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Jon had waited months for a visit from his cousin, Andy. Andy was a retired Marine DI, into discipline, brutally short hair and no nonsense order. Though Jon was only a few years younger, he respected Andy tremendously and enjoyed all the visits from their childhood to the present. When they were in their twenties and Andy was visiting on leave, they had their first sexual encounter. Andy was blond, with a super tight shaved flat, about 3/8" in front and barely there around the shaved landing strip. Jon admired the cut so much that as soon as Andy walked in the door to Jon’s home, Jon’s dick leapt to attention. Andy embraced him firmly (noticing Jon’s hard tool with a grin) and immediately commented on the length of Jon’s hair; about 2" on top and fuzzy on the sides with long sculpted burns. His brown hair made a sharp contrast to Andy’s blond.

"What is up with all of this hair, young man?" Andy asked as he ruffled the bangs. "I thought when we spoke last time that you understood I expected to you to maintain a high and tight haircut with only enough on top to comb down."

"Well, it’s kind of cold here this winter and I wanted some more length. Don’t you love the burns?" Jon answered.

"Love the burns! I hate them. Get your shoes on and we are off to the barber, right now."

Jon replied, "Come on dude, I am not a hippy or anything."

"Dude? You may call me Andy, as we are cousins, or just sir. Now let’s get to it."

In a flash they were at the most old-fashioned shop in the area. Old barber and butch wax posters still on the walls from the 50’s and 60’s. Bill, the barber of choice for Jon and Andy, when he was in town made the seat ready for Jon.

"You just got trimmed a week ago, Jon. What can I do for you?" Bill asked with a nod to Andy.

Before Jon could open his mouth, Andy replied for him, "How about a military flattop like mine?"

"Is that ok with you, Jon?" Bill asked.

"It doesn’t matter what I think, I made an agreement with him and I am honor bound to keep it," Jon answered quietly. "Honor bound," Andy repeated.

With that Bill flipped on the OSTER clippers and removed the left burn with only one stroke. Andy had settled into the empty chair next to Jon turning with a desirous grin glued to the action. Jon began to squirm a bit as he realized the closeness of the blade.

"You better sit still or I’ll let him skin you induction style, Jon," Andy said.

Bill then placed his hand squarely on top of Jon’s head and began cruising up his neck in the back well past the crown. Small piles of brown hair tumbled gently to the cape and floor of the shop. Three swipes in back and it was clean. Then Bill moved on to the right burn; one glide of the blade and gone. Now he started back above the left ear and mowed all of the side down with the 0000 blade. It sure was starting to look bare in the mirror directly across from Jon. Andy reached over and grabbed a piece of the fresh cut hair from the cape and blew it right into Jon’s face. He winced and Bill slipped with the clipper just a bit into what would have been the fade on the side of Jon’s new flat.

"Damn, boys, stop it! Now, I will have to take it all off up to the flat," Bill snapped. Andy laughed devilishly. A small tear began to form in Jon’s right eye, but just as he was about to let it slip, Andy glared meanly at him and he stifled it.

Bill finished off the sides and back with finishing clipper and began to comb back and up the top. He applied a thick glob of butch wax to make it stand erect. His hair was so long, it made Jon wince a bit again as the club brush yanked his locks through the wax.

He put down the brush and fired up his clipper again. He stood extraordinarily close to Jon and wrapped his right elbow, the one with the clipper in hand up against the newly peeled side of his head in order to make sure the initial cut was straight, flat and thorough. Down from Jon’s neck the waxy top fell, about 1 1/2" worth! The site of it falling would be with Jon for a while. He worked and worked that clipper with free-hand and then clipper over comb until it was super square in front and almost bald on the strip. A couple of firm brushes with the club brush and every hair was perfectly erect, just like Jon and Andy’s dicks. The bulge through Andy’s tight Levis motivated Jon more and more. Bill flicked off the clipper again and smeared a shave oil of exotic scent on Jon’s head all around the flat on the sides, back and down the landing strip. Then Jon saw him reach for the hot lather dispenser and felt him smear a heavy coat over the shave oil, deeply massaging it into his scalp. Then he sharpened his straight edge and began to remove the warm foam quite quickly. When Jon thought he would never get out of this chair, it had been nearly thirty minutes; Bill turned on the water and applied a steaming hot towel to his whole head. Then another coat of wax, some spicy aftershave around and the cape was whipped off. Andy paid Bill and gave him a handsome tip.

In the car, Andy finally warmed up a bit. "You look so amazing with that great haircut. I can hardly keep my eyes on the road" With his right hand he reached over and rubbed Jon’s newly bald back and sides, then just grazed the waxy flat. "Hell, yeah, a boy before and now a hot man." He allowed his hand to wander to Jon’s throbbing crotch. "Well, you like it, too, huh?"

"I like to see you happy and want to please you," Jon replied.

"When we get back to your place, I’ll let you please me while I fuck you silly!"

It had been so many years ago, and now all these memories came flooding back to Jon and Andy. Would they both end up this day with the military flats again, followed by a hot session back at home? Time would tell.

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