo bowl and she breathed a small sigh of relief. Glad that the clippers weren?t running over her head she indulged in the warm water and the lice killing shampoo which she forgot about until I said that should kill them. With that I jerked her up again with a button on the chair her wet hair dripping water all over the cape. I created three different parts in her hair two from the top and 1 big part in the back of her head. Then I started using the fine toothed comb starting from the front left side then moving to the front right side and then finally to the back of her head. But the lice were still alive I spent over an hour combing them out. Then I towel dried her hair after rinsing it again. I said that her hair was to thick to comb over again because I had another appointment she said my head itches so bad I don’t care anymore cut it all off. With scissors or clippers I asked. She said I don?t care as long as their is lotion on my head within 5 minutes. Then without a word I pulled the scissors which I had been hoping to use out of my pocket grabbed an oversized handful of hair and hacked through it. I then placed the scissors in front of her then in a few quick snips no more bangs for Fran she put her hands in her head and started scratching as I was cutting her head she irately said can you hurry up and finish I have to be back at my house by 3:00 no problem I said I just need you to pick which attachment she wanted me to use on her I told her to pick a number between 0 and 6 she said I can?t pick I said no need to smoothly popped off the attachment and dug the clippers right into her thick mane starting from the sideburns I pushed back all the way to her nape then I forced her chin down and plunged the clippers into her scalp once more, while she wasn?t showing any remorse from her decision when I did the first pass she became hysterical yelling stop stop as large clumps and piles of clipped hair fell onto her lap. I paused and told her she will be home by 2:45 she just started crying and crying but I had to tell her to stop because all of her hair was getting stuck on her face. As I continued sheering her like a sheep with no mercy it became rather rough because I saw it as a punishment for her rudeness. Once I had completed the portion of the haircut that required clippers I pulled out the razor but she hurriedly got up said I?ll do it myself. She asked if she could have a wig just until she got home I said sure and placed a platinum blonde wig over her fuzzy head. Then she left made payment at the receptionist desk.

Then click click click the sound of a shaved Fran walking out my door.

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