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My girlfriend Kathy and I have almost everything we need or want, so buying presents for each other at birthdays and other holidays has made us strive to be very creative. Sometimes it turns out to be season tickets to local stage and musical theaters, sometimes it?s a trip to a local resort area and sometimes it?s a little more interesting than that.

My birthday was drawing near and Kathy was being particularly cagey about what this year?s gift would be. ?Just show up and have two days to play, OK?? Hmmm?

I wracked my brain to think of what might be in store for me and endlessly bugged Kathy to tell me what was planned but she wouldn?t give me a clue. The only thing she said was; ?Don?t worry, you?ll like it.?

When the day finally came, I packed my bag with two days worth of casual clothes; jeans, polos, etc. and drove to Kathy?s house. We transferred my bag into her car, got in and drove off.

Since our ?surprise? trips usually took us in a Westerly direction (toward the coast), I was really surprised to see that we were traveling East. And we didn?t travel East for long.

The Southern edge of town in which we live is home to all the business hotels. You know? the ones where out of town folks traveling for business stay when they need to stay for a while; Residence Inn, Courtyard, etc. We pulled into the parking lot at the Residence Inn and drove up to the check in area where Kathy got out of the car and said; ?Stay here. I?ll be right back.? We were now less than 4 miles from our respective homes and I was totally clueless about what we were doing here.

After a very few minutes, Kathy came walking out of the office with a great big grin on her face. It should be noted at this time that Kathy is absolutely beautiful; long shapely legs, nicely rounded derriere, narrow waist, ample breasts, but the best part is above the neck. She has a smile that would melt the polar ice caps, blue eyes that light up any room and, except for a few annoying attempts at growing it out, wears her hair in a style that is full on the top to about 3 ? inches and cropped close on the sides from a weight line that starts near her occipital bone and tapered down close to the hairline. Its my favorite style, next to a flattop, of course.

She got back in the car and said; ?Ready for you birthday surprise?? I answered with a weak; ?I guess so. What are we doing here?? ?We?re staying here silly;? she answered. ?I didn?t want to spend all our special time in the car.?

We drove around the side of the building where the office was located and parked the car. ?OK, let?s go;? she said. ?Where?? I said. ?To our suite! Come on! We?re burning daylight!? ?OK, OK, I?m coming;? I said.

We gathered our bags, locked the car and entered the building through a side door. When we got to Suite 124, Kathy shoved the card key into the slot and let us both in.

I had not been in a business class hotel since I worked for the soul sucking corporations 10 or more years ago. Things had actually changed for the better. I found myself looking at a spacious suite with very nice furnishings, a comfy looking King size and a fully stocked honor bar.

Kathy practically ran into the room, went straight to the bed dragging me with her where we flopped down kissing each other with all the pent up passion we?d been saving for most of the day. A kiss from Kathy always does it for me immediately. That, and running my fingers through her cropped hair. I was fully at attention.

Like most couples, we have our patterns in lovemaking, but this time the pattern was disrupted by Kathy saying; ?Not so fast? We have things to do.? With that, she pushed me away and went directly to the bags I had helped carry in from the car. Like a magician, she pulled a bottle of Smirnoff Triple Distilled, a Martini glass and a small jar of my favorite stuffed olives from our little cooler bag.

The vodka was chilled and poured viscously into the glass. The tiniest bit of olive juice was dripped into the vodka and then 3 olives made a pleasant ?plunk? as they sank to the bottom of the glass. She handed me the Martini and said; ?Now you go relax in the tub, sip on this and I?ll have a surprise ready for you when you come out. Make sure you stay in there for at least 20 minutes, OK??

So there I was, horny and curious, off to the bath. Relaxing in the tub and sipping the cold vodka, I really began to feel its effects. I hadn?t eaten anything all day and the drink went straight to my head. By the time I started to towel off I was feeling no pain at all.

?Can I come out now?? I said to Kathy. ?Come on out. I?m right here by the door;? She said.

When I opened the bathroom door, she pressed her lips to mine and I began to rise to the occasion again. She pulled the towel from my body and said; ?You won?t be needing this for a while, sweetie.?

My eyes moved from hers to the small sink and dressing area over her shoulder. There was a chair arranged in front of the counter and a large mirror in back of the sink. Arrayed on the counter were the following tools of the barber?s trade; 7? barber shears, 2 black plastic combs, a spray bottle, towels, a white nylon barber?s drape with very fine red pinstripes, a set of Oster model 76 clippers, 3 blades for the clippers, a barbershop tissue dispenser, a talc brush, a can of Clubman medicated talc, a jar of CrewComb and paddle type flattopper comb with a level bubble on top. Uh-oh!

?Have a seat!? says Kathy. Feeling relatively relaxed and anxious at the same time, my hands start to perspire. I am excited to know that I will be getting a haircut from my personal barber and a little apprehensive at the same time. I?ve let my hair grow out for a while now and it?s actually about 5? on the top and 3? on the sides and back. It?s more than a bit shaggy for me.

As I eased back into the chair Kathy pulled a tissue from the dispenser and wrapped it around my neck. Then she took the barber?s cutting cape and draped it over my body covering everything except my head. She fastened it at the back of my neck and coyly asked; ?Is that the way the barbers do it?? I nodded an affirmative and she smiled at me in the mirror.

She took her time combing through my hair while saying; ?You?ve let this get way too long. I?m going to have to fix it for you. I?m all of this off nice and short. I?m going to run the clippers up the back and get rid of all of this. Then I?m going to clipper the top down into a nice close flattop.? I stood at attention under the cape and that made Kathy chuckle a bit. ?Oh, you like the sound of that, huh? Well get ready because all this is coming off nice and short!? She ran her fingers up into my hair when she spoke and a chill ran through my body when she did.

I was extremely excited and scared at the same time. The haircut thing is always like this for me. I really wanted to feel the clippers slicing through my hair, but was apprehensive because I don?t think I really look good with a flattop. Even Kathy likes my hair longer, but she indulges my fantasies in ways that I could only dream about before I knew her.

She put the comb down and picked up the Oster 76?s. She clipped the blade I knew to be a #2 (leaves the hair ? inch long) into place on the clipper head and switched on the switch. The clippers came to life with that unmistakable Oster 76 whirring. I love that sound!

?OK, are you ready for all this to come off baby?? Kathy said as she ran her hand up the back of my head. ?You ready for it all to be clippered off real short and bristly like you like it?? I was almost in a trance state as I nodded my head slowly. ?OK then? all off. Nice and short.? With that she touched the running clippers to my neck and slowly brought them up into my hair. She kept them tight to my scalp so the clippers would dictate a nice uniform ? inch where they had passed. ?Oh my, these clippers are really good. They?re taking all your hair off nice and short. Just like a hot knife through butter.? With that she dumped a pile of hair clippings off the clipper blade right into my lap.

I though I might lose it right there, but kept myself under control for fear of a clipper accident. She kept plowing through the hair at the back of my head and began to move the clippers up and down against my scalp to make sure no long hair was missed. It felt absolutely electric to feel the clippers running over the already shorn area and lifting the newly buzzed hairs as they passed. All the while Kathy kept saying things like; ?There it all goes. All off. Nice and short. No more hair here. I?m clipping it all off.? Although she didn?t need to inform me of what was going on, it was definitely adding to the pleasure to hear deep breathy voice saying all those delicious things.

Although, my hair felt different at this point, I couldn?t really see any difference in the mirror. From the front everything still looked the same. But that was just about to change.

?OK?; she said, ?Time for all this to come off. Nice and short. Just like the back.? She gently folded my left ear away and brought the clippers right up behind my ear. They touched down in the short, bristly hair in back of my ear and slowly moved through the hair around my ear sending it cascading down the side of my face as the clippers moved forward.

In the mirror I was able to see the new shape of the left side of my head. A quarter inch of hair is not much and my scalp was peeking through the bristly stubble where just minutes ago there was a thick covering of 3? of gray and brown.

?There you go. That?s better. Nice and short. All that old hair off and out of the way. Doesn?t it feel so much better to have it all off and clippered short?? I could feel my heart beating quickly as I tried my best to maintain some sort of composure. All I could do was say through my moans; ?Yes baby, it feels so good! Keep clippering it all off. Nice and short. All nice and short.?

She moved to the right side of my head and repeated the previous performance. If anything, she was going even more slowly and I was fascinated to watch my hair just slowly fall off the clipper blades and roll softly into the folds of the cape. It was like a dream in slow motion. And all the while she kept talking to me about cutting my hair all off.

I actually think my non-hair fetishist girlfriend was getting into it this time. Either that or she was giving an Academy Award caliber performance.

At last it was time for the top to be clippered into the wonderful precision shape of a flattop. For this part, Kathy had a special tool; a ?Brian Drumm Flattopper?. The flattopper is shaped a lot like an ?afro? comb only much wider with the teeth much closer together. The top surface is very flat and smooth across the teeth so the clippers will slide easily over the surface. Also on top is a bubble level to insure a proper alignment for the comb on the top of the head. (Caution: Its only useful when the subject?s head is held straight.) The flattopper is meant to slide into the hair against the grain, lift the hair to the desired length and then to shear off the hair that?s sticking up above the teeth.

Kathy stepped in front of me with the clippers in her right hand and the flattopper in her left hand. She pushed the comb into the front of my hair once, twice and then a third time trying to get it just right. I could feel the flattopper rest right on the crown of my head. Then the clippers switched on. She ran them over the top of the comb and a rain of clippings; some as long as four and a half inches fell onto my shoulder and trailed down the cape. It was the weirdest, and one of the best, feelings to have the tension of the comb in my hair just release as the clippers sheared off the bulk of my hair.

?There you go, baby. Pretty soon I?ll have all the rest of this off and clippered down to a nice short flattop. You?ll really like it when all this nasty long hair is gone.? She worked over and over the top until each time the comb rested on my head there were less and less clippings coming down onto my lap and shoulders. There was also less and less resistance as my hair was cut into the shortest flattop the flattopper could give. The flattopper felt really nice as it kept touching down on the stiff bristles that had just moments before been 5? brown locks.

?OK sweetie, it?s all off now. Clippered down nice and short just like you like it. Do you want to see?? She was using a brush dusted with talc to clear the cut hair as best she could. The brush on my clippered scalp felt like little electric shocks on the new bristly hair I had left.

I had been trying to catch a glimpse of my shearing for some time now, but Kathy had been standing in front of me, blocking most of my view while she clippered the top. ?Yes please,? I said. With that she stepped out of the way and I looked into the mirror. I knew this was going to be a short haircut, but I don?t think I was quite prepared for the end result.

As I glanced up, the first thing I saw was the landing strip of extremely short hair right down the middle of the top. It met up with the thin spot at the back of my crown and smiled at me with a horseshoe of hair ringing the top of my head. I continued the raise my head and gradually glimpsed the perfectly flat surface that had only a half hour ago been dark brown five inch locks. That hair was now laying unceremoniously on the cutting cape and the floor.

I turned my head from side to side and saw white scalp shining through the close cropped field of hair at the sides. It is definitely true that you can see much more gray hair when it?s this short. I?m not exactly sure how that works, but it does.

I reached up and felt the back and it was great! It was barely there at the bottom and then faded up to about a quarter of an inch. It sprung right back to its place after my hand passed over it. Just then Kathy raised the small handheld mirror and asked; ?Do you want to see the back? I clipped it all off back there. Just a barely little bit is left.? It looked even shorter than it felt but it was a perfect taper. While she held the mirror she brushed her hand over the top of my head and I couldn?t stand it any longer. I pulled her around in front of me and down onto my lap where she could feel me hard beneath the cape.

?Now we?re both pokey with all these little hairs!? She lowered her mouth to mine and I drank her in slowly and gently. She pushed up on my shoulders and stood, reaching out for my hand. She unfastened the cape at my neck and let it fall to the floor. Glancing down she said; ?We can clean this up later. Right now I think you and I need to get cleaned up in the shower. I have some other activities waiting for us after a shower. Come on, let?s go.? Her dressing gown slipped off her shoulders revealing that body I like so much. ?Oh goody?; I said and let her lead me to the shower.

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