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Note to reader: this is a true story

During my daughter’s younger years she had always had long hair but when she was about seven she finally got the courage to cut it, that was her first hair cut and it was about an inch above her shoulders, after that she had no problem cutting her hair. the shortest she ever went was about an inch above her chin. Although I did not think it looked very good on her I let her do it. I mean its her hair right? but I had to draw the line when she asked for a bowl cut, I thought that would look just way too silly. She argued but I stood my ground.

Over time she lost her interest in short hair, at 15 she had straight light brown hair that came to her mid back. She was pretty popular and seemed to have boy chasing after her all the time. They were calling the house all the time and my daughter kept asking me for a cell phone, I didn’t think she was responsible enough for it yet, but she got very angry and started yelling at me


"Honey you know that’s not true, what have I not let you do?"

"Let me cut my hair!"

" Don’t be silly you love your hair you haven’t wanted to cut it for years."

"Are you crazy? I hate my hair I’ve always wanted to cut it!"

"Well I’ll see what we can do sweetie, would you like me to call the salon and get an appointment?"

"NO. They wont do it right. I’ll do it. right here, right now."


"No, I’m doing it. NOW."

Even though my daughter was only 15, she was very powerful, and within a few minutes she was standing in front of a mirror she had brought into the kitchen. Next to her she had a pair of scissors and clippers. and before I knew it, one side of hair was hanging an inch above her shoulders.

"Honey the salon could have done that for you."


She continued cutting her hair about an inch above her shoulders. When she finished, she looked at herself for a minute, then picked the scissors up again and cut it so that about a centimeter of her earlobes were showing. She then cut the back with clippers, and did a rather nice job, I might add. then she kept cutting it, and eventually gave her self the bowl cut she wanted for so many years. I myself thought it looked ridiculous, but she just looked in the mirror, smiled and cleaned up the hair.

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