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Even if she had been about to object he gave her no opportunity as he began running up the clippers from the nape of her slim white neck. The soft buzzing changed to a deeper growl as the blades began ploughing easily through her soft silken hair, cutting a deep swathe through the gleaming hair. Once he felt the blades beginning to bite and saw the hair begin to tumble down from the clippers he knew he could not just stop with the nape hair. Her body had given a convulsive jerk as she had felt the first touch of the clippers against the nape of her neck, but then as he carefully, slowly and deliberately continued to run them right up the back of her head, a choking sob of terror and anguish came from her.

As he watched the thick chunks of her severed hair rolling down over the gown he knew he was being very cruel in submitting her to such a severe haircut but he just could not resist taking full advantage of the power and control he knew he had over her. The excitement for him was too great to resist and he continued to run the clippers right up to the crown of her head. As she felt how far the clippers were being run up her head she gave a little moan and made a half hearted attempt to twist her head away from the shearing blades but he was holding the top of her head with his free hand and he firmly repositioned it and began running the clippers up from the base of her neck again. They carved another wide channel through her rich hair.

“Oh please!” she gasped in a terrified voice, “please stop!” He knew that this was only a token objection, as she was making no further effort to twist her head away and realised that now once he had started he would have to let him finish. Great clouds of her silken hair continued to fall from the shearing blades, dropping down to her shoulders and then some rolling over the cape into her lap whilst the rest fell to make a rich carpet under his feet. “Just a little more,” he said soothingly, and then gleefully ran the clippers up her head for the third time. Her hair at the back of her head was now just barely covered with very short stubble. Only a few seconds before had been a gleaming bell of hair and only a short while before that, there had been a waist length fall of glorious silken hair. Now though he realised he would have to stay calm and keep a good shape to her remaining hair. Just as he had hacked off the waist length hair in a frenzy of excitement and had then needed to take care in the shaping, he would have to use all his skills after this tremendous rush of excitement, to create an attractive and dramatic style.

He swiftly changed the clipper head and as she began to raise her head again he gently this time repositioned it and began carefully shaping the hair at the nape. She flinched as she felt the touch of the blades again on her bare neck but then kept remarkably still and silent for the next few minutes as he worked on her bowed head. He worked carefully and slowly, smoothing the cropped hair and near naked nape constantly with his fingers, running the comb upwards to lift the very short hair away from her head in order to cut it even shorter with the finer blades of the clippers that he was now using. In places at her hairline he removed almost every trace of hair as he strove to achieve the final shape he required. He knew that most women found this stroking and the feel of the blades to be very sensual and he was pleased to see she was no exception, as at times she moved her head into the clippers and he could see that she had her eyes closed and a much calmer expression on her face. He knew that she must be very apprehensive as she felt her hair being cut so short and her head must feel so bare after losing its gleaming fall of long hair.

He could not resist stroking her bare nape far more than he needed to but his fingers thrilled to the softness of the hair that remained. She did have a remarkably well-shaped natural hairline and he was able to emphasise this even more, cutting in the shadowy outline of a double V. Gradually the length of hair increased higher up towards the crown where it probably was about half an inch long. The very short hair emphasised the lovely shape of her head and neck and he managed to achieve a very smooth finish by his constant stroking and re-cutting. With his scissors he then blended in the longer top and side hair and the dramatically shaped hairline at the back. This together with the extreme shortness of the hair from the crown down made a wonderfully effective contrast to the smooth sleek full fringe and the curving side pieces he had created earlier. The cut was further emphasised by the lovely colour and texture of her remarkable hair. He felt that it was probably the best hairstyle he had ever created and one that was just as dramatic and unique as her glorious waist-length tresses had been. He gave her nape one final stroke and then stood back, smiling at her through the mirror.

“There! I think you look sensational! I will just finish making up your eyes and lips.” She sat silently as he finished her make-up and gently brushed her full fringe, making it even sleeker and curved the side hair a little more and then delighted with the result he had achieved he stood back and said, “What do you think?” She stared at herself for a few moments and then brought her hand up to the back of her head. She emitted a loud gasp as she discovered exactly how short her hair had been cropped. “Oh, it is so short here,” she said plaintively, “Why did you have to cut it so short? It looked really nice when it had been blow-dried.” Her slim white fingers stroked her cropped hair again and again and she looked very shocked and close to tears. She was obviously more upset by the cropped back than she had been by the removal of her treasured waist-length hair.

He acted swiftly in an effort now to calm her and he ran his fingers down the back of her head, gently smoothing her hair and she brought her own hand back to her lap. As he stroked her hair, he fixed his eyes intently on her through the mirror and said, “You looked very dramatic and your long hair was outstanding so I felt when I realised you would have it cut that it had to be replaced with an even more dramatic look.” He moved his hands gently to either side of her head and moved it slightly so that she was looking at herself in full reflection. “Look at yourself. You know that you are looking younger and far more attractive than when you came in.” He paused as she stared at her reflection and he could tell that she realised it was true. From the front, people will not be certain at first that you have had your long hair cut off. You could have it sleekly pulled back and your image is different because of the fringe and short side pieces. Then when they see you from a different angle there is this terrific contrast to your previous image. A very short cut at the back which shows off the nape of your neck and hairline which has never been exposed.”

He removed his hands from her head and picked up a hand mirror and positioned it so she had a full view of the back of her head. A loud gasp came from her and she brought her hand up to her mouth involuntarily as she was able to see the severity of her cropping and said in a very shocked voice, “Oh my god, it’s so short!” He smiled and said, “You have such a magnificent hairline so I have cut your really short there for maximum impact.” He stroked his hand down the back of her head to her bare nape and thrilled to the touch of her cropped hair and again felt her give a little shudder of pleasure with the sensual feel of his fingers. “Really short hair is perfect for you.” He put down the mirror and once again his fingers strayed to her nape and he could not resist stroking it, as it really was terrifically sexy. She o
bviously realised that he was fascinated by the feeling and gave a little half smile as she stared at herself in the mirror.

“I suppose you are right but it just feels so strange at the moment as it is so short.” “It would have felt strange whatever length I had cut it,” he replied. You will soon get used to it and I am sure everyone will love your new image once they get over their surprise at seeing you without your long hair. To keep it looking its best it will need trimming at least every 3 weeks and don’t forget to emphasise your eyes the way I have done it.” She gave him a little smile and he was pleased that she was now looking far happier. “You have been remarkably composed really considering what you have had done to your hair.” She closed her eyes for a moment and moved her head slightly against his hand that was still touching her nape and then she said softly, “It was very frightening but you are very persuasive and you knew I somehow just couldn’t resist you. I never ever thought I would have my long hair cut off but now it is gone. I suppose it was the best way to have it done if it were to be cut, as I didn’t have time to agonise over it. Thank you.” He gave her irresistible nape a final stroke and then began removing the cape from around her shoulders.

“Right off you go now and see what everyone thinks of your new image. You mentioned your husband when I first began cutting your hair, I suppose he liked your hair long – will he be very shocked?” She gave a little smile and said, “He will be absolutely horrified. He is the reason I have always kept my hair long, I probably would have had it cut much sooner but for his obsession with long hair.” He touched her cropped nape once more and said, “Well I am glad you did keep it long until now as I had a great deal of pleasure cutting it off and I hope he will agree that you look more attractive with short hair.” He removed the cape from around her shoulders and a great shower of hair tumbled down to join the huge piles lying all around the chair and in addition, of course, the magnificent snaking plait of gleaming red hair still lay on the dressing table in front of her.

She stood up and then did what he had seen many women do after a short haircut, she raised both hands to her head and explored the strangeness of having short hair. Her fingers caressed the short hair at the nape of her neck and she murmured, “Oh, it feels so short,” and then with a little smile at him she added, “but so good!” He watched her walk towards the reception desk where her daughter was waiting and he was pleased to see her reaction to her mother’s new hairstyle. She touched the short hair several times and was clearly fascinated by it and they had a further minute of animated conversation and then to his surprise they walked back down the salon towards him. Barbara smiled at him and said, “Molly likes my hair very much now you have cut it shorter, and in fact she likes it so much she would like her hair cut really short. Can you do it for her now?” He was a little surprised but also delighted to have the unique opportunity of cutting a mother and her daughter’s hair from very long to very short on the same day.

Of course, sit over here, Molly.” He swiftly ushered her to the chair her mother had recently vacated and which was still surrounded by great piles of her silken red hair. As he fastened the cape Barbara said, “Now she has decided to have her hair short, clipper it like that girl’s hair you cut earlier.” He sensed the excitement in her voice and said, “I am glad you enjoyed watching that cut. It is almost as exciting watching a cut being done as it is doing it. Ok, she will look good with it short. I will give her something trendy.” Barbara sat down alongside her daughter and her mother sat alongside her. Molly looked a little tense as he picked up the clippers and her mother smiled encouragingly and said, “He used them on my hair, Molly, and it’s quite a nice feeling”. Molly gave her mother a nervous little smile and then allowed him to push her head forward. He looked down at the bowed head for a moment, recalling how only a short while before he had removed her lovely swinging ponytail and now, on this second opportunity, he was going to really crop her hair and the bizarre thing was that he had done exactly the same thing to her mother.

He gave a little smile of pleasure as he began running the clippers up from the nape of her neck and also from the corner of his eye he watched Barbara’s reaction. She was watching intently as the clippers carved their way right up to the crown, sending clumps of hair tumbling down over the cape. She gave him a little smile, after moistening her lips and her face was slightly flushed with excitement. What an incredible woman! Molly’s head had given a little jerk as she felt the first bite of the clipper blades but then she kept it very still as they ran up over head. He worked quickly and ruthlessly for 5 minutes, determined to really crop this hair now he had the opportunity. He near shaved the back of her head right up to the crown and then also removed almost all the hair in a wide band over her ears. Then all the top hair he cropped to about a quarter of an inch with the exception of some longer tendrils of hair he left in the front. It was a very extreme style, as short as he probably had ever cut, but suitable for a young teenager.

Barbara kept giving him slightly concerned glances as she saw how very short he was cutting her daughter’s hair, however Molly was showing no concern at all after her initial apprehension. She had smiled happily and almost eagerly moved her head into the shearing clippers, eager to have her hair cropped. When he finally put down the clippers she beamed and ran her hand over her cropped hair. “Oh, that’s great, all my friends will be jealous!” He removed the gown and masses of the daughter’s hair joined the piles of her mother’s hair that lay all around the chair. She jumped up from the chair and said, “Oh mum, isn’t it super and I loved the feel of those clippers!” Barbara looked pleased at her daughter’s enthusiasm and glanced at him before saying, “Yes, I know what you mean. I am glad you like your hair.” She stared at him again and said, “Thank you once again. We are both very pleased. See you in a few weeks.”

He nodded and watched as they went to the reception desk and paid before leaving. He felt quite after all the excitement and looked forward to seeing her again to hear how everyone reacted to her dramatic change. What a contrast there now was between their sleek long manes of hair when they first entered the salon and the two short crops they had left with. Also what made it even more dramatic was that neither of them could have realised what was in store for them when they had first entered the salon. He looked back at the chair where he had performed the haircuts and it was incredible how much hair lay on the floor as well as the beautiful gleaming plait that lay forlornly on the dressing table.

He saw that Julie, one of the juniors approaching now with a sweeping brush and she said in amazement, “Gosh, what a lot of hair! I don’t think I have ever seen so much hair on the floor before. You must have really enjoyed cutting all that off!” Julie had been on holiday when he first joined the salon and had only been back a day or so. Her hair had fascinated him when he had first seen it, the colour was a silky pale blonde and each day had been beautifully arranged in an intricate French plait that reached about six inches below h
er shoulders. He had never seen her hair loose and admired her skill in arranging her hair but his pleasure of cutting off hair meant that he would love the opportunity to cut it.

He smiled and picked up the silken plait he had cut off earlier and toyed with it, enjoying the feel of the lustrous texture of the rich hair and recalling the pleasure he had experienced in removing it. Julie gave a little gasp when she saw the long plait of hair and said in an awed tone, “Did you cut that off as well?” He twisted the plait around his fingers and saw how she was staring at it in morbid fascination. “Oh, I wondered how she felt when that was coming off.” She moistened her lips slightly and he saw that her colour was rising and she was breathing a little quicker. He locked eyes with her and she quickly looked away before she turned back and whispered pleadingly, “No.” He stared at her and knew that from her earlier comments she must of often imagined having her long hair cropped. “Sit here, Julie, “ he said firmly and was not surprised when she took a faltering step towards the chair, she hesitated and gave him an imploring pleading look and he indicated the chair again. She took two more faltering steps and then sank into the chair.

To be continued.

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